Friday, April 30, 2010

New ID photo

I just got my MotorCityMachine Guns! tee shirt.
Cute Eh?

Fake Blood Recipes

When we did the vampire film few years ago, the crew had to come up with a few batches of fake blood. The results were usually scarier then the script. What worked best for drinking was simply
1 Litre ice cold water (we just bought it bottled)
Half a container of red Kool-Aid
2 table spoons clear syrup
1/2 cup of Merlot

For the splatter blood
1 Litre ice cold water
Half a container red Kool-Aid
1 cup of Maple syrup
(even though we removed the wine it STILL STAINS)

For the blood bags
1 Litre ice cold water
3 packs of red Kool Aid
Half cup clear syrup
1 cup cold coffee

For those who can get their hands on Partridgeberries,
1 cup cold water
1 jar Partridgeberry Jam
this works as it has the colour and is not too sweet

Beet juice and sugar works well too for blood bags but once again you risk the staining.

The film never got finished and I ended up with those in my freezer for close to a year.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

No Title

That's me as of Dec 2009. 
5 '7,   160 pounds.

I just picked up the book Eat Pray Love and already 6 chapters into it. Not bad for 2 hours reading.  But it's got me asking myself questions.

Like when was I last happy?
What was I doing at that point in my life?
What am I doing now?

The answer to those are ... a decade ago, writing/singing/hanging with friends,  and now.... just killing time.  Nothing I am doing now fills me with any kind of joy.   None of it. 

I'm honestly not sure what I need to be doing to find that peace of mind again.


Little Buffy the Vampire Slayer, little Revenge of the Nerds.

This film mixes enough elements from classic genres to create a fun waste of time.
Nothing in this movie is taken serious, which is what makes it good.

Plot: Rudy has an online girlfriend who lives in Romaina. He some how talks all his buddies into moving there for a year as exchange students so that he can date her. Little do they know that the castle they are staying at is the home of vampire king Radu. With their main professor being a vampire hunter, and Rudy being a dead ringer for Radu, what else could go wrong? Only the fact Rudy's girlfriend is a hunchback who's father is a mad scientist. Welcome to Transylmania.

There is enough references to other vampire films/tv shows to keep everyone interested. (they spoof Van Helsing, Buffy, Young Frankenstein) While borrowing generously from the Subspecies series ( in both they made Radu the king of vampires. In the Subspecies series by Full Moon, Radu's mother Mummy was a sorceress where as in here, Radu's wife is) to keep any hardcore vamp fan watching.
This was one of those laugh till you can't breathe slapstick films. Great to rent for a Halloween party.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

That was emotional

I just finished reading the book The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom 
It left me emotional.  I posted the review on my book blog here as well as my  profile (under my real name)


I'm reading the Kitchen House for review.  Nearly done the book.  It brings up a lot of questions.

What are we willing to do for love?
How far are we willing to go?
What secrets are we willing to keep?
What boundaries are we willing to cross?
What would you do for your family to keep them safe?

I can't help but wonder, as I am very vexed with the thoughts of my own past relationships, is love really giving or is it really selfish?

I've been in love in the past, and every time I've given extremely more then I've ever gotten in return. Emotionally, spiritually, physically.  
Not once did the guy ever offer any expression of comfort, safety or pride in me. The closet thing I have ever gotten to any of that, was when Dargo told me he could never commit to anyone. It just wasn't in his nature.  Well, at lest he was honest.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for April 26th 2010

Originally posted on my other blog and  on April 27th 2010
I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada had it at a decent time tonight

I still think that removing the belt from A.J. Styles was a mistake.  A big, big, big, big mistake.  You were setting up to give it to Abyss were you not? Then you swerve and hand it to RVD ?  What the freal for?  Mistake! Styles could have handled holding that title for at lest another 5 months before it got tired. The logical step would have been to have him go against Abyss or even Eric Young for it, but noooooo you had to go and screw it up.  No cookies for the crew. None. 

Knock Outs match... Love vs Tara vs Rayne...  Rayne won with a roll up and keeps her title.

Shannon Moore vs Kaz.  And the story here is, that Kaz won the Lockdown ppv last week, but the championship belt is still in the possession of former champ Doug Williams who is still stuck in Europe because of the volcanic ash.  For anyone who might have been wondering why Kaz came out without the belt. They started with a collar tie up that was quickly turned into an armlock by Moore. Kaz countered by tossing Moore over, then used a deep armdrag before following it with a scoop slam. He missed with the elbow though as Moore rolled out of the way. Moore then delivered two arm drags and a scoop slam of his own on Kaz. Another collar tie up,which Kaz turned into a side headlock on Moore.  Moore fought out getting Kaz in a scissors flip. This was followed with an inverted atomic drop and a double leg take down, Kaz on the mat. Moore used a leg drop but only got a two count.  Kaz in the corner, as Moore came charging at him, but he moved out of the way using the rope as a slide. Kaz from outside slingshot into the ring with an armdrag on Moore. Kaz backed this with a spinning neck breaker but only got a two count.  Moore got to his feet and went to the apron for a inside sunset flip but was caught by Kaz.  Kaz was going for a reversed piledriver but Moore countered and was thrown into the ref. Moore was going for a top rope move, but Kaz delivered a sharp kick to the side of the skull. Kaz then went for a top rope hurricanrana but it was blocked by Moore who then went for a top rope move himself. It was ruined by Matt Morgan the evil druid as he ran out pushing Moore to the ground. Morgan the evil druid then pushed Moore back into the ring, and Kaz used his reversed piledriver for the win.  Kaz is still the X-Division champ.  Samoa Joe then came down after the match for a five minute beat down on Kaz. And the muscle buster will get a large pop no matter who is on the other end of it cause it's such a Beauty of a move.

