Saturday, January 19, 2013

Haunted house again?

I just got back from having been at my mom's for a few days, and when I came in turned on the lights, the heat and fired up the internet, I started to hear this sound. 
We're knee deep in snow around here, so I was thinking it was just someone outside with a snowblower.  Then I realized the sound was coming from in the apartment.  Not just the building, but my hovel.
My fridge sounds like a snowblower -lawn mower.

This is not good.  I really can't have it break down on me.  The landlord never fixes anything around here, so a broken fridge would be the last straw.

and for some reason, the heater is sending out cold air. 

Anyone who has been reading me for any length of time, knows that since these landlords took over our building it's gone to dren.  And I would move if I could afford to, but I can't.  I'm on disability because of my injuries.  Which means, I have to wait for the city to find me a new place to live and move me.  Sucks to be me.
I've been on a wait list for three years.  Which since last May, is a moot ...mute...mmm.. whatever point.

The city had major floodings last spring, destroying half of the apartments in the area.  We are a city in need of homes.

I'm extremely lucky to have my hovel. My second floor slum. As much as I bitch about where I live, at lest I have a place to live.

And you know what, I am grateful.   In the world we live in today, so many of us take things for granted and forget that at any second things can just be wiped out of our lives. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sat Jan 12th 2013

As I believe it is the day before another TNA ppv.
Once again, I have not seen this past week's episode, therefore don't know who's going to be on the schedule, and doesn't look like I will get to see the ppv.

but, never the less, I have never let that stop me from saying to all the wrestlers and crew who are part of it,   To STAY SAFE.

To any and all the TNA crew and wrestlers, be you lighting, pyrotechnician, announcer, camera, or in ring talent;  STAY SAFE! 

-love Ardeth Blood

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Jan 7th 2013

Vampires, vampires, vampires!   That's where my mind is right now.
Almost a full week into the vampire challenge.  So far so good.  Weekly updates on Fridays over on the movie blog.

Honestly, not a lot to blog about at the moment. Things used to be so much more interesting, but the last few months have been nothing but silence.
I come in here lately to post something and I always feel rushed. Like I'm racing against time before my few loyal Spudguns! rush off to work or whatever it is you do all day.  Like a guilty secret or something at coffee break.

Anyways, at the moment, I'm battling a bit of a cold. Nose is running no matter what I do. Which makes everything seem like walking through mud.

Think it's time to make a big mug of tea and delve into the next round of vampire shows for the challenge.  Maybe tomorrow I'll catch up on my TNA...two weeks behind again.

kiss kiss noise

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jan 1st 2013

Happy New Year!

I have been blogging like madness today.  If you have been following my one movie a day blog, then you know I completed my self induced nightmare yesterday.   Yes! I actually managed to get it finished. Yay me!

And today, started the year long vampire blogging challenge over on my current all vampire blog. 
I did 2 challenge items - 3 posts including the "intro" to the challenge. 

And back on the movie blog... a short post for the movie club.

Now, I'm also signed up for countless book challenges for the year. PLUS, my own book clubs. Can she see the top of the pool folks?  I might be drowning in my own over eagerness to have a better year then last year.

All I know is that it is  7pm right now, and I have a ton of stuff to complete before bed.   I'm going to brave the still lingering  holiday cinema crowds tomorrow to see The Hobbit while the city still has some matinees.
And yes, I have gone on record before saying I did not care for the Lord of the Rings films.   But, this looks good, and it's got  Richard Armitage, Aidan Turner, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in it. 

I could watch Richard Armitage and Aidan Turner for days. Now, that's a tag team. .....Armitage reminds me a lot of wrestler Wade Barrett