Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Moon card

The moon in Tarot can cover so many things. 
Once again, this is from the Crow Magic deck.

It means, listening to your dreams, looking under the surface of things, the occult, hidden enemies, intuition, desires, a new approach to things, adjusting your viewpoint, new beginnings (usually at the next moon phase like from Full to New or New to Full or at an Eclipse)

For me, when it appears like it has been, I tend to lean towards listening to my dreams and trying to understand something beyond the appearance of it.   (it seems to be my nature to over analyze stuff to the extreme)
The timing of this card right now is a bit creepy too.  Given the fact tomorrow (June 1st 2011) we have both a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse (one of three eclipses in the month of June this year)
Ripples will be felt for the rest of the month from this.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday morning and it sucks

I've been seeing a few angry fans on the internet upset because the name change in TNA-Impact messing up their vtrs/tvos/whatever the vcr is called now.  And I am just as pissed.  Why? given I do not have one of them there machines?   Because those of us who have pre-bought passes for iTunes, got frealed up the rear too.   If you bought a season pass before the name change, all the episodes now after the name change are not considered part of the package.  Bastards!
I was wondering why my last couple of episodes have not been available.  Seems they are, under a different name. Which does not comply with the package I've already bought. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm still giggling

I  got to see the Green Hornet.  Still laughing.  Laughing to the point my ribs hurt.
I love free movies, don't you?  Decided to cash in my latest freebie at Blockbuster {dude, don't even get me started on the whole Blockbuster closing issue, I'll start crying}

I've admitted before that I am not a fan of comics, so I was little unsure just how I was going to take to this one, but I've always been a major Batman fan; and the dude at Blockbuster told me it was along the same line. So... needless to say, still laughing.

I know for anyone who's been a regular Spudgun, my head just has not been in the game much as of late.  Nor has my heart. 
Managed to catch the replay of last night's WWE Smackdown, and I can not tell you one thing that happened.  It was a large blur of noise.

For some messed up reason, I've got two songs stuck in my head too   Affair of the Heart by Rick Springfield  and CrossRoads Inn by Twiztid.  Yeah I know, what a combo Eh?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday night May 27

You know when something is bothering you, when something is on your mind to the point of haunting you; you seem to find it in your face at every turn?

I had one of those yesterday.

I was in the grocery as usual, and was tapped on the shoulder.  I turned to see my dad's oldest friend standing there with a cart full of toilet paper.  He asked me if what he'd heard about my dad was true this time.  My answer was to roll my eyes and tell him that whatever it was he heard to take it with a box of salt.  Then he asked me how my novel was coming. 

I stammered. My novel. It was like being punched in the gut.  All I could do was take a deep breath and say I was on draft 6 and still without an editor. I know I shrugged, and had to admit it was on hold for now.
He made a face, like when you know someone is dying to say "I told you so. I knew you were talentless" 
Hang on, it gets worse.   ExpressCheckout-Guy was right beside us.  He had been staring at me while I was in line a few minutes before, (ECG was working the self-serve checkout right beside the one I was at. And there was no lacking the teenaged girls in his line)  and I caught him listening in.  Only he had this look on his face that made me feel like crap.  Have I mentioned at all that ECG is in university to be a Child Care Specialist?
Yeah, he's gorgeous, uber smart, and has a 100% heart of gold. 

And here's me, confessing that I'm still less then successful. God, I'm like a good 13 years older then ECG and he's rising above me faster then you can say two-ply.
And you wonder why I hate living in reality.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coffee talk

The past couple of weeks have been rough. I've gotten to the point where I remember why I could not wait to move out of the family home all them there years ago.

Watching Top Chef Canada.   I'm Team Todd.   Totally.   I have been wondering what happened to episode 6 as it did not get posted to the Food Network Canada site.  Found it by random chance elsewhere on the internet and big kisses to the person who posted it.  Not only was it the missing episode but it had Chef Chuck Hughes as one of the guest judges.  Beauty.

Can't remember the last time I was so bored with reading.  Seriously, the book reviews have zapped the whole love for it out of me.  I spent this week reading the Carrie Diaries for fun, while my review stack is sitting there making me feel like crap.  I'm going to have to just buckle down and finish the stack I have there and I do believe that's going to be the end of my doing book reviews for a long while.  The job is just not .... interesting anymore.  All the books are starting to sound the same.

