Sunday, October 31, 2010

Flashback heartbreak

Out of nowhere, I got a message from someone on the dating site.  Yes, the dating site I thought I had put my profile into hidden mode from (certain sites have a disclaimer that if you delete your profile they can still use you in ads on the internet so it's better just to go into hidden mode)
Everything was fine, I've been on top of the world today, and then BAM! I see his photo.  He was online. Dargo.

And here I thought I was doing so good too.  I hadn't thought of him in months. It was like my heart caught in my throat and my lips went numb.  Yeah, I had that internal fight with myself debating if I should send him a message. 

Not too worry, I did not have the guts.  I mean, what would I say anyway?  Hey how's it hanging you broke my heart you frealnik.   So here I am, taking a few deep breaths and blogging about it.  What a time to give up drinking. 

The big crazy of it is,  they say when two people are destined to be together, they can not avoid each other.  Let me tell you something about Dargo I don't think I ever uttered out loud to anyone... after my car accident, and I was in the hospital still, I was sitting there after physio one day looking at my broken hand, and just knew he was not the guy I would spend my life with, and I was okay with it.   When we did leave each other's lives six months later, I never cried.  I was secure with the fact that he had been a great relationship for what it was suppose to have been in my life. 

So, then even with the knowledge that he's not the ONE, just not the guy I'm meant to be with, why does he still make my breath catch in my throat?

Well there goes that idea

I just finished recording 25minutes of footage for what was suppose to be a video project. Only I am not using it. 

I have come to terms with the fact that no matter how great I am feeling, how sensual I might look in real life; and yes I do have my moments of being sensually hot,  I end up looking like a ball of uncooked dough on film.  

I do not seem to photograph well. At all.  On film or in photos.  I just look bad.  I don't even want to know what I'll look like in HD. 

A new blog...sort of

I was asked to contribute to a book blog.  It looks like a high tech system. In fact it is.  This publishing group are listed on amazon... as in the news feeds are part of amazon.  I'M SCARED.
I can not swear, must be child friendly with my comments and posts, and will be part of the official Amazon news when I post. 
This is sort of what I have been waiting for... sort of.  They asked about six of us bloggers so far, one of which is a published author.  He's doing the "publishing horror stories" theme.  a few others are just along for the ride. 
I have no idea what I should say for my first official serious post on there specially given it's going to be an official news feed. From what I have been able to uncover, this is a new publishing group.
It totally looks legit, my one real concern actually is one of the other contributors.  He's a religious freak. I've bumped into him on a few other sites, and lets just say Spudguns, he's not very vampire friendly.  But I swear on a stack of Anne Rice novels, I will not go near his posts unless I'm invited.

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 31...

Trick or Treat.... It's Hallowe'en 2010 and I am working on a few little werewolf drippings for all my ghastly fiends out there, my dear Spudguns.
Here's a taste of something that's been sitting in the oven for about a month, waiting for the ripeness to happen.  Made entirely of leftovers from my vampire film "So She Drained Me".
I'm hoping to have a second helping of ghoulishly fun later... if I don't get swept up by zombies.
Creeping Screams!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


"You have a few grey hairs"  my mom said to me today.

"Yes I know, finally." I replied turning up the volume on the tv so I could hear Smackdown.

"What do you mean finally?"

"I won't have to bleach it anymore... or at lest bleaching will be easier. "  

"You won't need to worry yet. Not like your cousin. You've only got two or three only notice if your standing beside you looking."  mom said with a snare.

"Not worried. I hate being this colour.  Besides, it took alot to get those few greys, lot of freaking out while back about the wrestling stuff. My three strains of grey are a badge of blogging honour." I turned up the volume again.

"You're so weird. I don't know about you sometimes." mom answered

Crazy morning

Saturday, Oct 30th 2010, Hell Night/Devil's Night. 

All I can say is something is up.  Normally on Oct 30th I don't like to leave the apartment, and if I do, then I always make sure I'm in before dusk.  The crime rate seems to be tenfold on this night here. The sirens for firetrucks and medics have already started and it's not even noon yet.

You know when you get an odd feeling, like right before the phone rings and you're thinking of someone then they call, or a slight anticipation then you meet someone new?  I'm having something along that line this morning and it's driving me nuts.

Simply put, something is up and I can't put my finger on it.

I've been trying to watch this week's Impact on iTunes, but I just can not seem to concentrate at all.  The birds that live on our roof and in the neighbour's tree have been silent all morning.  You know something just isn't right when crows and magpies stay huddled together in silence.  I saw on a show once that crows can identify people that come into contact with them on a regular basis, that in itself is off putting.
We all know animals and birds can smell fire before humans can. Like I said, it's Hell Night and already something is up.

Can't sleep

What is it about certain people that makes us want to rush in?

It's no secret that I am into Astrology.  I've had my charts done more then once over the years, but what I can not understand is that according to half the charts, I am in a relationship now.  Half the readings I've had done in the last ten years have said this.  That I am in a relationship. 
The other half has been telling me nothing solid will appear for awhile. 

I actually had one reading done over the summer that stated I was in the middle of a divorce.  Odd don't you think?

I have been wanting to learn Vedic Astrology for the last year and been unable to figure it out.  The few books that have come into my path have been beyond confusing, and the websites only give up so much information. 

Seems I'm screwed.

So how could I be both in a relationship/going through a breakup AND be nowhere near a long term/marriage like relationship at the same time?

The charts are cast by my birthdate only.  That has not changed. Even with time zones, I was born in the same city I live in now.  So how could two different lives be what I am suppose to be living?

This is what I think about at 3:00 am when I can not sleep.

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 30 (repost)

originally posted on my old vampire blog Alucard's Rose

End of the Line
A mindfield of terror or a comment on religion?

This Canadian film takes you into the idea that the end of the line might just be. Set on a subway, and the surrounding tunnels, it lets the dark feed your fear and feed off it.

The lead character (Vampire High) is a nurse who just getting off of work after finding out one of her patients has just committed suicide, is seeing things. As the train car is stopped suddenly, we find out she is surrounded by a religious cult who believe that the day of judgment has arrived and in order to save everyone they must first kill them.

Not your typical vampire film, but then again I like to point out non-vamp-vamps. It falls under the title of psy-vamps for a few reasons. 1) it is filled with manipulation to increase the desire of fear. An emotion that itself is life giving. 2) it is never completely sorted out if the characters really are seeing demons or if they are being drugged. It is kind of suggested both ways.

The one major plot hole in this film : if the cult members are killing everyone to save their souls from being taken over by the rising dead after the Judgement Day, wouldn't they just be creating more dead bodies to rise as zombies?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Oct 29th

We all know that one negative comment can flip us into a freak out, we know it shouldn't but sometimes it does.
How about the negative people in our lives?

I was out for a bit this afternoon, and bumped into someone I've known for years.  They filled me in on their latest successes, but the second they asked me how everything was going, they started to fiddle with the nearest store display.  This is the second time in three months I've bumped into them and they've done that.
The person that was with them was the cheerleader in this case, saying "oh my god! That's a huge deal." and I've never met the person that was with them. 

So why is it, the people in our lives who are suppose to be happy for our successes never are but expect us to be throwing them parties for theirs?

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 29 (repost)

Originally posted on my Alucards Rose blog

Grown men fainted at the Sundance showing of this film. What? seriously?
I don't know, maybe because I have seen hundreds of vampire movies over the years, or maybe because I am female and have seen the craziness pregnant women and new mommies get to, but other then the animal slaughter (What did the PETA people think of this film?) there wasn't much to faint over. Nothing actually.
Oh did I mention it's Canadian? Yes people, we Canadians have a strange lust for vampire movies and morgue humour.

Plot: Madeline has had 2 miscarriages in the past, and is doing everything different this pregnancy. Everything seems to be going good on this one till her and her husband get in a car accident. He dies, and Madeline is told the baby will be still born. Set to carry it to term anyway, she hopes the doctors are wrong. The baby is indeed still born, or so everyone thinks at first. Taking baby Grace home, Madeline begins to live her life now as a single mom thinking her worst problem is her Mother -inLaw. The two women battle it out for the baby, only to find Grace is needing something thicker then formula.

