Sunday, September 30, 2012

Alomst October

I was just listening to the 69 Eyes and was thinking about a blog post.  The second I turned off the video and got to the blog... my brain went blank

You my lovely Spudguns! might have noticed that I have been less then normal on this blog in the last few months.  That was because I have been spending almost all my internet time between my one movie a day blog and the year long blog project I was doing.
I have finally completed my year long blog project, which actually took a year and a half.  There were unknowns that dragged it out. 
and getting ready to turn that blog into another topic... just not sure what yet.  Though I'm leaning towards one of two things...
And I'm down to my last 87ish days on the one movie a day on the movie blog.  Getting ready to sink my teeth into a whole new movie project in the new year, cause I don't sound crazy enough.

My knee is doing fine, thank you for asking.
Seriously, it's been a really long long long recovery, but I'm finally to the point where I'm able to hobble around the apartment without a cane.  Still using a cane for when I go out cause the rest of the world are brutal and savages. Specially now that it's almost winter.  I know once the snow comes here, I'll be trapped inside for weeks at a time... much like the first half of this knee injury.

And I'd take a picture of my scar to show you all, but I'm still on the temp PC which has a horrible webcam. The only photo I've managed to take with it was the drawing I did of Austin Aries back few months ago.  I am still proud of my drawing considering I rarely draw.
The other reason I won't even try to take a photo of my scar is that I'm long ways away from being able to shave my leg on the area where the scar is. I'm looking fairly much like a werewolf  wouldn't be pretty.

Looking forward to the dvd release of Dark Shadows this week.

Okay, that's about it for now.   I know, I need to get back to this blog on a regular basis and I will, as soon as I get my zombie eaten brain in order. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Libra and Temperance

The sun moved into the zodiac of Libra today.  The sign of balance.
The tarot of Temperance is connected to that zodiac.

I think it's more then fitting that I pulled that card today in a reading.
It's the card of balance, and knowing when to take time for you and when to mix with others.  It's also a card of mixing, light and dark, negative and positive, earth and water.

All this is fitting for me today too.  But I won't get into that because it would take hours to sort through.  I'll just say that I've been feeling off kilter a lot lately.  And my blogging has suffered.  Not just this blog, but my others and in turn my writing in general.

Balance, I am learning is not an easy thing to keep.  Both metaphorically and literally.  Just this past week alone, I've learned how physically off balance I've been for months.  While in physio therapy, I had to describe where any pain was while doing exercises.  And a great deal of the pain was actually in my left side, in my good leg.  That was because I'm still not putting the full amount of weight through my bad knee, my right leg.  And therefore, my balance is off.

There are certain things in my life, hobbies/shows etc that I feel out of sorts when I miss or do not have time to indulge in.
This week, I've had less time then normal for anything because of physio therapy.  And my stress levels have been higher then normal.  Again, my balance is off.

Depending on your calendar, yesterday or today is the first day of Fall.  I find this whole connection Libra-Temperance-balance-Fall  to be an interesting circle. 
Fall is needed to balance out the transition from Summer to Winter.   If there was a day where thinking about balance would be a priority, today would be a good one.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Friday Friday

I guess it's a Friday.

And it's been a whole week since I blogged on here.  Not like me.  Then again I haven't felt much like me in a very long while.

I don't really have a ton of news at the moment. I'm getting around a few steps at a time without the cane, still stuck on my mother's sofa, and still suffering from another round of writer's block.

There seems to be a whack of cool movies coming out in the next few weeks. That vampire cartoon being at the top of the list.  I'm thinking that remake of Judge Dredd should be cool too.

Wrestling... I got nothing right now.  Only, I did see last week's episode of TNA Impact (sept 13th 2012 episode) and the whole Aces and Eights thing is just dragging too much.  Too too much.  End it! Damn it Janet just end it!   And I hate hate hate the idea of Hardy being the number one contender for Austin Aries' belt.  Sucks it does.

Okay... catch you all on the flipside.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Random Friday Sept 14th

It's been a busy blogging morning.  If you follow the movie challenge, I posted a Top 5 Favs this morning.
Just posted on my wrestling blog.  I'm hoping to get back to a more regular thing with that blog.  Maybe once a week.
And my year long blog project.  It's been sort of the main blog for the last month.  I'm down to 13 days for what would be a year on there. So I've been trying to blog every morning till the "year" is up.

Finally caught up with last week's TNA Impact. (week of Sept 6th 2012)

Nothing to rant about today, which is a miracle really.  Almost like taking my voice away by not having anything to rant about.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Sept 9th

I sort of forgot that it's a TNA ppv tonight.  I have not seen this past week's episode, so I have no idea who is on the card for tonight.  And I will not be able to get the ppv...

With that said,   if Austin Aries is scheduled... you better be hanging on to that belt!

And as always, to anyone of my TNA Spudguns who are part of the pay-per-view tonight, be you in front of the camera or behind the scenes,  stay safe!
I am sure I sound like a paranoid broken record, but when you think about all the work that goes into a ppv, even when it does go smooth; like the crew up in the lighting and who take care of the pyro, there are risks.

So Stay Safe!

-love Ardeth Blood

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Sept 7th

I'm not sure if I'm glad it's the weekend or not.

I had my staples removed yesterday, and all is looking good on the knee. 

I just got back from the dentist about ten minutes ago... and I have no idea what's going on.  I did something to my jaw few days ago, but the jaw is a difficult spot to judge if something is wrong.  So, I'm on more painkillers and muscle relaxers and soft food for the next week.

Soft food.  Which means all the mashed potatoes and tomato soup I can handle.  I'll loose a few pounds, which of course will come right back on when the week is up and I can have solid food again.

Not a happy week. 

And I'm trying to play catch up with the wrestling from the last two weeks. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How do you deal with the haters?

Fellow bloggers... how do you deal with those anonymous hate comments?

I joined a movie blogging group back in March.  And this month, I made it to their list of top ten blogs.  (for my movie challenge blog)  and nice surprise I made it to the top spot this week.
Good for me, I don't get acknowledged for my stuff often so it's a really cool surprise.
Anyways, this one commenter left a nasty comment on the group.  Anonymously.

Seriously, it upset me.  I've been mocked, bullied, betrayed... just crapped on in my life for stuff but this really bruised me.  Usually, the people who bash me have been in real life not online, and the few online ones over the years have at lest done so with their name/logo/blog etc attached.

I know it's one frealing stupid comment, and I think what upsets me most is that they didn't have the balls to do so up front.  They had to hide behind the anonymous button.

How do the rest of you bloggers deal with hate comments?  Do you just blow it off or do you address the person? 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sept 4th 2012

Back in physio therapy.  Had to put it on hold for the few weeks while I had the second surgery to remove the wires.
So far so good.  Got a few feet without any cane, but I injured my ribs the other week and I'm having difficulty bending and lifting.

Catching up with my wrestling from the past week.

Tonight, The Vampire Diaries debuts on CosmoTv  Canada.  Looking forward to seeing how it's going to flow.  I'll do a write up on my vampire blog tonight or tomorrow after I get to see it.

Things have been a bit quiet around here.  As you might have noticed by the lack of blogging on this particular bloggy-blog.  But my Spudguns, been blogging over on the all movie challenge blog. 

Wait, there's more... I've been working on some short stories in the last week.  So, feels like I've been urber busy.