Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sex appeal what makes you melt?

Originally posted on my old blog on April 1st 2010
I used a screen capture for this post

In season 6 of SATC, Carrie is talking about Berger, and what she calls the "zas-zas-zu" that little gesture that makes your stomach flip every time you see your crush.

For me, it's a laugh or smile or smirk. Same simple little gesture but with three different results.
Or one result if you really want to know. Me melting completely.

You've heard me talk on here before about Mr. Shelley's smile/smirk/laugh. And you know I dig comedians. Rik Mayall is one of my all time favourites. But it's not just the movement of the lips, it's the attitude that comes with it. The way a guy's eyes will light up when he's smiling, the little laugh lines that dig into his skin. I've said before about Sheamus having a fabulous smile, which lights up the place. That said, men need to smile more. Specially wrestling Heels.
Maybe it's that smirk all bad boys seem to be able to pull off with just the right amount of sexy abandon, or the innocence that a real smile can add to a guy who normally is the shy quiet one.

The fact that alot of men smile out of nerves when they blush, it adds to the idea that they are all yours. Even when they're not, or for that matter not that innocent.

Which brings me to the smirk. That little sideways smile usually accompanied by a slight nod and light grunt. Always leaves me wondering what's that guy thinking?
Dangerous. Very very dangerous. A properly timed smirk, can be as welcome an invitation as a properly timed kiss. And just the right dash of mystery can send a swoon through me.

I don't know about anyone else, but for me a simple smile and a willingness to laugh is always a turn on.

This was suppose to be a Sex and the City moment but once again I got distracted by a beautiful man.

Life should be about food, laughter and bad camera work always.