Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dec 26th

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Boxing Day. 
Don't spend too much. Or eat too much leftovers.

-Love Ardeth Blood

Friday, December 21, 2012

My favourite TNA moments of 2012

I'm sitting here, having read a few movie blogs talking about their favourite movie moments of 2012, and thinking.  Well, I already gave my movie lists the other day over on my movie blog
and I haven't talked as much this year about TNA like I normally you see where this is going.

This was Austin Aries's year. Without a doubt, he made the biggest impact in TNA. Going from the X-Division to the TNA title was no easy feet. But he made it seem well, seamless. His story was strong at lest for the first half of things, but he always made it seem like he controlled the script. (trust me when you think about that sentence it will make sense)

One of those highlights, was his match at Against All Odds for that X-title against Alex Shelley. I did hate the fact Mr. Shelley lost to Mr. Aries, but that match was killer. One of my all time favourite matches.
Another highlight would be his match against Robert Roode at Destination X  when he won the TNA title.

Another highlight for me, was the return of Chris Sabin.  Even though it was short lived. (How is the knee?) I believe the direction of TNA would have been a different one if Mr. Sabin hadn't been injured the second time. 

The only other highlight was Joey Ryan.  I think he had the best story, the best campaign all around. He made use of snips of time, made excellent use of his indie background and found a way to get heard over, many of the  overexposed guys.  Let's face it, he helped to bring interest back to some of us fans who were fed up with the same dren. The dude has a way with a camera.

I have to admit, this year for me on a personal level was just not good, and I found little that I connected with in general this past year. Wrestling being one of those things.  I saw less ppvs then I had hoped, and with the fact that my only way to see TNA is online, things didn't gel for me much.

Here's to a cool and fabulous 2013.

love Ardeth Blood

Monday, December 17, 2012

After WWE's TLC

Okay, so over on my wrestling blog, I gave my thoughts on what I was hoping would happen at the ppv tonight.
Here is what I thought about the actual ppv, and what I would have changed.

#1- Tag Team match between Rhode Scholars vs SinCara/Mysterio
#2- Cesaro vs R-Truth for the United States Championship
#3- Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship
#4- 6 man Tag Team of Shield vs Ryback/Hell No
#5- Divas match
#6- Sheamus vs Big Show for World Heavyweight Championship
#7- Miz/Del Rio/Brawler vs 3mB
#8- Cena vs Ziggler in Money in Bank match

For starters, I would have arranged it in a different order.  Since they had the Diva's match for number one contender during the pre-show, I would have then either had the actual championship match during it as well, or else opened with it.  (get it... for starters... it's late I'm cranky my humour might not be up to par)

Second... Would have not bothered to have the 3mB segment.  I get that they needed to fill time, but it was badly thought out. They should have just said it was an "impromptu match" or had the 3mB attack everyone in back "before the show" to set up the story for it.  It just felt like it was filler.  Filler should never feel like filler.

Next... This is where I would have put the tag team match for the number one contenders between Rhode Scholars and Mysterio/SinCara.  Not opened with it.   I actually like Rhodes and Sandow as a tag team, it works. I can see these two holding the titles for a year or more once they get them.

Then... I would have gone with the Cesaro vs Truth match.  This one was length wise okay, it was all Cesaro. And I'm glad, as he was my pick for this. But, my comment on R-Truth is that I don't think he's really brought anything new to his matches in almost two years.  It seems to be the same three moves all the time.  Update man, update.

From there... Wade Barrett. Wade Barrett. Wade Barrett.

Next I would have... Stuck the Money in the Bank here. Right here. Would have not bothered with any of the junk recaps of the "affair" and just jumped into the match.

Following that... I would have scheduled the Big Show vs Sheamus match.

Leading into .... I would have put CM Punk's segment here. Which would have smoothly gone into the Shield vs Ryback/Hell No.  Which in my mind should have been the main event. 

The whole flow of TLC felt wrong.  There wasn't a real buzz like I've seen on other pay-per-views. Maybe it's just me, but TLC has always been one of the throw away ppvs.  Let's get back to basics, loose TLC, loose Elimination Chamber, loose Extreme Rules, loose Over the Limit, loose Night of Champions. 
Pair the ppvs down, and give stronger storylines in the remaining pay-per-views.

-love Ardeth Blood

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday morning 16th

I have been seeing around the internet, videos and blog posts about the "Wreck this Journal" book.
It's suppose to be a creative way to let off some steam and find you're inner artist.
I had made up my mind about two months ago, that I wanted one.  Only they were sold out constantly.

Well, guess I was meant to have one of these, because I was given one yesterday as an early x-mas gift from my mom.

Now I can be my destructive self with purpose.  Honestly, I'm hoping it helps to break me out of this writer's block that I seem to have been in for... way way too long.

And after flipping through it, and trying some of the less messy pages, I understand why people are documenting their journey through the journal on videos.  Some of the things are so crazy, no one would believe you actually did them unless they saw it for themselves.

If you haven't seen this journal, youtube it. Search your Bing or Google or what have you, and you'll see what I mean.  

That's the view from the sofa this morning.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday the 14th 2012

It's early.   The fire alarm went off.  It was some drunk dude who pulled it. But, now I'm awake.

Don't you hate when something like that happens and you're woken hours before you intended? But that's life right?

I was sitting here bored now, and my mind started to wander.  Started thinking about language and how we use certain things, and how just by the tone of our voice we can make it mean something sometimes other then what it normally would.
Like the actor who plays Victor Newman on the soap opera Young and the Restless.  He has this way of saying the word "right"  which everyone knows is more of an order or command by him, but says it in a way that is so delicate you would think he was ordering a pizza.

Things you think about at 7:30am

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Saturday before a TNA

Tomorrow is another of the monthly TNA ppvs.
I don't think I'm going to be able to see it, but none the less, let me just say, as always, to everyone who is working on that ppv, be you crew or talent...


I know to some I am like a broken record.  To a few others, I know I am part of the pre-show ritual. That sounded so wrong, but you all know what I mean.


love always Ardeth Blood

Tattoo or not to Tattoo?

I got my first tattoo at age 27. And was 34 before I got the second one.  Both of which take up the length of my left arm from my shoulder to elbow. 
I would have the remainder of the shoulder and upper back done if I had the cash.  But sadly, I'm beyond poor.
I've seen some really great tattoos over the years.  And living in the city I live in,  seen a lot of really bad ones that people have done as home made ones that they regret.

Tattoos are a beautiful way to express something within you, and to honour someone you love.

Yeah, that's not the purpose behind mine.  But, I was thinking about all this today, after seeing a few people commenting on a fan site about stars who get them done then remove them.

Here's the thing, people change.  You're tastes change, your situations change.  Some tattoos are well thought out and really do stand the test of time.  Others are not so well thought out and become painful memories that you can't run away from.  Unless you are willing to stand the pain of removal, which is also extremely costly. Or, as most, have another tattoo done over it, altering it.

That's the other reason I have not gotten more ink done myself yet.  The idea of choosing something that I can live with.  Really live with for the rest of my life.

That's the view from my sofa today

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Let's babble

Dealing with yet more internet issues.  This time, because of an upgrade that seems to have wiped out stuff.

On a lighter note, today is Day 340 on the movie challenge blog.  Only 25 days to go for this first year of one different movie a day for the year challenge.    Does that seem like a mouthful to anyone else?

So, there is a movie post, so to speak, and a quote of the day post. 

Here's hoping that we the internet viewers, actually get tonight's TNA Impact before Sunday, given there is a ppv this weekend.  I'm getting tired of seeing the pre-ppv episode three days after the ppv.  Cause when that happens,  I end up not getting the ppvs.

And I like Austin Aries. He's groovy.   Say it with me now in our best Evil Dead Ash voice..... grroooovvvyyy!

Okay shinny.   I realized something the other day, I've lost my sci-fi language.  Not on purpose. It just sort of fell by the way side in the last year or so, since I've been ... shall we say dealing with the whole knee injury and it's fall out.
There are other reasons I'm sure, but I don't feel like examining my emotional self right now.

What was I saying.... right Mr. Aries.  Love that guy, and the shorts.  What you really expect me to totally behave myself?  Really? Really? Really?....Really?  Not going to happen my lovely Spudguns. 

Alright, as this blog post is getting long for no real reason, I will say it's time for a coffee.

kiss kiss noise

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Return, Again, of the Book Dork is In

On my reading pile right now, is  Straight up and DirtyAmerican Psycho, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (yeah I never finished it) Don Quixote (that could take a few years)  The Jokes Over.    And those are just the ones sitting beside me on the floor.  I've got another stack in the other room which I'm too lazy to check.
These are also ones I started to read over the course of the year and for whatever reason, never finished.  Most likely because I got one of the other ones and started it.