It's beyond sad to think this is what my life has reduced down to.  I feel like a caged animal.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Torture

I think I'm torturing myself with a book.  I've been reading the Carrie Diaries since yesterday morning (almost finished and reading for the hell of it,  not for review) and all it's done is stir up a bunch of emotions in me that maybe should not have been stirred.  Only I can't put the frealing thing down! 

I know, dangerous right?  Right. 
What's it causing me to think about?  High school, first boyfriends, back stabbing friends, my own writing career or lack of it, and fashion.  Lots of shoes, purses, coats etc.

There have been two writers in the history of my reading life who's works have embedded themselves so deeply into my world to cause such extremes in me,  Anne Rice and Candace Bushnell
And why am I devouring this book you are thinking my Spudguns?   Because, there is suppose to be a movie version of it in the works, and there is already a second (third actually as Carrie Diaries is the first prequel/sequel to Sex and the City) SATC book out already - Summer in the City-  which I have to get my hands on.  I'm a total sucker for prequels.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mr Shelley

I used screen capture for this post

Happy Birthday Mr. Shelley

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fright Night Revamp

I'm not sure how I feel.
One of the coolest vampire films from the mid-80's has been remade.  Just saw the trailer
Okay let's talk about this shall we


  1. It's Fright Night
  2. Toni Collette is in it (if the movie of my life were ever made I'd want her to play my character)
  3. One of the writers/producers of the Buffy tv series is attached


  1. Colin Farrell plays Dandrige
  2. They turned Peter Vincent into a Vegas act 
  3. They've combine characters/omitted characters
This is just what I've gathered from the trailer.  Don't get me wrong, any vampire movie that actually has a blood sucking fiend from beyond the grave is a good vampire film, even when it's really terrible.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday May 20th

I'm 37 years old and my face has betrayed me. I'm getting worse break outs now then I ever did as a teenager.  I'm not sure if it's stress, or the weather changes, or just getting older in general?  Whatever it is, I want it to stop. 
My lip was swollen this morning too for some crazy reason when I woke up.  Craziness.  Took half the morning for it to go back down to normal.  And the only allergies I have is to whipped cream. So I know it wasn't because of allergies cause I tend to stay away from whipped cream (and seaweed which is what the main preservatives in whipped cream are made from)

We hit another scorcher today with +24c  so I did not have the energy in this heat to do any cooking today.  Even though yesterday I trekked to two different groceries to find a liter of "table cream"  for a recipe.  Was going to start tackling Mastering the Art of French Cooking but heat makes me lazy.
Ends up I'm going to have to make adjustments to the recipes anyway as a lot of her recipes have chicken or veal stock in them.  Must remove those.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I was walking home from mom's, and I noticed two doors away, all the lights on.  The lady who lives in the house, who's 97 years old by the by, in her front chair sleeping.  Or I hope she's just sleeping as she was not moving, and her mouth was wide her neck at a strange angle.
I started to get little worried.  Normally I bump into her every day when I go to mom's, as she's on her way back from McDonalds where she has breakfast.  I've gotten to know the lady well enough over the last few years.
I haven't seen her around in days. 
Few minutes ago, I got the trash together, and decided to take my cell phone with me just in case.  Went back around to her place just to check.  Cause she is 97.   All the lights were still on but all was fine.  I panicked for nothing. This time.

There have been a lot of emergency vehicles around today and yesterday in the area because of the heat. So many of the seniors in the neighbourhood suffering from strokes and such because of the heat. It's really scary when you think about it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

There could be only one!

Cue up the Queen song from Highlander.  Cause I've been singing the damned thing for most the day thanks to the stupid book store. 

Dude! Spudguns (and Spuddy)   I was standing there, watching as the battle was starting to happen. One in one corner, the other in the other corner, both bidding for my attention.  It was like  "in this corner weighing in at 3 pounds from France"  and in "this corner weighing in at 5 pounds from St. Louis"  but in the end, there could be only one.

And the winner - because I could only afford to buy one today at a whopping $45 plus tax Canadian....

Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume 1 by Julia Child.

And now I will join the ranks of millions and millions and millions of Julia's fans who know the secret to Beurre Blanc.   Oh yeah baby, now we're rocking it seriously sinister style. 

