Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Frankenstein 's Closet ...part 2

I picked up some lace today for the dress.    Wasn't smart enough to pick up a dress pattern though.
Well, not totally true,  there was a sale on at the fabric store today and I was lucky to get out of the place with my hands in tact.   I never got near the patterns or the ribbons or anything else needed for the thing.  I lucked out though, as I hung around the "end bins"  and got 5 meters of lace and a very pretty cotton material. 
I'll try to get back to the fabric store on the weekend for a pattern and stuff. 

I am very pleased with the crimson coloured lace.  Looks a bit like rusted blood, and that will I think work perfectly for the skirt of the Bride of Frankenstein dress.  

Now,  if I actually get this thing finished and looking anything like a proper skirt/dress by Hallowe'en  I'll be shocked. 

The blog hates me

Okay my Spudguns,   I have no idea what's going on with this blog.
  1. Comments are not working no matter what I do
  2. Polls are not working no matter what I do
  3. Links are not working no matter what I do
I swear this blog is haunted and has a mind of it's own. 

Comment Test Post

Been having issues with my comment system.   I've turned it off but not removed it,  this is just to see if that has improved the situation or not

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Shot - video

Okay, for those of you (3 brave souls or evil jokers haven't figured out yet) who voted for me to post my pathetic attempt  at singing,  here you go.   You sick sick people.
Seriously... it's laughable at best and vomit worthy at other times.    This is the updated version of this video as I had a copy on my old hardcore Vamps Prods.,  website few years ago, but sadly, or maybe better for it, that old version died along with my old computer.  And of course, as always, none of us can work a camera proper or act for that matter.   *sigh I miss working with the BonBons*
See if you can spot the small nod to TNA wrestling - hint you have to watch the whole thing- and like every thing I do,   THIS IS DEDICATED TO ED D WOOD JR

I think I scared him, he tripped and dropped his ladder

I totally forgot today was new release day.   I scanned the blockbuster flyer and saw that the new Doors documentary   "People are Strange"  was released today.  This should be wickedly good, cause  1) Doors 2) documentary   and 3) Johnny Depp as the narrator.   

From there I headed to the grocery for some frozen veggies and pasta so that I can make a quick supper tonight cause the heat is climbing here today and I don't want to be hanging around the kitchen with the stove on for long.    

While I was there, they were fixing the lights which means ladders and cute young guys in dark paint spattered jeans.  Hey some women like a man in uniform, I like them in paint.  Anyway, the maintenance dude was carrying this hefty ladder across the frozen food section and looked over at me, and bam he trips over his own feet dropping the ladder.  He blushed so prettily.   I was in the coffee/bakery area few minutes after that cause I wanted hot chocolate, yes I know it's too hot for that but I wanted something sweet, and I look up and there he is again bringing another ladder from the back of the bakery, which made the loveliest noise as it dropped out of his hands and almost sent him face first into a large display of sugar covered donuts.  

For such a beautiful guy (dark hair, brown eyes, pale, love handles) he sure as hell was clumsy.

Monday, June 28, 2010

About those Tag Team Belts... Again

I used screen capture for this post

I have talked about this topic many times, and I'm just too lazy to check the blog for the posts to actually link them so... It looks like the MotorCityMachine Guns! are finally finally going to have a run with the tag team belts. 
And do you know what that means.....?

It means not only will they finally have the belts which will make a spiffy fashion statement I must say, but it means I can shut up.  It means that I won't have a reason to nag them any more.  It also means they will actually have done something I wanted them to do. 
Damn, I didn't think men actually listened to women, well at lest it's never been something I'm used to having.  But anyway,  yeah if they when they get the belts in a few weeks at the ppv, there will be nothing left for me to bitch about.

I mean that, there won't be a reason anymore for me to nag them.  I'll have to find another internet husband  another wrestler to pester... unless... they are going against Beer Money Inc,  about the only tag team that could beat them... but I'm not looking at things that way, no I'm looking at Mr. Shelley and Mr. Sabin gaining gold finally. 

Mr. Shelley, Mr. Sabin  you go to the ppv and win the tag team belts and loose me; your favourite Canadian  (I think Petey Williams is their favourite Canadian) writer  (that's a bold statement as they haven't read any of my novels)   naughty librarian   (HOLY ANNE RICE NOVELS BATMAN WHO PUT THAT THERE???)   ghoul, your favourite  ghoul.  (I was just seeing if you were still awake with the librarian comment honest)
It'll be a win-win situation for you and a win-loose situation for me. 
And if you do happen to loose,  then you're stuck with me for another year understood. 

I like yellow flowers

I talked before on my old blog how I am just terrible at picking gifts for men.  Unable it would seem to give them anything they find worthy.
I've also mentioned how I've gotten almost every sort of gift from my male friends over years as bribes.  Yes, bribes for doing their history homework so they could go to whatever the latest concert/game/date was, for helping them smooth things over with their girlfriends after a fight etc etc etc. 
Of everything a man has given me, I've never gotten the most basic.   Flowers.    Hell, I even worked at a flower delivery place and I still never got flowers.   I've given boyfriends flowers but never gotten any in return.
I  always said I wouldn't mention wanting flowers because I had this frealed up idea that I'd know when the universe sent me the right guy cause he'd give me flowers. 
Well, that's never going to happen if I don't let the universe know and put the energy out there.   So, I like yellow flowers. 

The other and more important gift I've never gotten or been asked for is a photo of me and my guy.  All the bad relationships and forgettable one night stands,  not once have I had a photo taken of me and the guy as a couple. 
I can't really tell you why in my mind that is the ultimate declaration of coupledom but it is.  So universe are you listening to me...

Yes my hobbies are weird

When did scrapbooking become a contact sport?

I was brought up with the idea that scrapbooking, was a book filled with photos and little things that meant something to the person.  Now it seems it's all about designer pages and matching stick hinges.
We have in this city a "scrapbooking store"   that caters to this new so-called elite group of hobbiests.  I've been there once and frankly thought it over the top and just silly.

I had been recently, at the craft store and in the Martha Stewart section ( which by the way, I could just live in the MS section of any store, very happily get lost for hours in the rows of Martha Stewart items for anyone who might ever go shopping with me specially at Halloween)  and had some chick ask me if I ever go to said scrapbooking store,  when I said no she shook her head at me and said "Then you don't really scrapbook."  and stared at me like I had just grown another arm or something. 

What?  That makes no sense.   
Journals, photo albums, sticker books, grimories, recipe books,  all a form of scrapbooking.  

I also collect tea cups.  Yes you read right.   Tea cups.  About once a year I like to go to the fancy tea shops here in town and get a few bags of specialty teas and a new tea/coffee mugs/pots/etc.  And I only do this once a year cause I tend to spend nearly a $100 at a time on these little tea party trips.  If I let myself do this hobby all the time I'd be even more in debt then I am. 
My tea cup collection started when I was little.  Grandma Perry had these china tea sets that she used to use when the Ladies from her church group would come over for their weekly get togethers.  I was just entranced by them.  They were so delicate and different then the every day coffee mugs we used. So of course getting to sit in on the little church gatherings every week was my total delight until I was about 11 years old,  just so I could serve everyone and get my hands on the china sets.
When she died in 1999, all her dishes were divided amongst us.   Think it was done that way so that no one would fight over a particular set or sell them for that matter. 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Do we still beleive in love?

I decided last night to make it a chick flick night.  Rented two movies and curled up with a glass of wine.
First movie was called Timer the second movie was Serious Moonlight.
The first one was about the search for your soulmate, and the second movie was about the end of a long term marriage. 

Bookend it would seem, but I honestly did not do it on purpose.  I just grabbed the only two chick flicks on the new release wall.  Just my luck Eh? that they would each be the complete opposite of each other.

Both films left me thinking.    Do we even still believe in love anymore or is it an illusion? 
I've been working with Life Coaches off and on for the last 6 months both here in town and online.  Right now, I'm taking part in an article that is being written by a relationship coach. 
This is truly the decade of empowerment.  Wither you are working to improve yourself or your company or your soul, everyone has a plan to help you.  Life Coaches have replaced Therapists who were the thing to have in the 80's and 90's. 

