Thursday, May 13, 2010

What would Carrie Do...part 4

Episode 30 final episode of season 2,   Ex and the City  has Carrie dealing with the fact that Mr. Big is now dating Natasha, and Miranda hiding from Steve.

I have been sitting here for the last half hour trying to both tie this into my own life without rehashing what I've done in the past on the old blog, and just in general trying to blog as I keep getting interrupted.
Let's be honest here, I have never been good with romance to start with.   The whole girl/boy thing always messes me up in a big way. Up until recently it always looked like this,  I fell for boy, boy turned me down, I ate 5 cheesecakes, I fell for new boy, new boy turned me down, I ate 5 cheesecakes, I fell for another new boy.... you get the idea. 

The question of the week Carrie asks  is " Can you be friends with an EX?"
I can't.  I've had enough lovers/boyfriends over the years that I am so glad are out of my life.  Two big loves that I am glad are out of my life, but I am still holding on for that ONE. 
But yes, I am having the Miranda view on this "We didn't work out, you need to not exist." when it comes to exes. 

This episode also has Charlotte returning to a hobby that she loved as a child, horse back riding.  I have always been terrified of horses so, I have never seen the enchantment that it holds for others.  But the idea of returning to a past hobby I understand.  We all have a fear that we need to report back to and recover from.  Some exes are larger then life (like Mr. Big and Steve) where as others are not so much (the horse issue)  but we still need our friends to get us through. 

If "X" equals the unknown, can you sit still long enough to let that unknown factor- factor into your new life, or will it haunt you forever?