Next time, Joy of Cooking.  (ssshhh I'm in a wicked good mood)

Monday, May 16, 2011

My family is weird

But you already knew that. (to quote Alberto Del Rio.)

No, seriously, my family makes me wonder sometimes about our gene pool.  Like yesterday for instance.
Picture it, yours ghouly your heroine and heroin, was sitting on the sofa trying to watch the DVD "The Other Guys" eating a semi-large dish of chocolate ice cream at mother's {this was mom's movie pick actually} when in comes my mother's cousin {who is about to turn 90 this year and does not look a day over 60 not even playing here. I hope I hold up half as well}  and her son who is nearly 60. 

This is where the weird comes in.  My aunt {right? no? freal I don't know what to call her. She's my mom's cousin so that makes her my ... aunt? cousin? whatever on with the story} stares right at me and starts talking about how my nearly 60 year old cousin who is sitting right there on sofa beside us all {I got kicked to the kitchen table actually} who has never moved out of the house and has never been married is looking finally for a wife.  

Did I mention that I come from a very extremely church going Protestant-Salvation Army family... well Spudguns (and Spuddy) guess what, I come from an extremely church going Protestant-Salvation Army family as most Newfies are.  So that means a few things,  A) my nearly 60 year old male cousin will only marry an extremely church going Protestant-Salvation Army woman.  and B) I don't even want to think about what the male version of an "old maid" is. 
And there is my aunt, talking freely about said nearly 60 year old male version of an old maid cousin, and how he needs to get married before her and my uncle die.  And telling him {and those of us in the room and now you my giggling Spudguns} how he does not want anyone older or younger or anyone divorced or widowed with kids or ... and this is the kicker... someone who's not "of the church". 

At that point, I got up, went and got my purse, text my buddy Matt and headed to the grocery where I  flirted semi-shamelessly with ExpressCheckOut-Guy. Just because I could.

TNA fans... Um?

I used screen capture for this post
Question?   Is this logo still relevant?

I'm seeing the new colours on the official Spike site.   Blue and white.  (gagging muchly)  And have heard that as of the latest episode, it's suppose to now be called Impact Wrestling (where wrestling matters)  

The fans have been talking for a few weeks about this big change, and it's pretty much a split decision that the re-branding is good/bad.  Many agree that after a decade suddenly doing this isn't really the hottest idea.   But then again this is wrestling we're talking about.  Wrestlers have a tendency to change their identity more often then they do their socks.  So, not a total shocker that they would do this. 

Personally, I'm on the side that it's not going to matter.  All puns intended.  Seriously, dude, until you fix the line up and stories you've got on tap, nothing you serve us is really going to fill the gap on the plate.  You're trying to serve us sauce and garnish on an otherwise empty dish.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Priest (2011) Rant and Review

Yesterday the latest vampire movie opened up.   I went to see it today.  Been really hyper about this one ever since I saw the trailer last summer.

I was like "finally, we are returning to what a vampire film is suppose to be.  Brutal" 

Only one problem.   THE FREALING THING WAS 3D
I wish our local cinema had said that on the damned website. Needless to say, if I had known before hand I would not have bothered.  The last thing you want to do is cause dren in a busy line up of movie goers so I picked up my pre-ordered ticket and trudged into the screening room. 

Next weird thing.  I was the only WOMAN in the room.  Dude! normally I would love that;  I mean me alone with about 45 males and vampires.  Sounds toasty.    Only we're talking a bunch of teenaged boys, and dads with their kids. (okay so there might have been a few five year old girls in the screening room with their daddies but they don't count) 

So there's me, five minutes into a vomit worthy 3D movie trying not to let the migraine headache that was starting actually turn into a vomitting sitch.  I was actually thinking of walking out after five minutes but ended up just removing the 3D glasses and watching it that way.  In a very blurry 2D. 
So this is one I will be getting on DVD the second it comes out in the fall or whatever so I can sit and watch it properly in proper vision being 2D.
Also did not realize it was based on a comic/graphic novel. 

The movie was very much geared to the males, because even the previews were all for shoot em action movies.  I suppose trying to make a bit of a balance with the vamps after all the Twilight dren in the last few years, which was all geared for teenaged girls.