You know me, I seem to be a sucker for a heartbreak.  But you know what I was told most recently... quoted at actually   "Don't Stop Believing"   as in the Journey song.  Yes, I had one LC start singing at me and told me when things get mucky just put on that song and really listen to it.   Really Listen To It!

If we spent the first half of the last 30 years identifying  with our issues, and the last 10 years healing  those issues, it would only feel fitting to now be ready to move on from our issues and start fresh. I know I believe in love, and I hope you do too.  Even if it's just a pretty picture painted on the cover of a cd.
I'm cute admit it, you love me, you adore me, you want to share in my dorkdom. I make you smile. 

I still can't find my Klingon Dictionary

I keep loosing books.   It's funny but it's not funny at the same time. 
I'm a collector and have been building my "library"  for most of my life. Books, movies and music I never part with. 

I bought a Klingon Dictionary back in 2002 for a few reasons,  one because if you can learn Klingon (which is a mix of other real languages )  you can learn anything.  And two, so I could talk to this really hot guy who used to work at the hotel I used to hang out at.  He was a massive Trekkie.

I have not been able to find this book for almost 4 years now.  Either it's buried in this massive mess of an apartment or my ex stole it one of the two.  

My Bridget Jones Diary 2 Edge of Reason has been missing for about a year now too can't find it for the life of me. 
My apartment seems to be the Bermuda Triangle for books I swear.

It's a social network not a shoe

And you know, it's still not one size fits all.

I've been part of more internet groups in the last decade then I even remember joining.  They all seem ab fab when you first join them, but after a while the shinny turns to rust. 
Wither it's in fighting, over use of ads, repetitive topics or just bad management, they have all had their bad side.   Some more then others.

I got sick of it there few years back and even tried my hand at running my own.  The only trouble was, everyone wanted to turn it into the same old thing they had just left complaining about.   I wasn't happy with that and ended up shutting mine down (the one that was successful I had to shut down anyway because the hosting went from free to pay)

What is it about social networks that brings out the worst in people?  Everyone complains they want something different and when you give them different they try and turn it into what everyone else around them has done. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

What's in a name

3 years ago I had my numerology done.  The lady had my birthday and name that was it.   She never asked anything else and I never told her anything.
The second she got my last name (my real name not my stage name)  she cringed and made a face like she'd eaten something rotten and right off asked me if it was my maiden name.   When I said it was she patted my arm and said "Oh then you still have a chance to change your luck"  

This is not the first time my last name has given psychics and tarot readers the wiggins.  
Not too long ago, I was having a conversation about names, and mentioned how no one thinks about their daughters names when it comes to how it will match up.   I left this comment on someone's blog too recently when they were talking about baby names. 

But it's true, you can name your son anything as long as it fits with your last name, but if you're not careful, your daughter might be stuck with a first and or middle name that just doesn't fit with any other last name other then yours.

And that would be the spot I'm in.   For years I hated my name; just down right could not stand it and would go by nic names.   I still go by a stage name -Ardeth Blood-  but for much different reasons now.   I've come to actually like my real name... correction my real first and middle names,  I hate my last name still and have thought about legally changing it on more then one occasion.  Only thing is, my parents gave me a name that doesn't work with anything else really.  I'm sort of doomed. 

My Grandmother's maiden name   (mom's mother) is  honestly about the only thing that works with my given name.  I haven't done it yet because it would be extremely costly to change all my identification without being married. 

What are you Grateful for?

I've been doing a Gratitude Journal for the last few years. 
In the beginning, it was a difficult thing to steady my mind long enough to find something, anything I was grateful for.
I know, alot of bloggers have gratitude themed blogs, and memes, but as I've mentioned before, I don't care for memes at all. 

What I would like to do though, is get a list of people who do have either weekly/monthly posts dedicated to the topic of gratitude journaling, or full blogs and create a blog roll of gratitude.

So, leave me a comment here with your post or blog url and lets start one big post of gratitude for the universe.
And I'll be adding this post to my list of favourites I have going on the side, so it will be available all the time.

  • Today I am grateful for the ability to walk and to communicate with the people around me.

Asking men stupid questions part 7

Do men like to be rescued?

Okay boys,  the girl want's to know,  do guys ever wish for a female version of a white knight?    And I do not mean some lazy ass wanting a woman to pay for him.    I mean from the idea of someone to see you for who you "wish you were" ?

I've been told I have a "sleeping beauty complex"  (as in wanting a man to rescue me from my so called evil life)  by a Life Coach (I would argue but that would be mute given the state of my old blog)  Do guys ever get like that?

Not even sure what the male version of that would be called?  I'm sure there is a technical term for it, but I have no clue so I'll call it the Louis complex;  as in Louis from Interview with a Vampire.  (He wanted to be rescued and ended up becoming a vampire)

So the stupid question this time around is - Do you suffer from the Louis de Pointe du Lac complex in other words -Do men ever want to be rescued? 

My Thougths on TNA Impact for June 24th 2010

I used screen capture for this post.

iTunes Canada had it this morning.  I guess they love me again this week. 

  1. It was good to see that the LSD finally wore off from Abyss, as he gave everyone a piece of his mind.  Good to see.  
  2. I still think the Flair/Lethal feud is just blah.  Now, they are trying to make it "personal"  by having had Flair attack Lethal's brother.   Done, seen it,  moving on. 
  3. RAVEN!!!!!!!!!! he came back!
  4. Quote of the night goes to Kaz for his comment about A. J. Styles getting an action figure of himself  "You take little AJ and go play with yourself"
  5. And OH MY GOD! SABIN GOT A HAIR CUT!  And he shaved. Beauty. (damn can't call him a werewolf now then can I?)   The MotorCityMachine Guns! were on commentary for the finals of the tag team tournament between Ink Inc and Beer Money Inc.  BMI  won and will be facing the MMG at the next ppv in a few weeks.     And Mr. Shelley, the grey tee shirt... didn't you just finish blogging about how you wear black all the time?  (I guess Mr. Shelley heard me say grey is my favourite colour on a man.)  I guess this means it's time for a new shirt to be unveiled as last time Mr. Shelley started wearing the MMG black tee, the grey one was introduced.  (Which might have been added already I have no idea, I never check the TNA store.)  

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My 200th post

I used a screen capture for this post

I did not celebrate any little posts on my old blog,  did not celebrate at all till I hit 666 posts.  (cause I'm weird and into vampires)
But, since I've hit 200 posts in under 3 months,  I thought this was a cause for celebrating. 
On the old blog I decided we should dance to celebrate (that was a video from the group ICP  that I ended up posting)    But on this one I think we should do something more inline with this blog.

Given the themes of this blog are a little more grown up ( okay so it's more about feeding yourself and your soul but that sounds more like a self help line then a blog theme) as a grown up as someone over the age of 16, I rattled my brain (the parts the zombies haven't eaten yet) to try and think of what a grown up would do to celebrate something. 

I'm still thinking.... hold on... looks around the room damn the curtains need cleaning, there seems to be something lodged between the bookcase and the wall and I'm not sure I want to find out what it is...still thinking.    Oh I got it, a piece of Gratitude journaling.

  • I'm grateful for my friends both in the physical world and my blog buddies.
  • I'm grateful for being able to share my time with those around me.
  • I'm grateful for the gifts of self that my friends have given me and each other.
  • I'm grateful for the strengths I have discovered in myself. 
  • I 'm grateful for the talent and beauty around me in things as simple as a bird signing.
  • I'm grateful for the ability to still dream and create.

And now I'll give you all what you really want, a screen shot of Mr Shelley because I know that's all any of you come here for.

Speaking of Food

Hey Spudguns!
I did an interview with Suzie Ridler who writes for the Food Network, and it's up on  right now.   Please check it out. 

I blame Richard O'Brian

What happened to television?   

Yes I am wasting time and not doing my book reviews or housework or writing my novel right now,  I am thinking about stuff.

Reality TV Shows  being one of them.   I don't watch reality tv shows, I think they are the end of civilization as we know it but I'm usually out numbered on stuff so.....