The last few years I've been taking part of the reading challenge on Good Reads. You set a goal on the first of the year and keep track on their site what books and when you finish them.  I have a feeling this year will be an incomplete.  I'm exactly 5 books short of my goal.  See the irony here.

I'd say leave a comment and tell me what your reading, but the comments on this thing are still frealed up.  It's been a few months and for whatever reason the top post on here has all the links to the comment boxes for the page of posts. 

But, if you want to talk books, you can comment over on my book club blog.   Cause it's a poor starved blog.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Still to early for this

I'm up. I would rather be sleeping, but I'm up.
My downstairs neighbour is having a party. Again.  She's gone all day then comes home when the bar closes at 2am and is at it all night till she either passes out or goes to work or school or whatever it is she does. Her and her group of rudeness.

Why is it, all the partyers in the area end up living in the apartment below me?  Sound travels up so everything is louder then you think it is.

Needless to say, I'm not happy.

Apparently it's the useless thing on the planet to want, a quiet building. At lest before 10am

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Big blog day

Been up for a few hours, and have managed to crank out close to 5 blog posts for different blogs.
Okay, this makes the second one for this blog.

The wrestling blog, the movie blog, the year long blog, and here.

Many coffees have been consumed in the last hour, and might not be helping my ability to think straight.

I've been hinting around on some of the blogs about the up coming blog challenge I have for myself for the new year, which I'm just going to say that about until another few weeks. 
Some of you already figured it out.  beauty.

Oh my Spudguns!  I think our internet habits reflect how we are feeling internally. 

So last night was both the full moon and the lunar eclipse.  I did nothing for it.  I should have done a ritual, as it would have been a powerful night for divination, but I was too lazy.
Instead I ended up watching all of season 4 of Secret Diary of a Call Girl.   Too bad I haven't seen season 3.  Seems, for some reason season 3 is not available in Canada at all. Nor does it work on youtube or anything like that, just get the "not available in your region"  message.

This past year has sent me in a tailspin.  I had my plans for the year all mapped out, and with one tiny patch of ice, all of it went out the window.

I know we still have a month left to the year, but I'm sure looking forward to the new year. 

It's too early for this

You know what I hate, when you wake up in the morning, check you emails, and there is spam to yourself from someone else.

Yeah, I check my spam box all the time, and there I was, staring back at my own profile.  Assholes.

Sometimes the internet is the worst thing ever.

It's not even 8am here yet, and already it's going to be a hell of one.  Not only was there that this morning, but I woke up with a sinus headache, which means that we're in for a storm where I am.

I caught up with the last few episodes of TNA Impact yesterday.  I really think the Aces and Eights story has dragged on long enough.  Wrap it up people.
Loved the tights Joey Ryan was wearing for his match with the pink tropical design. It actually works with the whole Tom Selleck thing he's got happening.

That's the view from the sofa this morning before coffee

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 331...dude

I've made it to Day 331 over on the movie blog.  Getting down to the end of the one movie a day challenge.

It's been a rough year, if you've been following my stuff you know that.  Looking forward to the new year and a freshness that comes with it.

This blog has gotten so far away from what I had originally planned nearly three years ago.  I have to find a way to bring it back around,  but in the meantime; I'm just going to continue putting the main energy into the movie challenge.  Till the end of the year, then shift blogs a bit.
More on that later.

Just wanted to leave this little dripping of goo cause I realized I hadn't posted in a week.
till later

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I hate people

Okay, so I went and saw the last movie in the Twilight Saga tonight.  I liked it.
What I didn't like, was the amount of little kids in the place.  I don't believe in censorship, but I believe in parenting.
Maybe it was because of the way we - my sister and myself and our cousins- were raised. If movies did not have a G rating, and we were under 10 we didn't see it.
If a show came on  after 8pm and we were under 9 we didn't see it.
If a record had a sticker on it and we were under 13 we didn't get to listen to it.

But, I understand that the world has changed in the last 30 years since I was 8 years old. Everyone is exposed to everything because of the internet and video games etc.
That doesn't mean that it's good for the kids.

I've been open about the fact I'm not thrilled with children to begin with, but I think if you're going to go to a vampire movie, you should keep your kids at home with a babysitter. (okay there are one or two childrens' movies about vampires but Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 are not it)

I'm sorry, did I forget to say this was a rant...

Here's a spoiler-  there is a scene where a child is ripped apart and tossed into a fire.- End of Spoiler

And there was a couple sitting in front of me with three kids all around the age of 5. During the very violent scene, the kid started to freak out and tried to climb out of their seat screaming they wanted to go home. And the parents did nothing, said nothing, just laughed.  They did not take the kid home, they did not tell the kid it was just a movie.
I have no idea why they even brought them there?  Dude, it was a vampire movie. With vampires killing people and sex scenes. Not appropriate for little kids.
Here's a thought, if your kid is still in dippers or still drinks from a bottle, a vampire movie is not the thing they should be sitting in front of.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Coffee talk Monday Nov 19th

So you either saw the ppv or read about it by now.
CM Punk kept his title because of the NXT members.  Cool, I'm digging on that.
What I'm not digging on is the fact the commentary crew made more fuss over Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns then they did about the NXT champ  Seth Rollins.

Shouldn't the champ have gotten the fuss? No matter who's "idea" this is going to turn out to be, and from the looks of the WWE site, the storyline is leaning heavily towards Ambrose as the mastermind; shouldn't the guy with the title around his waist be the one who gets the big bang syndrome?

That's my point of view this morning over coffee.  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Nov 18th

Decided to order Survivor Series tonight.  A lot of back and forth on it.
Anyways, just hit the order button, and we were talking about the fact when I was a kid and well into my high school years, if you wanted to get a pay-per-view, you had to know by the Friday morning if you wanted to have it on the Sunday night.  
Simply because you had to call the cable company and order it before the office closed for the weekend. And you would get the replay right after it. So if you ordered the 8pm ppv, you would get the 11:30pm replay for free.
Now, you can order it up to the second it starts.  But you don't get the replay included.  You have to order that on it's own. And it's not even on the same night anymore.

That's what's on my mind right now.  That's the view from the sofa right now.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nov 17th -art

I was bored, so I spent some time working on a banner for an upcoming blog post for the movie blog.
Done with a basic paint program on my laptop. Yes, it's choppy in places, but I sort of liked the look of that. It's artsy...
I'm surprised at how well the thing turned out given I'm terrible with any kind of computer drawing programs. I'm not really great with a real paint brush either so... I think it's groovy.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Watching tv and thinking

That being a special effects person would be one of the coolest and creepest jobs around.

Seriously, it takes massive talent to create some of the props and make-ups used in television and movies, but the research for some of it would be nightmare inducing. Like you get the script and it says you have to have five corpses for that week's episode, so you would have to go look at dead bodies at the morgue and medical reports, then figure out how to recreate that with plastic and wax and stuff; while having it look so real it could fool even a doctor.

Watching Criminal Minds, and thinking about that with tonight's episode.  And do make-up people for soap operas have to go to a course for special effects in order to do the cuts and bruises make-up? Or do they just hire special effects people for simple make-ups like that?

That's the view from my sofa tonight

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sat night before TNA ppv

I believe I've got the right week.  The night before another TNA pay-per-view.

I have not had a chance to see this week's episode of Impact, so I have no idea of the full schedule for the ppv, but I saw at the end of last week's (Nov 1st 2012) that there is suppose to be a ladder match.  God I hate those, but to both wrestlers taking part in that match, stay safe.

To all that are part of the ppv tomorrow night, the crew and wrestlers, please, stay safe.

And to Mr. Aries... win back that title!

love Ardeth Blood

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DVD the new VHS

I finally picked up my own copy of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows today.  On DVD.  There are like no extras, just a short that basically says "this actor is playing this character"
And the sound is so damned low. 

Remember less then a decade ago, it DVDs were the big bad and the lowly VHS tape was the one with the bad sound and no extras?
I keep telling myself that I'm going to get a Blu-ray machine.  Every month, I tell myself this and it's been two years and I still haven't gotten one.

I'm looking now at the collection of movies I have been gathering for the last 25 years, and when I finally do break down and buy a Blu-ray machine, I dread the fact I'll have to start collecting everything all over again on Blu-ray.

Damn, I think I just outwitted myself...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another lazy Sunday


Yeah don't ask.