REVIEW:  The vampires and humans have been at war for centuries. Now, in a remote out-skirt a nest of vampires have upped the game.  They kidnap a family member of one of the more well known Priests who have been ordered to protect humans.  This leads to a renegade band lead by the Priest, the kidnapped girl's lover, and the Priestess-Warrior traveling to the area to stop them. What they learn is that Lucy is being held by a former priest who's been turned into the only living half-breed. This gives him the advantage of being able to be out in the daylight. Meanwhile, back in the city, which is run by the church, a cover-up is happening withing the rankings of the church.  Everything comes to a finale on a train in the middle of the desert.

THOUGHTS:  Well Spudguns, I did like this.  Despite the 3D bulldren,  I was right into the whole thing.  Part western, part gothic, part action this vampire movie was sleek and just brutal enough to make me quiet for the length of it.  It packed a few famous names in it too in the form of Christopher Plummer (Dracula 2000, Red Blooded American Girl, Vampire in Venice,  ) and Brad Dourif (Child's Play)   
Vampire fans know that when you see Christopher Plummer in a film, you know it's one you can sink your teeth into.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th 941

We were lost.  Totally! Completely. For the last nearly 30 hours while Blogger was unavailable.
I was going bit insane.   I never realized how much I am attached to my bloggy-blog.  No, seriously, I had to go to Twitter for a half hour and was very afraid I might have to resort to using Myspace or Facebook . 
It did not come to that point, thank god.  But my junkie was starting to think it might have to stoop that low. 
So critical damages. We (I mean myself mostly and a few fellow bloggers)  did loose a few of the latest posts.  Most were restored BUT my tags for those posts are gibberish. Totally completely utterly.  Gibberish. At lest on my viewfinder they are. 
I do not know if I can spend another day having meals with my mother.  To jump topics on you.  Trust me when I say it's better you are reading and not having a voice chat with me because I'm unable to keep up with my rapid fire self.  Meaning, I'm reading out what I am typing and yeah.   Anyways,  answer me this Spudgun and Spuddy,  who the hell slurps potatoes?  Seems my mother has this hideous ability.  I had forgotten over the years the really bad habits my family has. The last few days hanging around my mom's, has reminded me why I love living alone.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

10:33 pm

Spudguns,  I just sat here typing out a rant and decided against posting it.  I am finding myself doing that more often lately then I ever thought I would.   Writing up a blog post and shelving it.

Let's talk about the Fool for a few minutes shall we.   I mean the tarot not me right now. 

The card shown here is from the Crow Magic deck.
Depending on what deck you are using, the Fool is either numbered 0 or 22.  It's the first card normally in the Major Arcana and represents  beginnings, blind faith, trendsetting, naivete, innocence, purity, and freedom.
It's also connected to the zodiacs of Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. 

And you're asking, why are we chatting about the Fool card?     Because Spudgun, it's been popping up at me for the last few weeks.  And you know how that goes, when I am being haunted by a card, I need to talk about it.  
Though in this case, as in most cases, I have no idea what it's trying to yammer at me about?  Do I need to be starting something?  Having more faith in something/someone?  Starting a trend?  Totally clueless here.

I'm done fighting.  I'm tired of the way things have turned out.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scream and scream again...and again

I'm a bit hyper over the fact there are a few new vampire movies coming out this summer.  Priest comes out this month and one called Stake Land  came out last month (translation we did not get it and I have to wait till middle of the summer for the DVD) {vampires vampires vampires! (just doing the happy dance)}
I really must sit down one day and devote some time to my poor *new* vampire blog that I started last year.  I say *new*  cause some of you might remember my old vampire review blog Alucard's Rose.
Which I ran for almost 3 years.  And you are thinking why did I stop and why did I create a new one?  Well, I stopped because I thought I was moving on from that area of my life.   And I created a new one because I had started to miss it.   Well Spudgun, it made sense to me at the time. 
A few of the books I have on the review pile are vampire books, so I'm hoping to kick start the vampire blog again in a few weeks time when I review those books.   Makes sense.

