Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Random Day Wed July 4th 2018

We are 119 days till Hallowe'en.

Dear Spudguns!  Yeah I don't know what I'm doing?  I've hit another bit of writer's block, and if you've been following my movie blog the last few weeks, you can tell. My life has been busy, which is nice for a change, but it's left my mind blank. And my creative efforts are falling flatter than usual.

I was on Instagram just now, hoping some cooking gramers would inspire me, but instead I ended up just breaking down in a near batch of tears. I say near, as I didn't cry but came damn close.

When I started this bloggy blog, my original intention was to do recipes and crafts from a more Addams Family approach. You know, like a gothic Martha Stewart or something. But, as I learned, I suck. I've embraced my suckage at arts crafts and cooking, doing it anyways. Here's the thing, just between you and me; there are hundreds of others out there that sprang up over the last few years who are a million times better at it then I ever could be. Yeah, that nugget of golden silence was a slap to the ego I must say.

Put simply, I'm jealous.

Over the last decade and a half that I've been online doing what I've done, be it reviews for books/movies/wrestling, the recipes, the personal diaries/vlogs, the comedic posts, or the columns etc, I've done the one thing you should never do. Compare myself to those around me.

Bad me. Bad bad bad. I should never have done that. But, it's human nature. Sometimes we can get ahead of it and stop ourselves, and sometimes we fall into the pit of despair.

This is a big year of change for a lot of people. Astrologically speaking, this is a massive crossroads for half the people on the planet. Everyone will be feeling something, to some degree. But not everyone will be feeling the urge to do something about it.
As I stand at my personal crossroads of doubt and uncertainty; I can only assure myself that movement is good.

This became a bit of a ramble. Okay, I'll try to get back later in the week to this blog. With something. I have no idea what? Just, something. Hopefully, by that point I'll have written something for the week on the movie blog too. Keep your paws/claws/parts crossed that my writer's block is temporary.

And I guess this is the part where I tell you to not forget about my facebook page. (here)  Till later.