Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fear Down Man, Check out the Curves

Okay, I know I wasn't going to post anything till the New Year, but... my buddy Matt and his friends helped me get over one of my fears. 


Bad Spudguns bad bad Spudguns.   Matt's a musician friend of mine, and he's very bravely helping me work on some music for my vampire/zombie film, and I knew I'd need to sing right... right.  So practicing singing was in order.  So we went to the bar for karaoke.

For those of you who have been reading me for awhile, you know I have not stepped foot in a bar since 2004 cause of my fear of bumping into my ex the dj/musician.  You would also know that I said this was a silly silly fear I needed to get over and wanted to get through this fear in 2010.   Well I did... with 24 hours to spare how's that for timing.

We went to Newfie's Pub. 

I wore make-up and .... wait for it.... a bra! Yes, feel special.  But I wore dirty jeans and my MotorCityMachine Guns! tee just for safety.  Like armor cause it's a dirty icky bar where people have a tendency to use you as a coaster for their beers or a napkin for that matter.  Won't even talk about the state of the ladie's room.

I spent way way way more then I had planned on, and the guys were even buying so .... yeah it was interesting to say the lest.

We got there, first off let me say that we were the only non-natives in the place other then the staff and after the first ten minutes it looked like a fight was happening across the dance floor and Matt there was all "We're going to get killed"  And anyone who's been following the news in Thunder Bay knows about the dead dude from Newfie's... moving on...  We order our drinks and the boys all order beer, then there's me, I ordered Screech and the bartender looks at me with an eyebrow and dares to ask if I want it mixed.  "Straight"
she asks me if I'm sure then says "Brave girl hope you know what you're getting into"  and the three boys had the same look of disgust on their faces too as I downed it.

Then came the singing... after I RKO'ed the dj.  Well, more like ran up to the dj booth the second he was in the building before he even had his coat off.  Damn it! I was having karaoke withdrawls and wanted to be first in line. Yes, my Spudguns, I fell off the wagon.  6 years and now... now... the boys have been forewarned that we will be hitting Newfie's Pub again very very very soon!

 But it took many many beers to get Colin to sing... many many beers and suddenly .... Barry Manilow... oh yeah baby.

From there... may I just point out that the bar smelled like piss as did the two dudes sitting at the table next to us, and the cab ride home smelled of vomit.  Can't get any realer then that folks.
Where was I?.... right Copacabana... What I learned was Roadhouse Blues = good   Friends in Low Places = bad.

 Steve wouldn't sing.  Nope none.  But he did get up and dance with some psycho hooker. 

Oh and Matt... I have to find you a new catch phrase cause if I have to hear "No Way"  or "check out the curves"  again I will RKO you.  Which I think brings me to the old gross guy who asked me where the men's room was.  Um... come on man! Seriously? Do I look that bad?  Well, I suppose next to the Queen that was dancing beside us all night... I have to admit Queen was more feminine then me and my tits are real.  Which is why every time the boys went up to the bar for drinks they did NOT have to stand in line but yet every time I went up for a drink I ended up standing there for ten frealing minutes before the female bartender even bothered to notice me.

  Oh and Colin you're on notice... next time we're signing you up for Mandy  I get War Pigs

Sunday, December 26, 2010

What was your best and worst of 2010?

Every year, we look back over things and take stock.  Some of the good, some of the bad.  We make resolutions for the up coming year, and hope that it turns out better.

I had more then a few bad spots this year.  More then I want to think about or even count. 
But, unlike most of the last couple of years, I did have a few bright spots. 

My bad days were filled with MRI's, doctor's appointments, back injuries, and finding out I had trusted the wrong business partner again.

My good days were filled with meeting a documentary film crew (Break Through the Movie), taking part in a spiritual group, being noticed by the two major wrestling companies (quoted on NXT season 2, mocked and yelled at by the other and having elements from a short story as inspiration for 30 seconds of skit) getting to interview 4 author's and a food critic.

Actually my Spudguns,  if pissing off whomever it was at TNA that I did, that ended up getting my short story "He's Haunting Me"  ripped apart for Abyss's side of beef then tell me what I need to do to get them to use me again? 
I would/will be more then happy to be the MotorCityMachine Guns! little writing monkey. Gladly.

The X-Division and the MMG specially, have inspired me so much in the last few years.

So my Spudguns, what was my biggest high spot of 2010?  

