Monday, February 28, 2011


The latest book I am reading for review is  The Case for Falling in Love by Mari Ruti, PhD.
I'm only a few chapters into it, but already it's got me thinking.    Which, any good book should have you doing, even if you disagree with it.   This case, I agree with it.

It is based (at lest the first bit that I've gotten to) on gender sameness/differences in how we react to desire.  As I said, I'm only a few chapters into the book, but already I'm seeing the proof in the pudding, so to speak.  As I am reminded of a few things, one being the book Love Spell by Phyllis Curott, and how the author was reminded that within us, we all have both a male and female divine that displays itself in how we balance ourselves.   And also, ironically an episode of Sex and the City in which one of the girls dates a man who is straight but acts gay because he's not afraid to be emotional.

This lead me to examine the male friends I've had in the last few years.  All very emotional guys.  Which is great, specially given the men I've dated and grew up with (they were all hard no emotions unable/unwilling to communicate stereotypical men)
This has also lead me to understand why I've been totally confused with the men in my life in the last few years.  The more evolved the guys have become, the less they seem to be able to sort out any relationship questions I have, because they have the same ones for me. 

I have to admit, there is only one of these male friends left in my life, as the others had issues that even I found to be too much.  (Seriously, a few of them didn't need a girl to bounce information/questions off of but a really good therapist... hopefully the one guy got a shrink and the other guy got into rehab)

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm not good with changes.
It freaks me out. 

I'm not too bad if you tell me ahead of time that things are going to be switched up, or happen.  But when I'm not prepared for things, that's when I panic. 
I think it's connected with the Osteogenesis Imperfecta.  Not that it's a side effect,  I was meaning the easily panic part due to how often the O.I. has left me broken out of nowhere.
If that makes any sense. 

Actually, you would think that I'd be used to stuff just happening without warning that leaves me hurt/stranded/motionless/and in a different element for awhile,  but no I never am.
I'm the last person you need to have around during an emergency, as much as I hate to admit it, I need to.

By now, we've all learned one way or another that for real growth to happen, something has to change. Usually that means, something no matter how small needs to be destroyed in order to clear room for something fresh to take hold.

I'm not too sure what my glitch is that makes me unable to cope well under stress.  There was a time, I was able to handle anything you threw at me, calmly, and with grace. 
If you knew me back in college, you'd never recognize me now.  That's good and bad.  And isn't it always the little things that get under our skin?

So you are thinking, what brought all this on tonight?  Something so innocent and almost not worth noticing. 
My day started off in one direction, on a positive note actually, but it's ended in a bit of chaos that had me just going for something that was comforting.  Only, that something was no longer there.  Just two small little videos on the Spike site that I thought would waste some time and distract me from the stuff in my real life that was upsetting me.  Only, the Spike site got an upgrade and the two MMG videos are no longer there.  Nor are any of the comments from myself (the one and only time I left a comment) or the other fans on anything.  Sort of sucks.  Just another sign that nothing can stay the same.  Even the tiniest of things.

And with a deep sigh, I must deal with what had  upset me to begin with, without my internet version of mental comfort food. 
If that makes any sense to anyone else.

The Chariot and other stuff

Okay Spudguns,  I just finished posting a short post on my year project about the Chariot card in tarot.

I have been sort of slinking back into the wrestling stuff this week on the wrestling blog

There are a few new posts on my book blog, and the April selection over on the book club blog as well.

So why the Chariot you might be thinking... well it's been popping up like a bad penny the last few weeks. And today, because of something that I saw that had to do with wrestling, I think I figured out why it was popping up all the time.
So, in classic me form, I blogged about it.  I did it on the other blog for a few reasons. 
  1. I've been doing the Wishcasting Wednesdays on the other blog for the last while and thought it fit with that vibe
  2. Spudguns! Really... I would have thought you'd have jumped on that bandwagon by now, cause there isn't much in the way of readers over there so I was just trying to boost some.
  3. Um... not really having a third point, just thought two points looked off.
Few other things that myself and some blogging buddies are hatching. Hopefully it will come at you all next week.

Okay, grab a coffee and take a round trip on the links and let me know how everyone is doing.

Friday, February 25, 2011


I used screen capture for this post 

I know, I said I was going to get a handle on my short sort of pointless stuff, but you know me, I have to say something about stuff when it comes to wrestling.
Heard about the country video with A.J. Styles, and I had to do the unthinkable, I had to google for it, because the video on the Spike site came up with the ever famous and annoying "not available in your region"

All I have to say is  .... how can you not fall for A.J. Styles?  I mean, man just look at those dreamy eyes.

I have known straight men who go dumb struck when it comes to A.J. Styles.  

Okay, now back to the newly sort of improved regularly scheduled bloggy-blog.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Blues

The very first thing I ever blogged about a million years ago on a now long since deleted blog, was about how some of us choose not to become moms.

It's a topic I've touched on more then once over the years, in more then one way.  I've even on here at times dealt with my own biological clock making my ovaries twitch. Each time coming back to my senses and sticking to my guns.

The topic has appeared again in one of the blogging networks I sometimes haunt.  This time, from the stance of how we as non-mommy bloggers feel about how everything seems to be geared for the mommy blogs. 
It's one of those debates that will never satisfy everyone, because everyone is strongly expressing their own point of view.

