Monday, May 31, 2010

Are we flirting?

I used screen capture for this post

My mother told me to stop flirting with Mr. Shelley.

I didn't realize that Mr. Shelley was flirting with me.   That's news to me, news to you too my Spudguns, and I am thinking news to Mr. Shelley and Mr. Sabin. 

My mom seems to think that he is.  Should I worry?  Is it time to have her head examined?  Mom's getting up there, she is in her 60's.  I think her perception is a little off.  

It can't really be called flirting if it's all one sided.  Which is why I call what I do Nagging. Nagging lovingly with molasses. 

One of my favourite vampire movies is   Son of Darkness: To Die 4 Two  and has this scene where the lead female vamp is sitting in a bar when this cute dark haired teenager comes up to her and starts flirting with her, and she turns to him and says  "You got a fake id or are you just Peter Pan"  
She then goes home with him, they have sex and she rips his throat out, cause vampire.

Movies make it look so easy don't they?  The whole flirty thing.   Flirting is an art to begin with, which looses a lot of it's charm when done over the internet. I would need a man to slap me upside the head with a frypan  and drag me back to his Batcave to get that he was flirting with me.  Or you know ask me if he can share my Count Chocula. 

Smackdown Highlights for May 28th 2010

I am doing a marked down version today of the show for simple fact that I am short on time this week.

We open with a promo saying the Undertaker is returning to Smackdown... I was unaware he had even left.

Drew McIntyre came out with yet another note from Mr. MacMann. Dude, that story line is getting old come up with something new already. He was in a tag match with Swagger against Kofi Kingston and Big Show. This was a return match from the ppv last week. Kofi and Swagger are both champs at this time. Big Show got the win over McIntyre.

CM Punk who had lost his icky hair at the ppv came out for a match in a mask. BOO He still had the icky beard thought, I thought that was part of the hair match too... he went against Kane in a qualifying match for the next ppv. Punk got the win and now goes to the Fatal Fourway .

Christian/Hornswaggle vs Dolph Ziggler/Chavo. Christian got the win over Chavo with his killswitch. Ziggler then slapped on his sleeper on Christian after the match.

Luke Gallows vs MVP. Gallows got the win with a cheat.

Rey Mysterio vs Undertaker. Undertaker won with his tombstone and goes on to the Fatal Fourway.


This feels like major homework.

I've been reading Julie Powell's second book off and on since March. I devoured the first one in under a week, and was excited about this one.

But, it's just so ... heavy. I had put it down to begin with because of a few books I did for review, and didn't get back to it till now.

I wanted to finish it if I could before the next round of books for book club, and the ones I've got lined up for review this summer. But, honestly, it's like mud. It's an exhausting book.

I know not every one can follow up their best seller with another one, and I'm sure the idea was good when she started, going with her strength which was talking about her life and her passion for food. But, I'm thinking she should have waited for this one to be done and had a fictional book in between.

What is it with me and sequels right now? I just keep getting disappointed with the second installment of things.

No, I 'm still not finished reading it yet, I'm on something like chapter 9.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I think I'm terrified of dating

That sounds crazy right.
But, I think it's true.   I get a queasy feeling now with the very thought of just logging into the many dating sites I have been part of to even delete my profile.  Just an overwhelming panic at the idea of ever having to deal with another email from one of the sites.

I can't do this anymore, I quit I give up.

They never pay attention to what you write when you say what it is you are looking for, the guys you never want to hear from go right ahead anyway and message you and of course they are the only ones who do.  you never hear from the ones you want to hear from.

God forbid you tell someone you're just not interested cause then the spamming starts.

Does anyone actually meet organically anymore  offline?  I mean outside of bar stars. I don't know.
I'm tired of talking to myself on this thing about relationships too.  I'm tired of talking.  I just want to be able to be.   I was curled up on the sofa watching a Disney movie - yes I know bad as they make me cry like a two year old-  watching Princess Bride actually, and just imagining someone curled up with me their arms around me, the sound of their breathing as their breath hit my neck.

So you know, more crying.

And worst of all is the fact I need to write a nightmare scene for my lead character and nothing is coming to me at all.  So, I'm just frustrated on that regard.  Alone and Bitchy. 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Do I love you or your ego?

There is a Backstreet Boys song that talks about how the guys are left alone most times wondering if the people who come into their lives love them for them or for their fame. (There's Us)
There is a Twiztid song with a similar theme,( Bury them all) about the loneliness after everyone leaves having gotten from them what they wanted.

I read something this week that made me roll my eyes with boredom, disgust and left me thinking "you are the biggest dork ever."

NO, it wasn't my own blog silly Spudgun

But it got me thinking. Got me thinking about a lot of things. From the old saying "good on paper" to status to how well we as a society really know each other since the internet changed how people interact and communicate.

There is a guy, whom I'm very much into, but he has not given me any indication that I do anything other then give him pause. That I do anything for him other then cause him vexation to his nerves.
Mind you he hasn't said that either, as far as I know he finds me very amiable

But as I said, I read something this week that he in fact wrote online, that made me shake my head in laughter. Made me raise an eyebrow and wonder what the hell do I see in this dork?

The internet lets us show parts of ourselves, but it's still only a small part. You could follow my blog(s) from the beginning of my blogging career till the day I leave this planet -cause that's about when I'll stop blogging- and still only get a sliver of who I am. Just as I will only ever get a sliver of anyone on this internet who I follow/interact with.

There are two hobbies that my friends have that I would never be caught dead doing -Bowling and Bingo. (I am not even sure our tag team dear Spudgun would be able to talk me into either of those) Two of my uncles (my mom's two older brothers) are both golfers. One actually owned a golf course for many years before selling it to open a bar, the other I don't understand why he never went pro? He spends all his time, and I mean that as he's retired, all his time golfing.
This is another hobby you would never catch me dead doing.

Unless the day is overcast with a misty drizzle, you're not likely to get me outdoors for longer then it takes to walk down the street to Blockbuster. I have suffered migraines my entire life, and being outdoors on what others consider a beautiful day is hell for me. October is my favourite season. Yes, in Thunder Bay October is not a month it's a season all it's own. (TB has basically three seasons, Winter which lasts from Nov-April. Construction time which lasts from April-Sept and then Fall which is October)

So last night, I was chatting with my buddy Patrick and he asked me "why do you like this guy if you think he's a dork?"
That's a good question. One I just can't answer. I could sit here and dribble on about how I love the sound of his voice, and could stare at him for hours, but then turn right around and tell you that I hate the idea of his main passions.

When is someone a "good on paper" only match or for that matter a "bad on paper" only match?

And you know what I mean, when you hear about a person's passions, talents and job and think "fabulous we're meant for each other" then get to know them and you can't find the door fast enough. Or the opposite, where you hear about their passions, talents and job and think "oh my god what a frealing dork" then get to know them and just can't get enough of them.

I started this post last night and decided to finish it this morning as I was just exhausted. Here I am now, trying to piece together the puzzle that this post was meant to be. In the fresh light of day, all I can do is ask the question I started off with,

Do I love you or your ego?

