Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The 5 Favs

Everyone likes lists.  We list things even when we might not realize it.
I'm doing a bunch of random Top Ten Movies   Fav 5's over on the movie challenge blog.   Why am I only doing 5's?

Well Spudguns,  I sat down to do a top ten few weeks ago when I did the first round, and found ten too many but five was good.  That and any wrestling fan will tell you about the Fav 5's...

So far, I've done a top 5 vampires and a top 5 horror
The next will most likely be timed for the week of Valentines.  And I already have the next few floating around in my zombie eaten brain. Try for one a month.

I find it ironic and neat at the sametime, that my best post so far over there has been a post about a recipe that one movie inspired me to try to make.
Alright, today is day 60 in my movie challenge and I've even managed to get my mother to watch a movies without complaining.  That's amazing in itself. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Well that just upset me

Gremlins.  I swear I have gremlins.

Things get put down in one spot, only to be popping up in another few hours later.  Lights that I know I turned off in a room suddenly being back on when I go back to the room.  Shoes that are scattered in the hallway when they are always lined up in pairs.

It's turning into one of those weeks.  

Officially started reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter for book club.   Cross your parts that the next book club meeting goes well.  Not till the end of February but still...

Mars is in retrograde from now until the middle of April.   Wonderful, like we didn't have enough dren.  I can't even begin to keep up with the astrology stuff right now.  Just seems I find out about one shift in the planets and the next day I've gotten emails about five more shifts and what they mean.  Not my area of expertise. Not at all.

Okay my Spudguns, since I need to have a bit of a positive thinking boost... going to listen to some music and have a large amount of chocolate.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Very Merry Unbirthday to Me

I got it in my zombie eaten brain that it would be a brilliant idea to pick up a few things on my way to the cinema today.
So here's me, trekking through the snowy city and not bothering to check the weather report before I left the house. I don't even want to know what the windchill was today cause I might cry.  Actually, it wasn't as bad as that, it was harsh winds that took my breath away few times but not really cold.
Movie started at 1:30pm, I grabbed an 11:25am bus thinking I had plenty of time to cart my arse over to the craft store then over to the mall before heading over to the cinema. 
Damned if I didn't stand in line at the craft store for close to 25minutes.  Then had to walk through the traffic to get to the mall.  The record store... I still call it that cause I'm old damn it!  the record store was surprisingly empty so I got out of there right quick.  Spent too much but hey happy un-birthday to me.  I bought Alice in Wonderland in case you didn't clue in, got Beauty and the Beast too cause I felt it was a Disney sort of afternoon.  Oh my god highway robbery on those damned cartoons!  Have you priced a frealing Disney DVD lately????   Then headed over to the tea place cause I'm addicted.  By this time it was 12:50pm and I'm thinking "oh I have plenty of time still before the movie"  
Good god man!  standing inline until 1:15pm.  Holy dren!  Then fight the damned traffic to get to the cinema which was only across the street.  Remember, I don't drive must walk everywhere.  So by this point I felt like my body was going to give out on me.  I get there with less then 8minutes to spare and the girl at the ticket counter screwed up on my ticket.  FREAL! Had to wait, and have I mentioned by this point my lungs hurt from the winds and my boot was nearly bursting the zipper from my foot and ankle swelling. Manage to just get in and find a seat as the opening credits started.
Must remind myself next time I want to do that much walking to do it in the summer when I do not need to be wearing heavy winter boots.
Oh, I went to see One for the Money  in case you were wondering. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dear TNA Jan 27th 2012

I am not happy with your editors.  I see that Impact has been posted on the Spike site in a very timely fashion, and as I was about to settle in to watch the X-Division match, I found a big big big issue.
Now, I admit I fast forward through anything that does not appeal to me but even in fast forward I know a bad editing job when I see one.
Once again, the first few minutes of the show was fine but then after the first break, it returns with 45 minutes worth of last week's episode.
This has been happening for months. Those of us who can only view the show online find we get maybe two weeks where everything is edited proper then two sometimes three weeks where large chunks of the episode are copies from the week before.
Get a frealing handle on this!  Dude, I ended up having to hunt the episode down on youtube and I only did so because of the X-Division match with Alex Shelley.  And since I was able to find the proper show that aired last night on youtube, that tells me it was the screw up of just the online editor.
So I'm just saying, whomever you've got working in the studio for the upload, they need to check their dren.