As silly as this might sound,  having one of the people at the spiritual group point out to me that I was one of  the First Women doing wrestling commentary on the internet. (possibly even the First) Even though I am just a fan and not a proper sports reporter.  When they told me they thought I was brave for jumping in there and doing something that wasn't a usual thing for a women to be doing, I can not begin to tell you how good I felt about myself.  (I know there are female sports reporters who work for the big magazines who do this - but I'm talking about just the internet here)
I've never been one to take large chances.  My having  O.I. has dictated how my life would roll; and my writing/voice really is all I've had that's been mine. So, even when I got myself yelled at, and mocked by my celebrity Spudguns;  I was loving every second of it this past year.

I think I have proven that a love/hate relationship can be good for business.... You love me don't lie about it, you adore me and my creepiness! Lily Munster ain't got nothing on me. you dream of me and my ability to make omelettes and can't get through a day without thinking of me. You're thinking things like "I wonder what Ardeth is doing right now? Is she wearing that same old grey MMG t-shirt again? Did she actually get to do laundry this week? Has she gotten over her fear of bars yet? Has she learned the difference yet between a hammerlock and a wrist lock?"  Face it, I make you smile and smirk.

So what do I hope 2011 brings into my life?

I hope that my writing career gets the right boost it needs, including an editor.  I hope that the mysterious guy (The ONE) who for most of the year caused my right side to itch (Omens post) reveals himself. I hope that my cooking continues to improve. I hope that I finally land an interview with a wrestler (Mr. Sabin how many years are you going to make me beg?) and that my bloggy-blogs continue to connect me to you- my Spudguns.

So Spudguns.... What were your 2010 highs/lows and what do you hope for 2011?

I'll see you in 2011

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I survived dinner

Actually, by the time I got there, their company had left and it was just us- sister, brother in law, mom, Uncle and me- So it was a semi quiet evening. 

We ate way too much - laughed, argued, teased and did I mention ate way too much. 

My brother in law and I have the same personality.  Scary I know.  While my sister sat there talking to mom and Uncle, I sat there talking with my brother in law J. about movies, cooking and coffee.  I find it funny as hell that the kitchen is his.  My sister would rather go out for dinner or order take-away and J. would rather spend hours after work cooking. 

Seriously,  the two of us were just weirdly giddy over the "How to Make Curry"  cookbook his mother sent him, talking about a new Thai restaurant that opened up a block from his work; that he took my sister to for supper last night.  I have to get my sister to go with me one day for lunch.

I mentioned to my sister about the cookbooks I'm getting next for review- finally I know eh?- and that I'm going to need back up on that cause I need to do more then three recipes per cookbook (you have to see how difficult the recipes are, if they are ones that ingredients are easy to find etc) and since I am a vegetarian, I'll need someone to taste the meat dishes.  J. heard me and was like "I'll help I'll help"  I might have to fight him to keep my cookbooks when I get them for review. 

My sister was all "I'll do the deserts but he's the cook."   So it should be interesting. The more I get to know my brother in law, the more I see he's a good match for Ninja.  Just the fact he's gotten her to sit thought Star Trek is beyond amazing.  I've been at her for years to watch Star Trek with me and she never would.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Vampire Remakes!

We all know that a new Buffy is in the works.  Rumours have been floating around for the last two years, but more and more it looks as if it's already gone into production.  Even the original dvd from 1992 was given a "collector's" cover few months back in hopes of bringing new fans.

Now, it's looking like Lestat is going to be given a reboot.  Interview with the Vampire which was written in 1976, and made into a film back in 1994 (almost 20 years ago! Damn time flies) 
has been running the rumour mill for the last three years.  When I first heard that there was talk of a new Lestat movie, I thought they meant (they being the Film Powers That Be-Hollywood)  the next book in the series (which would have actually been book 4 Tale of the Body Thief. As both books 2 The Vampire Lestat  and book 3 Queen of the Damned were combined in one film in 2002) but what I've been seeing around the internet, is that Anne Rice is given the okay for a remake of the 1994 version of the first book.

And the talk of Robert Downey Jr as Lestat totally works. 
I know that when Queen of the Damned was released there was alot of fans who complained.  But, you have to remember, the character was in a different place in his life.  Interview was the beginning of the marriage so to speak, and Queen was after the divorce.  I think choosing to have a different actor at that point in time made perfect sense.  Just as it would to have someone fresh play the part. 