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for May 27th 2010

I used screen capture for this post
iTunes  Canada had it this morning, and as you know if you read my post at that time,  I'm late because I went to see Sex and the City 2

Team 3D vs Ink Inc vs Nash/Young.   Non title.  Moore and Young started with a collar tie up, Young then working on the shoulder of Moore.  Young went off the ropes with a shoulder block sending Moore to the mat.  Back to their feet and Moore with two very deep arm drags which he followed with an inverted atomic drop. Moore then with a double leg drop going for the cover but only got a two count. Young then sent him into the corner, but Moore delivered a back elbow rocking Young. Moore then off the top turnbuckle with a flying bulldog going for a cover but only got a near fall. Jesse Neal then tagged in, and they used a double team move on Young, before getting shoved into the corner.  But Neal got a boot up on Young hitting him in the jaw. Neal then with a cross body for a cover but still only got a two count. Young with a rake to the eyes then planted Neal face first into the top turnbuckle. Young then had a large slam for Neal, at which point Brother Ray blindtagged himself in. Ray went for a large elbow but missed as Neal rolled out of the way.  Neal then fought back with a series of forearms to the face. Ray got things back in his favour with a nasty looking clothesline, before laying in a few loud chops to the upper body of Neal. Ray then had Neal in the middle of the ring delivering cross faces,  and Nash was in the far corner trying to climb it for I have no idea what but Young talked him down, Devon then blindtagged himself in. Devon tossed Neal into his corner letting Moore tag back in.  Devon and Moore then with a collar tie up which lead to Moore getting a few punches in before trying a sunset flip. Moore then with a flying kick stumbling Devon. Neal tagged back in,  as did Ray who used a double clothesline to knock down both Ink Inc. Neal in the corner again with Ray stomping on him, yelling that he's just not going to pin him yet.  Neal managed to get a gore on Ray for the win.   Nash and Young had started to leave the ring area, then for whatever reason Nash jumped back up with the tag belt held high.  Weird.

Kaz vs Jay Lethal.   I'm still giddy over Lethal being just Lethal, still doing a happy dance.
They started with a collar tie up. Kaz then started to just lay down punches on Lethal getting him against the ropes for a moment. Lethal used a nice kick, followed by a standing drop kick knocking Kaz down. Lethal then on the apron with a shoulder block to Kaz through the ropes. He slingshot back into the ring right into a leg scissors which tossed Kaz out of the ring.  Lethal then used a suicide dive nailing Kaz against the rails. And he screamed that he's so glad to be back. Back in the ring and Lethal goes for a cover but only gets a two count. Kaz then in the corner and Lethal with another drop kick sending him hard into the turnbuckles. Kaz then with a running leap and a knee to the back of the neck of Lethal, getting him off guard following it up with a few forearms to the face. Kaz then with a hard slam on Lethal and a springing leg drop, but Lethal used a few punches and a spring off the ropes into a flying forearm knocking Kaz down. Lethal followed this up with a running moonsault into a crossbody but only got a two count. Kaz then with a jawbreaker but Lethal quickly came back at him with a running kick to the back of the skull turning Kaz inside out. Lethal then slapped in a figure four leg lock but Kaz got to the ropes breaking the hold. Kaz used a roll up for the win. 

Orlando Jordan vs Abyss. Jordan went right for the injured arm of Abyss, but Abyss managed to back away a few steps.  they then went into a collar tie up which quickly led to Abyss getting a wrist lock on Jordan.   Jordan turned it around in his favour by using a roll through then went right back to the injured arm Abyss did however, get a clothesline on Jordan knocking him to the mat for a moment. Abyss then with a large high backdrop on Jordan sending him clear across the ring. Abyss then charged after him, but Jordan moved and Abyss went shoulder first into the steel. Jordan then went back to working on the injured arm by ripping off the bandages and picking at the stitches. Jordan then went to the top rope coming down hard with an elbow to the arm of Abyss. Abyss then was able to fight back with a simple boot to the face of Jordan which he followed up with a splash in the corner.  Jordan then went for a float over in the far corner, but Abyss caught him in midair and slammed him hard in the middle of the ring.  Both men out of the ring suddenly and Jordan going face first into the ring post. Desmond Wolfe then came out and the match was called by a dq.

Knock Out tag match... Beautiful People vs Serina/Wilde.    BP win and keep their titles.

Wolfe vs Hardy...I debated if I was going to cover this one as I really don't like Hardy but I do like Wolfe so....  Wolfe started with a shoulder block, followed by an upper cut causing Hardy to stagger to the ropes. Wolfe with a snap take over then off the ropes with another shoulder block, and a cartwheel getting out of the way of Hardy.  Nice. Wolfe then with a leap frog over Hardy, but Hardy grabbed him for his sit down pin, only got a two count. Wolfe with a kick from the corner then an upper cut sending Hardy once again to the ropes. Hardy then charged at Wolfe, who moved out of the way and planted Hardy face first into the top turnbuckle before going for kick/chop combo to the neck of Hardy while having him in a modified hangman.  This is why I like Wolfe, he's quick thinking. Wolfe then going for his second rope speed bump, but was cut short by Hardy with a spinning kick. BOO. Hardy then with his running drop kick in the corner.  Double Boo. Wolfe rolled out of the ring, Hardy then with a second rope slide and a cross body onto the floor. Wolfe then elbowed him sending Hardy into the rails. Back in the ring and Wolfe goes for a cover but only got a two count.  Hardy going for his twist of fate but it was blocked and countered by Wolfe with a wicked looking arm-wringer snap. Nice. Wolfe went for a cover but again, only a two. He was going for his trademark tower of London, but Hardy blocked it.  Hardy then went for another twist of fate but once again, Wolfe blocked it and countered with his hammerlock.  Hardy in the corner with a scissors move rolling Wolfe across the ring. Hardy off the top rope with a corkscrew move that slammed into the ref, then he put his twist of fate on Wolfe, but the ref was down. Wolfe with a cheat move with a loaded weapon for the win.

A.J. Styles vs Mr. Anderson.   Yay! Styles got rid of the cuff links.  He finally listened to me. I think Styles should be the number one contender to the belt.    They started with a collar tie up, Styles landing in the corner. He then got a side head lock on Anderson before Anderson reversed it slapping one on him. This went on for a few minutes, each trying to counter and ending up with Styles still in a side headlock on the mat. Styles did finally break the hold with a head scissors on Anderson.  He broke out of this move, and Styles slapped another side headlock on him. Finally, back to their feet and they traded forearms/chops for a moment. Styles then with a leap frog over Anderson, and a drop kick. Anderson then with a few punches, and Styles going for another leap frog, but was caught by Anderson who used a roll through going for a cover. Only a two count. Styles with a kick to the skull from the mat, and started to step on Anderson's throat. Styles then with a snapmare, and working on the shoulders and neck of Anderson. Anderson battled out with a series of punches then a flying forearm/crossbody combo. But Styles used a roll up for the win.

Sex and the City 2 -review

I got up, got ready and flew out of this apartment to catch a bus to get to the cinema for when the doors opened, thinking what if I'm wrong about the crowds and the place is jammed.... only to get to the ticket counter and have the lady ask me if I wanted my ticket for the 2 pm showing.
What?  Why would I be standing here at 11:15am with an 11:45am showing of the film if I wanted a later ticket. Where they sold out too?    
No, she was just not aware there was an 11:45am showing.  
Hang on! You work here and you didn't even realize there was an early showing?  

 Now, how to do this without spoilers....

Plot:  Samantha is offered a job in Abu Dhabi doing press for a new hotel.  Which is just in time, as Charlotte is having a minor breakdown over being a mom, Miranda just quit her job and Carrie is having issues with Big.  While there, the ladies fall pray to the cultural differences and even end up getting arrested. 

I wish they had used more of the flashback scene.  It was more of a tease then a full scene.  I'm hoping the directors cut of the dvd will put that to better use.
All our familiar men are back with little roles this time, and we start off with a massive plot point that almost feels like it was edited down to nothing. The Wedding.  For anyone who is avoiding spoilers,  I'll tell you this much on the wedding,  it had one of my favourite scenes  Liza Minnelli singing and dancing to the song "Single Ladies".  (Which by the way at her age she still made Beyonce's little video look like kindergarden paste)  I was not a fan of this song, but her performance is wicked.
The plot in this one was thin at best.  It just seemed to lack something.

