Wednesday, May 19, 2010

3+2=5 Doesn't it?

I have said a few times over on Ramen Noodles that I spend 17 hours a week on my wrestling blog.
At the Great North Wrestling this last weekend, I was talking to a few people about it, and one of them asked how the math works. 

"How can you say you spend that much time when you only do two shows?"  

Well, Mr. Smarty-breeches,  two companies but three shows per week actually works out like this.
Raw (Monday night WWE) is a two hour show. 
Impact (Thursday night TNA) is a two hour show.
Smackdown (Friday night WWE) is a two hour show.
That is 6 hours of show right off the bat.  I need to get them on tape (WWE) and download (TNA) so I can actually call the matches.   I need to be able to pause and rewind so I can see the moves.  That right there adds 2 hours per show.  Half the time I can't find the proper spelling for the name of the move, and end up having to describe the move. That eats up time.  (if anyone has a dictionary of the way to spell the moves please let me know how to find one)

Photos for a show add another half hour per episode.  Screen shots are done and adjusted for size and colour then placed.  Just placing them in the article to line up with the part I'm talking about can take time.  TNA screen shots are much easier to get as I have to get TNA Impact on iTunes Canada. Screen capture on my computer is simple.   WWE screen shots are harder, as I get the show taped (I don't have cable so my mom is great enough to tape the two shows we get here every week.) I need to put the laptop up to the tv to use the webcam for a screen shot of Raw/Smackdown. So it's rare I get any of those two shows. 

If I have no distractions.   Life happens so there is always things happening (bathroom breaks, coffee, phone ringing, doorbell ringing etc) which will add another hour or more per episode.

Then, if I have a slow week with other things, I will do my favourite matches, which only take up about a half hour of time.  If I do a wrestler profile, that can take an hour. 
So that is roughly 14 hours just on the actual blog part.   Add another 2 or 3 hours for twitter and facebook links during the week. 

I have done in the past 4 video reviews.  Those each took a full day to do between filming, editing, and creating the music credits for it as I use music I make myself on my computer.  I promise to have a few more video reviews this summer.

So there you have it, why I spend 17 hours - a full two days per week on my wrestling blog.