Saturday, May 29, 2010

Do I love you or your ego?

There is a Backstreet Boys song that talks about how the guys are left alone most times wondering if the people who come into their lives love them for them or for their fame. (There's Us)
There is a Twiztid song with a similar theme,( Bury them all) about the loneliness after everyone leaves having gotten from them what they wanted.

I read something this week that made me roll my eyes with boredom, disgust and left me thinking "you are the biggest dork ever."

NO, it wasn't my own blog silly Spudgun

But it got me thinking. Got me thinking about a lot of things. From the old saying "good on paper" to status to how well we as a society really know each other since the internet changed how people interact and communicate.

There is a guy, whom I'm very much into, but he has not given me any indication that I do anything other then give him pause. That I do anything for him other then cause him vexation to his nerves.
Mind you he hasn't said that either, as far as I know he finds me very amiable

But as I said, I read something this week that he in fact wrote online, that made me shake my head in laughter. Made me raise an eyebrow and wonder what the hell do I see in this dork?

The internet lets us show parts of ourselves, but it's still only a small part. You could follow my blog(s) from the beginning of my blogging career till the day I leave this planet -cause that's about when I'll stop blogging- and still only get a sliver of who I am. Just as I will only ever get a sliver of anyone on this internet who I follow/interact with.

There are two hobbies that my friends have that I would never be caught dead doing -Bowling and Bingo. (I am not even sure our tag team dear Spudgun would be able to talk me into either of those) Two of my uncles (my mom's two older brothers) are both golfers. One actually owned a golf course for many years before selling it to open a bar, the other I don't understand why he never went pro? He spends all his time, and I mean that as he's retired, all his time golfing.
This is another hobby you would never catch me dead doing.

Unless the day is overcast with a misty drizzle, you're not likely to get me outdoors for longer then it takes to walk down the street to Blockbuster. I have suffered migraines my entire life, and being outdoors on what others consider a beautiful day is hell for me. October is my favourite season. Yes, in Thunder Bay October is not a month it's a season all it's own. (TB has basically three seasons, Winter which lasts from Nov-April. Construction time which lasts from April-Sept and then Fall which is October)

So last night, I was chatting with my buddy Patrick and he asked me "why do you like this guy if you think he's a dork?"
That's a good question. One I just can't answer. I could sit here and dribble on about how I love the sound of his voice, and could stare at him for hours, but then turn right around and tell you that I hate the idea of his main passions.

When is someone a "good on paper" only match or for that matter a "bad on paper" only match?

And you know what I mean, when you hear about a person's passions, talents and job and think "fabulous we're meant for each other" then get to know them and you can't find the door fast enough. Or the opposite, where you hear about their passions, talents and job and think "oh my god what a frealing dork" then get to know them and just can't get enough of them.

I started this post last night and decided to finish it this morning as I was just exhausted. Here I am now, trying to piece together the puzzle that this post was meant to be. In the fresh light of day, all I can do is ask the question I started off with,

Do I love you or your ego?