I walked out of the cinema just disappointed.  The jokes didn't get any response from the rest of the audience around me (yes I was laughing alone out loud)  the subplot was lost somewhere in translation, and it just felt unfinished.   I think the underlining tone was "when you choose one life, are you sure?"   but to be honest, I can't tell you if that was it or not.   The film flashed past me in a blur.

Will I buy the dvd?  Of course I will because have the whole series and the last movie and the books.

Here's hoping #3 is better planned out and does something to give us the feel that we're watching SATC. 

Meanwhile in a messy room across town.... 2

I used a screen capture for this post

Sitting here, having a coffee, and just finished downloading this weeks TNA Impact.

The schedule for the day looks like this
  1. Coffee
  2. Sex and the City 2 movie
  3. Sex and the City 2 review
  4. TNA review
  5. Smackdown review
  6. Finish last 3 chapters of Jane Slayre
Okay, so by supper time, I should have two of the reviews if not all three.   And here is a taste to tied the Jay Lethal fans over till after the SATC2 movie. 
Did I mention I was doing a happy dance all week because Lethal dropped the gimmick..... Okay I'm off to see SATC2

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Night before Sex and the City

Everyone else has bought new clothes, new shoes, new purses, all getting ready for their SATC girls' night this weekend.  Some went last night - I can't tell you how many women in heels and pink outfits I saw yesterday when I went to the mall-  some went tonight. 

I'm going to the movie tomorrow morning,  alone.  
But, I thought I'd treat myself to a hair cut at lest.  Dude, I needed it as my hair had gotten so long (to my neck in a bad way)  and because of it being so thin (cause of the O.I.)  I was looking like the Crypt Keeper.  Something had to be done, and trust me, looking like a hedgehog much better a choice.

So I had a bleach kit, cause I just could not afford to go in and have the stylist bleach me out.  Only, I'm still red.  Yeah.  The universe does not want me to ever be blonde again it would seem.  I have not been able to get my hair blonde in over a year.  Even the last time I went in to the stylist and got a bleach out, it still came out red.

And the worst part.... I'm still tasting bleach.  Seems I breathed some of it in.  Lovely, great wonderful.  Well, there are wost things to be tasting.

Asking Men Stuid Questions part 7

Boys, my question this time around has to do with stalling.

Question - When you're girlfriend/wife wants to go somewhere that you just don't want to go to, what's your stalling tactic ?

This is for the novel so I really really really really need some answers.

Level changes

Some of you might know that I have been trying to learn Belly Dance for the last 2 years.
After my car accident,  my Physio Therapist told me it would be one of the best ways to get my body working again.  She forgot to tell me that you need to learn Yoga side by side with it to have the body strength to do it.

I'm getting to the point of the post I am. 

Once I was given the okay by my doctor to try "low steam easy work outs"  (as in no weights, no running, no gym machines of any kind because of my lung)   I got a few Belly Dance instruction dvds, a Yoga mat and Yoga/Ti Chi  work out dvds.  

After two years, I am still on extreme beginner steps.  (the right side of my body was mangled in the accident and I can only "lead with my left" shoulder)  BUT today I had a break through.   Level changes.   

The Yoga is still really difficult for my constantly broken body, but I have been able to learn a few basic Yoga positions too. 

I have been having a hell of a time getting the level changes to look right, and today finally, it worked!

I don't care, I'm happy about it.  For anyone else, level changes would be simple, it's walking through your toes like when you wear heels.   But for me, because of the O.I. and the surgeries on my legs, I have never been able to wear heels, so weight through my toes -impossible. 
I was only able to keep the level changes going for a few seconds but for me that was a massive accomplishment. 

And you're thinking  why would all this matter?
The butt shake.   It's not really a butt shake, it's moving your hips while doing level changes. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My day so far

My book is in.   I talked before about how I am part of a group that Catherine Mckenzie is doing to help promote books and authors that are not getting the push by their publishers.
The first round was a choice of two books by one author.  I am part of the group reading  Jessica.Z  by the author Shawn Klomparens. 
Well, my special order of that book arrived today so I went to the store to get it.  

While I was at the mall, I got a hair cut.  So now I look like a hedgehog.  All the dye was chopped out and it's like I have a brillo brush on my skull.   I must get a new bleach before the weekend is out. 

I also hung out with my sister and mom.  Not on purpose.  I got to the mall and there they were right in the first store when you enter the building.  How... yeah.  

And supper.... cream cheese and corn chips cause it's 30 c  here with a humidex of 38 c.   There is no way in hell I'm cooking anything.

How can you write that way if you don't like it

Well, it's called RESEARCH

A word I know too well and have started to hate. I have one of my main characters as a punk rock fan. Real punk rock from the 1970's not this bulldren stuff that has come out in the last few years calling its self punk.

Only issue is, I can't stand music from the 1970's. I just can't stomach it. Punk or Disco or the "classic metal" . Just not my vibe. But, it works for my character. So apart from sampling 40 seconds of songs, I don't know what else to do.

I can't just say he's into that and only give the traditional few group names (Sex Pistols, Ramones) cause that would be a total bogus cop out.
And I have tried changing my character's music taste to 80's New Wave, but that nagging little voice that all writers have that tells us when we're being true to a character screamed at me that it has to be Punk from the 1970's.

When all else fails, I guess I'll go listen to some Blondie. (she was 70's right?)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wrestling with Writer's Block

I used screen capture for this post

Few months ago I wrote this on the old blog

So you heard me say this afternoon that I am having writers block again.
Not good.

Well, I was watching a match from the 2009 Against All Odds ppv and suddenly I had a scene.

Oh yeah, I quickly hit the pause button on the iTunes and opened the novel again, and wrote a scene where one of my leads is sitting there eating cereal.

You're thinking What? how does a ppv match equal you thinking of cereal?

Oh yeah man. True grit on this one. It was the tights. For whatever reason, my brain thought "bright sugary puffed cereal everywhere" Just a big bowl of Fruity-Os. You get the picture?

Between the green and yellow in Mr. Shelley's tights and the neon orange and day-glo green in Mr. Young's tights, I started thinking of coloured cereal.

Why I keep connecting Mr. Shelley with food I have no idea. It's some odd domestic desire or something.
But, yeah, dude I got an entire paragraph written because of that spark of thought. So, um... thanks boys for breaking down my writers block.

And guess what,  after almost a month of another evil case of writer's block,  another weird thing happened to break that writer's block.

I changed the photo on my backdrop on the computer.   Yeah, I had a shot of a beach/seaside scene that was just blah.  I decided to change it to one of my favourite screen shots of Chris Sabin, and within minutes a flood gate seemed to happen. I don't know what it is about these X-Division guys, but they sure to work for me when I need them most.
Just imagine what kind of writing I could do if Mr. Shelley or Mr. Sabin were in my life for real and not just a celebrity.  Dude, I could win a Pulitzer if I were married to one of them....

Am I failing with men cause I'm failing with money?

My buddy seems to think so. I just spent the last hour on a long distance call with my buddy Gerry. I've known him now for 18 years, and both our lives have had a lot of ups and downs.

He is also physically disabled but he's never let it get in his way. For anyone who hasn't been reading my other blogs, I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 1.     Commonly known as  brittle bones. 

This is something you are born with.  You have good cycles and bad ones.  Most of my life has been filled with doctors appointments, long hours sitting in x-rays, mountains of pain pills, and a large fear of ice.  It's impossible to get out of debt or have a decent life when you are stuck on disability. 

