Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Book Dork is In... part 5

I really really am wanting to start a Facebook group for my new book club.  Only, there is only two of us at the moment officially, four unofficially as two employees from the book store yesterday talked about how they would love to be part.
Myself and the other girl only had the start up meeting where we picked the first book and set the meeting day.  Which is next week.

I had posted on Chapters Canada a year ago about wanting to start a book club. It took that long for anyone to reply and I had given up hope. 
There is no set theme.  Just every month a different book will be picked by a different member.  We did however, talk about making this more then just us. 

So, here I am wanting to create a group out of this but can't.  It's a really  little issue, but really poking at me like an invisible person tapping on my shoulder.