All in all, a new Lestat movie is something I want to see.  I would also love to see Memnoch the Devil done too....

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blind Boys Don't Lie

Yes, I'm listening to the Lost Boys soundtrack.  The original soundtrack from 1987.  One of the only decent vampire soundtracks ever.

So, I'm expected to play nice and go to my sister's for xmas dinner.  Yay.  Well, at lest I'll get to watch the Food Network Canada for a few hours.
This was my one instruction from my sister  "We're having company so you have to wear a bra" 

Seriously, any woman will tell you how uncomfortable bras are.  Even more so for me since the car accident.  I had all my ribs on my right side broken- one of which punctured my lung  and the waist bans of bras no matter what kind sit right across the area where my scar is.  No matter how I adjust the stupid things, the scar tissue is thin and that causes issues.  Also, my right shoulder was broken in that accident and is shaped funny now.  No matter what kind, size, brand, design etc or how I adjust the straps, the right side always falls off.  I'm constantly having to pick at the strap. It's like let's play how many times in 30 seconds I have to fix the bra strap back in place. Seriously, dude I have gotten to the point where I just don't wear them anymore.

I hate xmas. Never cared for it not my holiday.  I'm a Hallowe'en person.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gentle with him

Boxing Week Sales are so much fun.  
Blockbuster had a buy 2 get 1 free.   I got previewed copy of Lost Boys 3, Nightmare on Elm Rebooted, and Suck.
I'm checking out and the guy is like  "Oh you're into vampires?" 

Me: "I've got a larger vampire collection then even this store does."

Blockbuster Employee : "You waiting for the latest Twilight then? There's going to be a boxed set with the last two."

Me: "Oh god no, I'm a real vampire fan"

Angie the Manager leans over with this evil smirk on her face : "Be gentle with the new guy he only started yesterday."

Me: "I thought I smelled  fresh meat.  Sorry Angie, sorry  dude didn't mean to be biting your head off."

Okay, you know me; I totally meant to be biting his head off.  Remember, I leave bite marks.
I actually have an old tee shirt somewhere with that catch phrase on it, must try to find what I did with it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I love it when I get these flashes of genius for my novel.

I've been trying to figure out what it is that my one lead character is missing, and I think I found his missing element. 

I rented "The Way We Were"  and was just putting it into the dvd player when I got this idea. Haven't even had a chance to hit the play button yet.  The whole reason I rented it was because well, I am ashamed to say never seen it before.  I know I know, it's like the ultimate chick flick and I've never seen it. But then again, I'm an odd chicky who slept through Sound of Music and wanted to vomit when I saw Casablanca.  Both of which we had to watch in grade 11 English class. 
I think if a man ever wanted to torture me all he'd need to do is tie me to a chair and make me watch Gone With The Wind, (that to me would be like the scene Malcolm McDowell went through in Clockwork Orange)

Anyways,  Sex and the City 's love story between Carrie and Big is a retelling of The Way We Were  so the movie -The Way We Were- keeps popping up around me.  Okay, you only have to hit me with a chair a few times for me to get that it's a sign.  So I rented it today.

As I was about to put the dvd in the player I got this flash of what my lead male was missing, and it has to do with this movie.   HA!  Breakthroughs are a wonderful feeling.  Much like flying.

Okay, so now I'm off to watch the movie and cry my eyes out.

Monday, December 20, 2010

What I thought about TNA Reaction for Dec 16th 2010

Cut to camera 1, Hardy talking about how he's the "thing" in TNA

Cut to camera 2, A.J. Styles talking about how Fortune is not to be trifled with.

Cut to camera 3, Mr. Anderson saying that he feels much the way many of us fans feel.  Me at the top of that list.

Cut back to camera 2, Styles saying how he can switch it up to meet anybody else's style of wrestling.

Cut to camera 4, Robert Roode giving a soundbite on getting the belts back.

Cut then to camera 5, Rayne saying how her team will get the women's gold.

Cut to camera 6, Kazarian declaring himself the next X-Champ ... who now that I have started to actually type out his name instead of calling him simply Kaz, has started to refer to himself as just Kaz.   And they say us women change our minds all the time.  DUDE!

Cut back to camera 1, Hardy proving he should not be allowed to talk.

Cut back to camera 3, Mr. Anderson discussing the state of the talent in all of the business in every company.