Gabrielle Rose ( the aunt in Lost Boys 2 the Tribe) manages to make you hate her through most of the film then find yourself cheering for her at the end.
I did not like the animal stuff, but it was a slick move on the film makers part to add the vegan theme. This movie will hold up for decades to come and belongs on the same shelf as Rosemary's Baby and Omen. Brilliant!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Scroll Keeper says hi

Mom called, she needed to get out to the grocery to pick up stuff for fishcakes, as my sister wanted to come over for dinner.  Mom insisted I could not do a good enough job myself picking the "right kind". Though I have no idea why, as she just uses frozen cod.  It comes in a green box here.  Not even like I would need to go to the meat department or anything, just the frozen foods.

I got a coffee  and one of the old Starbucks employee's who came in to chat it up with one of the girls working there now,  stopped to chat.  First thing out of his mouth was "So what's going on now with you and Scroll Keeper now that King Dork is out of the picture?"

"Nothing that I'm aware of. Why?"

He shrugged made a face as he tasted his coffee saying that the new girl can't mix to save her life and just grunted.  Everyone seems to think Scroll Keeper is a direction I should be heading, even the ones who just a bit ago was pushing me towards King Dork.  People, make up your minds okay.

"He has my email if he wants."

"He's too shy."  Starbucks Dude said as he turned his attention back to the girl he was there to flirt with.  I giggled at that idea.  Too shy my ass. People keep pointing out to me what a screwball Scroll Keeper is. 

I headed over to where mom was, they did not have any cod. We had to head over to the actual fish counter and ask the butcher. My sister better frealing love her dinner tonight, cause I ended up having to dig through the ice bucket cause mom was too short,  to find the right kind of fish for her fishcakes. For anyone not familiar with the ice bucket, or if it's called something else where you live,  it's the opened freezer in front of the fish counter in the far end of the deli. Ours happens to be close to three feet deep.  I was up to my elbows in Halibut, Sole, and Pickerel.   The sleeves of my jacket stink. Remember, I am a vegetarian so to me this was just gross work. 

As we were checking out, we bumped into one of my cousins.  She chatted for a moment, then as we were leaving the building, she turned back and asked "if Scroll Keeper was single?"   I know I glared at her.  My cousin just got divorced, which is a soap opera all it's own.

"Not too sure. Why?" I was still glaring. 

She shrugged "Thought I'd ask." then she was in her car and we were on our way to mom's. 

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 28

Nicolas Cage (1964-?)

Known for being both an action hero and the guy who makes really great supernatural themed films.
Cage has done nearly everything in the genre from vampires (Vampire's Kiss in 1988/89) to goblins (Munchies in 1987) to ghosts to witches to demons.  (Face Off  could be considered a Frankenstein movie)

In 1988, Cage played the character of Peter Loew in Vampire's Kiss, an overworked and underpaid business man who believes he's been bitten by a vampire. Soon, he is chasing down birds in the park and attacking young girls in his office.  This movie is known as much for the stunt where he ate a live bug then anything else.

In 2006 he took on the role of Edward Malus in the remake of The Wickerman, where he played a detective who, after witnessing a horrible freeway accident is asked by his ex to help her find her missing daughter. Hoping to escape the nightmares of the accident, he sets off only to find himself at the hands of an island cult.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 27

The Skeleton Key

Plot: Caroline is a nurse that gets hired in New Orleans to work for a older woman and her husband who is a shut-in. She'll be a live in nurse.  When traveling to the isolated house, she stops at a gas station and is greeted with a few local Voudon believers. Caroline then meets the lawyer for the couple. They start up a friendship as the woman, Violet, stalks around the house. With only a few days into the job, Caroline starts to notice the behavouir the husband, he's terrified of his wife. On her day off, she ends up going to an occult store picking up a curse kit to remove what the old man thinks is a curse, thinking herself that if he believes so dearly that if she uses it he will believe he's better. She has access to every part of the property but one room in the attic, which she becomes obsessed with and soon learns it is a Hoodoo room that was used by former residents. Caroline is then taken down a road of magick and madness, unsure who to believe until she sees the proof herself.

This is one of those films that falls firmly into the class of being a Thriller and not a Horror. Still, it serves up more chills then some of the stuff that's over run with gore.  I've always found the topic of madness to be a perfect setting for movies, as the idea of being left helpless to what others believe around you is a common human fear.
It does take on the topic of race and slavery to an extent, which in this case is mixed so well with the occult themes that you do not get the impact you might have otherwise.
Faith in the end is stronger then fiction.  Which is what the movie's subcore is.  What do you believe and what you can see in front of your face, how much is illusion and how much is for real?

This also goes deep into the idea of trusting intuition. Everything that the lead character was feeling, she dismissed because it didn't seem logical. Sometimes, reality isn't logical.

I've been told there is a sequel, but I've never come across it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brilliant move

Mom's appointment was an all clear.  Good to know, we are all feeling better about that.

So after her appointment, I went back to mom's to catch the replay of last night's wrestling.  While I was there, I checked out today's The Talk.  I admit, I've gotten bit addicted to this new show.  So anyways, there I am having a coffee, listening to the show which today was about bullies; and I hear the one host say "You're favourite wrestler is..." and I don't even look up cause I'm thinking the other company right, anyways then she continues and says "... TNA ...."  so I put down the coffee looking at the tv getting hopeful expecting to hear the name A.J. Styles or Abyss, or you know big time hoping it's Chris Sabin but she says "...Jeff Hardy."  And poof just like that the kid on the show freaks out and there is a video of Hardy.  Damn.  BUT BUT BUT I hate to admit it, a very very very brilliant move on TNA's part.  Very brilliant move.  That 40 seconds of promo for TNA... genius pure genius. 

I would have asked for Sabin if I had been the kid.

Tuesday morning- ugh

I'm up! Have been for about an hour.  Called mom and woke her up. 
Having coffee trying to actually get my system to move.   Mom has another follow up doctor's this morning and of course it's pouring rain out and we have to grab a 9am bus to get to the other end of town for the appointment.

This makes me not happy.  This will be a travel mug coffee day I feel it.

This is also Sex and the City day... the second movie SATC2 was released on DVD this morning.  Yay! So I have my Hallowe'en all planned... chocolate, gin martini or merlot, book club that I am sure no one will show up to yet again, more chocolate, getting my hands on SATC2, more drinking coupled with more chocolate and maybe ramen noodles cause I won't be able to afford real food with all that.  But that's Sunday,  and now is only Tuesday and I have under an hour to wake up....

Why is it when you have no where to go and nothing to do, no one ever calls or emails or anything, the second you have an appointment you're flooded with messages? 
It's just me I'm cursed right?

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 26 (repost)

Originally posted on my old vampire blog Alucard's Rose

Bled (2009)
I have always said that art is the highest form of vampirism and by the looks of this film people out there agree with me.

Bled offers up art, lust, addiction, desire, dream travel and a character mastermind named Renfield. Set in the L.A. artist scene, we are introduced to four friends who share more then just the same building. They share unmet desires for each other and an addiction for the newest designer drug. Too bad for them it's mind expanding effects is actually opening a doorway for a vampire to feed off them via Freddy Krueger style.

I am not sure if this is another made for tv movie or not; it has that vibe to it (you know no bad laungage, no nudity and soap opera shooting style) but the costumes, set design and props are outstanding. For an indie film this is one of the best I have seen in years. I am hoping there is a sequel in the works.

I am also seeing a trend as of late with the use of vampire teeth As in a mouth full of them. The vampire's look in this film puts me in mind of a piranha. Which is always a good thing to see a fresh take on an old myth.

Monday, October 25, 2010

TNA Reaction for Oct 21st 2010

We open with Hardy flat out saying "f*ck you" to the company and the fans.  Like that's a shocker Eh? Moving into the rest of Fortune backing that up. 

Cut to camera 2 Bishoff addressing the fans.  In black and white. Nice! This went into a recap of the last year as far as Bishoff's crew coming into the company. 

Cut to camera 1 again, and we have Beer Money Inc giving their thoughts on the take over. 