Which is why I am hoping my novel gets me somewhere and why it's driving me crazy trying to finish it.

But you know,  I blogged about all that last summer on the old blog in a post I called  "Fan Art for the MMG or According to my Sister I need to get out more"  and mentioned it in the post I did the other week about the local wrestling having been in town 

Anyway, my buddy Gerry feels that the reason I keep attracting such losers is because I'm not successful.  That, and he feels I think too much about having a husband and therefore it's a case of a watched pot never boils.    So true so true.

Well, here's the thing,  it's all well and good right now when I'm in a good cycle (no current broken parts and only minor pain)  but when I'm in a bad cycle, everything goes out the window. 

Not only do I need a decent guy,  I need him to be able to handle things when the bad cycles happen. Success or not, I have to know he's not going to run away when the O.I. acts up.   Or for that matter, if any success I have with my writing stops and I end up back to being poor.   

I also know  I want a guy to know that I'm with him for him not his wallet.

What Would Carrie Do...part 11

In Season 2 episode 27 called Shortcomings Carrie starts to date a fellow writer. We also see Miranda date a divorced man with a kid and Charlotte and Samantha fight over the fact Samantha sleeps with Charlotte's brother.

The question of the week is "When you sleep with someone, are you screwing the family?"

Right off I have to say about the episode, um why is the brother never talked about ever again in the series? You would think with two weddings and two babies the brother would have been a character that was at lest talked about in regards to visiting again, but he's never mentioned before or after this episode.

This episode deals with openness. Openness in our conversations, in our relationships, in our acceptance of those in our social circle, and how we prejudge. Charlotte does her best to keep Samantha away from her brother until she finds out after the fact that her brother's marriage died because of lack of sex.
Carrie finds herself in a better relationship with her new boyfriend's mother then the boyfriend. As both women are in the sex business (Carrie with her column and the boyfriend's mother with her documentary) which comes in handy as the boyfriend has an issue with premature ejaculation.

There is a scene where the boyfriend comes into the bedroom where Carrie is reading his book in bed, and talks about how sexy that is. That's a desire of any writer. To find our lover reading our work without us having pushed the manuscript on them.

And on a topic that sort of has nothing to do with sex, this is an episode that speaks to me more as a writer then anything else. I watched this episode almost on a constant when I was dating my ex The Actor few years back. As if I could magic(k)ally make him read my stuff.
When I told him about my writing, he was shocked when he actually did read some of my work and found it not to be light fluffy teen geared stuff. I was hurt that he thought I was only capable of writing for 13 year olds.

He had this idea in his head that just because I was a female writing romantic fiction (chick-lit) that it was like Sweet Valley High (dude that totally ages us too Eh? SVH books were so 25 years ago)

In this episode, all the women are catering to a man's ego, and having to deal with the extensions of that (the over bearing mother, the needy child, the deprived sibling)

When we get involved with someone are we getting more then we bargained for? And if so, are we prepared to handle it?

screen shot from actually from season 5

Another Freak in the Freakdom : Episode 1

This is a small taste of my Hunter S. Thompson style that I like to do.  Little more grittier then my Sex and the City style.  I tend not to censor my language when I go into Hunter mode. 
I posted this originally back in Nov 2009 on my blog Another Freak in the Freakdom.

10 to 1 the Rabbits are Easy

Yes man, the stew pot has been stirred and may even boil over.
What's that you say? Little Jimmy has gone missing? Well now don't worry too much he might show up later in a ditch.

The devil made me do it and the zombies are eating my brain. Isn't that the cop out catch phrase of the decade? Or are the rat bastards and junkies still itching for a fix?

It was reported yesterday, that Jamie Noble has retired from the business. Can't say I blame him given the state of the game as of late.

Too many injuries because of too many bad matches.

Not just him thou, Edge has been out for months with what might be a career ender-life changer of an injury. The world is a demon waiting to suck our bones dry. And the fans want more blood don't they?
Hell man, they always do. More blood, more guts, more empty eye-socketed men with barbed wire bats and tables filled with glass. But why?
Why have the loyal fans become flesh eating monsters?

Because society is a rotten meat market that's why.
For the sake of a hookline, so many wrestlers over the years have faked injuries on tv only to come back a week later "fully recovered", that the brainwashed masses that still believe John Cena can wrestle expect their heroes to be superman. The pain tolerance of the masses have heightened and they want more.

Well, I say then let them get in the damned ring. Let the corndogs get off their asses and work an 8 day week under the conditions they demand of their heroes. Let's see how quickly they realize it's not just entertainment.

Let the fearful little bunnies hop to it, if a frogsplash is really so easy then let's see the damned lot of them try walking the top turnbuckle.
I guarantee they will be shivering in the corner like roadkill.

The day of blog

I slept in.  It's 10:30am and I never sleep past 7:30am any more.  How did that happen?  I was in bed last night by 11pm, so there is no reason for me to have slept in. But I did.
That puts me 3 hours behind on everything.  I feel like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland "I'm late I'm late "

So the blogging plan for the day WAS TO LOOK LIKE THIS 
  1. The Monday night wrestling review (WWE) 
  2. Two more SATC posts to wrap up the countdown to the new movie
  3. Recipes since I haven't done anything on my cooking blog in two months
  4. Start some Hunter S. Thompson style posts, as I haven't done any on this blog yet at all.
But plans change and the blogging plan for the day looks more like this
  1. Scramble to do this jibberish so that I have something while powering up the laptop so that I can do the wrestling review shortly and get my mind moving, the same way other normal people take a morning bowel movement.
  2. Do the wrestling review and the two SATC posts before end of day. As I still have to read Jane Slayre for book club.  I'm only on chapter 26. 
  3. The normal mass of emails and blog hopping I do will now be pushed to bed time.  As I normally do that first thing in the morning. And some where in here fit in some writing (or as late starting at the computer screen talking to myself wondering where to go in the story) and housework.
I'm to coffee now.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Would Carrie Do... part 10

In season 1 episode 9 called the Turtle and the Hare the girls are faced with the idea of settling for what you can get.  In Charlotte's case it's a sex toy called the Rabbit, in Samantha's it's a man called Turtle. And after Big tells Carrie he's never going to get married again she takes up Stanford's offer of marriage so that he can get money from his grandmother.

The question of the week is  "In a city of great expectations, is it time to settle for what you can get?"

I am going to totally forget the subplot of Charlotte and her .... toy.   And go with the story line of Samantha giving the Turtle a make over.   But you know I can't just sit back and do this straight up, I have to add my personal twist on it.

5 wrestlers I wish would get a make over.

  1. Both members of Generation Me.   I know you two boys are still teenagers (or at lest you look like you are to me)  but honey, that hair has got to go!  There is no excuse for having long greasy hair if you are over the age of 16.  And let's talk about those bandannas for a second shall we. Seriously, are we stuck in an early 90's music video or something?  I keep expecting to hear something by Tuff or Faster Pussycat when you two come to the ring. 
  2. Jeff Hardy.  Where do I start. The face paint loose it! I don't care if it's your trademark, it's stupid looking.  If you want to do the ICP thing, then do the ICP thing, but what you have got going on with that face paint just makes no sense. And the hair.  Pick a colour and stick with it!  Just for a month even. 
  3. Shanon Moore.   Another face paint issue that makes me want to take a large brush and scrape you face clean.  I really just don't understand why you lot all think that the face paint idea is a good one. 
  4. Undertaker.  Yeah, I'm switching companies for the last two.  Dude, you need to lay off the tanning supplies and cut the hair.  I know you're a cemented figure in the business, but you can switch up your look every so often.  And I remember back when you first started in the WWE how PALE you were.  Why is it everyone thinks they need to look like a burnt hot dog to be in the wrestling business?
  5. CM Punk.  Once again, I'm bitching about the hair.  The hair needs to go.  The beard needs to go. the whole Jesus Christ pose needs to go.  You're one of the most talented guys in that company and you're presenting yourself like a ball of crap.  Cut the hair, cut the hair, cut the hair.   Hopefully at the ppv this week you will have lost your Hair match and have shaved.

