Saturday, May 1, 2010

Smackdown Results for April 30th 2010

This is the first episode after the yearly draft.
We open with Kofi Kingston vs Jericho. Jericho started it off with a kick to the guts of Kofi, getting him into the corner. Kofi battled back with a boot to the face of Jericho sending him stumbling. Jericho countered with a running powerbomb out of the corner slamming Kofi hard onto the mat. Jericho used a baseball slide to knock Kofi out of the ring, before going out and tossing Kofi back in. He then got him in a submission hold in the middle of the ring. Kofi battled out, with a series of forearms then launched himself at Jericho in the corner but missed getting nothing but a face full of steal post. Jericho took the advantage and tried for a cover but only got a two count. Jericho then used the second rope for a choke hold. He went back to working on the neck of Kofi with another choke hold before sending Kofi into the corner. Kofi tried to battle out with a crossbody but only got a near fall. He then used a series of chops to the chest and throat of Jericho knocking him to the mat. Jericho was going for the walls of Jericho but Kofi countered with a small package. Again, only a near fall. Jericho in desperation used a drop kick, Kofi tried to use his trouble in paradise but Jericho did slap the walls of Jericho on. Kofi got to the rope and broke the hold, before landing a drop kick on Jericho. Jericho answered with a codebreaker, which knocked Kofi out of the ring. Jericho had to roll Kofi back in, which was just enough time to regroup. Jericho went back to kicking Kofi, but Kofi answered with his trademark Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Chavo Guerrero vs Kane. Or you know not as Kane just choked slammed him and grabbed the microphone.

John Morrison vs Cody Rhodes. Morrison started with an attack on the leg of Rhodes, but Rhodes managed to get to the ropes to break the hold. Rhodes then pushed Morrison, and Morrison returned the favour with a hard forearm to the jaw. Rhodes went down to the mat, using a drop leg hold on Morrison, then going for a side headlock. Morrison powered out, sending Rhodes back into the corner. Rhodes got the advantage with a series of kicks causing Morrison to land on his rear. Rhodes continued to stomp on Morrison but Morrison powered back with a series of kicks and forearms of his own. Morrison followed through with the flying scissors kick before a standing shooting star press. Only a two count. Rhodes went out of the ring but Morrison trailed him with a hard double axehandle to the back. Rhodes went face first into the floor. Morrison then tossed him into the rails but blocked Morrison before he could slam him into the ring apron. Rhodes then used the steps for a spring board kick knocking Morrison down. Back in the ring, and Rhodes had Morrison in a submission move. Morrison fought out, using a shoulder roll to toss Rhodes across the ring. Rhodes answered with a drop kick. Only got a near fall. He followed with a hard front slam-suplex, and a drop knee. Rhodes slapped on another choke hold submission move, which Morrison battled out of. Rhodes then started to work on the neck and shoulder of Morrison with a series of elbows before going for another knee drop. Morrison with a few upper cuts, tossing Rhodes into the corner, Rhodes answered with a hard back elbow rocking Morrison. Rhodes then went for a moonsault from the top rope, knocking Morrison down hard. Only a two count. Rhodes used a hard slam, then went for another knee but Morrison rolled out of the way. Morrison used a drop kick, but both men were down. Morrison back with a round of punches and a flying shoulder block. Morrison went for a roll up but only got a two count. He followed it with a springboard kick, but only got him a near fall. Rhodes was going for his trademark crossroads but it did not do the job as Morrison countered with a flapjack. Rhodes used the alabama slam but it only got him a two count. Morrison then used a running knee but only got a two count because Rhodes grabbed the ropes. Rhodes answered with a jawbreaker stunning Morrison. Morrison used an overhead paylay but Rhodes managed to land a crossroads for the win.

Divas match. ... I don't care.

Tag team... Punk/Gallows vs Mysterio/MVP. Gallows and MVP started it off with a collar tie up. Gallows then delivered a boot to the gut of MVP. Sending MVP from one side of the ring to the other, but MVP leapfrogged over Gallows then landed a forearm to the face of Gallows before tagging in Mysterio. They double teamed on Gallows with Mysterio going for a cover but only getting a two count. They then traded blows for a moment before Gallows used a boot on Mysterio, only getting a two count. Punk tagged in. He went straight for a series of punches before choking Mysterio on the ropes. Punk followed up with a side slam and a series of leg drops. He then slapped on a choke hold figure four. Mysterio battled out, getting caught in the corner. Gallows tagged back in, they doubled teamed him then. Gallows going for a cover but only a near fall. Gallows then stepping on Mysterio's neck. Punk tagged back in. Working now on the back of Mysterio. Mysterio fought with back elbows, trying to get a tag but was cut off. Punk with a series of knees to the midsection of Mysterio before Mysterio used a DDT. Both MVP and Gallows tagged in. MVP had the advantage with a large hiptoss on Gallows. He followed up with a short clothesline then a modified codebreaker and his ballin. Both Punk and Mysterio ran in, a 619 and a 305 on Gallows, with MVP getting the win.