Ever ask yourself who thought of reality tv shows?    Whomever it is that claims to have, screw them, it's more or less Richard O'Brian who put the idea in the minds of the unwashed population.    The man was a genius when he gave us Rocky Horror Picture Show   but fell flat with his offering of Shock Treatment. Or did he?

Shock Treatment bombed at the movies but has become a cult classic.  True not as large as RHPS, but then again not much has.    What ST managed to do though was deliver to us as a collective population the idea of the reality tv show running 24/7.  It took us out of scripted shows and jumped us into reality programming that was scripted to be more real then they really are even though they are not even that much on the real side. 

Follow me.

In conclusion .... in 1981 Richard O'Brian gave the world a movie about a world on television that was more then it really seemed but yet was played out to be less then it was, and thirty years later the rest of the world jumped on his bandwagon hitting every network as they did.    Reality TV Shows, the newest thing or just a rip of from a bad script?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

He's jealous

I've been sitting here wondering if I should talk about this or not.  Given that I've returned to this post a few times in the last couple of hours, I'm guessing I need to talk about it.

A male friend took a tantrum and ended our friendship.   Over Alex Shelley!    I know it's funny  it's okay you can laugh... okay enough laughing and finish reading the post.

So what happened was,  I've been friends with this guy for a while, not close friends or anything, but  fairly good friends.  Last month he started acting odd, made a few comments towards me, which shocked the hell out of me, then asked me to have sex with him.  

Wipe the spit off the computer screen I know I know you're choking on your pop I know I was too when he asked me.  Nearly laughed myself into a fit, hurt my ribs and everything. 

 Ends up he was serious.   I know I know you're gasping for air right now you're laughing so hard   settle down and finish reading it gets better  I turned him down cause icky, so not my type. He got defensive; started making comments about me needing to "stop dreaming and be more realistic about the men you go after. You're just not good enough for him" (referring to Alex Shelley )  I slapped him.  Yes slapped him hard enough I hurt my arm. My friend then  started acting a little weirder over the next couple of days, almost possessive.  I stopped talking to him. Plan and simple.

Until a few nights ago when he texted me.  He acted like he always has; and asked me what I've been doing for the last month.  I told him I've been busy and what I've been up to, then added  "and pissing off  Mr. Shelley".   (referring to my series of posts in the short story on here He's Haunting Me)

My friend never texted back.  Okay, that's not that unusual for him.  Sometimes he doesn't reply for hours.  I went on with my evening and didn't think about it again.   
Until I logged into facebook this evening.   My friend had removed himself from my list of friends. 

No one I've talked to in the last few hours seems shocked or upset.  It's been clear for months no one in my social circle liked this friend at all.  Everyone just kind of tolerated him. My buddy Patrick even gave a sigh of relief when he found out.

What's upset me the most about this is not even having lost a friend,  but the fact he told me I'm not good enough for someone. 

If my love life comes down to a choice of either just dreaming over a guy like Mr. Shelley or lowering my standards to being in a relationship with a so called real guy like my former friend,   I'm going to choose the dream every time.    Life is too short to waste in bad relationships. 

Unopened Letters to an Imaginary Husband part 8

My Dearest Love:

I will never forget the way you looked that night, silk shirt and tie,
Daring to try to be the white knight of my romantic fantasies,
I will always hold dear the love note you scribbled down for me, getting ink on your hand then your ear as you scratched with a worried stare,

The late night walk we took as the sun was setting on that summer night,
Placing a bet on our future dreams, promising to never break apart at the seams,
Your eyes glowing and shimmering as you laughed at my attempt to dance in the streets,
I will never forget the way you looked that night, silk shirt and tie,
I hope the vision I cast for you met your desires too.

Love Always Ardeth Blood

Parts One - Six

My Dearest Love:

Thank you for taking out the trash today. It was sweet of you to remember without being told five times.
Thank you for picking up the dirty socks from the bathroom floor before someone slipped on them falling.
Thank you for remembering to set the vcr to tape my soap opera while I was shopping with mom.
Thank you for not letting the dishes pile up over the weekend while I was on the business trip.

My sweet man, what would I have done without you making me soup the time I was sick with the flu, even if it was from a can.
What would I have done if you hadn't been stubborn and gotten the leather sofa when your brother's kids spilled grape juice on it. The stain would never have come out of any other material.
How many blankets would I need to stay warm at night if you were not there beside me with your body heat.

How can I repay you for your comfort and security you have given me over the years.
For all the day to day things you have brought to my life, my sweet man, my dearest love, my husband, my friend thank you.

-Love always, Ardeth Blood

My Dearest Love:

I miss hearing you breathe beside me in the dark, even when you snore
I miss the feel of your arms around me, even when you elbow me in the ribs as you roll over
I miss the late night kiss, even after you had garlic for dinner
I miss the way your hair falls into your eyes as you sleep, and the way it sticks off in all directions in the morning.

I dream of your touch when you're not here
I forget nothing of your scent as it lingers in the pillowcase
I remember your breath on my shoulder as you kiss me
I long for your return, for when our time apart will once again be over
I long for you and all you are

-Love Always Ardeth Blood

My Dearest Love:

I remember the first time I saw you at the bar, dancing like a stiff monkey
The small stain on your shirt from the nachos you had been eating
I remember the first time I heard you speak, as you nodded and winked at my friend first
Your smile was nearly perfect
The next time I spotted you it was in line at a coffee shop, your skin gleaming in the shop's light,
Your eyes hiding behind thin glasses
I remember how you spilled your latte on yourself as you dropped your wallet
You are the cutest when you are embarrassed

For all the times you have made me laugh, on purpose or not,
I have a hundred kisses to return to you
For all the times you entertained me, and those around us
I have a hundred hugs to return to you
For the happiness you give me I have only my heart to return to you

Love Always Ardeth Blood

My Dearest Love:

The coffee steaming beside your hand as you read the morning paper every Sunday
Reminds me of a black and white photo we once saw at the art gallery.
Jazz music on the radio as you moved around the kitchen, your favourite shirt stained with paint always made me think of my favourite poem.

You've always been living art to me,
A gift from Dionysus, or Aphrodite.
A blessing even when we fight.

You touched my soul with your smile
Caressed my flesh with your eyes, with just one soft look,
I hope you understand what you do to me every time you wink and laugh
at all the silly things I say.

My desire for you grows hotter every day.

Love always Ardeth Blood

My Dearest Love:

I know what you are feeling, what you are trying to hide when you look at me, your eyes wide, your lips in a sly smile,
You are a hopeless a romantic as I am, though you pretend not to be.
I know you are counting the hours till you can call me up, to ask me how my day has been, but until you can, you settle for updates on my blog, following me silently.
I know what you are wanting from me, when you dream at night of my bed, as you stare at the ceiling in your own.
I know you wish to give me the world, but are afraid to try.

You always knew what to say to make me feel even better in my day, to make me smile despite myself, to make me think of nothing but your lips, your voice as it slips softly around me,
You're poetry in motion, a desert flower blooming alone, your strength scares me, your beauty too much for me at times,
I wait by the phone desperate to hear your voice, hushed and polite as you fill me in on your night.
My strange friend, my secret heart, take a deep breath with me and admit what we both know.
Who needs the world when I've got you.

Love Always Ardeth Blood

My Dearest Love

I'm grateful for the flowers you always bring me even for no reason
I'm grateful for the ability to communicate with you without words
I'm grateful for the time you were willing to watch the that dvd with me even though we'd seen it a hundred times already
I'm grateful for the night you talked me into driving with you in the rain

I'm happy for our time together even when we do nothing but argue over the laundry
I'm happy for the way the light glows off your skin when we walk in the snow
I'm happy for the sound of your voice when you sing off key
I'm happy for fact you are in my life.

Love Always Ardeth Blood

Part 7 can be found on this post

Parts One - Six were originally posted on my old blog between Nov 2009 and Jan 2010

I love Hugh Grant

I was looking for the dance he does in Love Actually,  but every youtube of that one has the embedding removed.  Damn them all!    So, next best thing,   Hugh Grant's opening credits for Music and Lyrics  where he dances and sings like an 80's star....