The episode of SATC  actually is a bit of a mixed one with fans.  When I talk to others about the idea of men and make overs,  so many say that they like a man who takes some effort in his looks.  It makes them want to put more effort in theirs. 
But at the same time, we want to be comfortable, and have a man who's comfortable in his own identity.   It's truly a no win situation.

I think it has to do with the fact that we do see the potential in a man and because we want to see that realized in him -himself; that we women nag so much.

I don't actually have my own question to cap this one off like I usually do. 

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for May 20th 2010

iTunes Canada is once again late,  I had to go looking on the Spike  Tv official website
And we open with Bishoff and Miss-Tes-Mocker.... um wasn't that the same name you guys gave Stacey Kibler when she first started back in WCW as part of censor board group thingie you had her in? Standards and Practices? 

So we were given the top ten contenders for the belt.
10- Samoa Joe
9- Rob Terry
8- Desmond Wolfe
7- Pope
6- Abyss
5-Mr. Anderson
3-A.J. Styles
2-Kurt Angle
Wow, what a very crappy and predictable line up.  I would have had Samoa Joe, Desmond Wolfe, A.J. Styles  and who I have been cheering for on this for months that was overlooked Eric Young.  as the list.  Yes, I feel this list is total bulldren.  Then Angle removed himself, opening up the number 10 spot as everyone moved up one.  Kaz would later in the night win a 8 man X-Division battle royal for the spot. Now Kaz I can get behind.

Knock Outs match... Roxxi vs Madison Rayne.   Roxxi won with her trademark Voodoo Drop.

Orlando Jordan vs Rob Terry.   this is a sugarcoated waste of time.  Jordan went right for the injured leg of Terry, but was tossed across the ring.  Terry then started in with a hiptoss and a series of clotheslines. He pushed Jordan into the corner, before Terry used a massive backdrop on him, then followed it up with a short clothesline. Jordan then went after the knee again. He slapped on a leg lock submission move, and the ref called the bell. 

Beer Money Inc vs  Jay Lethal/RVD.   damn this was shaping up to be a wicked match till you put RVD in there now ... But it's Jay Lethal as Jay Lethal... I'm doing a happy dance.  Roode jumped Leathal as the bell was ringing.  Pushed him into the corner with a series of punches. Lethal fought back with a few chops, but was put into a headlock. Lethal did get out of it, using a hip toss with his cartwheel drop kick on Roode. Beauty! I'm still giddy about him being just Jay Lethal. Lethal charged at Roode, but ended up on the outside of the ring apron, and used a shoulder block on Roode sending him back a few feet.  Lethal went up to the ropes, but was tossed off by Storm, giving Roode the chance to stomp on him. Storm tagged in, and they used a double team move on him in the corner. Storm then followed this up with a couple of stomps to the thighs of Lethal and a clothesline that turned him inside out. Roode then tagged in, and they used a double team on Lethal sending him flying to the rafters with a hard back body drop. Storm tagged back in, and again they double teamed him. Storm laying in some hard looking punches. Lethal off the ropes with his handspring back elbow. Both Roode and RVD have now tagged in. RVD with clotheslines on both members of BMI, then a spinning kick to Storm in the corner. He then went for his trademark roundhouse, but Roode blocked it. RVD then to the top turn buckle with his flying single leg drop kick and into a cover but only a two count. Storm back into the ring and they used another double team move on him, then Lethal blindtagged himself in, going for a missile drop kick on Roode and followed it with his lethal combination backbreaker  Then RVD used his rolling thunder on Roode, before Lethal slapped on a figure four leg lock on Roode for the win.

I understand the idea of having Eric Young team up with Nash and Hall, I do really,  just promise me one thing  You will keep the bald look going, cause damn you look good bald Mr. Young.
He went up against Shanon Moore. Young jumped Moore attacking his shoulders. He sent Moore into the corner, but Moore used a float over then a arm drag on Young. He followed this with a drop kick and an inverted atomic drop. Moore then used a double leg drop going for a cover but only got a near fall. Moore back to the corner, this time with a flying cross body on Young, another cover but only a near fall. Moore was going off the ropes but Young cut him short with a running clothesline. Young then with a drop elbow and cover but only got him a two count. Young followed this up with a scoop slam and a flying elbow off the top rope. He then had Moore on the second rope, choking him out before using a snap take over into a submission move. ...then the website crashed and the segment skipped.  Dude!  Moore battled out, and went off the ropes again, Young catching him in mid move, but Moore pulled a bulldog on him then backed it up with a series of drop kicks. Moore then off the top rope with a corkscrew move, but only got a near fall. Young used a piledriver on him for the win.

Hardy vs Sting... I don't care.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns!  this is one of those matches I hate to even try to call cause it's total chaos.  MMG, vs Kaz vs Generation Me vs Amazing Red vs Homicide.  In a battle royal.  Dude, I can't even keep up with who's in this there is no way I can call it proper.  Totally sucks.   Amazing Red was eliminated.  Max Buck was eliminated Alex Shelley was eliminated  what! Mr. Shelley how could you (I suddenly want to say the line from Lost Boys when Sam finds out Micheal is a vampire and says "you just wait till mom finds out"  but that would be so wrong to be saying right now. Well, you know I just needed to find away to get a vampire reference in) Jeremy Buck was eliminated Chris Sabin was eliminated is he okay? He fell funny on the apron. Homicide was eliminated by Kendrick who by the by was hiding under the ring the whole time, I didn't even know he was in this match. Kendrick was eliminated      Kaz wins he now moves into the number 10 spot

Monday, May 24, 2010

What Would Carrie Do...part 9

We're down to only 3 days till the new movie SATC 2, and I'm not sure which episodes to do for the countdown.

I know this much, I'll be running through all the episodes over time whenever something in my life calls me to an episode. 
I think it's just because of everything going on right now, I'm not connecting the last few days really with any of the shows.

Unless of course it's the episode when Carrie is struggling to find something to talk about and starts comparing men to socks.  Unoriginal Sin  episode 68 season 5.  

Yes, I might have just pulled a rabbit out of my martini glass on that one.  That's the episode where Carrie and Charlotte go to the self help seminar, Miranda and Steve have Brady christened and Samantha gets back briefly with Richard.  It's also where Carrie gets her book deal.

 Her question of the week for this episode is  "Is hope a drug we need to go off of, or is it keeping us alive?"

It's keeping me standing up right I'll tell you that much.  But, as I am having a difficult time tonight focusing on much of anything, this is an episode I'll have to dive into at a later date.

Smackdown May 21 2010 -Highlights

Isn't time to give up on the Jesus Christ pose that CM Punk has been doing?

Divas match... don't care

JTG vs Caylen Croft. They started with a collar tie up, JTG turning it into a chickenwing. Croft used a back elbow to break out of the hold. JTG went off the ropes, Croft to the mat thinking he was going to jump over, but instead JTG stomped on his skull. Croft got up and walked right into a short clothesline. JTG then with a snapmare and into the cover only got a two count. Croft then with a series of punches, and a knee to the jaw. He followed up with a neckbreaker going for a cover, but only got a near fall. Croft then applied a front headlock, keeping JTG on the mat. Croft let his guard down, and JTG used an uppercut staggering him. JTG came back at him with a flying clothesline and a drop kick, before what is being called a mugshot (short bulldog/monkeyflip) JTG followed this with what he's calling the shout out for the win (a twisting neckbreaker)

Curt Hawkins/Vance Archer vs Brent Roberts/Jeremy Barner.... okay that's just wrong! I'm talking about the hair on those two wrestlers Archer and .... you know that totally turned me off for this match. Hawkins and Archer won... yeah not liking them at all.