Signed as always Ardeth Blood

Thursday, January 26, 2012

With a little song and dam-ce

So I was watching today's pick for the movie challenge, and laughing and singing along to the theme song.  Then could not get the damned song out of my zombie eaten brain. So I thought, I've yet to tie everything in on the movie challenge blog with any sort of video.

Wouldn't it be fun to do a song and dance number?   Was thinking it might be interesting to totally ham and egg it up ... er you know what I mean.
But before I could hunt for my badly distraught and overly ruined cheapie hallowe'en wig from a million years ago, which like everything else around here is buried somewhere in my apartment; I decided to hunt online for the theme song from the movie.

Hang on, this is where my brain sort of started to work, and I gave up any ideas of entertaining anyone or anything because of the whole copyright issue with being able to use a song like that so... no getting into costume or doing something retarded like I had planned.  Because it just would not have worked without that song. Cause it was suppose to tie the whole thing together... I am making sense really, honest.

Aren't you all lucky about that Eh?   I see you nodding and smirking Mr. Sabin, knowing you're blog reading is still safe from my stupidity... for the moment.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day Unknown

This is post number 938 or something on this here bloggy-blog, but since I have had days where I posted more then once, I can not tell you by my list of posts what number day it would be.

Have I confused you now?

Well my Spudguns... I'm up because of the neighbours. And we are in for a warm up today here, I already feel like my face is about to fall apart because of the sinus headache that won't let go.  Feels like a vice grip.

The movie challenge is coming along nicely.   Day 54 on there, just posted.  Have a few odds and ends for that floating around in the mush that is my zombie eaten brain.

Been working on the latest manuscript.  Fresh story, and all I have to say is that I pray it keeps on keeping on for a while.  But of course as always, seeing the X-Division getting a shot in the arm did in fact give me a blast of inspiration.  So all my love to TNA's  Alex Shelley and Austin Aries.  I might actually have to get that ppv in a few weeks...
And for those few wondering... just keep wondering.

That's the view from my sofa this morning.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday 3:40pm

Happy Chinese New Year!!
It's a Dragon year.   And I have not yet done my homework on what this year is suppose to mean.  I'm very behind this weekend on many of my responsibilities. 

I have however, caught up with my soap operas and am reading another Debbie Macomber novel.  I'm addicted to say the lest.

The movie a day stuff is coming along nicely... I am on Day 52 which makes us firmly in week 7 of the challenge.  Trudging along but sticking to it much to my mother's horror.
And if you're reading the movie blog then you know I actually made it out on the weekend to see Underworld 4 Awakening.    But in my laziness have not posted about it on the vampire blog.  I might wait for that until it's release in a few months on DVD. 

What else what else what else... Well my Spudguns, I think that is about it for the moment. 
Well that and the fact I have to hunt down the landlord and get him to do something about the mailboxes being broken.  There is something jamming the lock on it and the keys to the mailbox isnt working.  Thought it was just the other day when it was frozen, but seems there is something more serious disrupting it. 

deep breath.  Maybe I need to take up Yoga again????

Friday, January 20, 2012


I used screen capture for this post

Mr. Shelley has the mic...   the t-shirt was not grey and the back of his hair is a bit long but... TNA will have a much better year now.  Much better.  it's good to see you back sir

Return of the Book Dork Is In

Previously on the Book Dork...  You're heroine and heroin was jumpingly pleased that the summer had brought a new life back to the book club, which had died a horrible staggering death. To the hearted horror of your dearest Book Dork, the cold harshness of winter destroyed the love and light that the summer had delivered.  

Now on with the story...    The Book Dork aka a few X-Division's favourite naughty librarian has in a fit of madness that would make any Martin Short fan proud, decided in total mad hatter fashion; to breathe life into her beloved but corpsy book club.  Three selections... um Four selections cause the Book Dork can not count even though the one selection is usually sold as a large volume of two part books... have been chosen for the months of Feb, April, May/June.  Which include vampires, Italy, rabbits and evil queens.  {Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter,   Under the Tuscan Sun,  Alice in Wonderland/Alice Through the Looking Glass}

The Book Dork, pleased with herself on this fine but cold January morning, while slurping her coffee with wild abandon, then had to dig out her own copy of the Alice books... er book as she remembered that she had a very large tiny print copy of the Complete Illustrated Works of Lewis Carroll.   Wordworth Edition. 1996.