If those of us that choose not to join the ranks of motherhood are feeling frustrated by the endless chatter and ads/contests/giveaways that are constantly in our face, then I can only imagine how bad it is for those out there who are trying to become mothers but are unable to. 
It would be a nightmare, like the world was mocking you constantly. (I can say this for fact because it's the same way I feel seeing other women suddenly happily engaged/married and other writers who suddenly get a four book deal.)
It's like having a non-stop set of roundhouse kicks to the back of the skull. You just never catch your breath.

Before I started doing any kind of wrestling related writing, I threw in the occasional blog post about my friend's kids, and those rare moments of internet space would by far gather more hits and comments then anything else. Then I discovered the power of Mr. Sabin's hair to draw a crowd.
Which just goes to prove, and lead me to question some more, if  there are truly enough advertising dollars out there, enough groupings/categories and above all interest for those of us who are doing this from the other side of the fence or have we been shoved under the rug?
As once again, it seems the only bloggers who are making a name for themselves, including a paycheck, are the ones who blog for diapers. 

I just can't help but wonder, in a digital world of Cinderellas; are non-mommy bloggers, the internet's version of the ugly step-sister doomed to spinsterhood in the eyes of the press agents?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

So now what?

The clock is ticking away. It's all I can hear.  Tick tick tick.  Reminding me once again, that everyone else, everything else is moving forward and I'm not.
Worst of all, I've lost my voice.  Not my physical voice, but my writing one. Hell, my blogging voice.
I've tried on the styles of Candace Bushnell, Hunter S. Thompston, and even Bridget Jones, who's fictional.  They've all done me well, until now.
My blogging used to be, in the beginning way back years ago when I started on my very first blog (which I found out got deleted by MSN because they switched formats) informative.  I wrote articles, columns that took me a full week to write. 
Now, I just randomly post.  Now, it's just alot of busy nothings.
I'm unhappy.  I'm feeling let down, and uninspired. I'm not sure what to do either.   Maybe I do need to go back to doing wrestling reviews? At lest that was a proper format that I had to dedicate time to.
The problem with creating an identity for yourself online and doing your best to build it up to something, is that when you start to grow in your real world a little, you are stuck.  Sure, your internet self can grow with you, or you can let it be where it is and move on.
I think I am at this impasse. 
I used to blog under my old nic name, which I had since I was 13. I was 32 when I switched to this one. I'll be 37 next month. When I had created this identity, I had never meant it to become me. Somehow it did. I had a bad day and one afternoon, used the blog that I had been writing in character; to talk out of character to let off steam. I should have kept the blogs back then separate.
But I didn't. 
This character was someone I created years ago in college and re-worked for a vampire movie I was doing. Somehow, I got too comfortable with being her.
Now, I'm left wanting to grow up and not sure if I can.
I've got more then a couple other blogs I've been spreading my time onto, and only two of them -the cooking and book reviews- are done under my real name.  Tells you what I suppose I take serious.
While I take some time to get as many book reviews done by deadline as I can, I think I might make this one a bit more serious too.
I'm not too sure how yet, but I'm going to try.

See all you Spudguns next week. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Old shows

Research mode... sort of.

Anyone else remember two tv shows from the early 2000's?

Single in the Hamptons  and Manhattan on the Beach  they both starred Daniel Reton.  or I think that was his name.  

No, can't seem to find it online which sucks.  I was watching Sex and the City  and started to remember those shows, that used to air right before SATC  on Fridays here in Canada.  
Yeah it's been a quiet evening around here. 

Friday, February 18, 2011


Another review done.
Always a good thing. 

And now I'm left semi drained and wondering how long I can get away with tonight before having to start the next one on the pile?

Ever wonder why people do certain things?  Say certain things?   Like make promises they have no intention of keeping? 
Yeah, it's one of those days.  One thing I really hate is when someone says they'll talk to me "tomorrow" and I don't hear from them for weeks. 

Being polite is a good thing, but being honest is much better.

I guess I am just tired of always trusting the wrong people.  Not too get moody on you, as I think I've been doing alot better lately,  just ... I never seem to see the trouble when I am in it.  I only seem to see the trouble after the fact and my life is in shambles.

Would like to say I don't care. But we both know that is a total lie.  I care. Sometimes I think I care too much.  About what others think of me, and how I come across. 

There is actually a ton more I want to say about this, but I think it's better if I shut up now.

Spudgun... love you.

To Blabble part 5

Just a little crazy today. Slightly under the impressionable weather

Objective of day: To go to mother's and watch replay of NXT  To finish reading the latest book for review because the weather has turned into a evil storm.

Feelings on this:  Don't like feeling like my options have been removed from me. Sitting inside when I want to be outside makes me feel like I did when I was stuck after injuries.

Reality of this:  Praying internet holds up with the wind storms and freezing rain.

Conclusion of this report:  Will miss this week's episode of NXT, as I did last week.

This is one of those days where having someone to chat with would be nice. Even though I know I'll get more work done if it's a silent day.  Might even get the energy up to clean the kitchen....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feel the love or not

I have got to learn not to talk to my mother.

