Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Holy turnbuckles batman!

Been wayyyyyy too long since I logged in here. But...I just saw the craziest thing.  A bunch of my screen captures and wrestling photos being used on wrestler fan-sites and profile pages.  Sort of cool when you think about it. And we're talking stuff from when I was first blogging about TNA- namely Mr. Shelley and Mr. Sabin.
Damn, I miss seeing them on weekly tv.

This tarot card has nothing to do with the topic at hand, just it's a rare photo of me taken last month.  On the topic of photos/screen shots...

Spudguns!  Most of you by now, I'm sure, are aware that my movie blog has become my main stay the last year or so.  And yes, I still talk about wrestling on my wrestling blog.

Speaking of title belts... okay we weren't but why not...I'm totally digging the fact that Seth Rollins has managed to get the title at maina. Dude! Love that!  Just wish he'd pick one colour and stick with it.

And if you don't follow my movie blog, you should because I joined Food n Flix this year, and every month a different movie is picked, and the lot of us watch it, then cook/bake something inspired by the movie.  So yes, my cooking is better then it used to be my lovely Spudguns!

That about covers it for now. Creeping Screams!
-Ardeth Blood.