Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Raw May 17th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

We opened with Bret Hart as we were in Toronto. Finally, Canada is getting some respect from the WWE. oh don't even get me started on the episode from last summer that Sargent Slaughter hosted. And Jericho, the two biggest names from Canada at the moment in the business. Good call. Hey, thought this was suppose to be commercial free? Seems someone forgot to tell the SCORE here in Canada, as there were commercials (mind you this was a replay)

Edge vs Christian. Beauty! Nice! Wicked! they started with a collar tie up, Edge in the corner. Another collar tie up with a go behind by Edge that was quickly countered by Christian who used a take down to get Edge on the mat. Another tie up Edge getting the quick advantage with a wrist lock before slapping on a side headlock. Christian got out of it and used a leapfrog then a clothesline going for a cover. Only a near fall. Edge with a hard slap to Christian, both men now running around the outside of the ring. Edge slithered back in, with a series of forearms to the neck of Christian. He tossed Christian off the ropes but Christian used a baseball slide to counter. Slapped Edge hard before getting Edge on the second rope for his back stand. Just as he jumped to the floor for his trademark hit, Edge countered with another chop of his own. Christian back in the ring for a second then used a hesitation drop kick on Edge sending him into the rails. Christian then used his running cross body on the outside of the ring. Edge then side stepped him, sending Christian full on into the rails. Back in the ring, Edge stomping on Christian. He was working on the shoulder of Christian, which was injured when he hit the rails few minutes before. Christian battled out with a series of punches but Edge used a shoulder block sending Christian to the mat. Edge used a drop elbow then a shoulder stretch continuing to work on the arm. Christian used a roll up to counter the hold and put Edge in a headlock. Christian was then shoved into the corner and managed to sea-saw on the second rope getting out of the way of a spear, but Edge shook him free and Christian once more was laying on the mat. Only got a two count. Back to their feet and Christian with a series of forearms and kicks from the corner, causing Edge to stumble. Christian was heading for a top rope move but was countered the first time, used a tornado DDT the second time but only a near fall. He then put a flap jack on Edge and a missile drop kick but still only a two count. Edge with a kick and a rake to the eyes, Christian then tried to engage his killswitch but Edge countered. Once again Edge on the second rope and Christian was able to deliver his floored slap followed by a reversed hangman on the top rope. Edge was going for a kick to the skull of Christian, but he got out of the way and used a roll up for the cover, but only got a two count on Edge. A vicious forearm to the back of the neck from Edge sent Christian flying onto the ropes nearly knocking him out. Edge was setting up for his spear but it was countered as Christian flew off the top rope with a sunset flip, still only a near fall. Edge was heading for his spear again but Christian countered another time with a sea-saw on the ropes before taking to the air himself landing a flying elbow perfectly. Christian went once more for his killswitch but was unable to lock it on. Edge shoved him into the ringpost and speared him for the win.

Then the Undertaker came out... yeah I get you're the star attraction and the company is hinged on you, but dude why the hell does it take you so frealing long to get your ass to the ring? I mean, man they made fun of Trent Acid taking forever on JCW, but you take just as long. This is round two for Edge. Edge spent time hanging out on the apron letting the count out happen. Christian was still hanging out few feet away and tossed Edge back in the ring where he promptly got choke slammed.

DiBiase with Virgil .... dude no! That's just so wrong! vs Yoshi Tatsu. DiBiase started with a go behind, slithering around to put on a headlock then an armbar. Tatsu countered with an armbar of his own, before DiBiase backed him into the corner. They then both were off the ropes, Tatsu going for a hip toss but it was blocked, he got it though on the third try. Tatsu with a drop kick and an armbar. DiBiase backed him into the corner again, with a hard forearm. He then tossed Tatsu into the far corner. Tatsu used a floatover to get out but landed right on the shoulders of DiBiase who used a hard knee drop gut buster. Followed it up with a kick to the gut and a vertical drop onto the top rope. DiBiase got a near fall then went right for a chin lock. Tatsu battled out with a series of elbows but was thrown into the corner. DiBiase charged at him but received a back elbow and a stiff boot to the jaw. Tatsu then used a spinning heel kick. Tatsu then followed it up with another series of kicks and a roll through for the cover. Only a near fall. DiBiase out of nowhere with dreamstreet for the win. More of this Tatsu please. I'm liking the style he's wrestling
Miz vs Bret Hart. This is a no dq match. And surprise, Jericho came out. Then Natalya came out and it became a mixed tag. She slapped Jericho, then blocked a move from Miz letting Bret get a hard punch on Miz. Jericho then with a punch to the gut of Bret, then Smith into the rign beating down on Jericho, Miz creeped up on Smith with a forearm to the back of the skull on him. Miz then turned his attention to Bret and was starting to slap the sharpshooter on him when Kidd came from the top rope with a missile drop kick. Smith then back in the ring and they used the heart attack on Miz. Bret then slapped his trademark sharpshooter on Miz. Miz tapped out and Bret Hart is now the new United States Champ.
The beginning of this match Regal and Kozlov came out to tangle with the Hart Dynasty. Nice way to set up a feud between those two teams.