A.J. Styles/Sting vs Jeff Jarrett/Hardy.... Now, you know how I feel about Sting and Hardy so... that don't impress me much.  This was a falls count anywhere no dq match. Jarrett and Sting in the ring, Styles and Hardy on the ramp. (dude that sounds so wrong)  Oh damn! Styles got suplexed on the ramp hard. But it was only a two count.  I've said this a million times, I am not a fan of hardcore/street fight matches at all. I don't understand why the guys would want to do those type of matches I really don't.
I do however, like the fact they are scrolling injury reports on the screen. Sting pinned Jarrett for the win on the stairs.

Team 3D vs Matt Morgan the evil druid/Jessie Neal.   Neal and Devon started with a collar tie up. Devon turned it into a side head lock, then slammed Neal with a hard shoulder block knocking him down. Neal walked right into another side headlock before Brother Ray tagged in with a wicked sounding slap to Neal.  Brother Ray followed up with a bear hug.  Nash and Hall then came to the ring ruining the match.   I think run ins work much better when you do NOT play the music. When you don't know who is coming till they are in the camera's view

Flair vs Abyss. They started with a collar tie up, Flair getting tossed across the ring. Flair started to kick Abyss then went for his trademark chops. Abyss turned it around, getting Flair into the corner with a series of punches. Followed it up with a back body drop on Flair. another round of chops from Flair now outside of the ring. Abyss put Flair face first into the rails. Back in the ring and Flair used a thumb to the eye,then was heading for a top rope move, but Abyss caught him slamming him down hard in the middle of the ring. Big boot from Abyss knocking Flair down. A hard side slam from Abyss followed that, before a large splash in the corner from Abyss. Flair did his trademark falling flouso on his face and eyes. Lowblow takes the ref down. Hahaha  Then Flair used the brass knuckles as a lowblow. Dude! damn. Flair gets the win.  The ref saw the brass knuckles and restarted the match. Flair went right for Abyss with a kick to the face, a series of punches and chops.  Abyss shook it off before Abyss used his blackhole slam for the win.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Is Falling in love suppose to hurt?

When I hear his voice, I smile. I can't help myself.
When I look at him, I dream.  He's so captivating.

Only, I don't even know if he knows I exist.
I don't want anyone but him and it's tearing me up inside.

Love in India -movie

I just watched this documentary on iTunes. Now, you've heard me say before that I am a documentary freak. Been known to rent dvds of movies I've had for years on vhs just for the commentary. (best rock-doc I have ever seen was Metal: A Headbanger's Journey )

This film Love in India left me confused. It seemed to ask more questions then actually explore anything. I didn't learn much from it other then the fact Gods/Goddesses are so interwoven. But, we already knew that.
This talks about society's double standard on marriages in India, as well as the most popular mythology in regards to sex/love. Parts of which sounds very similar to that of Dionysus (the interwoven gods part) and left me feeling kind of disappointed.
We follow the film maker and his lover over a course of time (we never find out how long they were shooting for) as they interview friends and family about their personal views on marriage, and the lack of sex education classes.

I'm not sure I walked away from this one liking or hating it. It's one I wouldn't mind seeing again and having someone to discuss it with.

Sidenote: it's a subtitled film.

Originally posted on my other blog on April 26th 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This is serious, it's musical chairs and limbo.

I've been doing my best not to let the dren in life cover me. But sometimes, no matter how much you try not to sweat the small stuff, you sweat the small stuff.

As you know, I've been working the Soulmate Secret by Arielle Ford now for awhile, been trying to stay as upbeat and light as possible. 
Not always able to.   I've been having a spiffy time lately, til tonight.  Got an email that was, well not positive, not uplifting at all.  And really, unneeded.  But anyway, not the first time I've gotten hate-fang mail.  So whatever Eh?

All I can say to it is this,  the people in question are having fun. That's all that matters.

And to quote Twiztid  "To respect myself and never give a f**k what people say or what they like or what they hate. Do it cause you feel it in your heart and if it's real they going to feel it from the start."

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Book Dork is In... part 4

Last time on the Book Dork, our heroine was bored and insulted by the youth of today. Now today on the Book Dork....

Book Dork: You read many biographies?

Book Club Member : Love biographies. Love zombies. Love almost anything. Have a Masters in English Lit and a Law degree.

Book Dork: What topics are off limits?

Book Club Member: Relationships. So nothing romantic right now. Let's stick to the zombies. Oh this looks good. {she picks up a copy of Jane Slayre by Sherri Browning Erwin } You like vamps and zombies?

Book Dork: That's a trick question right?

Book Club Member: So we're good to go on this book? Really into the zombies right now.

Book Dork: I'm a major Buffy/Angel fan.

Book Club Member: Me too. I really am not one for Twilight though. I thought that was just pointless. Big Anne Rice fan though.

Book Dork: If you were a man it would be love

Tune in next time for another edition of Book Dork Adventures in Geekiness.

Originally posted on my other blog on April 24th 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Book Dork is In... Episodes 1-3

Last time on the Book Dork our heroine was standing lost in the middle of the book store unable to reach a copy of Vanity Fair that was perched very high on a top shelf and she had to find a sales person to help her reach it. Only, the sales people were just as short and no one could find a step ladder.
Now today on the Book Dork....

Book Dork : "So has the shipment of Bridget Jones's Diary Edge of Reason come in?"

Sales person: "No. Sorry it hasn't."

Book Dork : " But it's Tuesday. It's new release day. Thought you got them on Monday nights?"

Sales person : "Yes, but Bridget didn't come in. "

Book Dork: " You suck."

Sales person: "Better then you do honey."

Stay tuned for another episode of the Book Dork Adventures in Geekiness.

Last time on the book dork, our heroine was trying to replace a copy of Bridget Jones 2 because she could not find hers. She still can not.
Now Today on the Book Dork...

Book Club: This month, EMMA!