Tune in next time for more adventures in Geekiness...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

One Door One Window

You've all heard that old phrase, when one door closes another one opens   or when one door closes a window opens.  
Well, if you're into tarot at all, you might be finding the Wheel and the 5 of Pentagrams popping up everywhere right now.  

Either way, that's the energy happening right now.   Some might put it down to the fact we are a few days away from the Chinese New Year,  a Dragon year.  Others might put it down to the fact the planets are shifting  yet others might just put it down to the change of seasons.

Either way, I'm finding I can not escape this term. Even now, just a few moments ago I was checking my emails and received an article in a newsletter about one Life Coach's recent admittance to this very thing.   Something she'd valued and worked for for 5 years suddenly was no longer an option.  But what came up as a replacement was even better.

I wish I had a big AH-A Moment for myself here, but I am sitting on the cusp of whatever might be my door closing-window opening and even though I can't see what that might be or how or when or even why;  I can feel that it's on the edge.

And that's the view from my sofa tonight.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Injury report

Well, for once it's not me who is broken.   But I've got to tell ya, it's like the health karma is kicking my family in the arse hard.
One of my cousins fell because of the ice and broke her arm last week.  Needed surgery, found out through ...wait for it... mom reading it on Facebook.  Don't you hate that. Facebook. 
Then, my Uncle; fell at work and banged up his hip, back and tailbone.  Was showing us the bruises this morning when he came over.  Dude, you can see the shape where he fell on the stairs.  He's lucky he didn't do much worse.  And it was the kidney area too...
Then, oh yes it's not over yet... my brother in law was installing washer and dryer in the new house; by himself, fell bringing it in from the truck with it landing on him.  Has a concussion and was lucky that's all he's got.  The frealing washer fell on him. 
It's like what the hell is going on here?  Walking wounded is an understatement. 

I'm just sort of shaking my head in disbelief as to my family and this past few days.  We have the worst frealing luck.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Well it is a monday

Ever have one of those mornings when you are confused as to why someone sent something to you?
I'm not sure if the person at the book publishers sent a mass email to everyone on her list or just got my email mixed up?
Been one of those mornings.

Over the weekend, one of the movies I decided to do for the movie blog had been Ghostbusters 2.  Where they talk about how emotions affect the surrounding environments.  That is something I've come to learn over the years.  Specially since we got new neighbours across the hall. 
Believe it or not, but the whole building is calmer.  I've been finding that my insomnia is even lessened which is amazing in itself.  I'm not as on edge like I used to be either. 

Well my Spudguns, for those of you tuning in during your morning coffee breaks today, the secret word of the day is ...  SERIOUSLY.... whenever you hear someone say that you will for no particular reason start to snicker loudly thinking of mediocre wrestlers with bad gimmicks. Chew on that but don't choke on your coffee.

And remember, revenge is best served with a side order of cheese cake.

Oh it's a Monday I'm not suppose to make sense!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Vampire Matinee

That's got a nice ring to it don't it?   Saturday Vampire Matinee.   I like that.  Am going to have to use that more often.

So it's a Saturday.   Which covers the first part of the title of the post.
On the Vampire blog I was talking about the latest edition of the classic encyclopedia by J. Gordon Melton. 
And the movie de jour is up on the movie challenge blog- Day 43-. So the matinee part. Even though it's like not even 9:30am where I am yet... matinee.  I think they should have matinees here in town all year long, not just weekends and holidays.  But then Thunder Bay sucks so...

And yes, next week we get the release of the latest Underworld movie.  That seems to be in 3D.  Damn it Janet! I hate 3D.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Post 930

It's Friday the 13th!!!!!


Let's talk about the tarots for a moment shall we... {let me take a big slurp of my coffee}  I was asked why I don't talk about the reverse sides of tarots. 
Well.  I know some people steer away from the downsides of tarots because it can frighten people.  There is just something psychological when seeing the cards upside-down.