"What have you been doing all day?" she asked over the phone while eating noisily.

"Reading the latest for review.  British novel. Been out for a few years in Europe, but this is it's first Canadian/American printing so I have to get the review done before the end of the weekend. That and trying to get a hold of High Priestess."

"Well, she's not like you, you know. She's got stuff she has to do, she's married."

And you hear the sound of the guillotine as it removes my skull from my unmarried body.  

This is the attitude my entire family has. And trust me, with 4 Uncles (2 of which are married) and 1 Aunt (Twice divorced) on my mother's side, 12 of us grandkids (9 of my cousins are married with kids, 1 is just freshly divorced from her 2nd husband and my sister engaged with step kids) 3 Uncles on my dad's side (1 married to his second wife with 8 kids) and 1 Aunt on my dads' side (also on her second husband with 7 kids) who all have grand kids of their own.... trust me it's a big family. And I am the only one not married. 

You all wonder why I am so hot to get  Mr. Right... and I know he's out there. Just going by the omen of the right side being itchy when your true love is thinking of you, I know he was thinking of me for over 3 hours on Valentines.
Would the future Mr. Blood please stand up... before my mother really does kill me.

Salt will kill ya

I was just watching this week's episode of Top Chef, and found it to be both humourous and deadly.

Sesame Street characters to an empty store at 3am.    What did four of them make, soup.

Well, and cookies as it was a cookie challenge at the beginning. 

I can not bake to save my little black heart, so even the ice disk of Richard Blais would make me jealous. 
Angelo Sosa got the hatchet for making his dish too salt(y)  which anyone in a domestic kitchen could screw up on.   Trust me, the salt battle in my family is one that is never ending. 
I like to see some of the judges have one episode where they have to be sleep deprived and given a whacked out challenge like this.  and Top Chef Masters doesn't count today. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My favourite part

You know what one of my favourite words is.... deglazed.

Whoa! That sneaked up on you and bit you on your soft and squishy parts.  It's a word I happen to like.  deglazed.  To deglaze.   Deglazing.  

I think it's very domestic. Very homey, very earthy a word.  A comforting word.

I'm sitting here, watching an episode of Chucks Day Off   online, and inbetween while it's needing to buffer every few minutes,  I'm rotating with the movie You've Got Mail   on DVD.  Yes, that's one of my all time favourite chick-flicks. 
Romance, books, letters, what else could you ask for?    I love the idea that two people fall in love by letters.  There is just something about it.  It's very close to my ideal.  Okay, one of my ideals, as you already know I would love to fall in love in a book store or coffee shop, or grocery. 

Yes, whatever my Spudguns, I'm just a total hopeless romantic.  But you already knew that.

Author firings

I just got a message from Book Blogs, and the topic of the day, hot off the presses, is that famed writer LJ Smith, who created the Vampire Diaries over 20 years ago, has been removed from the series by her publishers.

Crazy right?

Some of the chatter says that she was never the original creator, but a writer for hire and the copyright actually belongs to the publishers.

Should that matter?   These are her creations, her years of work, her thoughts on paper.  She gave them a voice, a soul.  Not the publishers.

I never picked up on the tv series. (I saw the pilot episode online the other year and was disappointed)
But I loved adored and respected the original books back when I was in high school, twenty years ago.  It just does not seem right to me at all.  The publishers will be seeing their mistake soon, I'm sure. Fans, die hard fans, will know the difference when a new writer picks up the role.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

9pm Tuesday

It would seem my curse of the 12 is cracked.  Yay.  I got another book today for review making my staggeringly high number 13 that must be reviewed before the end of April.
Still trying to figure out how to cover the Jamie Oliver cookbook as; as I stated, not very user friendly if you are outside of the U.S.

While I was at mother's, she told me that my cousin M. in Winnipeg, just had his third kid.  My reaction "is this one his?"  Seems it is, as mother told me he's been with the same girl now for a few years and that they got married few months back. You know what though,  until I see a dna test, you can not make me believe that the first two from the previous slut relationship are his. Sorry, but there is just something too fishy about the last round. And she was cheating on him soooooo....

To Blabble ... part 4

Survived Feb 14th, I think that deserves cake.

Object of day:  Go to mother's and watch replay of last night's WWE Raw

Feelings on this:  None really.  Same old routine.

Reality of this:   Must suffer through mother's Facebook chatter as she reads people's Facebook updates as if they are real news headlines.

Conclusion of this report:  Will have to pick up something at the grocery before hand that will end up putting five pounds on me.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines

If you're looking for something tarty, then head over to my Clean Your Shorts! blog for my boobs.

You think I'm joking.   I'm not. I got slutty and .... may regret it in an hour.

All part of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying to see myself as other women see themselves.  I think....

Anyways, happy hearts n tarts day.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kiss Kiss Noise

I think I have the new photo signature.  
I got it into my mind after how many months of saying I was going to do a new one, that yesterday, I was going to take some new photos of myself.  I had planned on making a "valentines card"  for the blog, so I got into a little nearly nothing outfit and slapped on a layer of make-up.  
I may or may not scare you all tomorrow with one of the "valentines cards".  BUT,  this was the best shot I think that doesn't make me look like a 5cent tralc. (or Trelk  for all the Farscape purists out there)


I'm normally in bed long before this, but tonight I was trying to watch TNA Impact on the Spike website so ... yeah anyways.  
Every morning, when I get up there are a stack of emails from people always stamped between 1am and 230am.  Cause everyone else are night owls.
Tonight, I'm still up, in zombie mode but still up, so I decided to check emails before going to bed, and of course, this is the night they all chose not to email.