Book Dork: Wow. Deja Vu. I was just looking through my Jane Austen wondering what to read next, thinking about the scene in the movie version of Jane Austen Book Club were they are talking about how in Emma, Mr. Knightley only scolds Emma and how the character Grigg points out it's because Knightley is totally in love with her and just wants her not to be so immature. Was thinking about that scene cause of something Paula said to me.

Book Club: Well, okay. Great. We're doing Emma cause the remake of the movie is being showcased this month on Master Piece Theater.

Book Dork: Well that sucks. I don't have cable. Won't get to see it.

Book Club: But you have a copy of the book right?

Book Dork: Two actually. All the books in single copies, and a collector's edition with all the books together in one large heavy volume.

Book Club: Well okay. Great. We're doing Emma.

Book Dork: Yeah. Caught that part.

Tune in next time for another episode of Book Dork Adventures in Geekiness

Last time on the Book Dork, our heroine was informed that her book club was reading Emma. Now today on the Book Dork...

Chapters Fan Member: Aren't you excited? I'm excited.

Book Dork: About a book that isn't even being released until 2012? No not really.

Chapters Fan Member: What? How can you not be excited about the release of this Young Adult Super Romance Novel that is not going to be released until 2012 that the author hasn't even written yet but has been signed to write?

Book Dork: Um 1) The book hasn't even been written yet and 2) I don't read the author's stuff. I just don't understand what makes it any different from the other generic Young Adult Super Romance Novels that are out there?

Chapters Fan Member: Well duh! Cause SHE writes Paranormal Erotic Youth Books. This series is spin off with witches from the series she did with werewolves which was a spin off from a series she did originally for vampires.

Book Dork: The author writes smut for teenagers that happens to have a Wiccan theme? Right like I said how is it any different and smut for teenagers shouldn't that be you know, wrong? I always thought Erotica was soft - to-hardcore porn with pretty covers?

Chapters Fan Member: OMG! How can you say that? How can you say Crimson Love Junkie by SHE is the same to Amber Lust Addict by HER? That's just ridiculous now isn't it? Clearly they are totally different from each other, I know right? SHE 's books are clearly stand out from the other authors in the genre cause you know her lead character is this totally tortured soul who's greatest love, soulmate even, is a vampire and they can't be together because his family would never understand cause she's a hunter and is human. Where as HER's books are totally different because it's lead character is a half human half demon who's working as a demon tracker and can't be with his greatest love, soulmate even, because she's an angel, and therefore he's this totally tortured soul and his friends who are also half demons just can't accept it.

Book Dork: Um okay.

Chapters Fan Member: AND! The whole Crimson Love Junkie series has these covers that are you know, really hot looking goth guys on the covers that are totally covered in tattoos with long straight hair where as Amber Lust Addicts series covers have emo guys on the covers that are totally covered in tattoos with hair that comes to their shoulders.

Book Dork: Um, they used the same models. And I just googled HER. It's actually HIM and they write sports reports for a large newspaper in the Montreal.

Chapters Fan Member: What are you trying to say? That a man wrote these Young Adult Super Romance Novels just for teenaged girls who have dreams of unrealistic Romeo and Juliet style heroes? Don't be silly, men can't write Young Adult Super Romance Novels. It's impossible. You're just trying to bring down my buzz about the new book being released in 2012 that the author hasn't even written yet and I won't let you.

Book Dork: Okay, I'm going to go over here now.

Tune in next time for another episode of Book Dork Adventures in Geekiness.

These were originally a series of posts on my Andrew and the Aluminumsidings blog that I did back in Jan 2010.
I'm posting them here because I am starting up the series again.

Unopened Letters to an Imaginary Husband part 7

I was asked why I started this series of posts.
There is a few reasons.
  1. I'm working the Soulmate Secret by Arielle Ford.
  2. I believe in the Law of Attraction (remember it's just another form of magick )
  3. The blog was getting too heavy with all my rants and crying
  4. I like poetry
  5. There is nothing wrong with showing some gratitude to the universe ahead of time for bringing the right guy to me (remember it's the law of return too- what you put out you get back)
  6. The right guy might stumble across my blog and see the pretty poetry and be so taken that he has to contact me.
  7. I love the idea of love letters. And honestly, I think men do too.
I've been told I wear my heart on my sleeve. Um yeah, it's covering my tattoo. I'm a deeply emotional person, good bad or otherwise. I'm also brutally honest. If I love you I'll tell you, if I hate you I'll tell you, if I just want to freal you, I'll tell you that too.
Yes, I'm as immature as a cat in heat sometimes... well most the time, but I'm also loyal.
In the movie Trick or Treat (1986) the character of Sammi Curr says "You should be loyal to your heroes or they may turn on you". I think that goes for love too.

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on April 23rd 2010 . Parts 1-6 are on that blog

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Anyone else notice this about Alex Shelley part 2

Originally posted on my other blog on Sept 27th 2009

I used screen captures again for this post

This was too frealing easy a post. Seriously.
Remember the other day I did this post here , well I was watching Youtube and saw this interview the MotorCityMachine Guns! did with JB, and in the course of a 4 minute interview, Alex Shelley was scratching again, 3 different times.

Dude are you giving me stuff to nag about on purpose? Because like I said in the last post, if your heroes have too many flaws then they become just men, and when that happens then you start to think they are accessible.

What do I mean by that you are asking?

Well, you start to think that they might be in your league. There is some weird twisted psychology going on here, maybe I need to see Freud again?

Anyone else notice this about Alex Shelley

Originally posted on my blog on Sept 21st 2009
I used screen capture for this post

You knew I could not behave myself for long. Didn't even make it 24 hours.
Remember this post here when I was asked why I don't blog more about Alex Shelley.