So, I'm catching up right now on the last two episodes of TNA Impact.  As in the weeks of Oct 25th 2012 and Nov 1st 2012... and the reason I'm so damned late with them is that they have not as of the time of this post, been added to the Spike website and I had to hunt on youtube.
Everyone and their dog's grandmother knows I hate hunting for stuff.

Anyways, first match, just finished watching, was X-Division.  RVD vs Ion.  Short match don't you think?
I'm not really a fan of Ion, and everyone knows I would rather change the channel when RVD comes on, but he is holding the X-belt at the moment.  Still, with what Ion can accomplish in the ring, why on earth would TNA have had the match as an opener and so damned short?

Shouldn't it have been at lest the mid show mark or at lest a 15+ minute match?

I don't know, I guess I'm just ... to me TNA = X-Division.  There just should be... more.

I think I mentioned last week about doing a few extra movie posts on the movie challenge blog... well I did and it turned out okay except for the last post of the night for Hallowe'en.  The Rocky Horror Picture Show post... didn't work out as I had hoped.
Oh well, I know now for next time....

that's the score from the sofa today.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Oct 26th 2012

I just finished catching up with last week's TNA Impact (the episode from Oct 18th 2012)

Are we working on reestablishing the tag team division?  By my count there are 5 tag teams on Impact right now

1. Daniels/Kazarian
2. Chavo/Hernandez
3. Styles/Angle
4. The Robbies
5. Kash/Gunner

Does this still seem like it's a bit on the thin side to anyone else?  Can we get two more to make it a bit more even for television?
Maybe some of the "gut check" winners or something?

And it would seem Austin Aries is going heel... okay, that works for me.  I'll take Aries anyway he's being delivered. 

But you know my heart lays with the X-Division belt.  Right now, I don't care who holds the X-belt as long as they are given some more storyline and air time.  Though, I'm not really happy with finding out Zima Ion lost the X-Division belt, but I'd love to see a feud build around him getting it back.

So that's the score from my sofa today. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oct 25th 2012

Another week zipped by.  Can't believe it. 

I've been thinking about Hallowe'en.  Trying to figure out how to make the next few days on my movie blog fit the holiday, given I've watched horror movies all year. So nothing special if I watch and post about a few over the next few days.
I think a movie marathon on Hallowe'en and a rocky horror picture show party might be different.

So it's all about the movie blog still. The one movie a day challenge. At lest it will be for another 65 days.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

a vampire bong?

Okay I just sat through the movie  Evil Bong  and it's today's movie on the movie blog.  Day 294
It was on a DVD horror pack.  Though, I won't call it a horror.
Yeah, that's not something I would have normally picked up, but it is Full Moon movie so it gets points just for that.

Caught up with last week's TNA Impact.  Still running a full week behind on that, but anyways... we are finally starting to see the X-Division title being put back in the spotlight.  The spotlight for it needs to be bigger.  Bigger!

Got some ideas running around in my zombie eaten brain for some blog topics... namely regarding Hallowe'en.  I am going to be doing a short Hallowe'en themed week on the movie blog last week of October.  
As in the holiday not the movie franchise.

okay now coffee...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oct 16th 2012

Birds are singing, it's still raining, I just watched a semi-crap Disney movie which is Day 292 on my movie blog... and my knee hurts.
So in other words, it's a semi-fine day. 

If you been reading for the last few months, you know I've been stuck way longer then I thought on my mother's sofa since my knee injury.  And you might know that I tried going home few months ago, but it was too much to handle and had to come hobbling back.
Well, my physio therapy is done.  This is pretty much as good as my knee is going to get, and I'm finally going to be able to drag my crippled ass home tomorrow.  Yay. 
Not having any sort of cable again is going to be the worst of it.  That and the stairs.  Whole reason I spent my recovery at mom's... her building has no stairs.

Let me tell you something, I know I whine a lot.  I can not handle pain at all. And with the O.I., I've had more broken body parts then a whole locker room of X-Division wrestlers combined. It's not fun.  I take a bow to any and all athletes who recover fully from knee surgery, no matter how long it takes them.

Psssttt... anyone know how Chris Sabin is doing after his second knee injury?

I'm dealing with learning what I can no longer do, and how to do things differently.  Like the fact I'll never be able to kneel again, or that for the next year I'll still need a cane to get up and down stairs, and the fact I can't "bend like a lady" anymore to pick stuff up. I have to bend like a clumsy fool when I drop stuff. I look like a stringed muppet now when I have to bend to pick up my cane, which I seem to knock over a lot. Leg out straight bend at the waist, arse in the air. 
Attractive it's not.

But going home means that I will have access again to my dvds.  oh golf clap.  And am thinking about doing a bit of a horror film fest thingie for my movie challenge the last week of the month. And all the projects I've had on hold... dude, what was I thinking with some of the crafting promises I made few months back? I might get them all finished by next year this time if I start tomorrow the second I get home.

And sidenote, there is something funky going on with the comments on this bloggy-blog the last few days.  As of this morning, this top blog post was still reading two sets of comments.  For some odd reason the comment box for the Oct 4th 2012 post was connected to whatever the newest blog post on the blog is.  No idea why or how to fix it.  I've tried reposting those posts but it still is hanging on.

Such is life such is rock n roll.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sat Oct 13th 2012

I do believe it is a night before a ppv?
I haven't had a chance yet to catch up with this past week's TNA Impact, so I might be off a week, but on the chance that I am right...

To all my TNA Spudguns that are taking part in the ppv this weekend, STAY SAFE!
I know it's the Bound for Glory pay-per-view, and with it meaning a bit more to people, it might become a bit more dangerous.

So, for all the crew and wrestlers that are involved with the ppv, stay safe.

And to Mr. Aries... you better still have that belt at the end of that ppv!

-love Ardeth Blood 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I do Not say BlahBlahBlah

That is a quote from the movie Hotel Transylvania.

I'm happy.
I finally got to the cinema again.  Saw  Hotel Transylvania  and it was Day 288 on my movie blog.

And this is the first time I got out to the movies since the day I fell and shattered my knee back on Feb 24th.
So this was a bit of a triumph for me on a personal level.  Yes, I still had to take my cane, sat front row so was nearly cross eyed cause the movie is 3D.

Cute movie, I can totally see sequels for it.

Okay, coffee now...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I can't believe she did that

I was reading online, some craft blogs and came across a few Hallowe'en style projects people have been doing.
One really got my attention, for the wrong reasons.   This one lady had created a scrapbook from an old book.  I guess she had wanted a hardcover book for the project.  But what had me sort of open mouthed in shock catching flies, was that she mentioned it was a 1st edition from the 1940's.  No idea what the book itself was, that was already covered with the scrapbook paper.
But, seriously, why would anyone destroy a 1st edition of anything?     I know that the world is digital now, but there may come a day when we need to return to paper ... what makes the new tv show Revolution so good is that it could happen...   and it just pains me to think there are people out there that feel old books are just old books.  Dude!
Books are still the one thing in the history of mankind that proves we've evolved above.

Okay, done ranting for the day. Just the idea of destroying a book always sets my teeth on edge.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 4th

Happy Birthday to Anne Rice!

The first time I read one of her books, I was 12.  It was the Vampire Lestat  and I was hooked after only a few pages. It was also my first vampire book. (that was 1986 and at that time most of the book went over my head)
She is the first author to make me cry while reading a book, and the only celebrity to make me cry while watching her do interviews on tv.   (I have no idea what it is but there is something compelling about her that always makes me choke up when I see an interview with her)

As a writer, she changed the way certain topics were looked at.  She created these worlds that expanded beyond the pages, letting you almost touch and smell with her detailed descriptions.

Of her non-mystical stories, Feasts of All Saints  became my favourite. (I still can't keep up with her book releases. Just when I think I have bought the latest I find out I'm wrong and there are two more)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

zombie holes

It's October season.  Yes, October is a season all it's own, we've covered this in previous years.

I'm getting ready for physio therapy...yay doctors. Go team knee-cap!  Having my coffee and still trying to figure out how many comments I need to earn a Dark Shadows sticker over on GetGlue?
I'm on the "old style"of GetGlue, as the new one seems to be designed only for people who use apps and don't talk about anything other then the football game.
You can find me as ArdethBlood on there if you care to.  yes, all one word big A big B

Speaking of Dark Shadows, I watched it yesterday and it was all I talked about online. If you're interested you can check out my small post  on my movie blog  as Day 281

I still am so far off on getting a handle on things right now.  There will be some wrestling posts done some point this week.  Just not today and not now as I'm running a bit late this morning. Which also seems to be a habit lately.