And I know, I know (she says in her best Pipefiter from Hard Core Logo voice ) that when I get up in the morning and check emails, there will be the normal stack from everyone all time stamped for five minutes after I go to bed.  I just know this, cause everyone wants to make me just a little bit crazy.

What do you wanna bet I'm awake in two hours with my normal insomnia?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Spells and Trouble

My doorbell rang.   Weird, I wasn't expecting anyone.  I go down to see who it is, and there is my Cousin standing there a look of I'm not sure what on his face, shuffling in the snow.
Just to fill you all in, my Cousin and I haven't hung out in years on account of his wife's an evil hell bitch tramp. 

"Need to ask you something." 

"You loose my number?  Email would have been warmer... where did you find parking space anyways?"

Walk back into my apartment which is nice and toasty and he pulls a little doll out of the inside pocket.
"I found this in the daughter's room. Would you explain this to me. I know you're into to all this .... stuff." he sort of rolled his eyes at me. "You were right about the spoon thing."

My Cousin is a really sweet guy, who's been brainwashed by the evil hell bitch tramp wife of his. 

It was a little doll form actually. The kind you get from the craft store to make rag dolls with.  It's all cloth, and doesn't have any hair or facial features cause you're suppose to sew them on yourself. It was plan with a pin in the chest, a heart drawn on it.  
It was sort of cute to be honest. 

"Um okay.  Was that everything?   Any books, candles, anything else? Cause it could be just a pin cushion. Beginning of a project. She doing anything for school?"

"I've had to take the movie The Craft away from her twice in the last month. It's all she watches." he coughed. Smokers hack actually, on my floor. Thanks.  "Her babysitter brought it over and left it"

"Okay then.  I see your issue. You are sure it's not a project for school? Nothing for art class? Sewing thingie for Brownies?"

"Pretty sure. You're going to make me ask her aren't you?"

"Yes, and if it's not for school, then just bury it. Whatever you do, do NOT burn it. Either bury it or toss it in the river. If she did do anything spell wise with it, burning it will actually active it.  You want to bury it or send it down to the bottom of the water.  Don't give me that look, you asked I'm telling."

My Cousin sort of looked at me like he wasn't sure then sort of stood there for a second not too sure of himself before leaving.

Well, that was my excitement for the week. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

9 of Swords -tarot

A card that means, sorrow, despair, delay, disruption, illness, miscarriage, heartbreak, nightmares, fear, loss.

Swords are connected to the element Air, and Thinking.

I mentioned this card in my last post, so I thought I would give a breakdown of it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh God... Mr. Shelley!

I used screen capture for this post

My last post, I said I was going to figure out which book was next for review. Actually, I'm going to sit here and cry.

I just read the latest issue of the MotorCityMachine Guns!  Spike blog, all Mr. Sabin this time as Mr. Shelley is ... I don't even want to think about it.  

I have no idea why it is that that man has the ability to make me nothing more then a screaming fan, but he does. He shouldn't, he's just a guy and he's younger then I am.  I do know better, I just don't pay attention to the rules. 

Now I know why the 9 of Swords card had been popping up ... 

Didn't I say a month ago, it looked like he got really injured on that Jan 13th 2011 episode of TNA Impact, that he looked like he did something really bad this time....

Just get better dude.

Brought to you today by the #12

I think I have a curse when it comes to reviews.   12.

I just finished reading the latest for review, was thinking of how I was going to tackle the actual review part when my doorbell rang. 
Mail man came with another book.

I can not seem to get my list to be less then 12 books at any given time.  It's just ridiculous. 

The one I just finished was "The Werewolf Upstairs"  by Ashlyn Chase.  If you want to read what I had to say you can go here   and read it on my book blog. 

Now, I am going to have a coffee, and try to figure out which of the 12 books sitting in front of me has the next deadline.

I have the attitude of a man

... trapped in the body of a straight woman. 

Um... okay that sounds about right.  

Was at the pharmacy, and standing in line aka hell, listening to two teens reading some magazine, behind me. They were reading out some article about how men show us they love us. I was eavesdropping cause what are you going do to to avoid them when they are less then a foot behind you.  Anyways, all I could think was that if the article was right about certain things, then damn I'm really really not your typical chick. 

It talked about brunches, and shopping and talking.  And how men do these things with us because they feel trapped  it's how you lot show us you love us without killing large rodents of unusual size or battle giants or something else very much like something you would see in the movie Princess Bride that the hero does.