Cut to camera 3, Abyss giving his take on the whole LSD trip... sorry I mean the instructions for his part in the take over.  

Cut to camera 4, Jeff Jarrett talking about how this is the best thing for the company and the industry.  Yet a billion fans are complaining with the storyline.

Cut to camera 5, Hardy talking about being the coolest... you know what I think of that crap so moving on...

Fade up from break and we have a recap from this last summer with the whole EV2 crap.  Yeah I'm still not impressed.

Cut to camera 6, Kazarian talking about the summer story.  Kaz needs to ton down the gestures, was he reading from a teleprompter?  

Cut to camera... oh hell I couldn't keep up.  Hardy... oh blah blah blah shut up.  At lest swing the camera back to James Storm, he's at lest nice to look at. 

I loved loved loved the black and white.  I thought that made it feel little more rock n roll and less reality tv.  Made me think of the movie/mocumentary Hard Core Logo which is always a plus.  
As far as tech goes,  there was some digital issues at times, made people look like their faces were melting off,  but if there is a way to fix it please try. 
And you really should remove Dixie's name from the credits if you want the fans to buy it more solidly. Just saying. 

This episode of Reaction got a C+

Review : Book blog

I just finished the review for Save the Assistants by Lilit Marcus  over on the book blog.

That was the book that inspired me last week to ramble on about all the jobs I've had over the years.

When doing a book review, it always starts off delightful. Some are easier to talk about then others and sometimes you end up stressed so much on how to do the actual review that you end up having to re-read half of it.
As much as I liked this book, and I really liked it,  I was not prepared for a how to book. 

Voters game on

It's voting day here today.  Which I would normally be voting, but I can't find my voter's card.  No idea what I did with it but I would bet you a Timmy's dozen crullers that it's buried under a stack of books or files in my living room. 

Yes yes I am the most unorganized person around. Deal with it.

I am not even sure there is anyone for me to vote for this year. Normally I vote for the Pot Party.  Yes, I believe that it should be legalized.  But it seems our local rep was arrested for having... wait for it... pot plants on his property.  

Dude! are you kidding me.... the rest of the city reps are claiming they had no idea.  Seriously, the guy is head of the make it legal party and you are claiming you had no idea?  Yes I know great start to not gossiping I'm doing so well aren't I... I think a scooby-snack is in order

This is a difficult task

Trying not to gossip.
Stop laughing.  I'm serious.  I noticed something a few weeks ago when at mom's. My family are not just loud mouths they're big mouths too. 
Not just my family,  my whole neighbourhood, at the center of which is my mother's church group.  You breath the wrong way and it's all over the neighbourhood in ten seconds flat. And since we're all Newfie, something could happen here in Thunder Bay at 4 o'clock and by 4:30 (6 o'clock in Newfoundland) you've gotten three phone calls from Gander to discuss the issue.   Worse with Facebook and Twitter.

So I'm trying to break the cycle.  Which given my job as a critic and my lovingly-cuddle worthy poisonous wit, is making it really difficult.

My blog is my outlet, my connection to the world.  So cutting out as much gossip as I can.   Be ready for alot of photos of coffee mugs.

Monday Oct 25th 2010.....Further adventures of the TNA fans

No one really likes Monday mornings.  They suck really.  Even more so for the fans of TNA wrestling as of late.  Cause here it is Monday - three full days since the last broadcast- and we are still waiting for someone to do their job over on the Spike site and up load the shows.  119
119 is the number of comments as of 9:40am this morning, with roughly 13 of those complaints on the show.
I understand that you have a big network to run, I do, alot of shows to compile and upload for not just Spike site but for the many iTunes worldwide, as well as just having hosted the Scream awards. Dude I totally get that maybe you guys have gotten really busy the last two or so weeks, not too mention it's sweeps time ( or at lest when I used to be in production nearly fifteen years ago this was sweeps time) and you need to really push the new shows you have going.  
My solution,  grab an intern or someone young enough to be able to stay up late and do the uploading.

And if this is a TNA production issue... DUDE! You are not going to get any sympathy from me. You should know better.  The fans are really not happy. Both with the product the last few weeks and with the drenny web schedule.  I'm still waiting for Reaction from the 21st to be posted.

Okay, this was a rant before coffee this morning, on this Monday which here is rainy, so I won't even get into the opening credits theme song right now.... I'll wait till there is at lest 122 angry comments on the Spike site, or till after lunch which ever comes first.

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 25

Bloody Black Currant Punch

1 and 1/4 c brandy
1/4 c sugar
4 c black current juice
1 and 1/2 c iced cold seltzer

Mix brandy, sugar and juice together and put in fridge for up to one hour.  Add seltzer just before serving.   Should get around 6 cups

Vanilla Storm cocktail

1/2 c sugar
1 shot gingered brew
1 and 1/2 shot apple cider
2 shots dark rum
1 vanilla bean

cut the bean on a slant scrapping part of the insides out and mix with sugar, HANG ON TO POD,
Dip the rim of glass in water then in sugar mix
mix remaining ingredients and pour over ice
Add pod as garnish/stir stick

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Could you win my love?

You know when you're sitting around the bus stop or coffee shop or whatever and you hear bits of other people's conversations.  Well, I was coming home from the grocery and as I stood there at the corner waiting for the traffic to stop,  I heard a couple of teenaged girls talking about these two poor guys who had gotten into a fight over one of their friends.

Admit it, the idea of having two lovers fight for you is a turn on.  It's like the ultimate chick fantasy, what countless movies/soap operas/books are based around.
So what would it take to win your love?  It seems the two teens I heard talking; didn't take much, just a guy with a flat lip who "almost got his front tooth chipped but thank god he didn't cause like that would have been gross"

You know me, that whole thing got me thinking.  Now, as a writer I've written a million storylines over the decades that have just that, two people fighting over one lover.  But let's get realistic for a moment.  Knowing my personality from this blog, what kind of guy would ever try to fight for me?  Stop laughing it could happen.

They would have to be guys who would fight with words more then fists. Or you know, swords.  Like something out of Princess Bride.  But I think picturing some sort of battle of the bands/spoken word poetry - word off would be a hell of alot funnier don't you?
Or two geeky types throwing back and forth the most creative insults without being allowed to swear... oh or a cook off... okay yeah now I'm just being retarded I know.  But like I said, over hearing those kids got me thinking.

Seriously, maybe a submissions match.... or you know buying me a vampire movie that I don't have yet would win me.  I'm that easy.

And whoever the hell told Shania Twain she could dance lied... lied big time.

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 24

Wes Craven's Cursed

Plot: Ellie is a television producer, who's boss treats her like an assistant intern. Her brother Jimmy is bullied at school. While driving home one night the two are in a car accident, and witness the victim of the other car being dragged off by a wild animal.  Both Ellie and Jimmy were injured by the animal.  Jimmy is the first to notice the oddities that are happening around them, (nightmares, increased energy, short tempers and strange marks on their bodies) and starts to do some research.  It's clear to him they are turning into werewolves. Ellie learns to accept the change using their new powers to their advantage at work/school; until people start getting killed around them.  Ellie needs to find out who the Alpha wolf is and destroy them before the whole neighbourhood gets eaten.

Set in L.A., and more to the point, Hollywood, this film uses werewolves as a metaphor for getting ahead in life.  From the younger brother coming into his own identity in school, beating the captain of the wrestling team at his own game to win the girl, to the older sister standing up for herself against a nasty boss. 
This movie's subcore is about how we interact within society to each other, and how our key relationships evolve. No one is truly alone, even when we think we are, we find we are only one degree from everyone else. The question is who's got the skills to be the leader of the pack?

The last act of the movie takes place in a club that has a horror film house of wax theme to it. Which I thought was a genius nod to not only the werewolf genre but to it's creator Wes Craven.  Where would we be without the monsters we create?

80's movie stars Corey Feldman and Scott Baio both have small cameos.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Oct 23rd -before bed time

I've got the highlights for Smackdown up on the wrestling blog for all the WWE fans.

That's about all I really have to say tonight.  I'm staring at the next round of books I have for review, and trying to figure out how to do a review for a how to book.  Been having some issues on that this week. 