Well, he's perfect.
I don't want to "ruin him" by nagging at him and making him accessible. Cause if your heroes are found to have too many faults, then they are reduced to just men, and if they are reduced to just men then you can get the idea in your head that they are accessible.
Right. Huh?

But, has anyone else noticed that the god himself has well, a habit?
I have noticed this and as cute as it is, I have to wonder what's going on there?

I am talking about his scratching.
Should we worry?
Is it dandruff?
Is he playing with a scar?
Is it a nervous twitch?
He does it alot. Normally when he's doing a promo. But I have seen him scratching when he's been in the ring waiting for the match to start. It's like he can't keep his hands off his...skull.

Don't even get me started on the gum chewing.

Zombies Vampires Ghouls

All 3 sub-genres can be classed under the same genre, the trouble is who gets top billing?

The classic movie definition of a zombie is the re-animated corpse that feeds off of living flesh.
The classic movie definition of a vampire is the re-animated corpse that feeds off of living blood.
And in folklore/mythology the classic definition of a ghoul is the re-animated corpse that feeds off of the living flesh and blood.

As someone who spends much of my time buried under files and books and other dusty things researching vampires in myth and movies; I have had to at times bring the stories labeled as "zombie" into the mix. Both film icons are considered viruses that are spread most often by one getting bitten. Both have the same surefire way to destroy the monster in question by decapitation.

Should vampire and zombie movies be relabeled under the same title of ghoul or given a new category all together?

Only the fans of each genre can say for sure.

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for April 19th 2010

Originally posted on my blog  on April 22nd 2010  and Andrew and the Aluminumsidings

3 days late again on iTunes Canada

A.J. Styles came to the ring wearing the cuff links in his ears again and too much self tanner/make-up.   Do I have to start yelling at the make-up crew again...Stop it! The wrestlers do not need to look like oranges.

Oh look air.... hey anyone else looking forward to the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street at the end of the month?  I am...

Knock Outs tag match... I don't care

Wow alot of filler on the show tonight and you know how I feel about filler.   Oh look more air.
Time for another coffee... this is just a terrible show tonight

Then two guys I can't stand had a match ... then they both did a mini commentary on their replay. why?

A return match from the ppv this past weekend.  Team Flair vs Team Hogan.   Which is another group of guys I don't care for so... But it was the return of Samoa Joe.  Dude, you're looking like a bit of a zombie, that your Clockwork Orange eyes? All bugged out and spaced.

A.J. Styles went up against RVD... I don't like RVD.   Damn it Styles! lost the belt.  Really not happy at all.

I'll be back to normal with the review next week my Spudguns.

I laughed myself into a choking fit

I posted this back in Feb on Coffins and Cookies but since it's one of my favourite posts, I thought I would repost it here. and it so totally fits the theme of this blog.

I was sitting here with a cup of coffee and listening to a Twiztid cd and the craziest thought came to my mind.

Couldn't you just picture Twiztid on the Martha Stewart show? I could not stop laughing.
Think about it, they could do one of the Halloween shows with her. Monoxide could paint her face up in the Twiztid zombie that is their trademark and Maddrox could help her make a batch of batshaped cookies with double chocolate frosting.
That's a show I would watch over and over. Think of the internet roll over it would have on every youtube out there.

Then my imagination really got scary. I was thinking what about Violent J ;on the Oprah show?
On one of her episodes of her favourite things where she always gives out gifts, normally at Christmas. She always has a musical guest preform. Violent J could do a version of "Santa Claus is a Fat Bitch" or better yet, "Pyromaniac" then light the stage on fire or something. And you know the part of the show when Oprah tells everyone to look under their seat cause they are going home with the latest cd and other gifts. They could have large rubber butcher knives with fake blood splatters.

Yeah, I found these ideas funny. I laughed so hard, I not only fell off the sofa, but started to choke on my coffee.
But that's clowns for you eh?

Actually, The idea of Twiztid on a Halloween episode of the Martha Stewart show is not that bad.
Violent J, on the Oprah show... that would be a touchy one. Unless, of course, she was promoting his biography for book club or something. Now, that I could half way see.

What, I have high hopes okay.

I love...

This is one of my favourite songs.   I had no idea it was for a movie.  Very cool.

I don't do memes or anything like that, but listen to the song and then let me know what's on your "love list"? 

Here's a few of mine....
  • wrestling
  • vampire movies
  • Jane Austen novels
  • Sex and the City
  • ginger snap cookies
  • earl grey tea

Lost and Found by Ruby Jean Jensen


A young mother is terrorized with dreams of something coming to get her and her family. Dreams of the forest and of the ground swallowing her.
Her daughter is having them as well, only she is seeing a young girl with fangs in this. Murders begin to happen to those closest to them.
The young mother must face her past to get rid of her personal ghosts and save her family in this 1990 release.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dead Voices By Rick Hautala

In this 1990 release we are introduced to a grieving mother who is being haunted by the car accident that killed her child.
Voices whispering around her, visions that are too vivid, and something calling her to the scene of her crime.

There was a theme running through many books released in 1990-1992 by many of the publishing companies, and it was that of a guilt filled grieving mother. So much infact that the major romance company Harlequin Romance picked up the idea and used it to their advantage as well.

Djinn by Gramham Masterton

This 1977 release mixes real genie myth with a modern (1960's/1970's) view on the paranormal and paganism.

Our lead character had gotten herself mixed up with a cult who worship a very old and very powerful Djinn. As she battles for her own sanity, she also ends up battling her own sister.
Not only is her sister the one who set the Djinn free, she has brought hell on earth to those around her.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Basic Candle Magick

Black: Meditation, hexwork, uncrossing, spells to banish evil or negativity.

White: Consecration, meditation, divination, exorcism, truth, lunar energy and spells for healing,

Red: Fertility, aphrodisiacs, sex, lust, love, health, strength, revenge, anger, courage

Pink: Love and friendship

Yellow: Confidence, attraction, charm and persuasion.