Cut to camera 7, Matt Morgan the evil druid talking about how he has not lost his focus even with all the bulldren that is being pumped around him.  Morgan, dreamboards are good, but mindmovies work slightly faster. 

Cut back to camera 3 again, Mr. Anderson down playing his skull injury.  They keep showing the footage of him being sewn up, and dude it looked like you had another mouth or something you were split so much.

Cut back to camera 7, Morgan again saying that he'll do whatever he needs to; to get to the title.

Cut back to camera 2, Styles again talking about himself. Leaning into the camera to close the gap making it feel like a very intimate secret was a nice touch.

Cut to camera 8, Douglas Williams side of the story.  It went back and forth for a few minutes between Williams and Styles.

Cut to camera 9, MotorCityMachine Guns! and Chris Sabin is talking about Beer Money Inc seeing the tape of the interview and how they're not letting their emotions get the better of them. (I know I need to take his advice but ... na)  Then Alex Shelley basically said the same thing in a newly designed soup cereal bowl. Then he listed off all the crap ends of the business they've had to endure to get to the top. Wow no wonder he never has time to eat with all the flights and driving.  

Cut back to camera 4, Beer Money Inc making a comment about the belts again, James Storm saying he does not want a repeat of last summer's feud but to put a lid on things with the MMG.

Cut back to camera 9, Alex Shelley saying that it's not how you get to the top, but how you manage to stay or get back to the top that really counts. Isn't that what Storm just said in his part about his team?

Cut back to camera 5, more talking on the women's tag belts.

Cut back to camera 6, and Kazarian... Kaz... Kazarian... the KazzyKatman... talking about how Styles is in the same boat as him needing to grab gold.

Cut to camera 10, Generation Me, the one with the long greasy hair Max talking about how they are going to end up having to fight each other for the X-belt.

Cut back to camera 6 again and Kaz reminding the fans that he helped to create the division.

Cut to camera 11, Jay Lethal talking about how he's ready to defend the X-belt.

The last two minutes was just a wrap up of soundbites.    Dude, I am officially going on record saying after the comment GenMe made, I want Kaz to kick Max's stupid little ass five ways to Sunday. 


I'm ready to kill myself.   Seriously.   I just got a call from my mom who was just laughing and giddy as can be and all she said was "I've got news. Guess what your sister is getting for her gift. It goes on her left hand"

You've got to be frealing kidding me right?  J.'s divorce is months away from being anywhere close to legal yet and their getting officially engaged.  I knew this was in the works for over a year now, as they have been together for nearly 2 and a half years and I already refer to J. as my brother in law.  But this just makes me feel more and more like a useless bucket of dren.

Let me catch you all sister Ninja who is 8 years younger then me, is now engaged. Before me. I'm happy for her, I am.  This is her longest relationship ever.  Normally she was the type who dated a different guy every two weeks, so I sort of knew the relationship was in for the long haul after it made it to the three month mark.

I'm upset for the simple fact my sister who is 8 years younger then I am is getting married before me.
Yes, god damn it I'm beyond jealous on that fact.  This is a woman who's never ever wanted to be married and suddenly poof she is.   She wanted a high paying career and never showed any interest in being "chained down"  as she put it.

Did I mention that my sister is 8 years younger then I am.  Cause if I didn't....

The idea of going to my YOUNGER sister's wedding;  still unmarried myself just makes me want to slice my wrists. I'm done. Done done done.
That's the biggest baddest humiliation the world can throw at a single woman. It wouldn't sting so frealing much if I was in a long term relationship myself, but seriously dude.

Monday 2pm

I love it when I love an author.
Seriously, it can make or brake how you view a book.  I just finished reading "Arranged" by Catherine McKenzie, and I had mixed emotions on this one.  I simply devoured her first novel Spin last year, and was just on pins and needles waiting to get my greedy paws on this one.
A chapter and a half into this one and I was not sure I could handle it.  I did though and very glad I did.  I'll have the review and hopefully the interview up next week sometime on my book blog.

Without giving away any spoilers, I have to say, I felt like I was reading my own life.  Catherine McKenzie is one of those brilliant writers who some how manages to capture a piece of modern society like a perfectly timed snap shot.
Dude seriously, I was tempted after one chapter to email asking if she'd been reading this bloggy-blog.  Which tells me, if a nearly total stranger can write a reflection of society like that and mirror back to me pieces of my own life, I can not be as alone in this world as I have come to believe. 