First of all, I hate brunch and the only time I would ever ask a man to do brunch would be if we had a funeral to go to and I didn't have the energy to cook. 
Not too mention, I've never had a mimosa and don't even know what the hell it is.... okay scratch that, I just googled it cause I kept spelling it wrong, and it's a fruity fluffy drink.   I don't do fruity fluffy drinks and I hate champagne. 
Second thing,  I hate shopping with other people.  Hate it! If I go shopping, I prefer to go alone, so that I can either A) get what I need in twenty minutes catching the next bus home on a transfer-pass,  or B) want to just escape everyone for a few hours (which in that case I would more then likely go to a movie and sit in the cinema with my phone off)  So unless I have broken body parts and actually need someone with me to carry stuff, I wouldn't torture a guy by asking him to go shopping.
Third, talking.  I know men hate to really really talk.  If I want your option on something I'll ask, if I want to rant and think you might need to be clued in on the rant, I'll tell you to read my blog that day.

As I'm standing in what seems like the longest line on the face of the planet for anything, and when you're in pain everything feels like it's ten times worse  still waiting for the damned pain pills to kick in. I couldn't help but think that I've heard this before, this article can't be new. So I checked a few articles I remember seeing online, and yeah pieces were indeed familiar.  I wish I knew what magazine those girls were reading. 
The online one was at the Frisky. And the rest of it included something about being a total pig until finding someone worth cleaning up your act for.   Yeah, that sounds like this girl too.  I hate housework and I have to admit, I will put off doing any of it till it's so bad I have no choice. 


I'm up honest.

Psycho neighbour was clomping around in the hallway again this morning trying to get her brat to school or daycare or the mental ward at the children's hospital or wherever he goes from 9-12,  whom I might add was having one of his full on exorcist's twists (little Buffy quote for you there) 
I'm not even joking.  Honestly, dude if you were to listen in on that kid's tantrums you'd think it too.  The screaming at a high pitch that it makes it sound like he's talking another language, and the throwing stuff around.  The kid has to be at lest 9 years old by now, and he can shatter furniture. Neighbour is forever having to buy new chairs and tables cause the kid keeps throwing them at the wall, her, the door.

Went with mom to her doctor's yesterday. It was laundry day for her, so I went over to her place early, helped her with her laundry, sneaked in a few tee shirts of my own, then when we got back from her appointment, mother wanted pizza. 

Now, I have roughly 67 pages left in the latest book I'm doing for review.  I'm going to make a coffee and try to finish reading this book before middle of the afternoon.  Had I not gone with mom yesterday, I might have finished it on time. 
No, I could not have taken the book with me, as I am one of those who can not read if there is any kind of noise around.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To Blabble... part 3

Have just finished doing the morning emails. Have yet to have coffee, need to read another 20 pages in the latest book I am doing for review before I head to my mother's.

Objective of day: Mother has doctor's appointment at 2pm, must go with her for this.

Feelings on this:  Pissed she only told me at 11:30pm last night and wishing I could find a way to snag a handful of tranquilizers while I will be waiting in the overcrowded doctor's office all afternoon.

Reality of this:   I will be stuck sitting in an overcrowded doctor's office all afternoon while I wait for mother to have her appointment.  With sticky fingered strangers kids running up to me snotting on me and having tantrums in the middle of the waiting room.  As well as having to sit next to smelly people on the bus there and back for 45 minutes

Conclusion to this report:   Will miss the replay of this week's WWE Raw

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Freal you

clomp clomp clomp like mad frealing elephants up and down the damned stairs!  

It's the landlord's daughter who lives across the hall.  She wears those push on stilettos like Dolly Parton, all year round with a six inch heel. 
The woman does not know how to move gracefully at all! And she's not a small woman either, same size as me.

All day and night clomp clomp clomp between her apartment and her dad's (landlord's)  then the damned kid of hers screaming like a banshee for no reason at all hours. 

Disability better find me a new place soon.  I've been on a damned wait list now for two frealing years. 

It's all about the wine

My younger sister's Godparents are a delightful couple.  She's Italian and he's French.  And they've been together something like 45 years.

Growing up holidays in our house was craziness.  My dad's Dutch, my Mom is Newfie, I have an Great Aunt who is Scottish {mother's aunt},  an Aunt who is Ojibewe {father's sister in law}, and then my sister's godparents -Italian and French. 
Trust me when I say, it got confusing at times when everyone wanted to get their point across and no one was listening to each other.  And no, I can not speak a word of Dutch but that's another rant for another time.

Anyways, my sister's godparents own a restaurant here in town and this is something I've never paid attention to before until now,  she does all the cooking and he does all the drinks. 
Hold your crickets, I'm getting to my point.  

The food and wine is what you need to pay attention to, not the language issues. 
I'm going to remind you for the millionth time about the book My Life in France by Julia Child  and the book  Julie/Julia by Julie Powell.  And tell you that part of their culinary success had to do with the fact that the husbands were wine guys. They knew what to pair with what dish and what was a decent flavour and all that entails.  Just like my sister's godparents. 

After one of those crazy moments when someone says something out of nowhere about nothing else in the conversation, my sister's godmother said "a great Cook needs a great Sommelier" 

This actually made me think of something that Suzie the Foodie said recently, that her and her husband are getting more serious about their use/knowledge of wine.

Could it be, the missing ingredient to all my questions and searching?  A wine expert? Now there is something to think about.