That's not the case with me.  I simply have so many decks that I like to use, that I find it easier to only focus on the tarot proper. 
When working with a deck, most people who study or read tarots have one working deck they use and connect with.   I'm more of a collector and like to switch up my decks every so often.  It gets confusing sometimes as all the decks have slightly different meanings for each card.  Not too mention the pictures are subject to the deck's artist.

And since ... {more slurping} it takes a few seconds sometimes for my zombie eaten brain to connect what card it is because not all the cards have a title on them, which I can't really do when they are upside down... so yeah.  I just find it easier to work with them proper. 

Speaking of zombies... well okay we weren't but my Spudguns I needed something of a segway  sequway  point of turning  ... speaking of movies, if you're reading my movie a day challenge blog, today's is up.  I think I mentioned this morning on my drama free blog about how I couldn't make up my mind what to do for Friday 13th, as I am not a fan of that series of movies; but ended up going with... you have to visit the blog damn it!!!  Can't give away all the goodies on here now can I.  Day 42 on there.  Or you know just look for the date with Friday 13th Jan 2012.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vampires and Demon Hunters

I just got my copies of  Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and Queen Victoria Demon Hunter
I mentioned on a few other spots on the internet few days ago that I decided to give book club another go this year.   And since I found out that there is a movie version of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter coming out this summer by Tim Burton and starring Dominic Cooper... well need I say more?

So let's look at the cover art for a moment...  anyone else think right off about the movie Evil Dead 2 when they see the Queen Victoria Demon Hunter cover?  The demon head she's holding there looks like the zombie in the cellar from Evil Dead 2...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This that and the other thing

Scrapbooking.  Something many people do.  Some do it without even really realizing that they are in fact building a scrapbook/memory album.

I remember when I was a kid, putting together news clippings, photos, and stuff about celebrities from magazines into a little drawing pad.  Think I was around 4. I liked the idea of putting stuff together to make pretty picture books.

Think I was around 7 or 8 when my Grandma got me a proper photo album with Micky Mouse on the cover.  It was a hobby of mine off and on till I was in high school.

Then in 2002, the movie Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood  came out. It was featured on Oprah and all anyone could talk about was the scrapbook they had in that movie. And it put the idea into my head that the coolest thing on the planet would be to have a scrapbook sort of like the one in the movie.  Which of course didn't work at all, because everything fell off of the damned thing.   I'd like to know what kind of glue the props department for that movie used to keep everything attached.

But the thing is,  as unattractive as my scrapbook was that year, it became the center of something else for me.  It kept me busy no doubt about that, but it was the record of the start of an evolution for me.  I had just had a massively bad few years and that was a turning point in my life.
I've since added three other scrapbooks to the collection.  None as interesting as that 2002 one.  Nor as carefully done either.

Here I am now,  a decade later going through another bit of a transition.
Yes, there is another scrapbook.  This one, I hope reads better.   But what's got me talking about this tonight is the way the whole scrapbooking thing has gotten.   Websites devoted to the hobby.  Companies that make nothing but pages for it.  Whole themed projects.  I've found myself in the middle of a ball of quicksand more then once not knowing how I got there, with people who live and die by the idea that unless you are spending a fortune on scrapbooking supplies and doing it like a step by step program with themes and matching colours and layouts and this that and the other thing with brand name stuff... your not scrapbooking.

One thing I always liked about the idea of scrapbooks was that there are no rules. It's as personal as you are.

That's the view from my sofa tonight.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

927 posting Tue

WWE RAW... let's talk about the whole Brodus Clay thing... Oh my god I have no idea where to start on this one.   What were you all thinking?  Who the hell thought that him coming out with that gimmick was a good idea?  Bad bad bad bad.   Pants please,  either change into long pants or go with a pair of the shorts but dude, just get rid of that top half thingie.  It made you look like you had man cleavage and that is never cute ever.  And the whole rap-master thing... no no no no no no no no no no... icky stupid icky and why?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

926 Sunday

And this is what the whole Domestic and Damned  is all about.
Today's movie de jour on the movie blog had inspired arts and crafts.  So, there is today's movie Day 37 and there is a bit extra
So if you want to see what one of the original ideas for this bloggy-blog was and have a chuckle or three, then my lovely Spudguns -oh Spuddy specially you this fine ppv morning-  you have to visit the movie blog.