Swagger vs Kofi Kingston. They started with a collar tie up, Kofi backed into the corner. He fought out with a series of kicks and then followed with a drop kick sending Swagger out of the ring. Back in the ring, and Swagger attacked with punches, but Kofi off the second turnbuckle with a flying elbow, then sent him out of the ring again. Once more back in the ring, and Kofi had Swagger in the middle of the ring working on his shoulder. Swagger managed to get to his feet and turn it around by sending Kofi into the ropes. he charged but Kofi pulled the ropes sending him again outside, then sprang at him with a crossbody outside of the ring. Swagger caught him mid air then tossed him into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Swagger went for a cover but only a two count. He had Kofi in the corner pounding him into the top turnbuckle. Kofi fought out with a series of punches to the gut of Swagger. Swagger then started to stomp on Kofi, tossing him into the far corner giving him a clothesline. Kofi up on the second rope with what was looking like another cross body only to be stopped midair by a large boot. Swagger again for a cover, only a near fall. Swagger then on the mat with a submission move on Kofi. To their feet and Kofi with a sunset flip, but Swagger turned it around with a belly to belly. He then was using the ropes to choke him out. He then sent Kofi into the ropes, and started to paintbrush him. Kofi managed to use the top rope for a DDT. Kofi used a series of spin chops for an upper hand, then had Swagger in the corner with closed fists then slapped on his SOS, but only a near fall. Kofi then with a side Russian leg sweep, but Swagger to his feet with a punt kick going for the cover. Only a near fall. Big Show then came to the ring letting Kofi get a cross body for the win.

Rey Mysterio/MVP vs CM Punk/Luke Gallows. MVP and Gallows started with a collar tie up, which MVP turned into a side headlock. Gallows then with a clothesline on MVP sent him crashing to the mat. Gallows then with a few upper cuts, before MVP ducked bouncing off the ropes delivering a flying forearm. Rey tagged in and they used a double team move, Rey then with a leg drop. Gallows then to his feet tossing Rey off the ropes, but he was served a kick for his troubles. MVP tagged back in, and used a hard boot to the face of Gallows. Gallows threw him into the corner, but MVP countered with a back elbow before trying a second rope move. Gallows grabbed his leg then stomped on him before slamming him face first in the top turnbuckle. Punk tagged in, and had MVP in the middle of the mat in a submission move, working on the knee. Gallows back in, with a series of punches to MVP's stomach, then he stretched the boot to MVP's throat. MVP fought out, but was shoved back into the corner. Punk tagged back in, with a running knee in the corner. Punk then had hold of the ankle of MVP, tagging back in Gallows. He went for a cover but only a near fall, then a hard slam on MVP followed with a splash and another two count. Punk back in with a spinning mule kick on MVP. Gallows in again with his reversed bear hug on MVP in the center of the ring. MVP fought out, Rey tagged in, with his spring board pup then a flying cross body. Only got a two count. Rey with his flying bulldog. He took the knee out of Gallows setting him up for 619 but Punk tagged himself in with a spring board on Rey getting a cover but only a near fall. Everyone in the ring now. Rey managed to get a roll up for the win.

Big Show vs Drew McIntyre. BS had him in the corner with a hard chop. Drew got out of the ring and started to walk away, but BS tossed him back in. Drew got a couple of punches but it had no affect. BS with a slam on Drew. He then held him on the second rope for a choke out, then another chop hard on the chest of Drew. He then stood on Drew's throat. Drew started to fight back with a thumb to the eye and a series of forearms. BS used a clothesline to just send Drew flying. He followed this with a headbutt. Drew went out of the ring, and used the top rope to get the upper hand on BS. He then started to work on the legs and knees of BS with a few kicks. He went for a full nelson, but BS was too well large. BS then with another chop and clothesline. He splashed Drew in the corner then another shoulder block sending Drew to the mat. Large choke slam on Drew just as Swagger came into the ring. the match was thrown out on a dq.

Jane Austen Book Club.... I think

W Network did a Jane Austen fest recently here in Canada.   Coupled with the movie release of SATC2 in 3 days plus Eat Pray Love this summer, and I see the core of the trend that is happening in this city.

This is both good and bad. 

One of the movies that was part of the Jane Austen fest  was The Jane Austen Book Club.  Both the movie and the book are favourites of mine, have been for the last few years.
For anyone who has not seen the film or read the book, at the core of it is a woman who in the process of rebuilding her life starts up a book club dedicated to All Jane Austen novels. 

The trend I am seeing, is that suddenly half the women in town want to copy this idea. This is the good part as I am now getting all kinds of replies to an ad I did OVER A YEAR AGO  at the library and bookstore for a book club.

The bad part is, all the women who are contacting me about the book club are in the mist of a divorce, or bad break up.  I've moved on from that (if you read my post about Shutting the Door on your Exfiles on my Ramen Noodle blog you know it took me 3 years to get over things)

The Universe has a sense of humour and likes to play with timing doesn't it.

I burnt the tea buns

I can make this recipe with my eyes closed.
So, why is it I burnt them today?    Cause I've been distracted last few days. 

I said this before on my other blogs,  your emotions effect your cooking and food in turn effects your emotions.

If you are angry, you will most likely choose food that are spicy or bitter.  If you are happy, you will most likely choose food that is sugary.  Sad, something that is considered in your mind comfort food.
I was thinking about how everything (my novel, the book club, what I'm going to wear this weekend to Sex and the City 2,  the fact once again TNA Impact is late on iTunes Canada and I haven't gotten my review done therefore loosing my wrestling readers on the wrestling blog)   and left the buns in the oven for five minutes too long. 
Which, would have been the perfect amount of time if I had been baking a cake, but too long for buns.  See, distraction at it's finest.

Writers as characters

When you read a story about a writer, do you want to read any of the "novel"  the character is writing?

There's a twister for you Eh?

I've made one of my characters a writer in my story.  I have a scene where that character is going on about their own novel.   I've removed it, put it back in, removed it again, put it back once more.  
I don't know if it's a scene that would be considered needed or not.    I've seen it done both ways in books before,  depending on the rest of the story of course.   Sometimes it's been a good idea sometimes it's made me hate reading the book.

In Northanger Abby  Jane Austen did this. Had her heroine as a writer, and it focused on the fears of the writer more then the works. 
Stephen King has done this more then once, used writing as a career for his leads. The Shinning showed the struggles we writers have.   In his story Stand By Me he actually does have his writer show off his works. The novel sort of opens up and you end up reading the characters novel smack in the middle of the whole thing.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Like bad cigars

Draft 3 of my novel is killing me!

I'm stuck. Totally beating my skull on the wall leaving little tracks of teeth and tissue in my wake.
Even starting to doubt my title. 
I create a playlist with every story I work on.  This time I decided to add themes for the two main characters.   Themes I created myself on my Mac.   One turned out really great, very proud of it.  The other, I can't listen to it, it's so bad. 

As the story is changing with each draft, so is the playlist.  Right now, I'm stuck and nothing I have in my music collection is helping.  Nothing at all. 
Simply put, I need new music.  

Nothing I've seen on iTunes Canada is grabbing me either. Otherwise, I would just download some new stuff.