I used screen captures for this post
6 days and 54 53 posts. There is just no way I'm going to made my blogging goal of 666 posts by Feb 14th.
I must bow down to the fact that I'm just not going to get there in such short a time.  Specially since I do have other blogs to spread the love to, and I'm trying to make a deadline for book review.  Which, because of the blogging I'm behind on as well. Then again, when was the last time I actually made a deadline on time? 

It would seem, I suck at the moment.  am not skilled at multi-tasking.

What I would like to know my Spudguns,  is,  what of my columns/topics are you digging on the most?  Leave me comments/feedback on this, and I will focus on that/those topics for the next few weeks.

Or you know, if no one talks to me I'll just bring back the overly hormonal dog in heat posts that are nothing more then reasons to drool over Mr. Sabin and Mr. Shelley.

Your choice.  Real topics or Silly crap.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Show me you love me

So the flyers are about and the sale signs are up all over town for Feb 14th.  All the stores are cashing in on the heart of the matter so to speak.

Girls of all ages in my neighbourhood, are comparing notes on their men and judging their relationship status on the size of the gift. 
You have an idea how odd it is to me to be checking my mail and hearing two 17 year olds as they walk by, talking about trips that they are going on with their boyfriends, all at the guy's wallet?  Crazy.  When I was 17 back in 1991 - yes 20 years ago- the big gift was a handful of roses.   When did we go from $35 dollars if you were lucky gifts to $1500.00 gifts? 
I'm shocked to be honest.

Proves how old I am too doesn't it. 6 weeks from 37 and counting. Then I think I'll stop having birthdays.I think 37 will be a nice age to be for the next fifteen years don't you?

Honestly, the best gift a man could ever give me is his time. His time and attention.  Actually showing up when he says he's going to and being completely present without distractions. 

If    When I find that right guy, and we get to the long term element of things, then the only gifts needed would be ones that are an investment for our home.  As in building me a bookcase, or buying us a backyard grill, or building a wine rack.  And you know if he's lousy with handling the wood   not much of a carpenter, then going to Canadian Tire or Home Depot and buying a premade bookcase or wine rack  and spending the 2hours it would take him to put the easy to assemble -if you bother to read the instructions- that always seems to be missing a few nails -item together for me, then damn that's what I'm talking about.  Throw in a dishwasher or a washer/dryer and I know he's fully intent on keeping me around. Something that is practical and is an investment in his future too. 

I totally get this from my Grandparents.  {mom's parents}  as my Grandfather was a carpenter for years.  He had been a fisherman for the first half of his life when they were in Newfoundland, but once they moved to Ontario, he became a carpenter.  When he got to the point where he couldn't work out on building sites any longer, he ended up making patio furniture and wooden toys for a living.  Even made the horses on the merry-go-round, for the one local theme park on the outskirts of town.

So, yes, I want a man who is semi-domestic in that sense of the word.

The Book Dork Is In... Season 2

I've just lost track on what number this is so.. second series I suppose.

Previously on the book dork... our heroine was under some sort of evil mind controlling spell cast upon her by the biggest villain in Thunder Bay, the Evil Necropussy and her side kick The Whipping Boy, and it took radiation from the mind numbing lead lined power gun to crack through the shield of doom to reactivate Book Dork's aka Captain CoffeeBean superpowers once again.

Now today on the Book Dork...  Yesterday, I was checking emails, and there was one from the book blogs group I am part of, that was about bad travel writers.  I went to check it out.  The guy ripped apart a bunch of travel writers, including the author of Eat Pray Love.  I had to leave a comment. So, today, I get an email from his blog cause I hit the subscribe to the post comments, and there were like four more comments listed, but mine wasn't posted. However, the dude sent me a private email. I had said in my comment in my usual sarcastic tone "bad day at the office?" cause this dude is a travel writer himself, and it just seemed like his bashing of the others came from his own lack of success. I noticed that all the comments he did publish were from men. Huh. And his private email to me simply said "Yes, how about you bring your pretty self to Mexico and help me get over it"
My reply was "I like my men like I like my wrestlers young and from Detroit."   I also stood up for the book-turned movie Eat Pray Love.  What the hell is it with men in their 60's?

Tune in next time for more adventures in Geekiness

Picture this

You know how other bloggers will have a day a week where they post just a photo of something that they did that day, or the weather in their gardens or what have you without writing anything about the photo... Well this is my version of that.   Only with writing cause you know full well I can't stay quiet for more then 30 seconds unless on a morphine drip. Isn't it pretty.  Okay so I took the photo with my laptop's webcam and it's slightly overexposed, but freal it, that's the first time in ages that I've gotten an omlette to flip in half perfectly. It normally comes out looking less like an omlette and more like a burrito.  And the sauce is diced tomatoes with garlic, celery,  onion and peppers. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Chefs De Jour

It's been one of those odd days I must say.   Had a rare and brief conversation with the neighbour's babysitter as she was taking out the trash.  We're both Top Chef junkies. 
And oddly enough, we both thought that Fabio Viviani was the hottest of all the chefs on all the seasons. 

It's very weird when someone ends up having the same taste in men I do.  Makes me nervous. 

Anyways, then we chatted for a moment about food and cooking shows in general.  Once again, we both gave a collective sigh as we dreamily said the name Chuck Hughes.   Oh yeah baby, Suzie I'm still green with envy on you having gotten to interview him last summer too.