I once made a centerpiece for a Hallowe'en display... it was a model of Freddy Krueger's house made of paper-mache (actually I read somewhere it's really spelled papier-mache)  I'll have to dig it out of storage and see if it's in one piece, maybe take a photo if it is. 
My favourite Nightmare on Elm Street is part 2 Freddy's Revenge....  yes pointless post just wanted to say that the one review was up and it just needed some more in the post, couldn't have just one sentence. 

My Thoughts for TNA Impact for Oct 21st 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada had it really late last night.

We opened with a flashback of the last few weeks.  A new season, with new opening credits which I hate more then the last one.  Editing crew, I do not see how you can make me happy with the credits if you keep going in that direction. Actually, while I was watching this set of opening credits (which is all the Immortals/Fortune)  I was hit with the notion of there being an "episode" credits, letting you know who would be the focus that episode... am I wrong on that? Or have you just changed the credits to piss me off?

More talk that takes us to the fifteen minute mark (this is on iTunes Canada which does not have commercials, so we are talking closer to the 25 minute mark) before we get to a match.   The first match was Amazing Red vs Robbie.... Robbie won.   Okay he's got skills, he would not be in TNA if he didn't,  but please drop the gimmick.

Mick Foley was doing a book signing, and I thought it was interesting the way they brought Brian Kendrick in there as a fan, asking ... well asking the sort of stuff I would ask if it had been me.  The scary part of Kendrick,  I get what he's going on about.  Kendrick ... Intenders for the Higher Good? Thought I'd ask.

Fortune, please, stop it with the stupid drinking game. That's older then Flair is.  Dude, I don't even drink fruity girly drinks.

James Storm, mocking RVD.... dude good one. I do believe Mr. Storm got the line of the night "STD, or DVD or whatever his name is..."

You know I have a rule about not talking about the Knock Outs unless I have to, but dude, today I have to.  What the freal was that with Love and what's her handle... Winter?   Are we setting up for a Hallowe'en meltdown?  Is she suppose to be a stalker? or a ghost? or what have you?  (the rest of the Beautiful People left the room and Love started talking to someone in the mirror, only she poofed when the girls came back)  All I have to say to the writing crew on this one is what kind of drugs are you on and why aren't you sharing?

Pope vs A.J. Styles in a street fight.  Even though the rest of Fortune was banned, it was a no dq and Abyss came out to help Styles win.

 Beer Money Inc vs Sabu/RVD...BMI won.

Kaz vs Mr. Anderson in an Ultimate X match. Anderson was one armed for this one, and Kaz had all of Fortune on his side.  Kaz got the X for the win. That was the main event for the night.
The show closed out though with Bishoff/Flair in a car getting attacked by Kurt Angle. That is a much more fitting ending, as many of us were having issues with the carry over that was happening from Impact to Reaction.

I did not feel there was a match of the night, though Kaz vs Mr. Anderson had seemed like it might have been, it was just lacking.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns!   well, sort of.  Team 3D cut a promo stating why they are asking for one last match with the Guns! at the next ppv.  Then we see the Guns! hanging around backstage with Sky, the interviewer trying to get Chris Sabin to talk only ending up causing a distraction for Generation Me to attack them.  Sky pulled one right out of my playbook smearing food in the face of the blonde GenMe ... Jeremy... while Alex Shelley resorted to hair pulling.   Hair pulling. You read that right, which just adds to the whole idea that those two teenagers need to cut those greasy looking ponytails. Please, please make your next major match against GenMe a hair match... please Mr. Sabin and Mr. Shelley.
While I am on this topic, can I ask the stupidest wrestling question I have ever thought to ask... if Team 3D retire with a win over the Guns! what happens to the belts?  Do they get redesigned and the Guns! get new ones?  Would the tag titles be considered empty and a whole tournament have to start?  (oh hush I haven't had coffee yet)

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 23

Happy Birthday To Me

Plot: Virginia was in an accident that left her with memory loss. Her birthday is coming up, and she has planned a big party. Someone is not happy about this and starts to kill off her friends. The same accident left Virginia's mom dead. This does not stop the murderer from inviting her mom to the party, in fact all the guests have been dying to get there.  With her ever present black outs that seem to happen just when the next victim gets killed, Virginia has to suspect everyone, even herself.

A 1981 Canadian cult horror classic.  One of the first big slasher films of that decade.  Noted for it's most memorable deaths (shish kebabs, weights, drowning to name a few) the film serves up a few cases of mistaken identity, and near rape by one obsessive character.

Filled with nightmares, pranks and revenge, this lends itself to one of the best twist endings for a horror film up to that point.
The one frustration fans have had over the decades, has to do with the soundtrack being replaced when it first got it's DVD release in 2003/04.  Another has been the poster art having been changed as well making it difficult to identify if it was the same film or not; giving rumours to there having been a sequel. 
To my knowledge, there was never a sequel.    The re-release of the DVD in 2009 is said to have the restored cover art and soundtrack.  (my copy is the 2003 version with the replaced art/soundtrack)

This movie holds a special spot for me as it was the first "horror" film I ever saw -not counting old b/w monster films- and to this day my friend Erin still will not drive over a bridge without freaking because of the one death scene.

Friday, October 22, 2010

So something Horror-ble did happened?

I used screen capture for this post

Righty-ho, Righty-ho.    I asked on here earlier in the week if everything was alright with the MotorCityMachine Guns!   because there had not been a Spike blog post from them in a month and I was afraid something really horrible had happened.

I guess the boys caught that post (that was a fabulous screen capture was it not? The "mean Sabin look")

I was just checking the Spike site and yay! a new post.   Okay whomever it is that updates the TNA page on there, um... it says that you only posted the MMG blog post an hour ago YET there are three comments time stamped yesterday, um... GLITCH! (two of which were spam.)

Anyways,  I have to ask Mr. Sabin, are you okay?  That's sounds like something that would have sent me in a total panic. oh wait, back pain-chest pain-skull crunching headaches all for no identifying reason; been there had the MRI to prove it.  Dude, honestly, is everything okay?

Mr. Shelley rambled on about Hallowe'en. *deep sigh* that's a topic I can firmly get behind.
Did I ever blog about the time I chickened out of a haunted house?  I think I might have on the old blog... anyways, it was back few years; and my sister and I had gone to Niagara Falls for a week and our motel was next door to a haunted house.  I paid $40 for her and I to do the walk through, and got ten feet then bailed.  I had gotten a bad feeling and chickened out. Ninja wouldn't let me forget it for months afterwards.

I was starting to think I was going to have to break my rule of not leaving comments on the Spike site; but so far rule is intact.  Kinda like an internet chastity belt.
Though (thou- I am never sure which version of that word is the right one for certain remarks) I wonder what their top commenter must think of normally being the only one leaving the bloggy-love every week?

Okay, now that everyone has checked in bloggy-blog wise, and given comment love (sort of) let me just say, good to see the MMG writing again.

Would you marry a minister?

My family is Salvation Army. Most Newfoundlanders are.
I was at mom's and the minister was over for a visit, nice lady.  Yes, we have a female minister.  That is one thing I have always respected and admired about Salvation Army, that the women have just as much training and rank as the men do.
She was telling me that she's been ordained now for over 20 years.  I had a ton of questions for her.
Some of you know that I was ordained through the Universal Ministries back in 2007, (too bad it's not recognized in my province but that's another rant for another time) and I have my First Degree in Wicca.  That was my plan years back, to become pagan clergy.  (High Priestess)

People change, life throws stuff at you. My life has taken twists and turns and my path is doubling back on itself (another confusion for another time)

We have alot of ministers in our family. Always couples (then again, that's how the Salvation Army works; you rarely see single ministers)
If I could find a way to merge the two religious beliefs, I would, and take the course.

In the last year and a half, I've talked to so many guys on those dating sites who are either over the top religious or anti-religious.  I never thought a person's spiritual beliefs should get in the way of a relationship, but I've learned the hard way it does.  It should not but it does. 

Is the idea of a female minister of any denomination/spiritual path, a hard thing for a man to accept?