And now off to physio therapy. Go team knee-cap!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Alomst October

I was just listening to the 69 Eyes and was thinking about a blog post.  The second I turned off the video and got to the blog... my brain went blank

You my lovely Spudguns! might have noticed that I have been less then normal on this blog in the last few months.  That was because I have been spending almost all my internet time between my one movie a day blog and the year long blog project I was doing.
I have finally completed my year long blog project, which actually took a year and a half.  There were unknowns that dragged it out. 
and getting ready to turn that blog into another topic... just not sure what yet.  Though I'm leaning towards one of two things...
And I'm down to my last 87ish days on the one movie a day on the movie blog.  Getting ready to sink my teeth into a whole new movie project in the new year, cause I don't sound crazy enough.

My knee is doing fine, thank you for asking.
Seriously, it's been a really long long long recovery, but I'm finally to the point where I'm able to hobble around the apartment without a cane.  Still using a cane for when I go out cause the rest of the world are brutal and savages. Specially now that it's almost winter.  I know once the snow comes here, I'll be trapped inside for weeks at a time... much like the first half of this knee injury.

And I'd take a picture of my scar to show you all, but I'm still on the temp PC which has a horrible webcam. The only photo I've managed to take with it was the drawing I did of Austin Aries back few months ago.  I am still proud of my drawing considering I rarely draw.
The other reason I won't even try to take a photo of my scar is that I'm long ways away from being able to shave my leg on the area where the scar is. I'm looking fairly much like a werewolf  wouldn't be pretty.

Looking forward to the dvd release of Dark Shadows this week.

Okay, that's about it for now.   I know, I need to get back to this blog on a regular basis and I will, as soon as I get my zombie eaten brain in order. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Libra and Temperance

The sun moved into the zodiac of Libra today.  The sign of balance.
The tarot of Temperance is connected to that zodiac.

I think it's more then fitting that I pulled that card today in a reading.
It's the card of balance, and knowing when to take time for you and when to mix with others.  It's also a card of mixing, light and dark, negative and positive, earth and water.

All this is fitting for me today too.  But I won't get into that because it would take hours to sort through.  I'll just say that I've been feeling off kilter a lot lately.  And my blogging has suffered.  Not just this blog, but my others and in turn my writing in general.

Balance, I am learning is not an easy thing to keep.  Both metaphorically and literally.  Just this past week alone, I've learned how physically off balance I've been for months.  While in physio therapy, I had to describe where any pain was while doing exercises.  And a great deal of the pain was actually in my left side, in my good leg.  That was because I'm still not putting the full amount of weight through my bad knee, my right leg.  And therefore, my balance is off.

There are certain things in my life, hobbies/shows etc that I feel out of sorts when I miss or do not have time to indulge in.
This week, I've had less time then normal for anything because of physio therapy.  And my stress levels have been higher then normal.  Again, my balance is off.

Depending on your calendar, yesterday or today is the first day of Fall.  I find this whole connection Libra-Temperance-balance-Fall  to be an interesting circle. 
Fall is needed to balance out the transition from Summer to Winter.   If there was a day where thinking about balance would be a priority, today would be a good one.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Friday Friday

I guess it's a Friday.

And it's been a whole week since I blogged on here.  Not like me.  Then again I haven't felt much like me in a very long while.

I don't really have a ton of news at the moment. I'm getting around a few steps at a time without the cane, still stuck on my mother's sofa, and still suffering from another round of writer's block.

There seems to be a whack of cool movies coming out in the next few weeks. That vampire cartoon being at the top of the list.  I'm thinking that remake of Judge Dredd should be cool too.

Wrestling... I got nothing right now.  Only, I did see last week's episode of TNA Impact (sept 13th 2012 episode) and the whole Aces and Eights thing is just dragging too much.  Too too much.  End it! Damn it Janet just end it!   And I hate hate hate the idea of Hardy being the number one contender for Austin Aries' belt.  Sucks it does.

Okay... catch you all on the flipside.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Random Friday Sept 14th

It's been a busy blogging morning.  If you follow the movie challenge, I posted a Top 5 Favs this morning.
Just posted on my wrestling blog.  I'm hoping to get back to a more regular thing with that blog.  Maybe once a week.
And my year long blog project.  It's been sort of the main blog for the last month.  I'm down to 13 days for what would be a year on there. So I've been trying to blog every morning till the "year" is up.

Finally caught up with last week's TNA Impact. (week of Sept 6th 2012)

Nothing to rant about today, which is a miracle really.  Almost like taking my voice away by not having anything to rant about.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Sept 9th

I sort of forgot that it's a TNA ppv tonight.  I have not seen this past week's episode, so I have no idea who is on the card for tonight.  And I will not be able to get the ppv...

With that said,   if Austin Aries is scheduled... you better be hanging on to that belt!

And as always, to anyone of my TNA Spudguns who are part of the pay-per-view tonight, be you in front of the camera or behind the scenes,  stay safe!
I am sure I sound like a paranoid broken record, but when you think about all the work that goes into a ppv, even when it does go smooth; like the crew up in the lighting and who take care of the pyro, there are risks.

So Stay Safe!

-love Ardeth Blood

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Sept 7th

I'm not sure if I'm glad it's the weekend or not.

I had my staples removed yesterday, and all is looking good on the knee. 

I just got back from the dentist about ten minutes ago... and I have no idea what's going on.  I did something to my jaw few days ago, but the jaw is a difficult spot to judge if something is wrong.  So, I'm on more painkillers and muscle relaxers and soft food for the next week.

Soft food.  Which means all the mashed potatoes and tomato soup I can handle.  I'll loose a few pounds, which of course will come right back on when the week is up and I can have solid food again.

Not a happy week. 

And I'm trying to play catch up with the wrestling from the last two weeks. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How do you deal with the haters?

Fellow bloggers... how do you deal with those anonymous hate comments?

I joined a movie blogging group back in March.  And this month, I made it to their list of top ten blogs.  (for my movie challenge blog)  and nice surprise I made it to the top spot this week.
Good for me, I don't get acknowledged for my stuff often so it's a really cool surprise.
Anyways, this one commenter left a nasty comment on the group.  Anonymously.

Seriously, it upset me.  I've been mocked, bullied, betrayed... just crapped on in my life for stuff but this really bruised me.  Usually, the people who bash me have been in real life not online, and the few online ones over the years have at lest done so with their name/logo/blog etc attached.

I know it's one frealing stupid comment, and I think what upsets me most is that they didn't have the balls to do so up front.  They had to hide behind the anonymous button.

How do the rest of you bloggers deal with hate comments?  Do you just blow it off or do you address the person? 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sept 4th 2012

Back in physio therapy.  Had to put it on hold for the few weeks while I had the second surgery to remove the wires.
So far so good.  Got a few feet without any cane, but I injured my ribs the other week and I'm having difficulty bending and lifting.

Catching up with my wrestling from the past week.

Tonight, The Vampire Diaries debuts on CosmoTv  Canada.  Looking forward to seeing how it's going to flow.  I'll do a write up on my vampire blog tonight or tomorrow after I get to see it.

Things have been a bit quiet around here.  As you might have noticed by the lack of blogging on this particular bloggy-blog.  But my Spudguns, been blogging over on the all movie challenge blog. 

Wait, there's more... I've been working on some short stories in the last week.  So, feels like I've been urber busy.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I bandaged my phone

It's been a hell of a frealing day.  I use my cell phone for an alarm, like millions do. 
When I went to turn the alarm off this morning, I dropped my cell phone and the back came off.  It is suppose to just slide back on, but it's not.  It's just backless now, maybe it's making a fashion statement, I dont' know.
So after wrestling with my cell phone for like two hours, I finally gave up and smacked some medical tape on it to hold it together.   I suppose it's time for a new phone, only I'm stubborn and like the flip style which are getting harder and harder to get.

moving on, physio therapy... went well. Was expecting to be yelled at for refusing to do anything, but all went spiffy.

The doctor's appointment... was waiting two extra hours but it went well too.  Considering the surgeon has like 80 patients per fracture clinic day, plus emergency walk ins, waiting two extra hours is nothing. 
He was very pleased with the fact my scar was clean, no goo, no extra blood, nothing out of place.  So the millions of bandages that wrapped me like a mummy is gone, and I just have a small bandage now just covering the scar. 
Next week, another appointment, and that's when the staples and stitches will be removed.
and am allowed to get back to physio therapy Tuesday, after the long weekend. 