Say You -Poem

Say you will
Say you understand all that I ask of you, in the dark and in the shadows,
Under the covers of a mind draped in spider webs and lace,
Beyond the realms of what's hiding behind a pretty face,
A breed of man created for love and sex, for moments of whispering calm,
Say you will
Say you want all that I offer you, in the warmth of the summer heat and the snowy winter gloom,
Say you will be more then just a short flower in bloom,
And share with me the coldness of the dark side of the moon.

By Ardeth Blood on June 23rd 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday

I was reading Jamie Ridler Studios Blog and normally I don't partake in any kind of meme or game, but this is a bit different.   This is not a game, it's a ritual. 

So my wish ... What fun do I wish I have.... I really miss the time in my life when I was in college hanging around with Mr. B and Gerry and their band, and talking about the hidden meanings in Frankenstein, and Doors lyrics and poetry readings we used to have... So my wish is to have that environment again (new people obviously) and that level of creativity back.  We fancied ourselves the next generation of Beat poets and wanted to be something close to Lord Bryon/ Dr. Polidori/Mary Shelley/Percy Shelley.   (we were young and still believing in the dream)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Are soulmates suppose to hurt you?

Soulmates,  a topic I'm very found of and talk about all the time. 

There are a few views on the topic,  one is that a soulmate completes you and compliments you.   One is the opposite, that a soulmate is your mirror opposite and is suppose to challenge you.
Just like there are two separate views on what real love is.  Some say true love is smooth and familiar and leaves you feeling like a cloud of silk.   Others say true love is messy and clumsy and leaves you vomit worthy.

I had always figured I was looking for a boy version of me.  A man who loved the same things I do, who believed 100% the same way I do,  who thought the same way I do. 

I'm not thinking that way any more.   I know now it's more a case of I'm looking for a man who respects me, trusts me,  inspires me,  and will share his values with me.  A man who I respect, who I trust, who I inspire and can share my values with. 

One of the exercises in the Soulmate Secret is to make a list of all the qualities you are looking for in the person, both physical and emotional. 

But, I'm starting to think that true love is a mixture of both view points.  It's suppose to leave you breathless and give you butterflies both giddy ones and vomit worthy ones.  You need to be compatible but still have your own identity. 

Besides, a total boy version of me would be very scary.  Very scary indeed.

Monday, June 21, 2010

You've played you're hand, now what?

Erin and I were talking about old movies and videos, cause that's what we do.
Got all weepy with the "remember that one song we used to skate to at Wheelies"
Actually it was more remember that one song you and the rest of the gang used to skate to at Wheelies while I sat there forgotten holding the table and watching the purses cause of the Osteogenesis Imperfecta (can't skate, can't ski, can't ride a bike etc) But anyway,  we then started listed off songs and everything.   Got to the Corey Hart stuff and that kind of sent everything rolling. 

I'd say very much one of the biggest "rock star" influences for us both.  Kind of set too how we like our men to look too.  I think he had some of the best love songs for the 80's.  And that got me thinking about men and music.  

I figured out a pattern.   Yeah I did, only took me forever to figure it out but here we go... whenever I have given a man a cd he leaves.
Now, my taste in music can't be totally off putting to every boyfriend/lover I've had in the past, so what am I missing here?   Is it the music really or is it the fact it was a gift?
Oh you know what else,  and this has started more bad relationships then I ever realized before till now, every time I've done a duet at Karaoke with a guy, I've ended up in a relationship with him. 

So what is it with the men in my life and the offering of music?   Is it too much emotionally?  Does it mean more then I am aware of?    Is it just me?

Think about it, watch the Corey Hart video I found on youtube and get back to me on this. 

Can we ban the Ugly Duckling?

I was curled up on the sofa watching Sleeping Beauty (it's been one of those days)   and I started thinking about fairy tales in general.   I have this thick volume of them from when I was a kid  called "Best Loved Folk Tales of the World".    I loved that book, it had so many different versions of some of the classic fairy tales (That's right, Disney did not create half the stories we might think they did)  but not once in there do we have the Ugly Duckling. 

Actually, one of my favourites in that book is the Girl who Married the Dead  about a beautiful but stupid girl who falls in love with a ghost and has to live most the time at night, and when she has her baby the baby is half human only.  

The Ugly Duckling is a bad idea.  Well, a bad idea to be telling little girls anyway, great story to tell little boys but a bad one to tell little girls.

We all know the plot of the Ugly Duckling;  egg hatches and the mother duck is shocked to see that the new baby is not the same as her other ones, but she loves her anyway and keeps reminding the little duckling that it will all be fine in time and to keep the faith. Then the little duckling grows up to be a very graceful sensual swan:  Yes, I realize that the moral of the story is suppose to be about how being different can be a blessing in disguise.

Only thing is, when you're not beautiful a story like that only does more damage to you're self esteem when you grow up.  I can not tell you how bloody often I was told this story by adults when I was growing up.   I was never told Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty or even Beauty and the Beast,  no, I was told time after time after time  about the Ugly Duckling.  As if by telling me this bloody story it would magic(k)ally  make it true.  I resent this story. 

But by all means tell the men in your life this story, maybe it will change the way they look at the world,  but stop telling the women in your life this story  cause it might not lead anywhere but heartbreak.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vampire Break- Interview with the Vampire trailer

Do I need to say anything else other then I found this on youtube.   I was actually looking for the hotel scene where Lestat is taunting Louis but I couldn't find it. 

Sunday June 20th

"Pressure keeps on rising"   that's a quote from a song on the Trick or Treat (1986) soundtrack
  Love that movie, just love it.  I've talked about that before on the old blog at different points.

Having one of those days where I'm feeling vicious, no real reason, just it's way too hot here, I have not been sleeping much at all, deadlines creeping around  So yeah, feeling little claw-worthy. 

My aunt has not gotten back to me on the promos for the Wellness Center/Life Coaching assignment, so I have no idea if they liked what I did last week or not.  That's got me little scattered.

Let's talk about the real issue right now.  The guy.  Right, I think I mentioned few weeks ago  (May 30th Do I love you or your Ego?)  that there is this guy I'm like... messed up on.  The only way to put it.  He's like the King Dork, Duke of Nerds or something.
I'm 36 years old, I should not be reacting to a man in the way I have been when it comes to this dude.  Someone said something really nasty about him,  when I was out at the blockbuster the other day, I mean totally uncalled for and I, in my self important style, got into a total argument with this person. Here's the thing, I have no reason to be defending the guy.
He's not mine to be defending. I don't really know him.  I don't think I even register with the King Dork.  Have no idea if he's ever noticed me. 
See, how pathetic. 

I'm behaving like a lunatic because of a man. 


He's haunting me (Ending)

This is the story I've been writing just for the WOW writer's forum. You can find part one here and part two here

She wasn't moving fast enough for him. Grabbing her by the elbow, Byron pulled her out of the produce area and into the deli. The little basket was already filled with mushrooms, pears, garlic, tomatoes and fresh basil. He was thinking something rich. The lady working the deli counter slipped on a pair of plastic gloves as Byron pointed out the large block of cheese. He nodded to Adar telling her to grab a large bottle of olive oil off the nearest shelf while he chose a thick freshly made pumpernickel bread.
He caught a small glimpse of her shoulder as she bent over his arm to place the bottle of olive oil into the basket he was carrying. It sent a shiver through him, the neckline of her tee shirt stretching just enough to tease. Byron suddenly could think of nothing but getting her home.

They took a cab the five blocks to his apartment. This was almost too easy, getting her to come home with him. At the same time, it was driving Byron insane the idea he'd have to wait to make his move.
Placing the grocery bag on the kitchen counter, he offered to take her trenchcoat for her. Adar removed it folding it carefully as to not let the soft leather be scratched, before handing it to him.

She pulled back with a small start as their hands touched. Byron was ice cold. He tossed the coat down on the floor as he grabbed her elbow again. He had meant to make it painless as possible, but it was just too much for him. The material of the tee-shirt tore with little effort as he brought his lips to her flesh, his fingers slipping the bra strap off the one shoulder, leaving large red ribbons of blood as he did. He held her to himself as he bit hard across her throat, the soft veins giving as easy as digging into a turkey leg. She hadn't struggled at all just went limp in his arms. Byron had to brace himself on the edge of the kitchen counter as they both tumbled to the hard tiled floor.