Divas match.... boo.

It seems Canadian viewers because we had commercials we lost pieces of the show. Cena, I can find a bunch of flaws in you... if I cared which I don't so I never asked for your time. Bored Now.

Randy Orton vs Swagger. Swagger started with a go behind slam on Orton. He followed it up with a tie up turning it into a reversed bear hug. Orton battled out with a few elbows before picking up Swagger and slamming him hard. Then Orton began his stomp. Swagger got to his feet and shoved Orton into the corner with rapid fire shoulder blocks. Orton used a neckbreaker and took up his stomp again. He went for his flying knee but missed, as Swagger used a clothesline. He then slapped a chin lock on Orton. He tossed Orton into the corner but Orton used an elbow to get him staggering. Orton followed it up with a series of short clotheslines. Swagger then out of the ring, Orton followed him only to get put face first into the announce booth. Back in the ring, and Orton was going for his hangman DDT but it was countered by Swagger who used a heavy belly to belly throw. Swagger off the second rope with a stomach splash he's known for. Orton was outside of the ring and as he tried to get up, Swagger kicked him onto the announce booth. Swagger now outside the ring kicking on Orton, then pushing him into the ring apron hard. Back in the ring, Swagger went for a cover but only got a two. He then put a chin lock/choke hold on Orton. Orton to his feet battling out but was stopped short by another belly to belly throw by Swagger. Swagger went for another one of his second rope splashes but Orton rolled and kicked him just as he was about to deliver it. then Orton started his Shapeshifting. Using two clotheslines and a scoop slam Orton got him on the ropes for his hangman DDT. Edge disrupted the match and it was called on a dq.

Zack Ryder/Alicia Fox vs Evan Bourne/Gail Kim. The men started it off with a collar tie up and Bourne in the corner who used a wicked looking double drop kick. He then continued with a series of kicks to Ryder but Ryder got a knee to the chest of Bourne sending him back to the ropes. Bourne bounced off them into a sunset flip but only got a two count. Ryder then with a spinning neck breaker on Bourne and then stood on his neck. Bourne then with a roll up with only a near fall. he followed it up with a spinning heel kick, as the women ran into the ring. Ryder in the corner, Fox tossed for a pile up and Gail Kim charged at them with a cross body then slid out of the ropes as Bourne came running with a basement drop kick. Gail Kim off the top ropes to land a double kick to Fox. Only a two count. Ryder pulled the ropes and Gail Kim went out of the ring. Back in the ring, Fox with a bridge pin for a near fall. Gail Kim with a jawbreaker as Bourne ran into the ring to block Ryder with a flying drop kick and a standing hurricanrana. Bourne was going for his airbourne but Fox rolled Ryder out of the ring. Bourne then dove onto Ryder outside. Back in the ring and Gail Kim used her eat-defeat for a win.

Sheamus the white knight (I can call him whatever I want cause he's hot!) vs Cena. They started with a collar tie up Cena in the corner, and Sheamus going for a beat down. Cena fought back with a series of fists before getting Sheamus in the corner and using a running elbow on him. Cena then tossed him out of the ring, where upon Sheamus hit the rails hard before Cena put him face first into the steps dude is Sheamus okay? Sheamus managed to turn things around by sending Cena into the rails then following it up with a running knee to the skull Cool! Back in the ring, Sheamus went for a cover but only got a two count. Sheamus then with a series of punches and forearms of Cena. He sent Cena into the corner hard then used his trademark double axe handle on the back of his shoulders. Cean went down on the mat. Another cover and near fall. Sheamus went for a suplex but it was blocked and countered by one from Cena. Cena then with a hard running clothesline on Sheamus before throwing Sheamus into the ring post shoulder first. Sheamus fell out of the ring. Sheamus back in the ring and right into an attitude adjustment but was able to worm out of it, giving Cena a spinebreaker on his knee. Another cover but only a two count. Sheamus off the ropes right into a side slam. Cena laying in punches, then charging after Sheamus in the corner but got an elbow for his trouble. Cena outside on the apron, Sheamus giving him a running knee to the jaw. Cena on the floor. Cena back in the ring going for his bulldog but Sheamus sidestepped then sent him outside the ring again. Cena face first into the booth, then back in the ring. Sheamus for a cover but only a two count. Sheamus with a hard knee to the face of Cena, getting Cena on the apron, Sheamus used the ropes to add pressure to his forearms to the neck of Cena. Cena battling back with his flying shoulder block and a hard heavy slam on Sheamus setting up for his five knuckle shuffle. The attitude adjustment was blocked by Sheamus grabbing the ropes, Sheamus got tossed out of the ring and Batista ran in making this a dq.

screen capture was done by me using my laptop up to the television so that is why it's all fuzzy.