I remember one of my favourite cooking shows when I was a kid that came on Sunday afternoons here,  was Pasquale's Kitchen.   For some odd reason I was thinking the show was called "Cooking with Pasquale" ... but the babysitter told me no that was his cookbook.   Yes I had to google it and try to prove her wrong but damn it! She was right.

Did we get new writers?

I used screen capture for this post

You've heard me say that I have looked at wrestling as one would a relationship. Part because, I was spending more time in the last few years wrapped around TNA's (Total Non-Stop Action) storylines and X-Division then I did putting any kind of energy into anything else,  and part because in season 5 of Sex and the City there is an episode where they are talking about love and boyfriends and paying tribute to the city of New York (this was the season right after 9/11) and the character of Carrie says that NY is her first love therefore her longest relationship.
It's let  me be a goofball writing about the wrestlers online in a way I couldn't have done about the real side of my little life.
You've also my Spudguns, heard me say the last year of storylines have disgusted and bored me to the point where I was watching more WWE for the first time in 12 years.  In relationship terms... I cheated on my husband (TNA) with my ex  (WWE).   Laugh cause it's stupid and cute. Well Okay, I'm stupid and cute. Weird and cute.  Damned and Sexy. 

Today, I was even considering this week's episode (Feb 3rd 2011 episode) as being the last I watched, as this was the last one on my Season Pass. (I thought i had four more but I only had two on the prepaid pass) But, the last 8 minutes of the show changed my mind. Will I buy another season's pass, that's yet to be seen. Will have to give the next month a week by week trail I think, to see if it keeps up the way it ended this week.  Will it get me back to doing commentary online again? That too my Spudguns will have to wait to be seen.

All I can say is that A.J. Styles little rant at the end of the show had me smiling for the first time in nearly a year while watching the show.

Now before any of you start at me about how they are bringing in real life stuff onto the show,  I really don't care. Honestly, if the storylines are not made up fictional and are indeed 100% real or even 50% real stuff they decided to shock us with on air,  I don't want to know.
As far as this little Renfield is concerned, it's all reality tv and everything that happens on reality tv is scripted.
Wrestling, I've always said is interactive theater where the audience gets to be part. 

So yay to what must be the new creative team.

ooohhhh maybe the writers actually listened to what us fans have been bitching about all year???


Well now I feel even more stupid

You know how you think you know the ins and outs of a topic because you did some studying on it when you were a teenager but didn't pay that close attention to it cause you were a cocky ego driven kid, then come across something on the topic twenty years later and are like "oh cool really I never knew that".

Yeah, it's one of those moments.
Reading  "Herbal Magick"  by Gerina Dunwich,  one of my top favourite Wiccan Authors, and this little bit of info jumped out at me. 

Saturn - Roman astral god, originally worshipped as an agricultural and harvest deity. He's festivals are celebrated from Dec 17th to the 19th

You know what else I learned this morning... you're dripping with anticipation I know you are... that if you're making tea, always add the sugar/honey first before you add the milk/cream or else you will end up fighting with your mate all day.   I had no idea on that one. So yeah, a new omen yay.

Everybody Be Cool- You be cool

Yes quoting from the movie From Dusk Till Dawn  simply because it's such a frealing wicked movie.

So it's Sunday it would seem.  Damn, where did the week go?

Well, no excuses, but if you've been reading my Clean Your Shorts!  blog  you know the big pink one  you know that I've had a bit of a ... well whatever.  shameless plug for that blog cause it needs Spudguns.

When I started this here bloggy-blog it was meant to be THE blog. One blog to cover everything so that I would not have to spend my day trying to manage 50million internet things.  Yeah that worked oh so well didn't it? 
  1. Cause I have the vampire blog I never spend any time on,
  2. my wrestling blog that I only look at once a week now, 
  3. my book club blog, 
  4. my cooking blog, 
  5. my  SATC styled blog (the pink one as everyone here seem to refer to it), 
  6. my book review blog that is totally clean of anything goofy,
  7. this one, 
  8. and the new one that is just for a year. That project might work it might not. 
I think that I am officially addicted to this what do you think?  I think you are right my delicious Spudguns.

Anyways, the point was to have all that stuff here on this one.  I just can't seem to keep from making themed blogs where I talk about just one thing. I have to get ahold of myself in that regards man.
I had the same problem few years ago, and even tried doing a "landing page" that was all links to the rest of the blogs.  It got too much.  Just a mess.

Okay, so this is me this morning, having not had any coffee just talking out loud trying to get my head cleared of chaos. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday nearly 6pm

Home from mother's.
I survived with only a headache.  Today's crisis was her having forgotten how to download her photos to Facebook from her computer.  I think we went over the damned thing three times in under four hours.
I honestly don't know what's worse, the Facebook factor or that mom is becoming a wrestling fan in denial?
Once again, I missed what the commentators had to say through half of it cause mom was talking over it, and the louder I put the tv the louder mom got.  Not that; that was such a big loss now that they brought in Booker T.   So totally NOT a fan of his.
I am a fan of Wade Barrett.  Just wish he'd do something with that hair.  But yes, it's funny to see mom leaning in from the kitchen where she was doing dishes, when Vicky and Dolph Ziggler came to the ring, asking if she got new shoes yet?  I've created a fashion victim. Then mom proceeded to do her impression of Vicky. Screaming "Excuse Me!" in such a high pitched shrill that I'm still waiting for the ringing in my left ear to stop.