"You have got to stop doing this to yourself." a sleepy voice said a few moments later breaking him out of his blood haze. Byron nodded more to himself then to his brother. "Waiting so long, tempting yourself this way. That the reporter?" he couldn't look at his brother, just nodded again. "I thought you said you could use the publicity for the restaurant?" Byron said nothing, did nothing but sat there staring blankly holding Adar in his lap. "Thought you were going to wait huh? Let me look at her" he felt his brother lean in over his shoulder. "Ah. You really did it to yourself this time didn't you Byron? No wonder, she does look just like our dear little Mary doesn't she? Well, hurry up and make her, fledgling, you might just be able to keep this one yet."

Byron pulled himself up by the edge of the counter as he moved towards the pantry getting a small jar. Opening it, he poured the thick molasses like mixture into Adar's now lifeless mouth. He had learned that if he mixed the blood with herbs, it kept longer. This batch was at lest ten years old and he had no way of getting more. Percy had been dead now for the last two years. Percy had always been the stronger of them, having no issues at all on finding them fresh blood supplies. Until Percy's death, Byron had never needed to hunt, and was able to live as normal a life as possible. But the night his brother became too careless and sailed into a storm while trapping lobsters for the restaurant, Byron found himself alone and having to change his lifestyle.

He felt Adar starting to gag. The blood mixture being spat back up on the floor around them. He'd been successful at bringing her over. He held her to him, kissing her forehead. She pushed him away crawling backwards across the kitchen floor, a trail of blood everywhere.
"You were right. I was able to keep this one." he spoke looking over his shoulder as he did. It only took a few minutes for Adar's body to repair itself and her mind to clear.

"Who are you talking to?" she breathed.

"My brother." Byron said pointing towards the empty corner of the kitchen. "My brother."

"You tried to kill me!" she had her hands on a chair leg trying to steady herself. "You tried to kill me!" it took all her strength but she threw the chair across the small kitchen to land just beside him. " I'm just going to leave okay. I promise I won't tell anyone. I'll just go. Where's my purse?" she made it to her knees but was too weak.

"I didn't try to kill you, I did kill you." He let out a deep sigh as he turned towards her scratching at his temple. "Oh he's gone now. You upset him and he's gone again. "

"Byron, there's no one there. There is no one here but you and me." she screamed, her voice cracking as she did, her hands unable to stay still as she tried to understand what was going on. "Where's my purse?"

"I didn't mean to kill you. You were just so tempting, and once I got started; I felt this rush and I just couldn't stop. You just felt so good in my arms" His voice trailed off.

He stripped off his now blood covered shirt his hands out towards her. "You're a mess. Come on babe, I'll run us a shower then you can finish interviewing me while I make us supper." He was back to normal, acting as if nothing had happened, as if the last twenty minutes had never occurred. "You're going to ask me how I manage to stay so thin being a chef right? It's what everyone wonders. I work out, a lot. But it's not just that, it's diet too. I EAT a lot of liquids after 5 pm, try not to have too many fatty foods during the day. But the rest is all DNA." he pulled her to her feet. "Other people's DNA."

"You can't eat liquids, you...drink... drink them." she was looking around the small kitchen trying to figure out how to stop him. "You want me to believe you're a vampire? You're nuts!" Adar tried to move from him but his grip was too strong as he held her at the shoulders, tugging her towards the bathroom.

"No, I want you to believe WE'RE vampires." he stood straight for a moment "Well. I'm a vampire you're just a fledgling. Come come now, don't be that way." he let out another sigh as he decided to just pick her up and sling her over his shoulder as if she were a large slab of beef. "Christ you're heavier then you look. If I didn't know better I'd say you were as heavy as a werewolf." he placed her on her feet in the doorway of the bathroom, raising an eyebrow at her. "You're not a werewolf are you?"

The End.... maybe

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Speaking of Star Trek

I was looking for my Ninth Gate dvd, when my Star Trek Nemesis fell on my foot. Yes, it literally jumped out and bit me. That I took as a sign. Don't ask, cause whatever right. Anyway, I hadn't watched it in a while (about 4 years to be exact) so I thought what the hell.

I'd forgotten how beautiful a movie this was. I mean that. Not just the story or the acting but the look of the movie. Just breathtaking.

This was my favourite movie back in 2003. I wore out two vhs copies before I ever got my dvd copy. In fact, this movie was the reason I bought a dvd player to begin with. So I was watching this tonight, and started thinking about everything that was happening in my life at that time.
I had just written what I still consider to be the best novel of my life (at some point soon I will start on a third draft of that manuscript) I was helping two friends at that time study Shamanism, I was in a band with them and practicing by singing four nights a week at karaoke (when I still had delusions of being able to sing) and I had just met Trainwreck. (and we all know how horrible that turned out so moving on)
So all in all, it was a busy year.

But it got me thinking, not just about my past and the changes my life held for me at that point, but about connection as well.
At that point in my life, I found this movie to be so inspiring, so purposeful, and that's something I haven't had in a few years.

I haven't been able to really connect with anything or anyone in a while, and I'm feeling like a drifting spaceship bumping around in the dark. (nice reference Eh?)

What is it you think that makes Star Trek so .... connectible?

Vampire break - Scorpions Woman

Found this on youtube. One of my favourite vampire videos of all time. Love how it mixes the movie the Hunger with Dracula, and just a hint of the short story Girl with the Hungry Eyes.
I know that whomever up loaded it lists it as only having been shown in Europe, but Canada did get this one. It was only allowed after 8pm here because of the Nudity though so it did not get alot of air time back then.

Do I want to comment on this?

I used screen capture for this post

There is this blog I read.  Let's not even pretend to be cute; lay it on the line, it's the MotorCityMachine Guns! Spike blog.   I swore I would not but I've been bitten by the MMG blog bug.  It's like a mix of cigarette smoke and whiskey to me accompanied by jazz being played on piano by Bongo-Ed, if you dig what I am saying.

Addictive.  Sensuous.  And at times, familiar.

Like this week's post (called  T-Shirt Time!),  well half the post anyway, Mr. Shelley's half.   So familiar in fact that I went back through my own little blog here to a post I myself did just 4 weeks ago on May 21st (So I should flaunt my jokers?)  Where I listed off some of my own tee shirts.  

I never comment on their blog for a few reasons.  One, we don't even know if they bother to read all the comments and given they get spammed alot, there isn't a point to it.   Another reason, because why should I let my little voice get buried in the spammers and stuff when I can just use this here blog of my very own.  That's the point isn't it?

Besides, they have never left a comment here for me so why should I extend the courtesy to them.  Hell, I've given them so much love and free press already, and I'm just exhausted. That's what fans do right?

I've been saying for how long now that they love me. Okay, let me rephrase that,  they love reading my blog.  Why wouldn't they, I only ever seem to talk about them. But getting away from my point.... far away from my point.

Mr. Shelley.... Alex; if you are reading me because you find me witty and entertaining, great wonderful drop me an email to let me know.    If you are reading me because you are suffering from blogger's writers block and need some fresh ideas to yammer on about on a mundane level that your fans will understand and given the state of the front row of Impact every week; mundane is not a strong enough word; great glad I could help, drop me an email to let me know.

And if it's someone in the writing crew or even the janitor or a lighting guy or whom ever it is that might be reading me instead because you either find me adorable, winsome and bonny, great drop me an email to let me know. Or if you by chance are reading me because you have to give the MMG weekly assignments to write about but are suffering from  blogger's writer's block, great glad I could help drop me an email to let me know.

You know, I would love love love love totally get a kick out of it; for it to really be Mr. Shelley who's wasting time reading my blog  catching up with me like my fellow bloggers do every week.  Worshiping my fallen wisdom  Laughing his ass off with my unrestrained mouth-droppings.  Sharing in the dorkdom that is this vicious circle of things (I watch you and make rude comments,  you read my blog, I read you,  you read my other rude comments and get the chainsaw gassed up etc) (following each other's blog) I really love this strike out option it makes sarcasm so much more fun in writing don't you think? Where was I? ...reading blogs... vicious circle.... yes here we go...  The poetry of it all is very alluring (suddenly put in mind of that scene in Subspecies II Bloodstone  when the female vamp Michelle is stalking down the dude in the heavy metal bar and the line from the song the band is playing "You kill me/I kill you/guess who gets surprised" ) You really should get back to me on this whole thing. Email me; it's not that hard, you can even do it with one hand.  it's not that difficult doesn't take any time at all.  (we could get undead and form a band... oh wait you're already in a band) But then again I suppose what would the damned really have to say to the damned?