In other words,  there are other women out there who think and act like I do. 
Think about that for a second and take a deep breath. And if they can make  their worlds  a shinny one, so can I damn it.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I've been thinking

Okay Spudguns, it wasn't a bad week at all for wrestling... it actually kept my interest this last few days.  So much in fact, that I did a few posts on my wrestling blog on what I would like to see happen in both major companies in 2011. 

If only ideas could come to me so easily for my novel....

Friday, December 17, 2010

Everyone is talking about... Johnny Depp

I love him, you love him, he's perfect.  Johnny Depp is by far THE actor everyone loves. He can do no wrong... sort of.
With his latest films, he's making "best of " lists on movie sites across the net. Cineplex has one too
Though I disagree with many of the mainstream fans on the top Depp roles, I decided to share my favourites.  (not too mention the bloggy-blog here has been a little light with posts the last few weeks and I needed something to give some entertainment value to the bloggy-blog since I've cut back to almost nothing with my Chris Sabin/Alex Shelley posts)

10- Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates 3 At Worlds End

9- Crybaby Walker in Crybaby

8- Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hallow

7- Glen in Nightmare on Elm Street

6- Ed D Wood Jr  in Ed Wood

5-Spencer in The Astronaut's Wife

4- Abberline in From Hell

3- Mort Rainey in Secret Window

2- Raoul Duke in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

1- Dean Corso  in Ninth Gate

I'm really looking forward to what he's got up his sleeve for the second Hunter S. Thompson role in Rum Diary which is suppose to get released next year.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm still not a punk fan

Nor do I think I ever will be.

I got a call from my buddy Gerry in Toronto.  Haven't talked to him in a bit.  Halfway through the chat we started to talk about music, and he listed off a bunch of groups that's he's been listening to lately, which of course I wasn't smart enough to write down and only remembered about three of the groups.
I told him about The Bad Shepherds. 

I stumbled on them about six months ago when I was looking for comedy stuff by Adrian Edmondson (The Young Ones, Bottom, Bad News) and just loved their take on things.  Adrian Edmondson is the lead singer, which if you've seen the Bad News skits/videos you would never think he'd be able to pull it off, but he does.
If you haven't heard them, they play old 70's-early 80's punk songs with folk music.  Yeah, it's different. 

Sort of reminded me of that time in high school when this dude Vinny played Slayer's Seasons in the Abyss on acoustic guitar.

But, you know, I've tried many times over the years,  to go back and give a listen to the original stuff  and dude, I still don't like it all that much.  Ramones are about the only punk band I've ever really liked.
I know Headstones, were considered by many to be punk-ish.  When you listen to  Picture of Health or Teeth and Tissue there is more of a harder rock edge with really heavy lyrics. Hugh Dillon can mix pain and partying perfectly. Turning an addiction into a love song, that's massive.
Speaking of Hugh Dillon;  Hard Core Logo part 2 was released for a special showing this month in time for the presentation of the live stage version of HCL. That's a trip. I can not wait for Hard Core Logo 2  to get it's major release.  If you haven't read the original book, track it down and do so. It's like a 95page book of song lyrics and photos, you can read it in an hour. I'm still amazed at the way they were able to turn it into not just a movie but an Iconic element.

My Views on TNA Reaction for Dec 9th 2010

For the person who asked if I was going to do a TNA review again here you go....

Cut to camera 1, Mr. Anderson talking about how and why he chose to be the ref for Morgan at the ppv. Letting everyone know how he feels about Bishoff's latest mucking around.

Cut to camera 2, and we have Morgan talking about how Bishoff is screwing around with the matches.

Cut back to camera 1, Mr. Anderson talking about the state of his health.

Cut to camera 3, Devon talking about how Brother Ray has disrespected him and the history of Team 3D.

Cut to camera 4, Brother Ray's response to what Devon had said.

Cut back to camera 3, Devon again with his side of the story.  The cameras went back and forth between the two of them for the majority of the segment.

Cut to camera 5, James Storm talking about having made it back to the number one contenders spot for the tag belts.   Okay my Spudguns,  you all know I love James Storm but I'm going on record right now asking what the hell is he going on about?  Talking about Gunner and Murphy being as good as Beer Money Inc?  Dude you lost me on that conversation.