The three main characters have a different style of music for each.
Jazz,  Punk  and 1950's
And it mirrors the way they view the world.  I can't get more into the plot then that.   But I can say right now the cd that I have been listening to the most  is  Matt Dusk's  Back in Town

Happy Birthday Mr. Shelley

I used screen capture for this post

Happy Birthday

Saturday, May 22, 2010

no title yet

As I was putting that place holder, it actually seems like the perfect title for what I am wanting to say.
So, I'm reading Jane Slayre for book club, and for anyone who might have read the original classic Jane Eyre or even seen the movie version of it, you know it has to do with falling in love outside of your class.

Given some of my recent post topics, I think it's very fitting.  I could almost make this another asking men stupid questions post,  as I would love to know what men think puts someone out of their league?

For a woman, we consider two things  1) the man's accomplishments and  2) his looks.

It doesn't really matter a man's age, or personality but it does matter how much he's managed to accomplish in his life time (has he traveled much, does his co-workers/friends think highly of him, how intelligent is he, how talented is he, his finances)  and how sexy he is.

Here's what I am hearing from my male friends,  that a woman can be well respected, well connected, earn more then a man, but if she is ugly  she's on the same status level as any man. Yet, if she's beautiful no matter how broke she is she's out of his league.

Um what?   Really???

So what you're telling me is, that if I were to have my novels/poetry picked up by a publisher suddenly and was making the kind of money to put me on the same level as Stephen King,  because I'm less then plain I would still would be beneath you?

The answer I got from my straight male friends was  yes 

I would really love for some guys to answer this.  So for any men who are reading this,  what is it that makes someone out of your league?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Asking men stupid questions part 6

I tease. I nag. I do it because I care. This is me showing you I'm paying attention and have studied your body language and find things cute about you. Or you know confusing.

My friend's husband few months ago asked me if I ever gave thought to what I am doing in regards to the wrestlers. Namely, Mr. Shelley. My reply was a brutally honest, no. I made the comment that it would take a hell of alot more then me to hurt his feelings.

I regret that now.

So I'm asking the question, -Men and insecurity how bad is it?

In Sex and the City, there are a few episodes that touch on the insecurities of men. Lights Camera Relationship!, Pick -A Little Talk A-Little, Great Sexpectations, Belles of the Balls,

The most important of course being Pick ALittle Talk A Little, as it gives us the question of the week "When does criticism that's constructive become destructive?"

Family ?

If you have been following any of my blogs in the last few years, and there have been many blogs,  then you know my family life was not the most shinny of them all. It was fairly grubby.  For those who haven't, it would take a few hours and many trays of Comos and Tartinis to explain. 

Put it simply = bad childhood.

Like many of the people I grew up with, I came from a broken home.  My parents are NOT legally divorced for; well legal reasons, but they have been separated for close to 14 years. 
I think I knew one person in all the years of school who had a happy family life.  One person from Junior Kindergarden to College who's parents were happily or at lest semi-happily married. 
I went to school with the same group of kids my whole school years.   That's the same 85 faces every day for 16 years.  Age 5-21 -Junior Kindergarden to College  remember. 
Out of those 85 people, 73 have kids who are now teenagers.   You do the math. Both of it.  No, confused... they all had babies when they were in highschool and you can play connect the dots as to who's half brother/sister to each other. 

One of the many reasons I don't date the men in this city.  They are all guys I went to school with and they are all dads to kids from women I went to school with. 

Somehow we always managed to have a house full.  My sister and I always ended up being the getaway house.  Most of our friends family lives were a million times worse then what we were dealing with.  We were the escape pod so to speak. 
It worked separate results on each of us. My sister has never lived alone, where as I moved out as soon as I was able and have never lived with anyone.   Hell, just having a boyfriend say the weekend is too much for me. I want to be married I really really do, but I need my space, I don't know if I'd ever be able to handle having someone around 24/7

I read something online that had me wondering about family and how we deal with things.  I keep meeting men who still live with their parent/s.   Guys who have moved back because of money or health issues.  And I completely understand that.  Both my grandmothers lived with us for  years each at different points in my life. Both after the deaths of my grandfathers. 

Many of the people I went to school with swore they would not end up like their parents. Divorced, or single moms to begin with.  Over half of them did though. 

Are we destined to end up like our parents?  I know the old saying, you can't choose the family you are born in to but you can choose the one you make.  Is that really true? 
Every time I think I have found people I trust enough to be a "family" for me, I ended worse off then before.  And if all the men are mamma's boys, still living in their basement bedrooms is there anything to be done of it?

I know bit of a ramble tonight. 

Do you schedule

I want to say free time, but that's not really what I want to ask.
Do you schedule your hobbies and blogging?

Everything has gotten so chaotic lately around here,  and not because I don't have the time.  I have plenty of time, I just have a difficult time focusing on one thing.  (since the car accident I'm been a total mess for those that don't know  I was in a car accident on Sept 1st 2006. My right shoulder, all my ribs on the right side were broken and my right lung was punctured and it collapsed.)  I was never like that in college, I could multi-task like you wouldn't believe.

So, I decided to schedule a different hobby and blog topic for each day of the week, just as if I was back in school having classes. 
This past week has gone so much smoother since doing that idea.   I would like to know if anyone else does anything like that?

So I should flaunt my Jokers?

Was just talking to my buddy Patrick about movies and stuff.  
This of course after my post few hours ago about how immature I am.   Our conversations tend to jump from one topic to the other.   This however, came back to clothes.   Tee shirts to be exact.   Tee shirts with logos. 

You all saw a photo of my spiffy new MotorCityMachine Guns!   shirt, and if not here it is.   Shut up I look totally hot in it. You wish you could pull off a look so dark and gloomy like that without coming across as a wannabe.  But you can't cause you're not me.  And I am the Queen of Your Evil Dreams!

I have this slight addiction for tee shirts from movies and stuff.  ( ICP shirts of which I have 3 somewhere in this mess of an apartment, Vampiro shirt, Batman shirts of which I have 5, vampire movie shirts of which I have 4, old band shirts from heavy metal groups long since broken up, Mr. Kennedy shirt you get the idea) 

I think I have mentioned before my thing for Batman.  My friend Butterfly bought me a Harley Quinn barbie the other year.  Yes you read right, a Harley Quinn barbie at my age.  Haven't even opened the box she's a collector's item.

Somehow we got around to the best way to apologize to a guy after you have hurt his feelings.  Once again the idea of me showing my boobs was introduced.  This time in a slinky little nothing outfit.  One covered in .... Batman! 

You think I'm playing, but I'm not.   I thought about this for a moment.   And you know what,  it actually makes sense in a twisted way.  

Sex and comics.    What man wouldn't want that?   Even on me, how could it go wrong?
Everyone would be a winner (everyone being me and the guy and my buddy would be the hero for suggesting it) 

So I think a trip to the lingerie store is in order... or at lest the comic book store for a new Batman shirt.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I posted few months back on the old blog, about communication.  How men and women communicate or miscommunicate as the case maybe.

I've admitted that I communicate with my art.   When I have a crush on a man, he becomes the center of my work.  Wither it's a drawing, poem, or the lead character in my novels. 
I have based almost all my leading men on one man for the last 5 years. 

For those of you new to my workings,  I have a language all my own.   I am Canadian, so there is alot of Canadian slang involved,  I am also a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  Sex and the City,  Farscape, Black Adder, Bottom, The Young Ones,   Jane Austen novels and wrestling.   All that works it's way into my daily speech.  

Which by now, you have witnessed on this blog. 