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for June 17th 2010

iTunes Canada had it this afternoon, but I had other things to do. And guess what,  we're going back to the original point of this column,  not a review but my reactions to the show.   That's what made this column what it was and I really miss doing it that way.   So, maybe next week I'll return you to the review/commentary posts you have all gotten so used to ... maybe. 

We open with flashbacks of the ppv that happened this past weekend.   Tommy Dreamer is now a part of TNA.  Whoa, the end really is near isn't it?   I used to love Dreamer back in the day, but if you're going to bring him in,  bring back Raven and dig up Joel Gertner cause if we're going to pretend to be ECW then just bring in the elements that made it worth watching on tv every week.   Dreamer/Raven/Gertner/Corino. 

We then see that the tag belts have been stripped from the Band and Scott Hall has been fired.  For the first time we are hearing that the MotorCityMachine Guns! are indeed inline for them.  They will be going next month in the ppv against whomever it is that wins this new tag tournament.  First smart thing TNA has done in months. 
  • Nash/Young vs Ink Inc.   This was just blah.  Ink Inc. won and move on in the tournament.  I have no idea what those two guys are thinking with that whole get up.  
  • Hernandez vs Samoa Joe.   Joe won with a cheat from Matt Morgan. 
  • Doug Williams vs Max Buck.   Williams won.  Then Kendrick came down to the ring in what can only be described as the worst tee shirt choice that guy has ever made on tv.  
  • Beer Money Inc. vs Team3D.   Beer Money won.  They will go against Ink Inc. next week
  • Desmond Wolfe vs Jay Lethal.  They spent more time with the camera on Dreamer in the crowd then the match.
  • New top ten ranking for the TNA belt.  10- Kurt Angle - 9 Desmond Wolfe - 8 The Pope -7 Jay Lethal - 6 Samoa  Joe -5 Sting- 4 A. J. Styles  -and there is a mess of the top three, Abyss/Anderson/Hardy.  There's a shocker for ya eh?
  • Abyss went totally psycho tonight too.
I was not happy at all with the show this week, I thought it really sucked.   I don't care for all the backstage crap you keep doing, it's of no interest to me at all.   Nor do I care for any kind of hardcore stuff.  Which is why a return to ECW is truly of no interest to me either.  
This has been like a month since the MotorCityMachine Guns! have been on air last.  Where are they???  
Can we move on with the whole Flair/Lethal feud already. I'm just not feeling it.  Lethal vs Styles makes sense, but not Lethal vs Flair it's just tired.   Flair really needs to shave that damned hair off too. You look ridiculous old man.
Now I know we're in summer showing but, you don't have a lot of other shows on right now to take viewers away, so just drop the tired old crap and give us something fresh and new and worth watching. I want to be wowed.  I want to actually tune into wrestling over the next few weeks and actually be glued to my screen.  I want to not be bored enough to stop the show fifteen minutes in to clean the toilet. Yes, I stopped the show for a while, cleaned the bathroom and you know what, I forgot I had been watching the show and instead of coming back to the computer to finish watching it right away, I went and watched a movie for two hours. (Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead 2 -what can I say I love the chin) that's how boring Impact was this week. 

Raw for June 14th 2010-Highlights

I've had a crap week, between the blogger issues, the power outages from the heat (two just this week and that makes 3 in the last month I see how my summer is going to be) and a flu like thing going around our city, so I'm only now getting to this week's shows.

We open with our newest Heels/Faces 7 of the 8 NXT guys from season one. So I see this will be the big storyline for the summer. Bored Now.

  • We then went into a sample Fatal 4Way match for the United States Championship - RTurth vs John Morrison vs Zack Ryder vs Miz. The Miz pined R-Truth for the belt.
  • Jericho vs Bourne. Evan Bourne won with his airbourne.
  • There was some sort of comedy routine with Big Show and some dude vs DiBiasi and Virgal. BS and the guest host (waste of time) won by pinning Virgal.
  • Regal vs Santino with Kozlov as special ref. Santino won with a handful of tights.
  • Edge/Sheamus vs Cena/Orton. Now you just went off and ruined the match for me. It was suppose to have been Orton vs Sheamus which would have been killer in my book and the only reason I suffer through this company. But you made it a tag team match which just ruined the vibe for me.
Sheamus and Cena started with a collar tie up. Sheamus turning it into a side head lock, before Cena countered it with a chickenwing, then a choke hold, where upon Cena used a snapmare take down on Sheamus. Sheamus managed to get to the ropes to break the hold, then Cena with a go behind slapping on a full nelson, again Sheamus on the ropes breaking the hold. Cena back to working on the shoulder of Sheamus with an armbar/wristlock, as Randy Orton tagged in. Orton with a few punches to the jaw of Sheamus before once again going for a side headlock take down. Sheamus managed to fight out of it, backing Orton into the corner and landing a few high knees. Edge then tagged in with some stomping on Orton. Orton then with a neckbreaker hangman. He was then getting into his shapeshifting, setting up for an RKO but Edge countered and rolled out of the ring. Cena now tagged in, with punches to Edge before giving him an irish whip across the ring and a fisherman's suplex. Cena then with a clothesline on Edge. Edge fell out of the ring, but Cena got too close and Edge used the top rope for a quick hangman. Sheamus tagged in, stomping on Cena. They traded blows for a moment, but Cena was down on the mat Sheamus got a near fall. Sheamus then with a running high knee on the jaw of Cena before stepping on his neck. Edge tagged back in, with a hard elbow to the back of the neck of Cena. Cena then with a suplex on Edge, but Edge rolled out of the ring and tagged in Sheamus, who came in and began stomping again on Cena. He followed this with an elbow drop, then tangled Cena in the ropes and delivered a nice chop to the chest. Cena fell out of the ring, and Sheamus then tossed him hard into the rails then back in the ring, Sheamus for a cover but only got a two count. Sheamus then with a running clothesline almost taking Cena's head off, still only a two count. Sheamus then started to work on the arm of Cena with a submission move. Cena fought out of it, but Sheamus got a rear naked choke on him in the middle of the ring. Cena somehow got to his feet with Sheamus still hanging onto the move, they ended up back on the mat for another cover only a two count. Edge tagged in with a few stomps on Cena. Edge with a hangman style powerbomb, then charged for Cena but Cena moved. Sheamus and Orton both tagged in, Orton with a few clotheslines on Sheamus and a scoop slam. Sheamus had gotten to the ring apron but Orton started his shapeshifting again, then kicked Sheamus so that Sheamus landed on the second rope. This was for his hangmaned DDT. Edge then ran in and got RKOed, giving Sheamus time to get up and deliver a double axehandle to Orton's face. He followed it up with his backbreaker on the knee (Irish Curse) only got a near fall. Sheamus with a few knees to Orton, then started to work on his shoulder, Orton tried to fight it couldn't. Another cover by Sheamus but again only a two count. Edge tagged back in, with a series of punches to the back of Orton's neck. Orton then with punches and elbows to both Sheamus and Edge as he fought his way out of their corner, but it was countered by a drop toe hold by Edge. Edge then delivered another hard forearm to Orton's head. Orton did manage to give him a clothesline before tagging in Cena. Cena with a series of flying shoulder blocks....then the cameras turned to the NXT guys ripping the place up in back.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Frankenstein 's Closet

I want a Bride of Frankenstein dress.

Why not, I already do the spiky hair so why not the dress right? Okay so I can not sew to save my life or knit or anything on that side of the domestic swing.

And given I'm brokey broke broke broke; I can't hire anyone to make one for me.

This will be fun I'm sure. * mad laughter like a lunatic*

Okay so it's June right, right, and I want this for October. Not even for Hallowe'en just that's about the only time frame I can get away with it outside of Disney Land so.... but this is Thunder Bay and this place always looks like the inside of Mr. Dressup's TickleTrunk so...

