Friday, December 13, 2019

Dec 13th Friday 2019

Spudguns!, it's been a bit. I have to admit, I've gotten really bad at keeping up with pretty much everything.

So, in the last few months, I've been working on...basically not much. Did my little Hallowe'en comedy thing for my facebook and youtube. Trying to get back into the creative swing. The writer's block this past year has been brutal. I mean, empty dry moths flying in my zombie eaten brain brutal.  

I'm currently watching a movie that I have zero interest in and really don't care for the lead actors. Then why am I watching it, you are probably saying. Well, because for some crazy cosmic reason, in the last few days the movie has popped up in more than four conversations. So, thought it was time to check it out.  Fight Club  by the way.  So, you know that's enough of a sign that I tracked down a copy.

Can you believe my lovely Spudguns!, that we are only a few weeks away from not only a new month and year, but decade!  Dude! Time flies doesn't it? Hard to believe we're heading into 2020. When  you look back at movies and such, the idea of 2020 was so far far into the distant future, that it had predicted we'd be in hovercrafts and living on the moon.   I was commenting the other day that I've first started blogging back in late 2002 when it was still a totally new idea, and creating videos since 2006.  I can't wrap my mind around the fact life has been lived online for the last decade and a half. Blows my tubes it does.  

Okay, with that said, I will try to return before the clock strikes 2020.  Oh, right, it's the last Friday the 13th of the decade...Happy Friday the 13th.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Thursday July 11 2019

Nothing like stating the obvious eh?  

Spudguns!, it's 6:30pm EST where I am as I write this, and we are 112 days till Hallowe'en. Righty-ho, Righty-ho.   And I'm about to loose my bloody mind.

Mercury went retro few days ago on the 7th of July and will be that way until the 31st of July 2019.  And man-o-man, have I been feeling the pain of it.  For those of you who do not follow Astrology,  roughly 4 times a year, the planet Mercury turns retrograde for a few weeks. When this happens, travel issues happen, accidents happen more often, communications get mucked up, and all kinds of electronic issues happen.  More people end up having to either take their computers into the shop or get new ones, as well as their vehicles.  Just to name a few things Mercury controls.

Anyways, if you've been keeping up with my facebook page (here) then you see I've been doing the daily Hallowe'en countdown. With that said, I have a milestone I'm trying to hit before Hallowe'en. No, I'm not going to tell you what that is, cause that would make me look like I'm begging. And I can't possibly do that now can I?   Can I ? Like seriously, is it okay to beg online now? 

Okay, I don't have much to say today, just sort of felt the need to come in and drop a yammer down. 

Sunday, May 26, 2019

May 26th 2019

On May 26th 1897 the novel Dracula was published.  122 years ago.  I can't imagine what my life would look like if that novel had never been released? 

The beginning of the month, I looked at the calendar and saw today would be the last Sunday of the month. For me, that has meant book club day for the last few years. The selection had been another vampire novel, Queen of the Damned.  Few days ago on May 23rd, it was National Goth Day.  A day I had quietly observed but hadn't prepared anything for.  I just sort of let it slip past me, not contributing anything online for it. I've never considered myself a "goth" in any modern pop-culture sense of the word, though other people in my life continue to drop me into that label box.  With my love for all things vampires, it's easy to understand why.

As I was just flipping through Instagram and facebook pages that people were posting to celebrate all things Dracula, I was thinking would we have the kind of sub-genre pop-culture goth if it wasn't for that book?  I can't say we would.

Granted, other such gothic novels that came out around the same time have gathered their own fans; but nothing has come close to what Dracula has created. Okay, Frankenstein would be the next runner up, but still. There's just something about the world Bram Stoker created all those years ago.

When you look at other vampire stories like Sheridan Le Fanu's Carmilla, or John Polidori's The Vampyre, you just don't get the same reaction as you do with Dracula. As beautifully haunting and romantically tragic as they are, they just lack a bit of something.  As I said, I can't imagine what my life would be like if Dracula had never been published? The movies I grew up watching that coloured my world such as Lost Boys, Monster Squad, Near Dark, reading Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned as a teenager in the late 1980's. If Dracula hadn't of been published when it was, it's pretty safe to say those wouldn't have stood a chance. Or even been thought of.

I am sitting here now thinking I should say something witty and punny, some quote from a vampire film but I can't choose just one.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

April 27th 2019

Spudguns! how's it going?  So much for my blogging every week. I have no idea where the month has gone, but it's flown by.

We are sitting at 187 Days till Hallowe'en.  Sadly, as of late, that Hallowe'en countdown I do every day, is about the only thing that separates the days for me. Everything blends too much into each other lately.  And of course, things break down. The world seems to be breaking down all around us in one big swoop. Getting ready no doubt, to rebuild itself into something new.

Eventually, that has to happen. It's why society goes bonkers for all these zombie/post apocalyptic movies. A safe reminder that in order to have rebirth, first there must be death and destruction.   Makes me a little queasy but that's just me.

I was having a conversation about this earlier this week with a friend of mine. We were talking about how the planet Uranus has just shifted from one zodiac to the other. It's interesting because it's one of the larger planets that spends nearly a full decade in each zodiac. Trust me, it's a long story when you get into stuff like that, but massive worldwide changes are the point of the plot.