Cut to camera 6, Murphy talking about how the MotorCityMachine Guns! took the nightsticks and used them before Gunner and Murphy could.  Was I the only one who laughed at that part of the match cause.... okay so I've got a evil side too.

Cut back to camera 5, James Storm continues on about the MMG and that particular match and how he does not agree with what the MMG did. 

Cut to camera 7, Chris Sabin talking about the match and then we saw Alex Shelley spit. dude.

Cut back to camera 5, James Storm talking about his social life. Um okay...

Cut back to camera 7, Alex Shelley talking about how they are only seen in one way as X-Division guys.  Well, isn't that what you two made your calling card?  Am I completely wrong or are you two guys one of the main reasons the division is so strong? 

Cut to camera 8, Mickie James and Tara feud being recapped.

Cut to camera 9. Pope talking about the fans. And his new direction.

Cut to camera 10, Douglas Williams talking about his win over A.J. Styles for the belt.

Cut to camera 11, A. J. Styles giving his side of the story and admitting that it was little embarrassing that he lost to his own move.  The next few minutes went back and forth between Styles and Williams talking about their feud/the Fortune feud.

The last few minutes of the show was a wrap up with quick soundbites from everyone and seeing Jeff Jarrett have a small freak out.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vending Machine Meals???

So I'm taking a break from book reviews, and making a nice homemade tomato soup for lunch and watching episodes online of Top Chef Masters (my latest addiction) and we get to the challenges where they have to make gourmet meals from junk food. Stuff they find out of vending machines and at a gas station corner store. 


I don't know if I could do that. There was a time I ate nothing but junk food, now the very thought of it just makes me cringe.  We all have those moments when we crave junk food but to make it a main diet staple, don't think I could ever do that again on purpose.

But, with that said, some of the things these Top Chef Masters came up with was surprising, which goes to show anyone can cook.   I may have to attempt this challenge at home in the coming weeks, just to see if I could stomach it.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another review done

I finished The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley  The review is up on my book blog
I cried for the last two chapters so that caused some time issues.

Just posted the link on Twitter and decided to check my twitter messages and yet another odd mention on there from someone I have no idea who they are.  Starting to wonder what's up on there. Anyways, I also had the chance to see the film Knucklehead the other day, and have a review -sort of- for it on my wrestling blog

So the next book, will be "Arranged" by Catherine McKenzie.
I'll be starting that later. That's the one I need to have finished by middle of the week in order to get the author interview in on deadline.

Now, I'm going to have coffee and watch this week's TNA Impact.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday 3-ish

Mercury went retrograde again today and will stay there till the 29th.  That means communications of all sorts including electronics will be off kilter till then.
So not what I need at this time of year.

Snow here.  Lots of blowing snow.   and me with a killer sinus headache.  So, I'm half way through the book "Winter Sea" that is due for review, and I found out that "Arranged" has a deadline of next week for author questions. 
Can I get to the end of the first book by Sunday night and get the next one done on deadline with the author questions that is the big challenge for me this weekend.

What I wouldn't give to get a couple of cookbooks for review.  Just something to ease my eyes and the headaches I've had constantly from eyestrain.

I did catch the MotorCityMachine Guns! latest issue of their Spike blog this morning. I did like Mr. Shelley's run down of his favourite current tag teams.  Which proves what fans already know, TNA has a strong tag division.
Unlike TNA at the moment, if you read my post on my wrestling blog few weeks ago then you know I can not see the state of the other company (WWE) pulling their tag teams out of the gutter any time soon.

Alright back to the books.

Yes I know, it's time for a new signature photo.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday 8pm Dec 8th

Okay,  took a short break from the book reviews, yes still reading "Winter Sea" by Susanna Kearsley.  
But, I did finally catch last week's WWE Smackdown.   I did a short "highlights" for it on the wrestling blog. 
Wrestling reviews for the next few months will be scattered as I still have 11 large books to get through for review,  and given I don't have cable; I still have to go to mother's to watch Raw/Smackdown/NXT. 
and with it being winter I don't always get to see every episode cause I don't get out often... Speaking of NXT,  season 4 started this week.  Canada will be getting it on the Score on Wednesdays. 

As always, the WWE stuff is on my wrestling blog only.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Blocked or What

I'm reading "Winter Sea"  for review, and all I can think right now is about my own novel and how I haven't gotten very fair with draft 5. 
My ending still sucks and my one lead male is missing an element that's driving me batty-coata.