In the meantime Spudgun (and Spuddy)  I still have not found my Fright-Rags shirt. (for the vampire movie Fright Night) It's still missing somewhere in this apartment.   Damn, that was a cool shirt! (me in 2007)  and Damn, that was a great hair dye.  I just can not seem to get my mop to do that anymore.  I'm still on the red-side no matter what bleaching kit I use it just does not seem to want to work.
I swear, the universe want's me a redhead. Much to my own horror.

Yes I know, when it comes to my hair I have a Billy Idol obsession going.  

Monday, May 9, 2011

A letter

Why are you doing this?  You're wasting your life. Stop it!
Stop chasing your tail around like a dog.  You've got more brains then this.  Stop, stop, stop! 
You need to give up the past. It's over. Live!   You are an artist so paint!!!!!!!!!!! 

Okay so it did not come in the form of a letter, it came in the form of a rant from a very highstrung gay man who I used to be close friends with that I bumped into when I went to Tim Horton's for coffee this afternoon. 
He never saw me as a writer.  Never saw me as a poet.  And the kicker here is, he and I were in a band together very briefly back in 2003 (like a month briefly)  and I wrote all our lyrics.
But he always liked the paintings/drawings I had around the apartment.  Or as he called it "my cavedrawings in the gallery" 
I've posted a few of my paintings online over the years, and honestly, I'm not overly comfortable with showing my art.  It unnerves me.  I do not have a proper style or any training beyond Grade 10 art class and the Photography class we had to take in college for Television.
But it's always interesting to see how other people view my talents/gifts/hobbies.
I've only had two people in my whole life who have actually liked my stuff. As in all my creative attempts/outlets.  One aunt and this gay friend.

All the astrology newsletters I follow, have this point in time (May-June 2011) as a time to be reevaluating your passions.  With certain planets making shifts in the zodiac right now, a ton of people will have a new path open up before them.  The path your true self is needing to go on.  For some this might be a hobby, or a job, or a relationship. 
I'm not too sure what lays on the road of my path, but I sure as hell hope it appears quickly.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Are you awake?

Spudguns... morning. 
So I heard back from the IntenseDebate person about comments.   They're gone.  A years worth of comments gone.  They said with the whole url link override cloning mess, the system looked at it as a fresh site and reinstalled the comment box. 
So even though I can log into IntenseDebate  and read all the comments stored in there,  they are wiped off the blog (everything before last Sunday when this mess happened)

Did I mention last week that no one showed for book club?  Hey Spudgun, guess what, my fears came true, no one showed last week for the book club.  I was sitting there for a half hour going "lovely where is Eric Young when you need some comedy".   It was sad.  Me sitting there alone in Starbucks with my stack of books.
That's it man, I've been banging my head against a wall for over a year with this book club, and I'm done with it.  Done. Over. Done.
I'll just still to the damned book club blog and forget even trying to have one in the physical world.  Too much work for nothing.   Yes I know, I'm on the uber pessimistic side today, but seriously dude, I'm just tired of trying. 
Tired of trying to have friends, tired of trying to connect with people, tired of always coming out on the bottom of a situation. 

I feel weighed down with the trying. 
Life is too frealing short to be trying to connect.   God damn Spuddy, looking at that photo and thinking that that cappuccino looks good.   

Okay Spuddy, it's coffee time.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


As you can see, cream of mushroom soup went everywhere.   This is what I get for multitasking.
I was cooking, watching wrestling and this was on the weekend when I was distracted in general.

Oh and this is not my kitchen either.  It's mom's.  What you see is only part of the mess.   It was gross.  Took awhile to mop it all up too.

Note to self, when using heavy machinery such as a can opener, make sure that there are no tag team matches on tv.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday May Morning

Okay my coffee drinking, Spudguns.   I'm more then a bit upset over the whole blog issue from the weekend. 
And part of that has to do with the fact ALL MY COMMENTS ARE GONE!   Everything before Sunday's comments are lost on the blog.    I contacted IntenseDebate,   but as far as things on their end, the comments are still in my account history.  They are just missing from the actual blog.
A year's worth of interacting with you lovely ladies missing. 

This is upsetting to me, because getting comments and feedback is something I live for.   So AND this also means all the Wishcasting Wednesdays posts are empty now.  I have no idea if they will be restored or not.  I'm hoping they will.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

One bright spot

I used screen capture for this post.

There is nothing else to say.   The MotorCityMachine Guns!  I won't even nag about the hair Mr. Shelley.