To Blabble... part 2

The morning's first cup of mountain roasted goodness has gotten cold. That's because it's cold in this building this morning.

Objective of day - Back to mother's to watch the replay of WWE's Smackdown

Feelings on this - No feelings this morning. Numb Numb Numb

Reality on this - Will have to put on clothes and shower... not in that order... and leave apartment in order to go to mother's to watch wrestling. Am also looking at the very large copy of Jamie Oliver's America  dreading the reality of how heavy it is.

Conclusion of this report-  Need to make fresh cup of mountain roasted goodness before I can do anything else.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cereal isn't dinner!

Not it's true, I read it on page 7 of the introduction in the cookbook 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know.  by Glamour magazine.

And I thought that I would just point that out before I point you to the two blog posts I just did for it.  One on my cooking blog -which is the recipe for their mushroom burgers and my own version,  and one is the actual review I did on my book blog.

Photo by KAH/hcvp'2011

Mr. Sabin

I used screen capture for this post

I just realized... isn't today Chris  Sabin's birthday? 

Happy Birthday Mr. Sabin

To Blabble

Friday morning.

Have not yet have yet to have mountain roasted goodness aka COFFEE!
Have managed to post a very long post on my book club blog and one short note on cooking blog about the long post on the book club blog.

Objective of day - to go to mother's and watch replay of this week's WWE NXT episode.

Feelings on this - already wishing for meat cleaver or at very lest handful of tranquilizers to deal with mother. 

Reality on this - will have to settle for many many mnay  many cups of strong mountain roasted goodness and maybe even chocolate to stun self stupid to deal with mother.

Conclusion of this report - Need husband and flat screen tv with cable.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Okay and now?

I'm not sure how I feel.
I was reading the book for book club, and I'm sitting here now just... baffled. I guess is the term.

I loved Julie Powell's first book, and I found alot of things in this second book that I identified with.  But, I'm left feeling like... I want an explanation.

And yes I finished reading.  Frealing amazing isn't it. 
Means I'll actually have to get back to work on the books for review now.  The next one I need to read is called "The Werewolf Upstairs".  I think I'm suppose to be getting an author interview with that one, but won't know till I talk to the press agent next week.

Anyways... this will make post number 600.  66 posts to go to reach my Feb 14th goal of 666 blog posts.   Ummm.... 11 days and 66 posts.  I'll admit, I'm not sure even I can babble on that much in that short a time frame.  Unless I pull out the big ... Guns!  I might have to actually start doing TNA reviews again to meet that goal.


I'm taking two days off of doing reviews, to finally read Julie Powell's Cleaving

I bought that book a year ago, had started to read it, but with the review books ended up putting it down.  I decided to make it the February book selection for my book club,  which I opened up online. 

I picked it back up yesterday.  I'm hoping to have it finished by Sunday.  Cause then I have 12 book for review to get my ass back into before the end of next month.
I can do it. I might not sleep between now and April 1st, but damn it!  I will get them done.

I've never known anyone who can make the act of chopping up a pig seem erotic.  It's almost scary. 
I think I referred to it when I first bought the book, referred to it on my cooking blog as brutally erotic. 

Zest it Baby

Went to the grocery store.   I wanted to get lemons for zesting for a cake.
You can not zest a lemon or lime or orange if they are the waxed kind. 
So here's me, touching all the lemons on my wrist. Yes, my wrist.  Sounds crazy I know, but your fingertips become slippery from the fruit after a few minutes if they're all waxed.   This is why you must always wash produce when you get it home, cause people touch and squeeze and everything to see if things are ripe or over ripe or what-have-you.

Anyways,  the stock boy is looking at me like I've tossed a screw or something, raised eyebrow and all, then walks over to ask if I need help, and I'm sure he was thinking he had a tranquiler dart somewhere.  I said flat out I was wanting unwaxed lemons. 

He started telling me about the organic stuff.  Which were still waxed as I pointed out to him. He shook his head at me with a glazed look not understanding what I was getting at.  Then after another round of "I've got two bins of fresh lemons that came in last night"  and me pointing out how those lemons were still waxed, I had to say to him  that I can't zest them if they have wax on them. 

"Why not?"  he asked now holding three lemons in his hand, his fingers were like contorted trying to balance the lemons, damn I wish I had my camera with me.   I might take it with me next time I go to the store just for the hell of it.

"When you try zesting a waxed fruit, the grater just slides and doesn't really grip. And when it does, well you're only getting the wax, not even the peel. Sort of ruins the batter." 

Don't know if he got me or not, but I ended up without buying any lemons so there will be no cake today.

I bit my tongue

I woke up this morning and I'm tasting metallic, like having a mouthful of pennies or something.
Took me a few seconds to realize I had bit my tongue in my sleep. 

Okay, what the hell was I dreaming about last night that I did that? 

Not even sure I want to know myself.  I usually remember nightmares and since I'm not remembering anything from my dreams last night, I'm thinking it's something more mundane.

What a wake up call Eh?