Someone told me to try a wedding dress store. Um right, so I can have a heavy mental break down in the middle of it- beauty idea. Let everyone know by the mad flow of tears and shredding of the dresses that I can never afford that I'm never going to land a husband. Right I'll get right on that, pencil it in for right after the zombies finish eating my brains.

And what happens to those brains after the zombies have eaten them? I'd like to know? Made Erin laugh for ten minutes on my zombie poo-poo rant the other week. Just think about it for a second. Vampire movies explain the blood as being recycled in the vamp's system, but zombies movies never explain the brains. What happens to the brains? if the zombies are eating that much of them wouldn't they become smarter? If not, do they poo them out? You never see a zombie need to poo.... If the brains are getting into the system and into the stomach wouldn't that mean the digestive track is still working or not? if not then wouldn't the zombies just be vomiting up the brains all the time as quick as they eat them?

This is what I think about on an average day after having a very large glass of white wine. and I don't even like white wine; it was just the only thing mom had in her apartment when I was there.

When did you two break up

I was out at the grocery for milk and eggs when I bumped into this chick I had gone to college with. Won't even get into it, just say she was the desire of every guy in our broadcasting course back 17 years ago and time has only helped to make her beautiful.

Of course I looked like something you would find clogging your sink so yeah you can say I hated her right then standing in the dairy section.

Her: "I bumped into Mr. B. and his wife no too long ago. Took me a bit before I realized that's who it was. I'm so sorry. "

Me: "Um sorry for ?"

Her: "You and Mr. B. When did you two break up?" she flicked her perfect hair.

Me: "Break up? We were never together."

Her: "In college. You two were dating... or was it just a few one nighters?"

At this point I was looking confused, as I have no idea what the hell she's going on about.
Me: "Who told you that? Me and Mr.B. were never a couple on any level. Just friends. If you can even call us having been that. Business partners for sure but that's really about it."

She looked more confused then me at this point blank stare.
Her:"Come on seriously. You're going to tell me you and Mr B never. Right that's a load of bulldren."

Me: "He and I never had so much as a handshake. Just friends. Who told you that we were a couple anyway?"

Her: "You two were always together. You looked like you were a couple. I not joking, the way you two always were talking and joking and the poetry and all that vampire movie stuff. You really going to tell me that you two never slept together?"

Me: "I was seeing that first year student. DudeX. Don't you remember?"

She stopped and had that look on her face like she was trying to remember but just couldn't.
Her: "But DudeX was gay. I thought you were like just his cover so his parents wouldn't find out. "

Me: "He was bi- actually. And his parents already knew. Beginning of a trend with me it would seem. Bi-guys."

Her: "Hmm. Well, that's weird. Wait till I tell Mr. A. He'll find this interesting, he's married now with kids. You were totally his type back then, but you already know that."

No I did not know that. And I wasn't really anyone's type back then as I was a 300 pound mess with long stringy red hair.

Her:"We all thought Mr. B and you were a couple. Only thing that kept Mr. A. from dating you second year was that we all thought you were Mr. B's" she started digging in her purse for her cell phone texting someone. "Love seeing you again. We'll do coffee sometime. Are you on Facebook? I'll Facebook you"

So what am I suppose to do with that information? Finding out nearly 20 years later, that one of the hottest guys in our broadcasting class was interested in me? Life sucks.

Are we back?

Yay!   Blogger is fixed!!!! 

Voo Voo!    Okay, so blogger had issues this past week, and many of us complained and just stopped trying to blog.   I see by the replies to the forum that we are back on track  good good yay!

It's been a weird week.  Trying to work on the stuff for the Wellness Center for my aunt,  reading the increasing stack of books I have for review,  learning how to make cheesecake (and yes eating that cheesecake - my poor jeans)  and of course because blogger was having issues, I am almost a full week behind on my wrestling reviews  but what can you do Eh?

Why is it the more I try to have a life outside of my drenny apartment, the more I seem to be chained to my laptop?    and no I have not worked on my novel in about two weeks.    and yes, I still need to write the next installment of my little short for the WOW writer's forum.   I'll have that for Sunday as usual.  I have a plot twist up my sleeve for the lead male. 

Saw the WolfMan last night.  Oh freal me hard with a chainsaw.   That's all I have to say on that for the moment. I'll do a review on that later too.  

I'm actually sort of on a Woody Allen kick right now.  Every so often I feel the need to slip into that frame of mind.  Just finished watching Melinda and Melinda  this morning.  One of my favourite Woody Allen movies actually.    Just makes you wish you had a large martini and a cigarette ... but I sadly do not.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Issues with the blog

I had a few posts put on timer, and things are going screwy with them.

None of the subscribers have gotten the posts, I didn't even get a copy of the posts. Timer worked fine, I think. As it was posted when it was set for, but then it disappeared, reappeared, disappeared, like it couldn't make up it's mind if it wanted to be posted.

Complained to Blogger but haven't heard anything yet. I hope this issue is taken care of quickly.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


If you have been following me at all over the last few years on any of my blogs, you know I'm not a musician. BUT my life is overflowing with them.

You would also know that I do little video thingies, in which I created all my own music.

My Aunt is a Life Coach, and I've been asked to help make instruction videos for her website. My toughest thing is going to be the music for them. If you have ever seen spiritual/positive meditation videos then you know they are very formulaic.
I don't want to be formulaic. Nor does my aunt.

So this is my new challenge. Making themes ... oh let's call them what they are jingles. For a series of Life Coaching videos. That's underscore and opening/closing credits.

I don't think me karaoke-ing would be a good thing... or maybe it would?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

He's haunting me (part 2)

This is for the WOW writers forum. You can find part 1 of this story here

Two teenaged girls dressed like they should be working the corner and not hanging around a coffee shop came up to their table.
"Oh my god! I love your bag. Where did you get it?" squealed the one with the pink strips in her dark hair.

"Thank you. I got it for $150 on clearance when I was last in Edmonton." Adar said as the two girls groaned and shoved off outside. "What?" she turned back to look at him. "You didn't think I paid full price for this did you? This bag, is a $2000 pure crocodile leather with leopard print interior. I'm fashionable not insane." She leaned over to see what he was reading, expecting to find the typical male entertainment but ended up surprised. "Skateboarding?"

"I design them." he turned the magazine around pointing to one photo of a teenager jumping a railing. "This is one of mine. Sold for $799" Adar tilted her head to the side making a small sound that was somewhere between humour and questioning. Byron closed the magazine, leaning on his elbows closing the gap between them as Adar leaned back in her chair with her drink, before opening the now famous bag taking out a tape-recorder. Byron scratched at his temple, his dark eyebrows lifted as a wrinkle formed on his perfectly smooth forehead. "Shouldn't we be doing this in your office or something?"

"My office is a corner of my kitchen. I had no idea what kind of man you would be so there was no way in hell I was letting you into my home." she spoke without looking at him.

He nodded silently as he stared down at his own coffee mug, now empty. "Fair enough I suppose." he leaned back once again in the chair, his hands behind his head. "Fire away."

"How did you get started?" she leaned a little closer for the tape-recorder to pick up his soft low voice in the mist of the noise.

"My dad was a chef at the Water Lily." he sniffed then licked his lips turning around in his seat to see how long the line was, feeling the need suddenly for something to drink. "I spent every summer working there, first as a bus-boy then as a dishwasher finally..." he raised his hands out from him. "Sous-chef. I need a coffee, do you mind?" he pointed to the now nearly empty line. Adar turned the recorder off gesturing towards the coffee counter. Byron almost knocked his chair over he got out of it so fast. Adar could not help but let her eyes linger on the small waist of his, wondering how a man who cooked for a living at one of the hottest restaurants in town could be so thin. He obviously worked out, as his broad shoulders would make any athlete jealous. A sigh caught in her throat as he turned to look at her. She blushed having been caught staring at his body.