Okay, my Spudguns... one rant ... I frealing hate the new buttons on the top of the Blogger blogs now.  The whole share buttons piss me off.

Have yet to catch up with last week's TNA Impact... might do that tomorrow. 

That's the view from the sofa for now....

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Well, it's the 29th

Which really means nothing to me, other then I haven't been in on this bloggy-blog in a week.
I have my next doctor's appointment tomorrow.  Now, if I could just keep the bandages from slipping right off till then, all should be fine.

The swelling has gone down so much that yesterday I took a few steps and the bandages around my knee slipped down to my ankle.  I'm sure it was the funniest thing for anyone who might have been watching, but to me all I could think was that I was just a greeny-yellow colour all the way down my leg because of the bruise.  That and the fact there was still the marking on my leg that the surgeon had put there so that they knew what leg to operate on.

Odd, that thought.  That they would have to put a few blue ink marks on the proper leg even though it's beyond obvious which one needed the surgery given it's already got a massive scar right down it.  But you do hear about horror stories in the news from doctors who operated on the wrong body part.  It's rare, but you do hear about them.

Anyways, so that's about all that is on my mind today.  Back with an update tomorrow after the appointment.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

new shoes

Well, no, but I was thinking about Twin Peaks when I was coming in to blog, and the quote from there just made me laugh.

Speaking of feet, I had my knee surgery yesterday.  Which I blogged about on my year long blog this morning.  but if you don't follow that- which has sort of become my health spot-  things went fine.
I was waiting for a few hours longer then expected because the surgeon had a back up of surgeries yesterday morning.

The wires are finally out, and the pain is more then expected but it's only been a day so I suppose I'm on track.
Still on a cane, still at mother's.  Go back in next week to see the doctor for him to change my bandages.

Sidenote,  I've been adding do-dads to my all vampire blog, trying to make it pretty because I'm planning on spending a lot of time on it soon.

That's enough rambling for now... and Tyson Kidd just fell off the top rope on NXT.   maybe he needs new shoes...

that's the view from the sofa tonight

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tue Aug 21 2012

Had an appointment this morning for tomorrow's surgery.
As I stated on my year long project blog,  I am getting the wires out tomorrow.  Finally yes, it's been a hell of the last 6 months.
Just catching up with last night's WWE Raw.

That pretty much took up my whole day today, sitting around the hospital having tests done.  Oddly, no x-rays.  The one thing you would figure you would get before knee surgery and they didn't.
They hooked up heart monitors, took blood, asked a million questions about my past injuries,  but no x-rays. Odd.

For anyone following the movie challenge, I did manage to get a movie in this morning before I went to my appointment. Day 247


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Aug 19th 2012

Sunday night, reading up on the results for the WWE pay-per-view on the net, because I did not order the SummerSlam cause I'm broke.
I'm not liking what I am reading on there.  But anyways....

My 1 movie a day for the year challenge is coming alone nicely.  I don't want it to end.  Odd to say given I still have 3 months on the challenge to complete.  But I've already started a list of movies I'd like to get to for a second year.
Projects connected to movies that I'd like to get a chance to work on. 

After next week when I get home again... for good this time.

I was thinking about that this morning, the fact that I've been stuck on my mother's sofa with a broken leg for most of the year.  I spent most of November of 2011 and part of December 2011 with my broken foot, unable to get up the stairs at my own place.  And now the shattered knee since the end of February. 
Dude, there is going to be a major imprint of my shape left on the sofa here when I do finally get home.

This has by certain been one of the hardest curve balls that life has thrown at me.

And that would be the view from the sofa tonight

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Corn and Crows

I'm on a bit of a Stephen King kick this week, watching a few of his movies.  And I have one question that has been bothering me for years.

What is it with Stephen King putting both crows and corn in nearly all his stories?

I can't say nearly all, because even I haven't read all his books or seen all his movies, but I've read a fair amount and seen a good number, and everyone of his stories I've come in contact with has a bunch of crows and a corn field or two. 

Is there a hidden message in the corn we're not picking up on?

There is his Children of the Corn stories,   a corn field in his The Stand,  in The Secret Window the end has a few scenes of corn eating and a small corn row... and that's just what I can remember off hand without having to look anything up.

I get the crows. Crows represent death, spirits, occult, knowledge etc.   Okay, they make sense.  But the corn?

That's the view from my sofa this morning.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You are not a cartoon

My six year old cousin is here right now, watching Cat in the Hat cartoon.
She got it in her head that she can fly.  I told her to stop it she's going to kill herself, she's not a cartoon character.
The kid cackled like a wicked witch for a few minutes thinking it was the funniest thing she's ever heard.
Then bam.  She fell. 
My reply " you're not superman, you are not Rey Mysterio."  
this was even funnier then what I said before that.  Freal, I hate kids. really really hate kids.

Now that I've ranted... I go tomorrow to the doctor's for my pre-surgery check up.  Yay me.   

Today is Day 240 on the movie challenge blog. 

And I'm going to end this post here, because I can't hear myself typing over the sound of Rolie Polie Olie.

that is the view from the sofa tonight

Sunday, August 12, 2012

After midnight on a ppv weekend

In my rush on the last post, I forgot a major thing.

I forgot to tell everyone of my lovely Spudguns who are part of the TNA ppv this weekend... well tonight now that it's after midnight and officially a ppv Sunday...  I forgot to tell everyone who is working the ppv to Stay Safe!

It doesn't look as if I'll be able to get the ppv tonight, so I won't be able to do a review or anything.  But that doesn't matter.

What matters is that it's a hard core ppv.   Triple the danger.   All the more reason for me to tell everyone who is going to be part of it to Stay Safe!  

And I mean this for everyone, the wrestlers, the staff who put together the cages, who hang the weapons and items for "on the pole" and "on the hook" matches, the staff who install the Ultimate X... Stay Safe!

And Mr. Aries... keep the belt!

-love Ardeth Blood

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for...

The week of Aug 9th 2012.  

Yeah, I've never really considered before just how long that title really is.  Anyways... I had to track it down online again.   Dude, that really sucks and my conspiracy theory that Spike isn't posting it on their site for a full week so that I can't do my reviews in a timely way ... and now cut to...

Cut to- Bully Ray and James Storm in the ring talking about how each is going to beat the other in the Bound for Glory Series.  This gets interrupted by a message from the Aces and Eights.   It's not clear if it was a taped message or a live one. But, I was distracted by the patch of skin at the neck of the one talking.  No tattoos.  Which means, heading back to one of my theories few weeks back, it could be Rhino. 

Cut to- a match with Magnus and RVD.  RVD got the win.

Cut to-  backstage with Roode saying how he's not going to sign the contract for this week's ppv as is.

Cut to- tag match between Daniels/Kaz vs Garrett/Devon.  Kaz got the win with a cheat, but they keep the belts.

Cut to- Sting in the back calling out the Aces and Eights

Cut to - a promo for the Bound for Glory series

Cut to -a promo by Robbie E talking about how he's got 5 points which puts him on the scoreboard. Then Hardy came down and gave him and Big Rob a 5minute beat down.

Cut to- A.J. Styles in the back talking about how he can't remember the whole Clair issue... um humm didn't Amber do that to Liam on Bold and the Beautiful not too long ago, and Phylis to Danny on Young and the Restless and Daisy to... oldest trick in the soap box man. Which has me wondering, why didn't they at lest pick an actress with some flesh on her, she doesn't even look pregnant through the face or arms. I have no idea why they decided to even have this storyline, the fans don't seem to like it at all, did you take my advice and actually hire soap writers for the creative team cause if you did, you picked bad ones.

Cut to-  Samoa Joe coming to the announce booth to have his promo about the Bound For Glory series. which was right at the beginning of a match between A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle. Angle ended up getting the win after many near falls for both.

Cut to- Another message from the Aces and Eights, then to a backstage scene with Anderson and Storm.

Cut to- Austin Aries talking about the contract signing for the ppv this weekend. 

Cut to- knockouts match with Gail Kim vs Tessmocker.  Tessmocker was holding the belt at the end so I suppose she won, I wasn't paying attention

Cut to- Parks backstage talking about the contract signing between Roode and Aries and then got off topic.  Then it cut to a split screen of both Roode and Aries coming to the ring.

Cut to - a promo by Kenny King

Cut to - Sting came out to the ring. He called out the Aces and Eights, and then went right on to the contract signing where upon, Roode and Aries came to the ring.  They ended up not "signing" the contract, but entered into an oral... er verbal agreement that stated whoever looses will NOT get a rematch.  Yeah, I got the choice of using the word verbal over oral too... man we're all needing our dirty minds put into the wash.