It's turning into one of those days.  I've been doubting my own ability the last few weeks and if writing is really what I should be doing. 
It's coming rapidly on the two year mark that I've been working on this novel. Two years! I've never put so much energy into a novel before.  I've never had characters that meant so much to me before either.  It's like I just know this is the novel that will finally get printed. 

The other two finished manuscripts were written back in 1998 and 2003.  Neither of which took me longer then three months to write and neither of which got more then two drafts. Just so easy to write, so easy to smoothly create the characters and their lives.  Neither of which I ever bothered to even consider being good enough to show anyone. 
This one, I've been trying to get an editor for; for the entire time I've been writing it.  I've had two people start to edit it for me and one did nothing but take my money, the other found my work offensive.  I've had three people say they would work on the cover art and I still have nothing in that regards. 

Too many brick walls are hitting me and you know, I'm just ready to quit everything. 

This is not the life I wanted.

The Justice card

The Justice card is one of duality.  Karma, truth, law, setting things right after a wrong, balance and inner strength.

Normally, it's designed with a more traditional ideal of law, the lady with the scales who weighs the situation. A card that can indeed mean a law suite or a return of energy.  A card that many cringe when they get.  They forget that it does indeed represent balance of oneself as well as the outer world.  A card connected to the zodiac of Libra.

(This card is from the Jane Austen Tarot Deck)
I've been getting this card a fair bit in the last few weeks, trying to find where it fits into my life. Like most people focusing on the image of the usual design.  It wasn't until it appeared again today with another deck, the Jane Austen Tarot, which has a completely different design, that I got what it was trying to tell me. 


Many will find this card popping up this time of year, as we overwork ourselves trying to make deadlines, maybe spending too much on gifts and eating/drinking too much at parties.  The Justice card (along with Temperance the ultimate balance card) reminds you that karma of all kinds is not just a fact, but for many instant.  While you're putting out into the world on a material level, don't forget to give yourself on an emotional one too.  That old saying about you can not take care of others till you've taken care of yourself is a strong message with the Justice card.

But again, the Justice card is one of karma.  Not just your own.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday night Dec 4

Well I suppose it's time I tried to get back a bit to my cooking, as I haven't been seriously doing anything kitchen wise in months. 
I've gotten a few random emails for my cooking blog -My Newfie Kitchen- the last couple of weeks.  My best recipe still happens to be my grandmother's beet and potato salad.  Major Newfoundland staple. 
I had a list of traditional Newfie recipes that I wanted to turn into vegetarian versions.  I've done most of them, to which I've learned that Newfoundland food just does NOT translate well to vegan/vegetarian versions.
But I still have not gotten around to trying to do a Jigg's Dinner.  I'm aiming for trying that one after the new year, once I gotten some more of the book reviews out of the way.  That's sort of one of those all day recipes.

Friday, December 3, 2010


I swore it would never happen to me.
I had one Twitter account a million years ago (two years ago for the old blog) that turned to rot because I never used it.
I created a new one this past Feb, to connect to a different blog.
I should have known better. 
I have now become one of those people. 
The Twitter-ers. 
So if you never zip down my sidebar, you might not have caught my Twitter handle. 


And I warn you, I don't retweet too often but when I do, it's usually the stuff from CBC and Strombo, so if you have them on your list already... just a heads up. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday Morning and ....

 Originally posted on cooking blog on Dec 2nd 2010

Yeah I have no idea what I was thinking.  I went grocery shopping yesterday with mom, Ninja and Uncle and that should say everything right there.  Ended up in the cereal row, which by the by is a rare thing for me. Specially since they stopped selling Count Chocula here.  Anyways, I wanted something sweet and it would have made too much sense to go to the bakery or to the cookie row.  I start looking for  Fruity-O's (generic Fruit Loops)  and I can not find them anywhere. I am about to give up when, no word of a lie, this old guy smacks his cart into the bagged cereal.  This fell to the floor. 
I started laughing.  Dude, you know I did.  Poor old guy standing there looking at me cause I'm laughing like a lunatic.  So I bought it.  Look at the size of this thing, it's sitting on my computer chair.  The cereal takes up a chair!  Good god man that will take me all winter to get through. 
Suppose I could always invite a certain wrestler over .... sorry I had to it was a ready made joke man.