Green: Fertility, success, good luck, prosperity, money, ambition and to counter greed/jealousy.

As found in the Wicca Spellbook by Gerina Dunwich

Moon Workings

Waxing Moon: (new to full) is best for increasing things such as birth, strength, growth, planting, friends, harmony, happiness, and obtaining things and goals, as well as travel ,protection, teaching, bringing weather, and all positive change. It is used too for love magick, and health ,luck and money.
All wish magick, and bringing new ideas into the physical

Wanning Moon: (full to new) is best for decreasing, banishes, or bringing things to an end, anything that needs to be released/reversed, bring death, resurrection, wisdom, healing, maturity, liberation, overcoming, to stop weather, weight loss, for selling real estate, and breaking addictions/habits and streaks of bad luck. This is when banishings/bindings, and exorcisms are done.

Tofu Mayo

1/2 pound (250 g) Regular tofu
1/4 cup (50ml) lemon juice
2 tsp. (10ml) dijon mustard
1 tsp (5ml) salt
1 tsp (5ml) sugar
1 cup (250ml) vegetable oil

Mash tofu with a fork, and place in a strainer over a bowl. Weight it down with a plate to allow extra liquid to drain for about half an hour.
Place drained tofu into the blender. Add lemon juice, mustard, salt, sugar and blend until smooth.
With motor of blender running, pour in the oil, gradually. Once it is blended evenly it may be used.

Will keep refrigerated for about a week. This makes 2 cups.

Unconvential Tailsmens

Did you know that a Ferengi makes a great money drawing charm?

Or that a Bajoran makes a great spirit guide?

Now for anyone who thinks I am being silly, I am not. The cultural impact of tv shows/movies in the last 40 years have more then just a few hints at the myths they are based in.

Studies of the most popular ground breaking shows (Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Wars) are no secret. Entire University courses are devoted to them, countless books, essays, lectures and conventions have sprung up to talk about what they pull from society, what they are rooted in and what they give back to us.

This is not ground breaking news to any of you by all means. But how many of you have stopped to think about what the characters and their traits mean?

With Jediism now a officially recognized religion you have to wonder what paths and myths will emerge with the new era.

Dark Crystal

When single shines the triple sun,
What was sundered and undone
Shall be whole, the two made one,
By Gelfling hand, or else by none.

The Skeksis and the Mystics the two opposing races in this film represent the dark and light or negative and positive aspects of balance. The two races were at one point in the film one race but because of the source of their life (the crystal of truth) being cracked and shard (the dark crystal) the balance was broken and for the next thousand years they live as separate races but still connected. Geared towards kids in the 1982 movie we are given the themes of prophecy,soulmates, astrology Shamanism, Wicca, crystal healing, psychics, shapeshiting,vampirism and astral communication.
The heroes of the story are a couple of Gelflings who have to follow an astrological path to find the missing piece of the crystal and heal it as well as the creatures. The fact that they look alot like Satyrs (the male Gelfling even plays the flute) and must "interlock the shard" is subtle but not missed.

Sidenote: the characters of the Skeksis were the main model used in the tv show Farscape for the a race called the Halosians.


If your nose itches you have a secret admirer.
If your lips itch you will soon be kissed.
If your right side of your body itches your lover is thinking of you.
If the bottom of your feet itch you are soon to travel.
If your left palm itches you are about to receive money.
If your right palm itches you are about to meet someone or receive mail.

If you drop a silverware there will be a knock on your door.
If you drop a spoon it will be a male visitor, a fork a female.

If eggs break while boiling you will have uninvited/unwanted guests.

If you spill coffee/tea/hot water it will storm.

If rice forms a ring around the pot when cooking you will receive money.

Mail Day

I just got this in the mail.
The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grisson.

I'll be doing the review in the next week or so. In the meantime, you can check out some of my past reviews and an author interview I did few months ago on my book blog
Pencil-Pushers and Ink-Splotches.

Just something to distract me today

I used screen capture for this post

He's just beautiful and I like to look at him.

So today is the day that I am closing down my ning sites.  Still have so much work to do with that.  Some stuff is useless some I want to keep. I have one member who I can't get ahold of that has posted volumes, and I need her to come and decide if she wants to keep it before I delete the sites.  

It's also Tuesday.  What is suppose to be the busiest day of the week for my wrestling blog   Only, the shows are not available yet here in my area.  For the non-wrestling fans,  there are 3 major wrestling companies.  All three have a show on Monday nights at the same time.  I do not have cable.   My mother tapes WWE for me, so I'll pick up the tape later today to do the review for that show.    TNA is only available here on iTunes Canada, so I have to wait for it to be available on download or worse, for the official Spike TV website to upload it after the replay on Friday. Which makes that review so late, I've lost readers because of that.  ROH is not available in Canada. I have to wait for someone to upload it to youtube. 
Again, I loose readers that way.
You're asking then why do I continue? Well I love it.

He's the reason.

Twin Peaks

The use of familiars on the show......

The Owls are not what they seem.

This line is used throughout the series and it's movie.

Fish were also used throughout the mythology of this Occult based show.

A parrot is introduced midway, as is a Crow. All the birds were owned by the "bad guys" in this series.

The Owl I have already started to discuss over in the other thread "What was Bob"

Fish are symbols of knowledge. The scene where the two detectives are warned not to drink the fishwater coffee happens when they are working on the murder case, and suddenly Agent Cooper gets a vision.

Parrots are symbols of listening to your own intuition. They deal with subtly and communication. The parrot is the key in the film to uncovering the killer, as it was the only "eye witness".

Crows are the symbol of death, life, change, being self aware, mysteries, and strength. The sound of crows were used throughout the show and film whenever a key clue was about to be discovered.