Speaking of the ppv... since as of right now the Spike site still has not gotten up to date with this week's show and I have less then half a clue who's on the ppv schedule for tonight,  {I know Austin Aries has the X-title match that's about it}  let me just wish everyone who is part of the TNA ppv tonight  a safe event.

And Aries better win better keep the belt...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

925 Posting

I don't leave comments on the sports stuff too often, like maybe once a year or so.   But I did leave a comment on The Score.ca on what was suppose to be this week's WWE... and it turned up on the hockey stuff... should cause for an interesting bunch of replies. 

Sun is not even up yet here, have not bothered to check to see if there is any snow or not.
My insomnia has gotten the better of me once again.  This is getting to the point where I rarely see the daylight anymore, and when I do I'm so cranky from being over tired. 

Must now go decode a nonsense recipe from a movie...

Friday, January 6, 2012


Dear Spudguns:

It would seem, that the issues with the Blogger photos are fixed.  That is a plus as it was getting too much to handle having to sort through it all.
Finished my first book of the year for the 2012 reading challenge on Goodreads and am in the middle of reading my second book for it.  Both Debbie Macomber novels.
Been spending a great deal of time this week on craft blogs.  Was hoping to find a class in town for knitting and the like, but seems I'm out of luck.  But the quilting book arrived and I can't wait to get elbow deep into that project. This will be a first so I am expecting it to take me far into the next two years as I will be starting from the bottom as a total beginner.
Somehow I see myself spending way too much time in the coming months at the craft store.  As long as it keeps me busy I guess that's fine.
Caught last week's Impact for the week of Dec 29th 2011... other then Austin Aries on commentary the only thing I sat through was the Eric Young match.  Disappointed with the majority of the rest of it.  But you can tell when he's - Mr. Young- is setting for a fight as he does the equivalent of a girl removing her earrings by stripping... how nice that he's using his old SuperEric under-roos.  Still would like to see something with a Canadian print when he does but that is just me.
Movie a day blog is coming along swimmingly.  Hope to have some projects to add to it besides just reviews.

Well, that's about it for tonight,
Love Ardeth Blood.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I really hope that the issues with Blogger and the photos get sorted out today, this dren has been going on for over a month!  Damn it!!!
We upload photos, they get made into single one photo -photo albums and do not stay in the blog's album,  then have to log into that storage thingie and move every single one manually... it's a pain in the arse... and to top it all off... they've made the help forms  groups.   Yes, the frealniks made it less easy.

Having a drenny morning and it's only 7am. 

I thought with the planets all in a forward motion for the first time in years things were suppose to be smooth as silk for the three weeks, but seems to be the opposite happening; just more glitches and issues and breakdowns.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

922 Undead!

Dude, you totally have to check this out!

I heard about this film a few years back when it was still in production from a horror site, and finally finally found a copy. 

Seriously,  you've got Kris Lemche, a version of Hamlet and VAMPIRES!!!!  what could be better then that???

Well that's the view from my crypt tonight.  

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Ohh spooky.
That was me, yesterday sporting one of the new tees I got from Fright-Rags.  It's the Fright Night For Real shirt.  Make-upless and leaning over the webcam.  I looked better in the mirror before I hit the web-camera... er okay my boobs looked better in the mirror, here you can't even tell I have a shape. Just the angle I'm leaning makes it look like the vampire got punched or something...

Woohoo!  2012.  See, I knew it was just a case of the Mayans were too lazy to re-write another round of calenders.  No seriously, what was all that hype about the end of the frealing world anyway?  When the logical explanation was simply that the whole cycle started back around, like it does so many years anyway... argue with me if you want I'm not going to listen anyway just crank up the Twiztid.

Now, I know so many of the wrestling Spudguns who come dragging their sore tired bodies to this here bloggy-blog ... wipe your feet you're trailing ring-mat crud and zombie goo all over my crypt... are wanting to know what my thoughts were for the year 2011in wrestling, but since everyone else has given theirs I'll only give the basics.
Hightlight of TNA in 2011 was Austin Aries.  Hands down.
Hightlight of WWE in 2011 was CM Punk.  It was his year there is no denying that on any level.

Okay my Spudguns, go mix up a few batches of coffee and try to shake off the parties you went to last night and any remorse you have from 2011.

Creeping Screams!