Cut to- a split screen of Storm and Bully Ray coming to the ring for their main event match.

Cut to- promos by both Chavo and Kash.  This might turn into a decent feud if it's given enough time.

Cut to- The main event.  This is a Bound for Glory match.   Bully Ray got the win with a straight up pin.  Then there was another message from the Aces and Eights saying they are targeting Bully Ray next.  

So as far as the Aces and Eights go... it's Roode.  I am slapping down my Toonies (a Canadian $2 coin) and saying that he's the mastermind behind the mask.  Just makes sense, if you're going to concoct something like that, you take a few hits yourself to deflect attention.
Or, you know back to my original theory that it's former hard core wrestlers like Dreamer, Richards, Rhino etc who's been fired.  Just because it's all in time for the Hard Core Justice ppv tomorrow.

Where I think they went wrong with this, was they did it all on camera.  Some of the "attacks"  should have been house shows and not just on tv {and if they have done some that way then disregard my last comment} In fact, were I in the creative, I would have spent a few weeks having the story progress from a house show string of incidents before allowing it to happen on air.  But, I'm just a fan so... Till next time

-love Ardeth Blood

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Aug 10th 2012

Ever create something for yourself, and end up at the mercy of it?

No, I'm not talking about a black hole that has ripped open a doorway in the fabric of time in order for the Cthulhu to step forth and eat all who refuse to bow down.

I'm talking more like a project, or a sweater, or a character in a play or something more normal.  Though I think that the Cthulhu part would be cool. I'd vote for it.

Anyways, it's a Friday, around supper time, and I'm working on the planning stages of a project.  Only I think I might have gotten in over my head.  Not enough, my Spudguns, to jump into a vat of hot oil to make myself more crunchy for the Cthulhu... oh just go with it, I'm in H.P. Lovecraft mode...
I feel like being... silly.   And before you say something like "if you're over your head then just back off"  well, can't cause I'm committed to the project now.  I get these bright ideas and sometimes act on them without thinking them through.
Or in this case, I think I thought it out too much and sort of killed the thrill of it for me already.

Well, I suppose if I look on the bright side... maybe someone will open a floodgate in the next few months sacrificing themselves to the Cthulhu and the Dagon and wiping out all mankind.

Dude, are we at the mouth of madness yet?

that's the view from my sofa right now... till later

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Aug 7th 1:32am

The book dork is in... sort of.

So my knee is coming along nicely.  One of these days I'll try to get a photo of my scar to post on here.  And since I'm one surgery away from ... well getting slightly better, I decided once again to try the book club.
Are you shocked?  Are you mad?  no but I might be.  Cause, you know, it worked oh so well before... drip drip drip don't you love the sound of sarcasm in the morning?   Yeah, well I've gotten my hands on a nice stack of books since I've been stuck on the sofa and I'd like to talk about some of them with people. Real people, face to face, no offense to my Spudguns!  but... I am starting to feel like a psy-vamp in a room full of zombies, nothing to feed off of.

I added American Psycho to my list of books I want to read in book club.   Mostly, because I bought a copy awhile ago.  It's sitting on my coffee table in my hovel.  Which is not here at mother's.

Good incentive to get back in the next few days and try again living at home, alone.

I don't know. I sort of think that doing a mini theme, like books to film, for book club might be a novel idea... yeah bad punning I know, but it's like almost 2am. Brain... no ... work right now. 
Sort of having one of those insomnia bouts again.  I haven't had one of those in months.  I think it's because I do not have any painkillers right now.  Dude, those things knocked me on my arse for hours.

Okay, so if you might be interested in reading books with me, in person or online  drop me a comment ... if my comments are actually working that is.  The commenting function seems to have a mind all it's own.
The comments on the book club blog do work .... here is the link for the latest post there

And a side note... Mercury goes direct this week. So much of the communication issues, computer issues, travel issues that have plagued people for the last month should be straightened out in a day or so.  Then, I do believe we're good until March or April of next year before there's another Mercury retrograde.  Remember, there are usually 3 per year.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The world is a subway...?

I was hunting down old rock videos on youtube, cause I've got too much damned time on my hands. and I came across the Our Lady Peace video for Superman's Dead... the american version.

The version I always saw on MuchMusic was with the lead singer of the group Serial Joe but what I came across online, was the version with a bunch of clowns. 
I seem to remember that there was about 15 years ago, a big scuffle with the music channels on the whole topic of if they should always play just the Canadian versions or if they should mix it up and play American versions sometimes as well?

I never understood why there needed to be different versions anyway?

Our Lady Peace,  50-40, I Mother Earth, Headstones, Tragically Hip, The Tea Party,  Age of Electric, Moist,

Some of the best to come out of Canada in the last 25 years.   I'm aging myself again I know, but damn it janet... it's just one of those days.

Hope you're all having a great long weekend here in Canada. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Aug 3rd

Surgery finally scheduled.  About bloody time.  So I go in on the 22nd to have the wires removed.

A few random thoughts on last night's TNA Impact (Aug 2nd 2012 episode) {had to hunt online for it}
- Zema Ion, does this dude measure before he does a risky move like a suicide dive?  It looks like he just goes, and doesn't take that few seconds to sort of make sure that everyone is in the right spot before he flies.  Just saying, the last few times I've seen him do a risky risky he looks to be a few inches off the mark.

- The use of Chavo.  It's been two or three weeks and I don't know if they handled his debut right.  There has been a ton of fan fair but it seems like he's getting held back.  To me, I think they should have either not announced his coming over and had it be a massive surprise just showing up for the match and gone for that shock factor,  or they should have given him either the opening match.  I get that they are trying to build a feud for him and with it, help restructure the tag team and X-Division, which is the best idea right now.  But with that said, his big debut match seemed like it was not thought out at all.

- Robbie E vs Bully Ray.  Could creative make up their minds if they are going to use Robbie E to help build one of the divisions or if he's just going to be fodder for a while?   It's like, they have this talent who is being pushed sort of but not really and then they change their mind.  Pick a side and stick with it for a few months.  Let him win something important, like the X-Division belt or the tag team belts with Big Robbie. 

Okay that's enough of that for now...

And something to chew on... what is the connection between the movie Ninth Gate and the book Don Quixote?  

Just some random thoughts from the sofa today.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

4 hours later

4 hours.  4 hours it's taken to figure out how to connect my *new* PC to my wireless internet at my apartment.

I got home, under much stress and many bags of stuff and very few groceries, nearly got stuck unable to get up from my bed.  Which means, I'm sleeping on the sofa in my living room for the rest of time. Nearly got stuck trying to get around in my uber tiny bathroom.  I never realized how short my toilet really is.  Dude, until you have a leg injury and are unable to bend your legs proper, to sit or stand, you don't think about toilet height.  It's just not something you would consider.
Finally, unpacked the laptop - the in the mean time until I can afford a MAC again laptop- and went to log online.  Only it wouldn't work. 
Called the phone company to see if my internet was out,  and this is where the 4 hours comes in.   I was on hold for over an hour.  Then the tech switched me over to someone else. That was another fifteen minutes being on hold.  They said everything was fine on their end my internet should be working no issue. They switched me over to someone else.   Being on hold again for another ten minutes.  This tech told me to hit a combo of buttons at the same time.  Nothing.  Hit them again.  Nothing.  then she told me to call a computer tech because it had nothing to do with the internet on their end.
Fine, so I did.  I left a message for my brother in law who happens to be a computer tech and teacher. 
He got back to me when he got off work, and told me to hit a different combo of keys and wait two minutes then reboot.  It worked. 
Damn, he knew what was wrong in under 45 seconds.

I just hope, that in all that being on hold crap, I did not miss the phone call from the surgeon's office about the second surgery.   Which I'm still waiting to have done.

And we hit a heat wave here today too.  +34c with a +41c humidex.   What a day to pick to come home to my hovel. 

moral of the story,  always make sure your furniture is at lest thigh high

Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday evening random thoughts

Spudguns!  take your shoes off, cause I don't want you tracking graveyard goo into my crypt, pull up a tombstone and grab a cup of coffee.
Did you all see last week's episode of TNA wrestling?   I just did.  Had to hunt online for it, but I found a copy and got to see it.  ( July 26th 2012 episode.)

And seriously,  Joey Ryan got his name mentioned more then anyone else in that fifteen minute segment.  I love it!
You've seen my comments over the last while, saying just how much I'm digging on what he's doing on his youtube.  I honestly don't think the fans really care if it's the real deal or if it's a scripted part, the fact is he's got everyone talking about him and TNA.