Friday Morning-ish

Can I just go back to bed? Would that be okay today?
It's pouring rain outside, the birds are not even squawking, seagulls not even picking the trash.  Nothing stops seagulls from picking trash but major storms.  And of course today, my right shoulder blade is acting up. 
My right shoulder blade has never been the same since the car accident, it's sort of smooshed. Just sitting back in a high backed chair on certain days is uncomfortable.  I swear in my next life, I'm going to be uber strong with zero health issues. I'm going to come back as Buffy the Vampire Slayer or a body builder or Miss Piggy or  something ... well strong in my next life.

Full moon tonight. Let the werewolves play.   Me, I think I'll take a handful of painpills and just go back to sleep.

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 22

Shock'em Dead.

Here we have what seems like just another 1980's/1990's (honestly not sure on the timeframe for this one) rock n roll story. Martin Angel is a guitar player who just wants to be part of the band, and would do anything to get it. So he sells his soul to the Devil to become the greatest rock star alive, becoming Angel Martin to everyone. Only one thing, he has to take other people's souls to stay alive, draining their life from them. Makes him a psy-vamp. Needing the energy from others to keep up his own.

It mixes the typical "devil made me do it" with voodoo on top of the vampire/demon element.
This was one of Traci Lords's first non-porn roles, as the band's manager, the object of Martin's lust. 

hey, it's an old heavy- metal-great -for -Hallowe'en-night-partys- film.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I needed a laugh and look what I found.   Chicky, I totally know where you're coming from hahahaha!

No not sorry

I blew off Meditation class last week cause of the weather.  I'm blowing off class tonight cause it's too damned cold.  It's officially Fall here.  Has been for the last two weeks, and I just do not want to be out running around town (in this case having to walk 40 minutes to the center)

You know how sometimes you get into a funk or a mood for no reason.  Yeah, having one of those. Only this time I do not think it's mine.  oh no, she's on her it's spiritual soulmate dren again
If you've been reading me for awhile now, you know I believe in alot of stuff, the top being soulmates.  I have mentioned at some point in my blogging career (might have been this blog might have been my old one)  that you can feel what your soulmate does.  Injuries, emotions etc.  (it's been proven by medical and science teams over the years. just look at the whole twins and even spouses who have sympathy pregnancy pains)  So, I've been dragging myself around the neighbourhood this last week feeling 1) betrayed 2) lost 3) lifelessly tired    for no reason.  None at all. 
I am putting it up there with my ghostpains - those skull crushing headaches I get every so often that I have no reason for that shoot down into my neck that are only ever on the right side-  that I believe I pick up from whomever my soulmate is .... (though it would seem whomever he is he's slipped into the darkness as you know how I've said when the right side of your body itches your true love is thinking of you; well the last three weeks nothing. But that's another post for another time)
Where was I... right  feeling like... well numb actually.  Disconnected from the world as if on tranquilizers. 

So, haven't returned any emails, or visited any blogs, blew off a few meetings, and No I'm not sorry. Normally, these things would have me in a panic sending fruit baskets (well okay can't afford fruit baskets but you get the idea) cause I hate breaking any kind of promise.  I feel like the biggest piece of dren if I so much as say I'm going to call someone and don't do so right within the next 12 hours.
This week, I just do not care. 
If I am being radar girl for whatever my soulmate is going through (and this is driving me nuts wish he'd just cross into my life already; specially given the itchy factor for so long he must know me or be a reader of this bloggy-blog) I hope his life picks up soon. 
And on the off chance this isn't soulmate related, then dude I'm screwed.

It's been a salmon day all week

SALMON DAY - The experience of spending an entire day swimming upstream only to get screwed  and die.

That was one of the top office slang a decade ago.  Not sure if it is or not now?  What's brought that up, well few things, just finished reading "Save the Assistants"  in which there were slang, not as much office slang as one might hope, but there was.  Nothing that even resembled anything I remember from few years back.  And it's been a fruitless week.  But I'm keeping my hopes on for the weekend turning things around a bit.

Anyways, mom has more doctors appointments today. I swear if I'm not sitting in the doctors for myself lately, I'm sitting there waiting for mom.  The doctor's waiting rooms are the equivalent of office cubicles for me. Good thing my main job is book reviews and books normally fit in my purse.

Speaking of which, on one of the fan group website networking thingies for bookworms, (I know they call themselves bookies but that always makes me think of horse races or casinos) ....for bookworms, and the topic this week is bad books and reviews.  I did not realize that my "job"  was so coveted.  No, I haven't made it to the level of getting actual pay for my reviews; that is another level of freelance all together usually once you are picked up by a newspaper or magazine;  but I do get the books for free from the press agents and publishers.  Most of the ones I've been seeing who do reviews pay for the books themselves and don't get anything.  Just like my wrestling commentaries/reviews.  I do not work for any of the wrestling companies, I am not even a volunteer just a fan

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 21 (repost)

 This was originally posted on my old vampire blog Aucard's Rose

Blood is the New Black by Valerle Stivers

This book was promoted as being "Devil Wears Prada with Vampires" and it lives up to its name.

Not a horror story, or even a mystery but straight up chick lit.
The main character is given a job at a fashion magazine for the summer, it is a job she really didn't ask for and not sure she should be doing. But since her mother was a top designer she really has no choice it's been set in stone.
All her senior staff have strange habits, they sleep all day, party all night, never eat, and never use the bathroom.
Through in a few gossiping coworkers, a lot of sunglasses and did I mention a few bloodless bodies and we have a really funny take on an old topic.

What I would like to know is there really a

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 20

Lost Boys 3:The Thirst
Plot: It's 20 years since Edgar and Allan Frog first slayed the vampires that plagued their home town. Edgar had to slay his best friend, and Allan was also bitten. It's been a few years since Edgar helped the cousins of Sam and Micheal slay the surfer vamps. He's broke, alone and desperate. Famed teen fiction writer Gwen Lieber has hired Edgar to help find her kidnapped brother who was taken by a group of vampire ravers. The ravers are controlled by a vampire dj who's feeding them a drug made from his own blood.  Edgar along with a female comic book collector and a reality tv star whom is working for Lieber, sets out to find the missing boy and destroy all vampires. Soon the hunter becomes the hunted.

Plot points were filled out in this offering, with flashback scenes from the first movie; of the three boys in the comic book store.  I found this to be the perfect thread that tied part 3 to the original.
With more dialog, no real love story, a plot twist and less fight scenes it plays more as a stand alone piece then you would have expected.
Filled with one liners that can only be considered deadpan funny because Feldman is the one delivering them, his character's habit of grunting the rest of the time, adds a flavour of lightness that keeps on par with the original; even in it's darkest moments.  One of the best one liners would have to be "If we don't kill Peter right now there is going to be a thousand emo-goth vampires out there."

The vampire make-up in Thirst removed itself from the first film (which looked more like the Buffy vampire make up)  and took it's cue from the 30 Days of Night films. This gave the vampires a subterranean look.
It poked great amounts of fun at the entire Twilight genre and Stephine Meyers as well; with all the characters dismissing the idea that vampires are anything but sparkly (which I've been saying for the last four years {vampires do not sparkle}). 

As a third installment in the Lost Boys series, it out shines the second offering Lost Boys 2:The Tribe by leaps and bounds.  In fact, there is only two small mentions of any of the things that happened in part two.
This one was based on the comic book series that was spawned from the original film, which focused on the Frog Brothers.  There seems to be a small set up for what might possibly be part 4 which would actually take us away from the vampire theme.

Corey Feldman does one of the main songs on this film's soundtrack. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday 7pm

Okay, I got the Raw Highlights up on the wrestling blog. I need to start getting some bloggy love on that one. 

So, while I've been spending alot of time at mother's the last week or so,  I've had the chance to see that new talk show called "The Talk"  with Sharon Osbourne, and it's not too bad actually.  
Seriously,  given how much I like to yammer on about stuff myself,  I'm not big on talk shows.  They leave me bored beyond bored, but this one looks like it might actually be interesting.
I don't know if I would have cast it the way it's been cast. I think there are 3 people too many on their panel, but I guess "The View"  worked for the last so many years with that format why not try it with this new one.