It's the little nit-picky day to day stuff that does me in. Does most people in actually. Otherwise, we wouldn't have the saying straw that broke the camel's back. 

Anyways, that's about it for my zombied brains today.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

A random Thursday

Spudguns!, we are 210 Days till Hallowe'en. 

I sit here more and more staring at my social media pages feeling the pressure to add stuff to them. Isn't that the craziest feeling? That strange expectedness to keep producing candyfloss. That ever turning surface noise we've gotten used to. Well, I blame the audience. Oh yeah man, righty-ho righty-ho. If my generation was the white-noise television generation, than this new desire for constant social media flabbering is more than just the next step in the greedy love me generation. It's like here's the cliff  my lemmings jump.

You know I'm right. You hate to admit when I'm right, but I know you know that I know I'm right.

Sadly, as I just confessed, I'm far from immune to the social media fill me up phase of things. I'm just spent out man. Totally drained of love and emotion from the lingering talons of the media machine. That crazy followers count that screams how many people are willing to worship at your stone cold feet. I don't think I can handle watching it spit and sputter in the degrees it does like it's lapdog of despair.

Last year, it became all about trying and failing horribly for me, to make a series of posts, videos etc that connected into something. My facebook page had some mild success with keeping my own interest, therefore making some sense. But everything else suffered under the weight of it. This year, as I return to blogging, the only thing I've been able to put my mind into is the daily Hallowe'en countdown. And I'm not even doing that in the style my readers expect.

That's where my mind's at today.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

That Tuesday Post

Spudguns!, we are 219 Days till Hallowe'en. Seems like such a small number doesn't it? When  it's still seven months off.

Speaking of numbers, so last week I had a birthday. I got nothing. I had gotten up that morning with one thing on my mind. Going to the party stores in town. I wanted a balloon. Or a card, or something with my age on it. What I found was a whole lot of nothing. I don't know about where you are, but here, you had every age until you hit "30" then it was just in tens. My age was glossed over like it didn't exist.  Great, like I wasn't feeling bad enough about this birthday as it was.
I've never had an issue before spouting off my age, or my height or weight for that matter. But this time, I had moments where I would just think about it and the number would get caught in my throat. My throat got dry like I'd breathed in hairspray and I would feel nearly ill.

I think it's because at this age, I still haven't achieved my real goals. I look around and see everyone else having long since met theirs.  They say dreams have no expiration date, but I'm finding it harder and harder to believe.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

It must be a Thursday

Spudguns!, how's you? Good to hear.

So this angry guy freaked out on me. You know how I used to call myself  "the queen of your evil dreams". Well, ends up some dude found that offensive because I'm a girl. Yeah, I know right. 

I had this guy following me on twitter for a bit, and he started to follow me on instagram. That's when he got upset and messaged me telling me I can't use the term "queen" because I'm not a drag queen. And I'm thinking to myself, I haven't actually used that catchphrase in a few years. I know I still have it attached to my twitter, but I've been "the ghoul next door" for years now.

Odd, what will set people off though eh? So yeah that made for an interesting morning.

And then the construction started. They are building an elevator in my building after a billion years of not having one. The building is going to be hell for the next few months. I thought they were going to drill right through my living room wall at one point this morning.

We are 224 Days till Hallowe'en

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Mercury rears it's head once more

Spudguns!, we are 226 days till Hallowe'en. And good old Mercury is in retrograde this month. It turned on us on the 5th of March and will stay there until the 28th.

You know what that means. For those that don't  electronic/computer issues, accidents, travel delays, communication screw ups and general frustrations because of these.

Anyone doing tarot readings, the Tower is probably turning up like mad this month too. Most likely you're seeing the same sort of theme in all your readings no matter who you're doing readings for. Yeah, I feel your pain man.

I'm actually finding the Hermit card has been plaguing me the last week. Every reading no matter what deck I use, there he is.  The Hermit is a card about doorways, thresholds and finding that unknown truth. It's like that old saying, there are three sides to every story; yours mine and the truth.  The Hermit is that guy.

Okay dude, I am trying to get back into a more normal flow of blogging, and sometimes a babble is just what is needed.

kiss kiss noise.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Dorkdom never ends

Spudguns!, it's a Monday, or as I've been calling them on facebook Moan-Day, we are 227 days till Hallowe'en, and I feel fine.

Total lie, feel lost. I have a major birthday this week and I feel like there is this giant pressure to complete things I just haven't done yet. Mid-life crisis at it's best eh?  And for the first time in my life, I can honestly say I don't have any friends.

Nope, not a one. Can't even say at the moment that I have any casual acquaintances. I mean man, there are over a hundred people living in my building, and I haven't gotten to know anyone in the almost five years I've been living here. Dude, even I know that's messed up.

I just find myself the older I get, the less I can connect to people. Actually, the less I want to connect to people.

I watched the movie Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society the other day, and all I could think was that was a cool idea. The whole thing from the get together bits to the letter to the well...I got longing for when things were sort of like that. Total nostalgia for just twenty-five years ago even.  I actually had pen pals growing up. This one guy used to send me mixed tapes all the time. I miss that.

Well, that is where my mind is today.