Friday, May 21, 2010

Asking men stupid questions part 6

I tease. I nag. I do it because I care. This is me showing you I'm paying attention and have studied your body language and find things cute about you. Or you know confusing.

My friend's husband few months ago asked me if I ever gave thought to what I am doing in regards to the wrestlers. Namely, Mr. Shelley. My reply was a brutally honest, no. I made the comment that it would take a hell of alot more then me to hurt his feelings.

I regret that now.

So I'm asking the question, -Men and insecurity how bad is it?

In Sex and the City, there are a few episodes that touch on the insecurities of men. Lights Camera Relationship!, Pick -A Little Talk A-Little, Great Sexpectations, Belles of the Balls,

The most important of course being Pick ALittle Talk A Little, as it gives us the question of the week "When does criticism that's constructive become destructive?"