Speaking of stuff that eats up time, I am both glad and wondering about my Hallowe'en Countdown, that I am doing this year on here. 
It seems my bloggy-blog is getting it's majority of hits just after those posts are done every night and before 3am (EST).  After the month is up,  I'm not sure what I'm going to post to take it's place. 
Whatever my topic/s are they have to be bigger then the Hallowe'en Countdown, and bigger then Chris Sabin's Hair.   Though that topic has kept me in readers for the last 2 years.  *waves at Mr. Sabin*

Angry Fans...The Continued Saga of the TNA Watchers

I used screen capture for this post

As of 11:00 am on this Tuesday Oct 19th 2010 morning,  there are 116 comments on the TNA page of the Spike website, and the last 13 of those are from angry fans. 
The last one, talking about messaging sponsors and telling them to remove their ads is actually funny.  And I thought I was disgusted with the way things were going on TNA. 
Keeping track of the fans is almost more entertaining then watching the show.  Almost.

Speaking about keeping track of things, the last Spike blog post the MotorCityMachine Guns!  did (Ups and Downs of Entertainment) has 6,421 hits.  Just to the one blog post.  
We're looking for another posting Mr. Shelley and Mr. Sabin.  It's been a month, has something gone horribly wrong?
Do I need to beg? Cry? Cause you know I am not above doing that. Grovel, bribe even.

I just want to know that nothing horrible has happened.

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 19 (repost)

Originally posted on my old vampire blog Alucard's Rose

The actors of Ken Russell's Gothic

I have to admit, this started out as a post on Natasha Richardson, (1963-2009) but I have not seen enough of her films to do it justice.

I however loved her as Mary Shelley in Gothic. Which was infact her first film.

This film has been the major launch pad for most of it's actors, many of them have continued on in the Horror/Thriller/Sci-fi genres. The main cast runs like this:

Natasha Richardson .....Mary Shelley
Gabriel Byrne......Lord Byron
Julian Sands.........Percy Shelley
Timothy Spall......Dr. Polidori
Myriam Cyr.........Claire Clairmont

Myriam Cyr who played the character of Mary Shelley's sister, went on to be in a few other Frankenstein productions, but is more known for her small role in I Shot Andy Warhol as one of the members of Andy's Factory. (Her sister Isabelle Cyr has played a vampire in the two Karmina films as well as on the tv show the Hunger)

Timothy Spall most recently can be seen in the Harry Potter films. His role of the inspector in Immortality the Wisdome of Crocodiles oppisite Jude Law earned him international reviews. But for fans of the Frankenstein story, he can be seen in the opening of The Bride as the Igor character.

Julian Sands is most famous for his two times as Warlock. The actor has played every type of classic horror creature from a witch, to a vampire to a werewolf. (Witch Hunt, Tale of the Vampire, Werewolf Hunter: The Legend of Romasanta) Two of his creepiest characters I feel were his roles in Naked Lunch and the television series Blood Ties.

Gabriel Byrne played first the prist in Stigmata and then the devil in End of Days both released in 1999. Two roles that set him as a horror star.

Natasha Richardson made a few appearences on Tales from the Crypt. The few films I have seen her in were drama/comedy roles. Chelsea Walls, Made in Manhattan, and Evening.

Monday, October 18, 2010

TNA Reaction for Oct 14th 2010

           Only 4 days late, but who's counting... oh wait the fans are who watch it on the Spike website. 
                  (yes, I have my snotty-bitch hat on right now, do not take it personal my Spudguns)

We open with the RVD vs Mr. Anderson match that was started on the tail end of that night's Impact. Hardy came out and used RVD as a weapon on the shoulder of Mr. Anderson.  Either that was the real deal or Anderson has become a better actor.

Cut to camera two, we see Pope talking about how the dren bucket is overflowing now that the take over has happened. 

Cut to camera three, Jeff Jarrett saying no one is going to judge him for what he's doing... MEMO: the fans are judging you, in case you haven't been reading the comments on the internet... as a storyline this is boring, and if it's semi-real life then it's in poor taste doing it as a storyline.

Cut to camera four, A.J. Styles and the rest of Fortune talking about how they joined up with the douchbags... I mean Immortals...

Cut to camera five, RVD talking about how he feels on the betrayal by Hardy.  I keep my circle to a minimum of just the people who read this blog

Cut to camera six, Mr. Anderson's reaction (all puns intended) to getting his arm mangled.

And then there was a "coming up next" for Jay Lethal saying after the commercial, but the show ended without the Jay Lethal segment... EDITING CREW  did you freal up?

This week's episode of Reaction gets a D-

Monday Oct 18th 2010

Why is it no matter where I have been, no matter what it was that needed to be done, whenever I come home I want to fall to the floor crying or screaming? 
There is something wrong with my apartment.  Honestly, isn't your home suppose to be a place to relax and feel good? 
The second I enter the door to the building here I feel as if I'm walking through mud or jelly or something. Like an invisible gremlin has climbed on my shoulders and is weighing me down.

I have been spending more time at my mother's the last few weeks just simply because I do not want to feel like this.  I'm good everywhere else, but my own apartment. 

There has to be a name for that. 

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 18 (repost)

 Originally posted on my old vampire blog Alucard's Rose

Plot: a priest is infected with a virus while in a secret lab. He is pronounced dead, but somehow survives. Returning home, he's viewed as a Saint and starts to "heal" the members of the neighbourhood. One of them is his long time friend. He ends up moving in with his friend's family and starting an affair with the wife. Soon murder, manipulation and a deadly thirst become his nightly routine.

I was very interested in this film as it created alot of talk in the horror sites/groups I have been part of. I have to say first off, this is a subtitled film, and it seems to not have a firm grasp on it's own genre. With out right laugh out loud scenes, buckets of blood, and heavy dialog it's not your typical vampire film.
You're brought on a journey between a vampire who is depressed about his nature and a woman who sees no other way to be. The tone is dark and disturbing in the same vein that Interview with the Vampire was, keeping you in mind of Louis and Claudia.
It did pull from some folklore with the crossing of vampire with ghosts but plays more like an episode of Twin Peaks. And running nearly 2 and a half hours it is a bit long to sit through.
If you're looking for an action film, you will not find it here.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dear TNA Fans...

Stand up and be counted!

*Waves at the Spudguns* 
I've been reading the comments you are all leaving on the Spike website.  As I've said in the past, I think fellow fans are the only ones reading the comments.
I said a year ago on my old blog (on 3 old blogs actually, Andrew and the Aluminumsidings, Another Freak in the Freakdom and BlindTag) that having Hogan/Bishoff/Hardy was a bad bad bad idea.

I've never been a fan of those three ever.    So Now, we're stuck with crappy storylines, old goatlicks getting all the shine, and our favourites- the wrestlers who we were/are fans of/loyal to nearly never on air.

Everyone is threatening to just stop watching.  Will that do anything if they loose ratings?  Maybe; maybe not.
Will screaming at the top of our internet lungs do anything?  Hasn't worked in the last year has it.
Will talking Non-stop (pun intended) about the guys we do care about and want to see on air help... it's our best bet.

I've said this before, but I checked into TNA five years ago when it made it's television debut on Spike cause I wanted to see if there was anything fresh and new.  There was. The X-Division, real wrestling.  I continued watching cause of Alex Shelley  (yes I know; I read the Spike blog post you did {Life After Summer} when you said you hate it when I say things like that but it's the truth)  if I wanted to watch the old goatlicks and bad tired storylines, I would not have become a TNA fan, I would have mindlessly stayed watching the other company.  Seriously, now I am having trouble telling one company from the other.

So my TNA Spudguns, I say, we just blog/twitter/facebook/myspace etc  about the guys we want to see on air every week on Impact.

Love Ardeth Blood

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 17

The Secret Window

Plot: Mort is a writer who's life just fell apart. His wife has divorced him and now he's being stalked by a guy who claims he ripped off one of his stories.  Soon strange things start to happen, his dog ends up butchered, his house set fire too and the people around him begin to get killed.  Mort's on the edge and there seems to be a secret in the garden.