What was Bob

Bob has been compared to both Freddy (Nightmare on Elm Street) and Pinhead (Hellraiser) because of his desire for pain and violence. But in the movie Fire Walk With Me Bob is exposed as an Elemental Demon.
Like most Djinns , he controls not just the element but the emotions that are associated with it. In this case the element of Fire.
Bob is also considered a Psy Vamp, because he preys off of fear/lust.

Something I was told makes no sense

I originally posted this in a forum on my now deleted Mugwort Tea ning site. Over a year ago

I have had my palm read more then once. I have had my tarots read more then once.

Few years back, the lady saw in my Palm medical school and moving to Ireland.
My sister took a year of nursing and has been planning to go to Ireland for years.
But not me.

Last year I had my tarots read. The lady saw a future with a man who had children, little girls to be exact and that he would come into my life in the Fall.
My sister has been with her boyfriend for almost a year, and he has 4 kids. They met last September.

I had a phone reading done just before x-mas. The lady was talking of a student loan and again medical school.
I told her that would be my sister she was seeing.
She asked if we were twins.
I said no, I am 8 years older.
She asked if we lived together.
I said no I live alone.
She continued on talking about a job in retail that I hated.
I told her my sister worked at that time in a clothing store and hated her job, I was unemployed.
She continued telling me things that I kept having to inform her was not my stuff but she gave a perfect reading of what my sister was doing and wanting.

Okay so why is it my life never shows up in readings? But I can get a play by play from strangers who have never met me or my sister, of my sister's life?
We are not even close. We never talk, infact if it wasn't for my mom making comments about my sister I would not know anything that goes on in her life.
I have been trying to understand this and can't make heads or tails out of it.

Few Dream Meanings

Baby to dream of a baby means that you are desiring a new lover.
Stairs to dream of going up a flight of stairs means you will advance in your job or money situations. Dreaming of going down a flight of stairs means you will loose out in your job or money situations.
Bat to dream of a bat means unpleasant news coming to you in the near future
Eating to dream of eating means you are looking for spiritual "nourishing"

This is just a few of the ones I have had over again that when I researched them, the connection made sense for me.



This is the art of divination by rainwater.
Omens are drawn in various formations and sizes of rain puddles and bowls of rainwater are gazed into until a vision appears.

Bibliomancy or Stichomancy, is the art of divination by means of opening a book at a random spot and interpreting the first line.

The Christianized version of this is called "lots of the saints". which uses the bible or the Gospels.

"Homeric lots" and "Virgilian lots" are ancient forms of bibliomancy by using the works of Homer and Virgil.


Mugwort has been used for centuries to promote good digestion, reduce fevers and relieve tension.

It is also used as an incense during scrying rituals. Or the leaves can be placed around the scrying item to aid in psychic workings. Place it near the bed to aid in astral projections.
As a tea it is it is used for divination. Do not drink if you are pregnant.

Divining with Gems

Aventurine signals good luck, peace, or money coming.
Beryl signals love healing
Blue Agate signals needs of communication or finding out the truth
Carnelian signals sickness or a return of courage
Citrine strengthens intuition and psychic awareness
Tigers Eye signals education

Monday, April 19, 2010

That's a Copyright Issue

Here's the sitch.
I have a pagan group on I sent out a mass site message yesterday saying that because of the new ning rules of removing all FREE sites (you either have to upgrade to paying option or get deleted) I have chosen to delete my site on Wednesday. That gives my members enough time to gather up any blog posts or photos they want to keep.

A comment was posted on the "suggestions " thread by a member. Keep in mind this is someone I've never actually talked to, they are one of many on the site. They said they went ahead and registered my sites name and paid the sign up fee to have domain name so I can keep the site on another platform.

Dude! I saw red. I mean it. I am more then okay with the idea of deleting that site. The members do nothing, my admins do nothing, I have been feeling guilty for the last few months because my time has become less to spend on my ning sites, so I am ready to close that site down.

This member never asked me what I wanted to do, just went ahead and registered my title. I have not replied back to him yet because I was mad. I needed to calm down. I know he was only trying to help, and it's really great to see someone feels that I have been doing good work, but because he went off and did this without asking, he's stepped on my copyright. I'm not happy about that.

I honestly don't know what to say to him about this.

Has Anyone Noticed this about .... Chris Sabin part 2

I used screen capture for this post

Now, I know someone has to distract the ref so the other wrestlers can do their thing, but Mr. Sabin, your ability to waste time is funny.
I mean that with all love and molasses.
But, everytime you are suppose to be "stalling" you put your hands on your hips. Dead giveaway that the production notes say "Sabin wastes time now"

The coffee's terrible

I drink alot of coffee. Countless cups in the day, normally I buy instant. They didn't have any in stock yesterday when I went to the store. They did however have all their drip coffee on sale. And I do mean all. Sneaky little grocery store, remove all the instant so that you either have t buy the other stuff or come back later.
I was totally out of coffee so I bought a drip one. It tastes terrible. There is a reason I don't use my coffeemaker too often, cause no matter what brand I buy of drip it just doesn't taste right to me.

The great thing about having become a hobby foodie is all the stuff I am daring to learn to make. The bad thing is all the weight I'm putting on.
I have said a million times that I can't work out anymore since the car accident, and normally I'm fine with that fact. I've said it more then once that if the trade off for surviving an accident I should not have is an extra 25 pounds then it's a small price.

So imagine when I weighed myself yesterday and saw the scale reading 168. I've put on 8 pounds in under two weeks. WHAT!? That's insane.
I think it's time to dial back the cooking lessons for a few days and get back to the Special K and Ramen Noodles.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The big theme


I even some how manage to bring the topic of food into wrestling.  Is that crazy?   It's crazy right?
So you can see by the general rambling I have going on here, that I've started to pull a few of my funnier posts from the other blogs to give you a taste of what those are like. 
And I still have not brought over anything from the ning sites (oh wait I brought over 2 movie posts so far)

I'm trying to think. 
No good, the zombies did a number on my brain when they ate it last month.  What you mean you didn't know the zombies ate my brain?   Oh right crap, I forgot I posted that on the other blog here
Caused a bit of a stir it did.  Which, if you happen to be reading Ramen Noodles you would now get the big connection.