So many people have started to tune into Impact now just to see if Joey Ryan is going to show up.  It's fabulous.  Just brilliant when you think about it.  And you know me, I always think about stuff like that.

And it doesn't hurt at all that he's nice to look at.   What, you really think I'm going to start behaving now... really?

Anyways, if all goes according to my plans, which of course they never do, but if things go the way I'm hoping in the next few days, I will finally be back home by Thursday.
Unless the surgeon calls tomorrow for the second surgery.  yes, still waiting to have the wires taken out of my knee. And still hobbling around on a cane.

Anyways, that's the view from the sofa tonight. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Random Sunday thought over coffee

I was asked on a movie blogger's group,  what movie do I hate?

That's simple.    The Wizard of Oz.

It's too happy.  Not in a feel good way, but a very fake plastic way.  Like being stuck in a situation with people you totally dislike but are forced to play nice with sort of way.

And I get that it came out around the end of the great depression, and everyone was needing things to make them feel better, but still it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

So it's a Sunday, I'm having my second cup of coffee for the day, getting my post ready for my movie blogathon which seems like a waste of my time considering no one signed up for it... but bitterness aside... movies are the topic of the day.

There's crows in the tree outside the window.  I like birds. Not so much when they smash into the windows scaring me but otherwise... 

movies, yes right.  I'll be posting the blogathon post in a few minutes over on the movie challenge blog.   I've already posted the daily movie on there Day 227

kiss kiss noise

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday of nothing

Just thought I would once again, mention about the blogathon I'm having tomorrow... am suppose to be having tomorrow as it's turned into a bit thin... but anyways...

I'm stuck at the moment watching that damned Treehouse.   Why?  because mom is babysitting. 
My distaste for kids has gotten stronger in the last year.

Nothing else happening at the moment.  Time for coffee

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

post 1021

Or something to that effect.

I was asked what I thought about the big 1000th episode of Raw.   Well, besides the fact that 3hours is too damned long, I didn't think much of it. I had taped it on the DVR because Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef trumps wrestling. And when I got around to watching it yesterday afternoon, I watched it in fastforward.  Only took me 45minutes.  Which, is all you really need for any show.
Might be why I like boxed sets so much, no commercials.

I've been toying with the idea of digging up an old script from 2001 that I had written.  Re-working it and seeing what I can do with the character from it. 
Which will mean, a new blog.   Or maybe a re-issue of one of my old semi-dead ones?  I'll let you my lovely Spudguns, know when I've figured it out a bit more.

This weekend will mark 22weeks since I shattered my knee.  And two months since the last time I was in to the surgeon who said he was going to do the second surgery to remove the wires within a few weeks... two months without a word. 
I think I have been forgotten.  And the wires are starting to sort of stick up since all the swelling has gone down. 

And that's the view from the sofa this afternoon

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23rd just after midnight

And I  want to get this post in before I go to bed.

Over on my movie challenge blog, I've just posted about my first blogathon.  Well, the first one that is my little brain child anyways. As I haven't hosted one before. 

Here is the info

I'd add the poster that I just spent the last hour making but I had frealing issues uploading it the first time around on the other blog.

kiss kiss noise!

Friday, July 20, 2012

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for the week of July 19th 2012

I used screen capture for this post 

I managed to find a way to find it online.   So here are the highlights...

We opened with an update on Hogan's surgery.

Cut to- The scoreboard for the Bound for Glory series.   James Storm is top of the pops right now. So he got to call out who he wanted for the Open Fight Night.  He called out Kurt Angle.  They played his music twice but he did not come to the ring.  When the camera man ran backstage, Angle was getting a five minute beat down by the Aces/Eights.

Cut to- Samoa Joe calling out Pope.  I still want that trenchcoat.  The match had barely gotten underway when Joe hit the ring, and I think he shattered a few teeth... but Joe managed to get the submission win earning himself 10 more points in the series.

Cut to- Robert Roode backstage still screaming that Austin Aries winning was a fluke.

Cut to- Hardy was about to call out someone, but Robbie E came out instead calling Hardy out. Hardy got counted out and the win went to Robbie E.  Nice, I like it!

Cut to- a backstage shot of the next Gut Check tryout.

Cut to- ODB and Eric Young talking about his own show and fried chicken... you have to love those two.

Cut to- a flashback of the whole Daniels/Kaz/Styles storyline. Then Daniels and Kaz in the locker room talking about the whole thing.

Cut to- The Gut Check match.  The dude's name was Sam Shaw and he went up against ... oh hang on he got hit up by the Aces/Eights.  Dude...

Cut to- Anderson coming to the ring to call out A.J. Styles.  After many back and forth near falls, Anderson managed to get the pin over Styles.

Cut to- RVD came to the ring and called out Daniels.  Daniels got the win with a pin by using the ropes.

Cut to- Austin Aries in the locker room area talking about how he trumps everyone, and very smartly too I might add.  Aries has this comedic edge to his promos that just works! (sorry I'll behave)

Cut to- an update of Hogan.

Cut to- a flashback of Bully Ray vs Parks from the other week.  ppssssttt... Abyss you forgot to put your teeth in for that match...then a short promo with Parks and Garrett talking about the match from the other week.

Cut to- a Bound for Glory match between Magnus and Bully Ray.   Bully Ray ended up getting the win with a pin.

Cut to- a promo announcing the fact Chavo will be joining TNA... bout damned time

Cut to- Robert Roode made his way to the ring for his match against Austin Aries.  Which was going along at a rocking good pace until the Aces/Eights decided to freal it all up.

I really do hope a resolution is found soon so that Spike will put the shows back on their site, as I just can not afford the cable package here locally that carries Spike.

Till next time, love Ardeth Blood

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Question on a July afternoon

What is it about soap operas that keeps us coming back?
Why do we watch?  Is there something in human nature that really drives us to want to know what is really going on in other people's lives?  Or are we just bored?

I am watching one of my favourite soaps, Bold and the Beautiful,  and it's the same kind of thing we've seen millions of times before on other shows. But yet... here I am glued to the tv.   Same sort of thing when I watch wrestling.  It's all the same storylines either way, and we know that, yet we still end up glued to the tv.

And why, when we had up til last year, so many established soap operas; now the reality television style shows?   I don't think we traded up at all. 

Today, more time on my hands then even usual.  But that's my question right now.  What is it about other people's lives, fact or fiction, that makes us just want to know?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday july 15th

 I decided to get the WWE ppv tonight, Money in the Bank.  I got it for one reason, I was told by a few people Wade Barrett was making his big return.  I was lied to.
So I'm little ticked off about that factor.  And very ticked off about the end result of the last match.  Mom loved it.  Then again, she's a Cena fan.  I am not. 

No I'm still not moved home yet, still waiting for the second surgery on my knee. Fingers crossed it's this week.

Anyways, the ppv... I don't order pay-per-views too often, and when I do, it's usually a TNA ppv. But order the WWE tonight I did.
I wasn't overly thrilled with it.  The CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan match was decent, but there could have been a better story for it then the love triangle. 
Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio was a good strong offering as well.

I was really hoping some new feuds would have evolved from the two ladder matches, but unless creative has something up their sleeves for the next two episodes, I didn't really see anything developing.

I just hope that Wade Barrett makes his return soon.

p.s.  Did anyone else catch the fans with the "87%"  sign?  I would think it's up to 90% by now...

-love Ardeth Blood 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th!

I like many, took to the internet last night and this morning, after last nights TNA Impact looking, hoping to find a bootlegged upload somewhere on the internet in order to see the show.
I didn't really find the show so to speak but I did manage to see clips and highlights that other fans had offered up.

I think I saw enough to compile a small post on my Thoughts on TNA Impact for the Week of July 12th 2012....
I still don't understand why after all these years they want to put A.J. Styles in the sort of storyline they are doing.  It's just feeling like a desperation move.  
The Robert Roode and Austin Aries segment.  I get where they are going with this, and it was funny.  Roode stammering like he'd forgotten his lines or something and Aries acting as if he was bored of waiting for him to remember them.  Brilliant. 
The return of Abyss... just in time for the hardcore ppv next month.   Speaking of the hardcore ppv next month,  here's my zombied goo covered theory on the Aces/Eights group.  Deadman's hand is called that, Aces and Eights, and the big Hardcore Justice ppv is next month, the one that last year saw so many former ECW guys at.  So I'm thinking it will end up being that this little group of outlaws are all form hardcore wrestlers... maybe with the mastermind of say Raven?  
That's what I'm thinking... that or it could be all the guys who's been fired in general in the last year wanting revenge... or of course JCW or ROH guys trying to start a "Thursday night war"?
Or it could be Bunnies!  (yeah always go with the Buffy the Vampire quote when you're out of real theories)

Let's hope the whole dispute in the States between Viacom and DirectTV is over before next Thursday. 