Johnny Depp plays the lead in this Stephen King story.  We see the story through the eyes of a character who has nothing left to live for but his word; and even that has started to become doubtful. Shot in dream sequences and flashbacks, you're never too sure what the truth is until the very end.
Stephen King is no stranger to the theme of the isolated writer goes mad, as he did this in The Shining and The Dark Half as well.
It's a film about trust/lies (lies we tell ourselves) and sub-plotted by addiction.  I've always been one for stories that lend themselves to madness and nightmares then splatter films, even with the amount of gore in it, Secret Window is able to keep the disturbia firmly in the front.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What is your role in my life?

I am currently reading "Save the Assistants"  for review.  And it's got me thinking about things.
The top thing being, the novel I wrote in 2002 is more then out dated as far as office slang goes and if I were to ever dust it off and do a new draft I'd have alot of updated dictionary research to do.
Another is my own past jobs.  Like so many people on the planet, my first paying job was as a babysitter.

Looking back on it now, if I were to label it; it would be more in the lines of assistant.  As the dude I babysat for was a mess to the highest degree.  I quit more times then I can count over the 8 years (yes 8 years babysitting the same kids. The oldest was starting high school when I finally stopped) because I was being misused. 
Babysitters are expected to be mini moms- nannies right, feeding the kids, picking them up from school, making sure they take a bath, and putting them to bed. 
More then I can count, I ended up doing laundry, answering phone calls because they did not have an answering machine and having to deal with the dad's drunken friends and psycho girlfriend, pick the kids up from school, play therapist to the oldest kids' panic attacks and insistingly call everyone of the bars then everyone of her dads' contacts in his phone book cause she always wanted to know he was safe. Track down the youngest because he would sneak out of the basement window after I put him to bed, spend time taking the rest of the neighbourhood kids back to their places cause somehow everytime I was to babysit the entire street would decide to let their kids stay the night. I got paid $20 bucks a night flat rate no matter if I was there for two hours or nine.  And there were nights when I would show up to babysit at 7pm and not get to leave til 7am. Everytime I quit and swore I'd never go back there the kids would call me cause they did not want anyone else to look after them and I would go back cause of guilt.

My next job, and I never got paid for this at all, was working for my dad's companies.  Yes, companies. My dad in the course of four years started up a) a cleaning company, b) a security company, c) a delivery company, d) a second delivery company.
I did everything from answer phones, take the orders, help on deliveries, call the drivers/employees (and this was long before cell phones were the thing we're talking if you had a beeper you were high style) sort the deliveries, filing, typing up request forms, and of course the biggest, run to the bar to locate my dad and the drivers cause everyone would turn their beepers off and just go drinking. 

In high school, I worked at an Elementary School as the sole librarian. This was for an intern credit for Grade 12.  Dealt with all the crap you would expect a school teacher's assistant to have to deal with. Again, a non paying job.

In college, I worked at one of our local television stations as an intern. No pay, just hours of working on editing, covering city council meetings/school board meetings as a camera person, answered phones for call-in shows, hosted my own little late night horror fest, packed and unpacked the equipment for the news team, filed/photocopied, answered phones for the main office, worked lighting, and of course, picked up donuts/meals and made coffee.  I actually loved that job.

Second time I worked at the library, this time for the city,  I did get paid. Minimum wage which back then was like $8 an hour. I worked in both the office and the children's department.  Did everything from clean up vomit, to restocking the shelves, to filing and photocopying, to painting scenery for storytime. The secretary I worked for in the office was a doll and it made working in the office 2 days a week heaven. It was doing the worst of the grunt work in the children's department for the head librarian of that department that killed me. 

The big 4 year job I worked... volunteered actually; was for the flower delivery company.  If ever there was a hellbeast boss She was it. 
That job, I answered phones, sorted the deliveries, did some of the deliveries, found the places on maps and figured which were the shorted routes, called people to see if they were going to be home, made sure we always had a stack of doorhangers that said we'd been there if the person was out, dealt with customers who called freaking out if they missed their delivery, dealt with the two main flower companies we worked for. All this from the passenger side of the flower van. Yes you read right, we were mobile from 7am to7pm.
And the hellbeast part, the lady who I worked as an assistant for, was a high strung panic-manic who freaked out over a hangnail. She only knew two routes to get anywhere, the two main streets in town and if you tried to tell her about the side streets that would get you there sooner she yelled at you. If we were sitting in line at the lights for more then ten seconds she would roll down her window and yell at the rest of the line up. If she took a sharp curve and something tipped in the back of the van she yelled at you.
Why did I stay at it for 4 years if it was evil. Because she was a friend of my mom's. I was doing deliveries on that job when my car accident happened.  Ironically, that accident was the best thing to happen to my life.

So I've been an assistant more then I even realized. I've always classed myself as just a secretary; who knew I was more management material then I gave myself credit for. 
Hey, I don't call myself Renfield for nothing you know.

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 16 (repost)

Originally posted on my old vampire blog Alucard's Rose

Live Evil

Plot: The world has gotten so polluted that the vampires are starved. Different breeds of vampires have not only started to turn on each other, they have sectioned off whole cities of the few fresh blood left and employ a blood pusher. One man knows about them and has made his life's work destroying them. At the death site of each vampire he's destroyed he's left his calling card, literally. Now he's tracked a small group of vampires to the heart of L.A. and this time it's personal.

Let me just say right off Tim Thomerson!
How can you go wrong with Tim Thomerson as your lead, well you just can't. The idea of this film is solid, and the fact they brought in a few different types of vampires made for an interesting dynamic with the level of emotion for each breed.
There are times when you are rooting for Benedict (like when he and his group are arrested by the other vamps or when he sees the goth girl poison the human) and times you are rooting for Priest.
This film made me think very fondly of Thomerson's other vampire films Trancers series (yes the debate over if Trancers are zombies or vampires will continue) and Near Dark.
This movie also reminded me very much of a book I read back nearly 20 years ago called Vampire Winter (radiation after the 3rd world war has poisoned humans making them mostly unsafe for vampires to feed from)

Keep your coffins crossed that there might be a sequel in the works.

TNA Reaction for Oct 7th 2010

Only a week late but hey, it's up and just maybe we'll see this week's before next week this time on the Spike website. 

We pick up in the middle of the battle royal. {First half run down here} And Alex Shelley got tossed by Abyss (well that's what you get Mr. Shelley for trying to do sliced bread during a battle royal...toasted)
Samoa Joe was tossed by Abyss.
Robert Roode was tossed by Abyss
James Storm was tossed by Abyss
Tommy Dreamer was tossed by Abyss
A.J. Styles was tossed by Abyss
Hardy was tossed by Abyss
RVD joined the battle royal as the last man in then was tossed by Abyss sort of... RVD went running at him and Abyss ducked sending RVD flying -Abyss then was sort of eliminated by RVD as that was all happening, as they both were a tangle of bodies
Mr. Anderson was tossed by Kurt Angle - Angle wins.

We cut to camera 2 and Tommy Dreamer shows us his broken wrist... dude!  I did not need to see that (I'm going to have nightmare flashbacks of my own broken parts all night now)

Cut to camera 3 which is footage of Hogan getting surgery.  This episode is a living nightmare for me.

Cut to camera 4 which is Kurt Angle talking about having just won the battle royal. Then he confronted Mr. Anderson. 

Well, I hate to admit it, but Reaction has gotten better over the last few weeks. I did not think it would even last this long when it first started few months ago, but it's gotten to a decent level. 

My big complaint has more to do with the stability of the video on the website. It tends to stall alot and crash the whole site on me.  I know I'm not the only one who is having issues trying to watch the shows on the Spike website. But there are so many of us who can only see the show on the Spike site.
I understand having the last match of Impact carry over to Reaction, keeps people watching. But, once again, for those of us who do not have any other means of seeing the shows, it's a pain in the arse to have to wait sometimes all week between seeing Impact and seeing Reaction.  So editing crew/website person  please please be faster with the uploads every week.

The Live Reaction gets a C+ 

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Oct 14th 2010

I still have not seen last week's Reaction, as it's still not up on the Spike website.