What Would Elvira Do part 1

Originally posted on my blog Coffins and Cookies on Dec 9th 2009

If you follow me on my other sites, you know I sometimes refer to Jane Austen and Sex and the City when things are going wonky in my life.

Well, there was a time I used to ask "What would Elvira Do?"
(that was before SATC and be becoming a Jane Austen fan)
And think it only fair to ask that again here.

My burning question is "What do I do about my crush?"
So I'm grabbing the book Transylvania 90210 and randomly flipping to a page using bibliomancy (randomly flipping to a page in a book and using the first sentence you see as divination) for my answer.

I had to think fast. "Oh I just came over to borrow a cup of ....flies!" I said lying. " Yeah. I'm uh...making flyed rice and I just realized I was fresh out of the pesky little critters". page 77

Okay, how do I decode that? Maybe I am suppose to cook for him?
Which is kind of funny given a few things.

1) I keep saying that wrestler Alex Shelley is too skinny.
2) I recently started a cooking blog that I have been not updating as often as I should.
3)This is a domestic styled blog which means what I am not totally sure yet.
4) I have no clue who it is that is supposedly is crushing on me.
5) I just realized in #1 I forgot to add that my big celebrity crush is on wrestler Alex Shelley so for anyone who doesn't read my other blog has no idea why I mentioned him in the first place. (I am totally crushing on wrestler Alex Shelley and believe that he is too skinny and have this gimmick on my main blog where I keep offering him cookies)

Alrighty then.
I suppose I am needing to make dinner for whomever my big fan is ? Dazzle him with my vast knowledge of cooking skills if ever the dude actually lets me know who he is.

Morticia Addams Vs Lily Munster

Originally posted on my blog Coffins and Cookies on Dec 11 2009

Everyone has a favourite. The moms who made vampires part of daily tv.
I've always been partial to Lily Munster myself, but I just can seem to make the white outfit work for me. I even had the streaks in my hair at one point (though I was still a redhead with blonde/blue streaks.)
Most people go for the Morticia Addams look. I think because it's easier to pull off. A long black dress and straight black hair (that would be my sister's favourite look)

What I wouldn't give to get my hands on some of the recipes from the shows/movies as well as the props.
I have been looking everywhere for a jet black tea set with the spider handles, as well as a set with the silver lizards.

Yes, if I was ever to be a mommy I would fashion myself after Lily Munster.

Trick or Treat -2008

This is one of those movies that covers alot of horror creatures -serial killers, werewolves, ghosts- so it's one that I was not sure what group to add it to.

Done as 4 single stories that overlap in the style of Tales from the Crypt and all set on the same neighboughood street, we first visit a serial killer, then a group of school kids, then werewolves then the ghost. Each story is linked by one character Sam the Peeping -Tom.

This may have just set the new standard for horror and created a new icon.

Bones -Movie Review

I am blogging about it because I don't know what category to put it under.
It starts off with a strong storyline, bad neighbourhood with a crazy guy holding a 20 year old secret. Then brings in some fresh kids with a ton of cash and ideas to turn an old building into a club. We are introduced via flashbacks to the the character of Jimmy Bones (Snoop Dogg) and his former girlfriend (Pam Grier) who happens to be a Psychic. Add two more horror scream queens (Katharine Isabelle from the Ginger Snaps trilogy and Bianca Lawson from season 2 of Buffy) and you should have a good solid horror. But you don't.
Midway it becomes a bad spoof comedy.
If this film had just stuck to being a straight up 70's Blaxploitation film it would have worked much better.
I will be having issues sleeping and eating for the next week or so because of the many scenes with maggots throughout this film.

Meatless Meatloaf #1

Photo copyright hcvp'2010

1 package Yves Italian Veggie Ground Round (soy replacement product)
1 egg
2 cups ketchup
2 slices bread crumbled (or 3 cups of premade bread crumbs)
1 cup shredded cheese

Mix all together and form into loaf.  Bake at 300 for about 45 minutes depending on your oven. 

The Italian veggie replacement is a spicy one so no extra spices are needed.

Note, there was no way to make it pretty at all.  Ugly food but tastes great

About those Tag Team Belts

 Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on April 16th 2010

I used a screen capture for this post

Dear Mr. Sabin and Mr. Shelley

Last month I posted that if I did not see those tag team belts around your waists soon, there would be hell. Well, it's been a month, and you still have no TNA belts, so I must rant and nag...

What do you mean you lost your match to Matt Morgan the evil druid and Amazing Red? How could you let them beat you? You're better then that. Much better, you know it, I know it, the fans know it, most important you know it. (wait I said that didn't I?) I was sitting there watching the show (April 12th 2010 episode) thinking for sure this time. I mean man, the odds were stacked FOR YOU, what happened? Okay so this is more a whine then a rant but... what's going on? Where in the production notes did it say "Sabin gets pinned" that makes no sense, none. I'm going to pretend that Red ad-libed that part of the production notes, cause... why man why?

Is it your schedule? Are you too busy to hold those belts right now? Is it because of your injuries? Are you unable to hold those belts right now cause you are not healed enough from your injuries to be fighting champs?
Are the belts not pretty enough and you think they would clash with your tights? You could wear jeans to the ring that would look good with the belts would it not?
Are the belts too heavy on your hips cause your waists are so tiny? That's okay, they can take the belts in or you know you could wear them around your neck like you did your New Japan Jr Tag belts. You made those look sexy all wrapped like a winter scarf.

