About this Blog

 Hello to all my Spudguns.
Welcome to my insanity. As you know, I spent a few days tossing and turning over how to handle my many blogs. This was my answer.
For now anyway.

Okay so about me.   
I'm in my 30's, a vegetarian, writer, singleton (not on purpose)  childless (on purpose) Canadian, bookworm, Sex and the City junkie, wrestling freak and Jane Austen fan. 
You will find little bits of everything that make up my hobbies, my loves, my dreams, my goals on this blog. 

I chose the description title of Domestic and Damned from my blog Coffins and Cookies, because I loved it so much. That and I thought it summed up nicely, everything that I am feeling most the time.

I am at this time (April 18th 2010) creating ONE blog called Domestic and Damned, but it will take some time to sort through things. Until then, you can find everything at the top of the page. I will be importing old reviews and such as well from my now dead ning sites to the new blog.

So depending on what I have given you the link for, you'll find the topics at the top tabs.
Comments are always welcome and I will come to your blog if you leave your information.

Remember life should always be filled with food, laughter and bad camera work.

Ardeth Blood.