We open with the results of the "They"  and it's just Bishoff and that old goatlick. I think if they had taken my suggestion and gone with JCW or Freddy Krueger it would have been better. I mean imagine all the nightmare like stuff they could have done with a storyline like that... to music too. (anyone else feel like listening to ICP's Let's Go All The Way?)

You put the belt on that piece of crud?
I want the belt on A.J. Styles damn it!
Wow Dixie said sh*t on air.  Nice.

Are we watching wrestling or gang wars?  Angle's skull looked like it was crushed in when he got sent into the wall.  It's these episodes where script bleeds into real that I have a hard time swallowing.

Finally, a match... Abyss vs Samoa Joe
Abyss took a swing at Joe but missed, Joe coming right back at him with a series of slugs, backing Abyss into the corner. Abyss surprised him with a high knee to the jaw, then sent Joe into the corner himself. Abyss charged at him, but Joe moved out of the way, giving Abyss a kick to the skull rocking him. Joe then with a few boots to the neck and face of Abyss before bouncing off the ropes with yet another kick to the face of Abyss.  Abyss fell to the mat and Joe delivered a senton  backsplash. Joe followed it up with another series of punches but Abyss fought out of it with a simple choke slam. Abyss then got out of the ring to grab a chair, which gave Joe enough time to get a running start for a suicide dive.  Abyss then picked up the timekeepers bell and slapped Joe with it.  This was thrown out as a dq.
Oh Samoa Joe has a bloody towel... could we be seeing yet another old storyline about to be repeated...

Why the frealing hoofers are we seeing Hardy doing his impression of Raven?  If we're going to do the Raven thing, can't Raven just do the Raven thing?

Pope vs Fortune.  Um yeah that's little more then a handi capper don't you think?   Douglas Williams took the start point, with a collar tie up on Pope.  Pope ended up in the corner, Williams going for a punch but was blocked, Pope delivering one himself. He fought Williams out of the corner and into the middle of the ring where Williams turned it around with a high knee. Williams then with an upper cut before going off the ropes with a shoulder block sending Pope to the mat. Pope back to his feet and delivered a flying cross body to Williams then a series of elbows to the skull of Williams. Pope went for a cover but did not even get a one count.  Kaz tagged in to be greeted by a large overhead body drop.  Pope then followed up with an inverted atomic drop, then went off the ropes with a flying forearm knocking Kaz over. A.J. Styles tagged in.  Styles walked right into a kick to the gut and a hard chop, letting Pope set him up for his smooth slide. Pope then got attacked outside the ring by Matt Morgan the evil druid and Flair. They rolled him back into the ring, letting Styles go for a cover but Styles wasn't ready. Robert Roode then tagged in with a kick to Pope's side. Roode then planted Pope facefirst into the top turnbuckle, continuing to deliver chops. Pope fought out with a few forearms but was taken to his knees by one high placed knee from Roode. James Storm tagged in for a double team suplex on him. Storm then with one solid opened palm to the face of Pope. Kaz tagged back in, setting Pope up for a springboard drop kick. Kaz went for a cover but only got a two count. Kaz then sent Pope into the corner, but Pope turned it around slapping each member of Fortune with forearms knocking most of them off the apron. Kaz broke it up with a rake to the eyes. Styles was going for a cheat shot springboard, but Pope moved. Styles then went for his paylay but missed and got Kaz instead. Pope went for a roll up on Kaz but only got a two count. BMI came in with a double team move giving Kaz a chance to get the cover for a win.

Last match Mr. Anderson vs RVD.  Main event equals half on Impact half on Reaction. 

So at the time of this posting, I am still waiting for Reaction from last week (the Oct 7th 2010 episode) to be posted on the Spike website.
Where the hell were the MMG?  You aired a pointless skit with the Shore and did not even have a promo for MMG. 

The Magpies were singing

I need to start having my vidcam powered up more, cause I missed the Magpies singing this morning.
You think I am joking, I'm not. 

Magpies, like Parrots can (and Hyenas) can mimic sounds of other animals/birds and humans.  At first, I thought it was just someone walking past the building this morning whistling but it continued on for about five minutes.  When I went to see who was hanging around outside my kitchen window, there was no one, but the sound continued.  I looked over to the covering we have over the front door of the building which about a foot from my window and there was a row of magpies, I'd say close to seven of them, all making the whistling sound.  It was an actual song though they were doing. 
Like elevator music version of Hit Me Baby One More Time  So why did I not get this on tape you are wondering,  I moved the curtains and opened the window a bit more then it was and they flew away.

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 15


A 1990 film from horror master Clive Barker, based on his novel Cabal.

Plot: Boone is having nightmares. They seem to get worse instead of better as he continues to seek help from a shrink. The nightmares are of gruesome murders that are happening in the area, only thing is, no one's got the details the way Boone does. Is it possible Boone is doing these murders and blocking it out? Afraid and frantic, he goes on the run, only to find himself in Midian, a land between the core of the earth and a cemetery. After being in a fight with Peloquin and getting bitten, Boone soon has nowhere else to turn, and finds himself the center of a prophecy.

Critics hated it but that did not stop it from becoming a cult classic.
Demons, vampires, witches, shapeshifters and psycho killers; this film has it all.  There are two versions of this film, the original 1990 release and the anniversary extended director's cut edition. I've only seen the original theatrical edition of this, which is about 40minutes shorter then the re-edited one.  From what I've come to understand about the difference is a whole plot addition which is said to clear up a few characters and their roles in the film.

There are a lot of religious elements within the main plot of Nightbreed, and you're never completely sure who's totally pulling the strings.  It 's never really clear if Clive Barker was approving certain religious aspects or not. The menace comes from not just the violence of the serial killer, but from the lack of understanding by the hunters. There is a line in the film that says people hunt and destroy what they fear and don't understand.
This movie's core issue is tolerance. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ask-Ardeth: October 14th

I got a double whammy from someone this time around. Oh I think I am moving up in the world.

Time to dig into the fang mail for another batch of emails from beyond the grave.
Welcome to an overdue issue of "Ask Ardeth" Where anything that can be thought of to ask will be answered by my horror film Heavy Metal Goddess alter ego Ardeth Blood.

 Dear Ardeth:

I want to know why women are so evil? I've been wanting to know what you would do if you found out one of the wrestlers you have said you don't like were to LIKE you? What would you do if you found out a wrestler reads you all the time and likes you that you don't really like?

Signed Patrick W. in Ohio

Dear Patrick W. in Ohio:

 We're evil for survival. That's the honest answer. There is a reason it's called a cat fight when two women start to argue. It was once said to me jokingly by a guy that women all secretly hate each other. My answer was "it's not secret. All straight women hate each other."  Same thing for being nasty to men. Jealousy.  Wither we're jealous of another woman or if we're actually jealous of the man himself, it's a survival tactic. Hurt you before you hurt us. I've done this myself -sabotaging a recent possible something with a guy. I was evil towards a man out of fear. Fear of his success actually, fear that I wasn't worthy of his notice. Many women, once they realize they have a guy's attention will get comfortable with the control position and push it too far making the guy feel less then worthy and cause him to lash out in evilness towards them. It's fear mostly that causes this. In some women, it's just plan old being spoiled. They are used to getting what they want when they want it and have no care for who they have to destroy to get/keep what they want.
As far as finding out if a wrestler whom I have said I don't care for liking me, it's more then possible. I have no idea who all reads me. That's something I actually like about the internet. Everyone is equal wither they be celebrity or no-name brand.  The internet breaks down the barrier between people, putting us all on the same level. My Spudguns are my Spudguns no matter what they do for a living or whom they hang with. It would be nice to know sometimes though who in the companies do in fact read me (besides my favourite Spudgun). (I have no idea who it is in WWE who does but I've heard myself be quoted on NXT season 2 so I know someone does)  What would I do if a wrestler ever decided to cross the barrier from fan to friend; that I do not know the answer to. (which is a first as I always have an answer/opinion for everything)

 That's all the time we have for this one, come back around and see what other gobs of wisdom Ardeth Blood will dish out and serve to her fiends.

You can email Ask Ardeth at