Dude! Come on already and win the TNA Tag Team belts!!! You should have had them like ten times by now but; no you just keep teasing me with being the number one contenders for the tag belts and then don't follow through making me disappointed with you. Why do you keep teasing and taunting me like that with promises of you being the TNA Tag champs then not doing it? .... It's cause I am Canadian isn't it? Have I not shown enough support and love to you guys?
You are the greatest tag team in the last 20 years, so why have you not won those belts yet?

I screwed up

I was working on the blog and realized the blog was well, where the About should have been. 
I had to start from scratch.  So for anyone who came by earlier,  I did not delete your stuff on purpose,  I am just a moron with computers.

With that said, welcome to the new blog.
I'm going to spend the next few days bringing in movie and book reviews from my ning sites before the nings get deleted off the network.
Oh yeah, lots of very unhappy people this week with the news about the Ning networks being shut down if we creators don't go to paying sites. 

Smackdown Hightlights for 4/16/2010

Originally posted on my wrestling blog BlindTag on April 18th 2010

Drew McIntyre vs Kane. Drew managed to corner Kane right off, getting in some stiff kicks and hard punches. Kane fought back with punches before using a hip toss sending Drew across the ring. He then used a side headlock takeover holding Drew down on the mat. Kane used the ropes for a hard shoulder block knocking him down. Followed up with a drop kick. Drew battled out, and got Kane with a boot to the face. He then used a neckbreaker on Kane. It only got him a two count. Kane came back with a boot to the face of Drew then got him with a clothesline in the corner. Only got a two count. Kane went off the top rope with a flying clothesline setting up for the choke slam but Drew rolled out of the ring. Matt Hardy came down pushing Drew back into the ring causing a DQ.

Dolph Ziggler vs R-Truth. Ziggler used a cheap shot on Truth then started to lay in the punches. Following it up with an inverted bodyslam but only getting a two count. He then went into a modified sleeper but Truth fought back with a series of clotheslines. He then used a deep hiptoss sending Ziggler across the ring. Ziggler ducked as Truth went for his lie detector. Ziggler then slapped on the sleeper hold finisher for the win.

Divas match.... don't care.

Hart Dynasty/Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk and his crew. Luke Gallows and Smith started it off with Gallows giving him a kick to the face. Gallows then had him in the corner, but Smith fought back and used a deep scoop slam but only got a two count. Rey tagged in. They used a drop toe hold and a double drop kick to the skull of Gallows. Kidd tagged in, as did Punk. Collar tie up into an armbar by Kidd. Punk used a series of hard kicks to the back of Kidd, but Kidd reversed it using another one of his armdrags to get the better of Punk. Smith tagged back in, then Rey as they used a triple team move with Rey getting a two count. Punk pulled Rey into the the second turnbuckle then laid in some kicks, standing on Rey's throat. Punk then had Rey wrapped around the ringpost and used a drop kick on him.
Rey fought back with his flying bulldog. Darren Young tagged in and got stomped on in the corner by Smith who had tagged in. Kidd then tagged in and they used a double team move on him. Gallows tagged in with a hard batch of punches on Kidd. Kidd went for a top rope move by got kicked in the skull and knocked out of the ring. Gallows brought him back in and used a drop elbow but only got a two count. Darren Young tagged in and used a neckbreaker getting a near fall. Punk tagged back in with a stomp to Kidd then a back breaker, then slapped a scissors choke on Kidd. Smith tagged in with an off the ropes shoulder blocks but Punk went for a roll up before using a vicious kick only getting a near fall.
Smith used a drop toe hold sending Punk into the second turnbuckle, giving Rey the chance to 619 him in the corner giving Smith the change then to cover Punk. Smith got the win with a roll up.

Caylen Croft vs JTG.... I don't care about these guys either.

Jack Swagger vs Jericho vs Edge in a triple threat. Jericho went after Edge with a series of punches, then Swagger attacked as well. Jericho then went for a roll up on Swagger but failed. Swagger answered with a side suplex on Jericho. Edge working on the back of the neck on Swagger as Jericho rolled out of the ring. Edge sent Swagger off the ropes and out of the ring. Jericho back in, laying in fists to Edge then choking him on the ropes. Edge came back with punches of his own then Swagger pulled him to the mat. Jericho using the ropes to continue working on Edge's neck. Swagger used another side slam suplex on Edge. Edge pulled down the ropes sending both of the others out. Then baseball slide to break up the count. He sent Jericho into the rails, then Swagger face first into them. Back in the ring Swagger was sent. Swagger tried to get Jericho back in the ring but Edge took the legs out from under both men sending Jericho to the floor and Swagger to the mat. Back in the ring and Edge went for his spear but he got the poll. Swagger then started to work on the shoulder of Edge. Swagger then used a backbreaker but only got a two count. Jericho never got back in, and Swagger used his running corner springboard but once again only got a near fall. Outside of the ring and Swagger goes face first into the announce booth. Jericho gets Edge back into the ring and used a side slam but only got a near fall. he then started to work on the neck of Edge with a choke hold. Edge then used Swagger as a battering ram sending him into Jericho. Then total chaos. Jericho with a roll up on Edge but nothing, then Edge going for a cover but nothing. Jericho was going for a bulldog on Edge but ended up in the ropes tangled. Edge got ready for a spear but Jericho countered with the walls of Jericho, the whole time Swagger was on the floor. Swagger in then got slapped with a Walls of Jericho, but Edge broke it with a DDT. Jericho used the codebreaker on Swagger and all three were down. Jericho up thinking he'd spear Edge but Edge leap frogged. Swagger pulled Edge out of the ring and pinned Jericho keeping his title.

Vegan Pumpkin Cake

1 can pumpkin
2 cups oil
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 cups flour
1/3 cup water

Mix well. Put into greased or oiled cake pan and cook for 1 hour on 300, depending on your oven.