Byron smirked, his pale lips now moist with the coffee as he took in her form. Whatever he had been expecting, she was not it. When he had first gotten the email from the magazine asking about an interview, he had been thinking some matronly woman in her seventies or something when they said they were sending Miss Bates. He half turned back towards the coffee counter just out of spite; wanting to make her wait.
He then decided as he once again let his chocolate brown eyes travel across her plus size figure, his gaze catching on the simple grey tee shirt she was wearing, that there was no point in just talking about food. What would be the fun in that? Byron, decided he was going to show her the food. Making his way back to the table he held out his hand to her. "Come on, we're going to the market."

"What about the interview?" she asked annoyed.

"You can interview me when we get back to my apartment over supper." he winked at her nodding towards the door of the coffee shop.

Tune in next week for part 3

Is it a British Thing?

Most of my favourite female actors are British/Australian.

Emma Thompson, Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, Dame Judi Dench, Cate Blanchett, Toni Collette, to name a few.

Not only can they act, they're not afraid to be real. I was watching Last Chance Harvey which stars Emma Thompson, and thinking "finally a woman who is normal sized"
Then I decided to pop on the commentary, and it was one of the first things she commented about was that she doesn't understand why American actresses are afraid to eat.

It's true.

My favourite Helen Mirren film is still The Cook The Thief His Wife and Her Lover. Another actress who was not afraid of her body being filmed. Brilliant.

I can't understand why Kate Winslet gets so much crap from people for her body. She's had kids people deal !

Why is it whenever I visit...

Erin's I come home with Antherax in my head?

Erin's a metalhead to the core. As is her husband. I used to be a die hard metalhead. Which I've talked about before I think on the old blog... I can't remember I'm old Eh?

Anyway, I was there last week, and she had the old metal stuff on, Antherax 's White Noise, Ozzy, Overkill's I Hear Black and Testament. Erin's always been a big Testament fan.

So this past week, it's been like just metal-head-quarters here. I'm funny you love me. It got me thinking, does the music we listen to hinder our souls?

I admit I feel better when I am thrashed out to old metal from the late 80's and early 90's (Metal Church, Sepultura, COC, Danzig, Overkill, Kreator, Anvil, Megadeth ) I feel freer then when I listen to more mellow stuff.

Has my choices in music in the last few years dampened my soul? I've been less creative in the last few years since switching from heavy music to jazz. You would think that it would be the other way around, that I would be more open with more melodies but not so.

There is a theory I read in a book on Ascension Magick, about how the bass note in Metal music is the same note response as our lower Chakras. This same note (and I'm not a musician so I have no idea what note it is) was the one once banned by the church in the middle ages because it was considered "the devil's note"

Wow, maybe Ozzy really is the devil?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Do I look like Sue?

I don't know what's the deal with my friends but for some reason they seem to think they can ask me anything about sex.

Stop laughing!!!!!!

I'm not totally stupid on .... okay who am I kidding that's like asking a Nun for advice on giving a blow job.   But I suppose because I write about relationships, they seem to think I know more then they do about sex.

Um no. 
This tonight lead to a chat with a buddy and I made the comment "Do I look like Sue Johanson?  Is this the Sunday Night Sex Show?"   (yes I realize you Americans got a different version of the show then us Canadians called Talk Sex with Sue)   "What makes me an expert on the topic?  I do not have a degree in Sexual Health"

So I went hunting online for old episodes of the show.  Which I did not find any of the Canadian version but I found plenty of youtubes for the American version and all I have to say is I'm shocked.

Canadians know more about sex then Americans.    Okay, let me rephrase that,  Canadians know more about Sex Education then Americans.  At lest by the way these episodes of the show were being presented.  And I am sure there are other countries and cultures that are even more open about it then us Canadians.
What I was seeing online, were pieces of the show Talk Sex with Sue,  being dubbed over, and full on prank callers wasting her time.   This is why the population at large has the attitude it does towards sex.  Sex should be fun, but Sexual Education should be serious. 

Few years ago, I remember hearing how MTV was airing a show (we did not have that here at that time, we still only had MuchMusic in Canada) where teens could call in to talk to celebrities for sex advice.    How'd that work out for you?   Like the illiterate teaching the blind to read Eh?  Just because you have the chance to have a lot of sex, does not mean you know how to play safe.  

Yes that was a dig at celebrities in general. 

Some of the stuff I was hearing being asked Sue on the show was just jaw-dropping stupid.  I suppose it comes down to the fact Canadians had access to the Sunday Night Sex Show on radio, then television, plus her live lectures and books for over 30 years.  My and my sister's generation grew up with the information at our fingertips. 

Embarrassing,  slightly  but always honest. 
So back to my original question,  why do my friends seem to think I know more on the topic of sex then they do when I consider myself a Prude?  It's not that I do know more cause I do not,  it's my attitude towards it.    You might not think that from my blog, but then again, you are only getting the sarcastic side of me on this thing. 

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for June 10th 2010

iTunes Canada had it for download early today. Yay!

We open with... DEJA VU!!!! from like a month ago with Jay Lethal dressed as Flair. WHY? WHY?WHY?WHY? WHY JAY LETHAL WHY?
I'm not trying to be cute here either I really hate the idea of the constant rip offs. Well, lest the stupid earrings of Styles are not taking up his whole ear any more.

Kendrick I still hate his music it still sucks vs Homicide. My money is on Homicide. They started with a collar tie up Kendrick backed up into the corner, Homicide punched him a few times then decided to try ripping his mask off... wait sorry he's not wearing one, but Homicide was tearing at Kendrick's face as if he were trying to pull a mask off with Kendrick draped over the ropes. Back to the center of the ring and more hard forearms from Homicide, and once again ripping at his face. Kendrick battled out with tree chops and a couple of hard forearms of his own. Homicide turned it around again going for his gringo-killer (spelling check anyone?) but it was blocked as Kendrick pushed him into the corner. Homicide with a back elbow sending Kendrick across the ring. Homicide then used a T-Bone suplex but only got a two count before he started to stomp on Kendrick in the corner. Homicide delivered a slam but still only got a two count. Kendrick came back at him with a kick to the knee and a punch to the back of the skull. Homicide then was tossed face first into the turnbuckle, with Kendrick continuing to deliver forearms. Homicide got the upper hand once more sending Kendrick face first this time into the turnbuckle before using a snapmare take over. Homicide then removed the tape from his arm choking out kendrick before Kendrick managed to get in a enzuigiri to the skull of Homicide. Then a few hits to the face while on the ramp okay guys not so close with the camera when on the ramp we could see kendrick cradling the back of Homicide's skull Kendrick then with a kick to the face of Homicide getting the pin for the win. BOO

Matt Morgan the evil druid (and yes he was wearing the robe again so I can still call him that) and Hernandez vs the Band... or so it was advertised. Hernandez just ended up destroying Morgan. Eric Young came down to the ring and covered an already tied up Morgan, as in tied up to a medical board. Mr. Young, I totally love you but dude SHAVE! that facial scruff just looks bad on you.

Kurt Angle vs Amazing Red. They started with a collar tie up that went right into a side headlock by Kurt. Red slithered out, but was caught by a running shoulder block. Red then with a leap frog over Kurt and a hip toss. Nice. Red backed it up with a spinning headscissors, but both men on their feet. Go behind by Kurt but was countered by Red with a drop down. Kurt then delivered a belly to belly suplex and a European UpperCut. But Red countered the next move with getting out of the way letting Kurt take himself down out of the ring. Red on the ring apron used a mule kick and a hurricanrana. Back in the ring and Red springboards off the ropes but Kurt moved, then sliced Red with a wicked clothesline. Kurt was going for one of his trademark finsihers, but Red turned it into a DDT. Red then used a kick to the side of the skull before going again for a springboard, with another DDT style move. Kurt then with an overhead suplex, going for a second when Red turned it into an armdrag mid move. Red continued on the attack with a spinning heel kick, then a mini-hurricanrana from the mat followed by a standing moonsault. Only got him a two count. Red then off the top turnbuckle with his triple corkscrew but missed. Kurt finally managed to get the angle slam on him after numbers false starts through out the match, for the win.

8man tag. Beer Money Inc/Wolfe/Styles vs Lethal/Abyss/Hardy/Anderson. Impossible to walk in this muck... I hate calling these. Styles won with a styles clash on Lethal.