-Love Ardeth Blood

Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12th 2012


I'm starting to think there is a conspiracy afoot.

We all know the big issue happening right now with the Viacom stations. Right, totally sucks.
Well, here in Canada, Shaw cable that carries the channels had a fire at the head office.  Cable was down, internet feeds were down, phones were down.  Which means, hundreds of customers in Canada were out of luck for the last 24 hours.

It's not funny, but the timing is ironic.

So it's 11:45pm on a Thursday night. Millions of wrestling fans were without their show tonight, myself included.  Not that I've seen an episode on "scheduled time" in a long while.  Here's hoping things get worked out before next week... yes I know it's all I've been talking about for the last 24 hours since I found out about it all, but must I remind some of you that when it comes to the X-Division - Sir I have an ADDICTION!

In the mean time, I'm going to try and dazzle my physio therapist tomorrow when I go in with my ability to manage stairs.  Tomorrow makes 20 weeks since I shattered my knee.  20 frealing weeks. And I'm still on a cane. Being crippled sucks goatballs.

-Ardeth Blood

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

retrograde this week

Both Mercury and Uranus are going into a backward motion this week.

This will make total chaos for things like, communication, electronics, travel, messages, (Mercury) and change.  (Uranus)

I know this isn't suppose to happen for another two days, but I'm feeling the weight of it already today.  From internet issues, to missed phone messages, to scattered energies.  
What many forget is that it takes up to two and a half days for a full on shift of any planet, and the planets are actually already slowing down from their forward motion. 

Mercury does this retrograde thing about 3 times a year, for roughly three weeks.   I'm not too clear on the Uranus timeframe.  Hopefully it's not too long.

Dear Spike...

Why do I feel like I've just been screwed over?
So, I'm waiting to see the very late episode from last week's TNA Impact, the one from before the big ppv; and I log into the Spike site, only none of the episodes are working.  As in, the little "watch" buttons are missing.
And on the front page of the Spike site, Impact is not listed for full episodes.

This is not good.  Not good at all.


I used screen capture for this post

Okay, so if you know me, you know I like to rant.  And I rant most about the state of the wrestling shows.
Here's the thing, I don't keep up with much in the "real world"  because it's depressing.  But, with that said, I do once in awhile catch up with a few news related things.

Seems that the big American handler of Spike TV therefore, TNA Wrestling, has dropped well everything.
What does this mean for TNA Wrestling over the next few weeks?   I'm not too sure, as I have no idea how this will affect it here in Canada or overseas.
I haven't had cable myself now for over two years,  I rely completely on the internet to see the show on the Spike site.  For a long while I watched it on iTunes Canada.  But sadly, they no longer carry Impact Wrestling on the Canadian iTunes.

From what I understand,  it is still being carried on the American iTunes.

If the fans pleas have in fact fallen on deaf ears in the U.S.  then Spudguns, it's time to get creative in finding a way to back Spike and TNA.

I'm hoping that it doesn't affect the actual websites like Spike and that they find a way to produce the show and air it online.

In the meantime, rant people rant and maybe someone will get the hint.

Love, your favourite Professionally Outraged Wrestling Fan, Ardeth Blood

Monday, July 9, 2012

Morning after the ppv with coffee art

WHAT PART OF STAY SAFE DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND????  Mr. Styles, Mr. Daniels.  I can only guess that you did not read my post the other day.

Picture it, your heroine and heroin sitting here yesterday, waiting for the ppv to start, bored going slightly insane from the sounds of gospel music from the church down the street; when I started to doodle.   I don't draw as much as I used to, but I found myself thinking about the ppv of course.  So I decided to try my hand at drawing Austin Aries.
Killed time till the ppv started. Did I mention I no longer seem to have any sort of a life?  {It's a bit on the blurry side cause of the damned webcam on this pc}

The ppv... My money was on Sonjay Dutt that is until he injured himself middle of the Ultimate X match, then I had to put my money - er okay cheesecake cause I'm broker then broke- on Zema Ion.  Yeah, I know we're thinking the same thing here... but Zema Ion had been in an Ultimate X before so he knew what kind of heights - total puns intended- he'd have to go through to win. And he did.  For now.
The X-Division is for gods of wrestling... okay in my world it is. But I'm bias.

Come to think of it, it was the Ultimate X match that Zema Ion was in where Chris Sabin got injured last month... this dude is cursed. Ion, I mean.  Let's get the belt off him and on to someone who can really handle holding it. I'd like to see Styles come back into the X-Division for awhile and take that title away from Ion.

The last man standing match between A.J. Styles and Daniels.  Brutal to say the lest.  There were a few times when I was so caught up in the match that my "holy Anne Rice novels Batman"  wide-eyed innocent self responded to things.  Like the Styles Clash through the table, and this one point when Styles went flying off the ramp-stage area over the announce booth into the crowd.  How do family members of wrestlers handle watching them do matches like that?
Dude, if that was my husband/brother/uncle/cousin  I would be having a heart attack unable to watch.

Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle gave great submission.   Does that sound dirty enough to have been something I've uttered?  I mean come on, you knew from the second this match was announced that it was going to be the start of something sweet.  Here is a feud that could never get old simply because it's got roots.  Both men are equally able to score big time over each other, and do it cleanly.

And the main event.  And it truly was a main event.  Austin Aries vs Robert Roode.  Oh my god man!  Aries... that's all I have to say on this one.  Aries.
I know, I should be building my entire post this morning around this match and normally I would. But, I'm seriously thinking this is only the start of the next big feud.  Lest I hope there are second helpings of this dish.
There were so many near falls, so many moments when it looked like Roode was going to get the win but Aries kept going.  At one point in the match, and this was like a 40minute match people; one point when it looked like Austin Aries was right out of it and simply got his shoulder up without even realizing what he'd done.  He's that damned good.  You all expected me to make one of my typical comments like he's that damned yummy but I'm trying to behave. Yes you're right, me behave why start now.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday 7/07/2012 part 2

I still am off time wise with this, too early for the 7pm hit and for some reason, the scheduling function on the Blogger blogs has been busted for like a month. 

This would be the NIGHT BEFORE A PPV

And even though this week's episode of TNA Impact has yet to be posted on the Spike site, and therefore I have no clue other then Austin Aries being in the main event; I'm greatly considering getting the ppv tomorrow night. 


I know, it's wrestling.  You're there to put on a great show, but still, my TNA Spudguns stay safe!

-love Ardeth Blood

Saturday 7/07/2012

But it's 10:13am.  I wasn't up early enough to catch the 7am part to make this a full on gimmick.

Hang on, hold your crickets you'll get it in a second when your coffee kicks in.   Yesterday was Day 207  on the movie challenge. 

get it now...

My timing was a day off, not on purpose.  My timing actually should have been more then 207, but as I sort of half explained few days ago on the movie challenge blog, there have been forces unseen taking over. 
As in, my health dragging me down and nasty evil power outages that had left me without either computer or electricity for the movies. 
In other words, even the best laid plans get frealed sometimes.

So, I'm little more then half way into the movie a day for a year challenge.  And as I type this here on this bloggy-blog, I wish I had just done the whole thing on here instead of creating a full on separate blog.  But sometimes I am my own worst enemy, and I do see things as chapters.  Different chapters for different themes.  I need more coffee...

I haven't even really gotten to the casseroles  part of the blog.  Yeah hold on with me here, it's one of those mornings.
Something I have managed to learn during all this; and it's simple might be a small issue might not be, is that I didn't realize how routine my world was.   The big rule I set for myself with this movie a day challenge is to watch one different movie a day for the year.  DIFFERENT.  Different.  That's the key word I have to keep drilling into my zombie eaten brain. 
I seriously did not realize how often I watched the same five movies. No wonder I was so bored with my life.  Seriously,  I had five movies that I would watch pretty much every day, nearly the same time of day too. 
Like supper time, I instantly grabbed Julie/Julia.  Mornings, I liked to have an episode of Sex and the City - okay not the movie usually but still the same dvds every day.  You're getting the idea here.

We are creatures of habit. If  we realize it or not.  But when do our habits/routines become the thing we need to break away from?
And the other side of the coin is that structure is good.   Confused yet? 

Okay my lovely Spudguns, that's the candyfloss this morning.