I also study Tarots.  I collect them too. At this point I have 22 decks.  All different, and always looking for more.  For anyone who is not familiar with Tarot, every deck is designed different.  You could have five decks by one artist and still have five different views of the cards.
Tarot is believed to hold the key to the soul.   I like this idea.    Part of my spiritual path is based on Tarots, and what the meanings are.  Or more rightly, what the meanings are to me at any given point in my life. 
As I said, no Tarot deck is the same. Nor is any situation or Tarot reader. 

Lately, the 4 of Cups has been popping up in my readings.   She is a card of longing.  Of not seeing the forest for the trees.   I have no idea what it's trying to tell me.  I'm stumped. 
This was happening for a long time this past winter with the Tower card too.  The Tower is about endings.  But if you are in a negative state of mind to begin with, the Tower could seem more daunting then it should.  I have actually seen people have panic attacks because the Tower card turned up in their reading.   I am only now, months after the issue  understanding why the Tower was so steady with it's appearance in my readings. 
At the time, I was too focused on what I thought it was trying to tell me and missed the real meaning.

See, another form of miscommunication.

Adam Cohen

I know I posted these on my old blog, but after my last post, I felt the need to get back to the adult side I've been trying to gather. 
And for anyone who doesn't know, these songs are like 12-13 years old at the time of this post and still hold up great.

I'm sorry did I embarrass you?

I used a screen capture for this post

You know what it will happen! Damn it!   I might be 36 years old and therefore middle aged but seriously, I'm a total screwball.   I like to laugh.   Laughter is the best thing on the planet.   I also collect things that you would normally expect to see in a teenaged boy's room.

Like my Nightmare on Elm Street stuff, and my statues (they are not dolls they are statues!) 

 I will dance in public for no reason other then I am in a good mood and my back is not bothering me that day.   I will sing in public because damn it why not?   SSSSSSHHHH  no one needs to know I can't carry a tune if it was in a briefcase 
Disney movies make me cry.
I'm a massive fan of Twiztid and not afraid to do my eye make-up like theirs.   And yes I am the dork who has Sesame Street curtains in my kitchen.  STOP TELLING ME I NEED TO GROW UP, I ALREADY KNOW THIS AND JUST DON'T WANT TO!!

So Miss Blood, what brought this rant on?

Well Spudgun, it was my family.  I was trying to have a conversation with my mother which was a bad idea, and she just would not listen.  As in literally was not paying attention to anything I was saying.  She asks me about my life, then continues on about my sister.   And when I finally got her to shut up long enough for me to actually answer her original question she said and I quote  "No one cares.  Stop being so silly.  No one but you is into that garbage"  

No one but me... it made me upset. 
I am just tired of being looked at like I have scales or something.  No, I'm not married and at this rate I might not be.   No I don't have kids,  I don't need any.   And yes a new vampire movie being released is like a whole day's event for me.  Even better when it's overcast and raining. 
And you already know my addiction to Mr. Shelley and Mr. Sabin... that goes without saying.
See, I really am Domestic and Damned.

The Lovers- Tarot

I was going to start at first with the Tower (Number 16)   then thought I would start with the Magi (Number 1)   But, the Lovers card fell out of the deck when I picked it up so we're starting with it -Number 6.

On my other blogs, I have over the years talked about the tarot when I have been having one card pop up in readings over and over again.

The Lovers card represents = love, union, soulmates, romance, marriage, beauty, passion, youth, trust, choices,  love for more then one person, intuition, options,  jealousy, temptation, betrayal, duality, a difficult choice, internal conflicts, and unmet desires.

Depending of course on if it's proper or reversed and what other cards surround it. 

It is the sixth card in the Major Arcana (or Trumps) these are connected to the universe or our higher purpose.  Every deck will have a different picture of the meaning, but almost always in there somewhere is a couple, as the focus of the card is togetherness.  (my study of  numerology is not that strong so I can't really go into the meaning of it being the 6th card)

Even though this card is mostly connected to love/sex matters, when it comes up in a reading always remember that you might be; being warned that a choice will need to be made in your life. And not always a romantic one either.  If you are at a crossroads in your life, the Lovers card is the card connected to that as well.  It's asking you to consider all your options before dealing with something.

What Would Carrie Do...part 8

What is it and how does it fit with love?

In season 6 episode 88 the Ick Factor Carrie is having a difficult time wrapping her head around the actions of her new boyfriend Alexander Petrovsky, and Miranda decides to ask Steve to marry her.
The two cynical ladies are both faced with romance.
Carrie can't believe that the poetry and gifts Petrovsky is showering her with are the real deal and Miranda is surprised at herself for wanting a semi-traditional wedding.
The question of the week Carrie asks is "Have we become romance-intolerant?"

Few years ago, I was sitting on the sofa with a new boyfriend. He was younger then I was. And out of nowhere he leaned over, ran his hand gently down my jaw and whispered that he wanted to make love to me.
I fell off the sofa I was laughing so hard. Ends up, he wasn't kidding. He was just trying to be romantic. It seemed it had worked for him in the past (on girls his own age who hadn't thought him anything but smooth) On me, all I could think was "what soap opera are you trying out for?"

Being a writer myself, I've been in the center of things when it's come to poetry readings (used to do them all the time in high school ) so for me that's work not love.

Have we become such a cynical tribe in the last 30 years that when the grand gesture is given we think it's a bucket of dren? Where is the link between cheesy and romantic and how do we know we've crossed it?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What Would Carrie Do... part 7.5

I know, I need to stop putting little two line references in other posts as these half numbers are confusing.

Season 6, episode (too lazy to check the dvd)  titled  Let There Be Light
This is an episode where Carrie comes to a realization, that she could never be like Samantha. Carrie has just started a sexual relationship with the Russian artist Alexander Petrovsky, which she just wants to keep light.  By the end of the episode she's having to admit she's not cut out for just having a lover, and is too much a relationship person. 
She googles him and finds that his past is long and filled with beautiful women.

The question of the week that Carrie asks is " When it comes to men, even when we try to keep it light how do we wind up in the dark?"

That has happened to me more then I want to admit.  For those of you who are new to my Spudguns, I simply put pick the wrong men.   I tend to get attached to guys when I shouldn't turning them into boyfriends when the should stay lovers.

Hell, I'm emotionally attached to my  the MotorCityMachine Guns!  my favourite tag team and I've only seen them on tv. 

There is also a line in the show, where Carrie talks about how it is a medical/scientific fact that women produce chemicals that bind us emotionally to someone the first time we have sex with them.  There is also a proven fact, not mentioned in the show but played with,  that scent is a key factor to knowing who a suitable mate is.  This episode has the four women standing over a perfume counter spraying each other with bad choices asking if this perfume is a good match for them.    Speaking as someone with Hyposmia (the decreased ability to smell) the reference hit a nerve.

Confusion with love and lust might not be all in our heads after all.  It might actually be in our environment.

But when it comes to sex,  how can we break the cycle of getting in too deep?  Should we even try? Is love the fall back plan or is it what we're designed to do.

Remember your heroes are human

I used screen capture for this post

Yes, he is doing what we think he's doing during a match.  Mr. Shelley is picking his nose.  The episode for May 3rd was finally available for download on iTunes Canada, today.

2 and a half weeks late, and therefore irrelevant for doing a review. 

But, I could not pass up this screen shot.  Oh hush, you so totally knew I was going to go there so don't even pretend that you didn't.  

Hang on, it gets better it does.   He flicked it at Mr. Sabin. 

Which brings me to a few things.  

You lots of times  see the sweat just pouring off the wrestlers.  Add that to them spitting in the ring all the time and the snot factor, and I have to ask  buddy why on earth would you want to touch the mat?  Icky. Icky. Icky. Icky.  And did I mention gross.

I'm laughing right now cause a really mean thought popped into my zombie eaten brain...

Go on and say it already

Do you think he even noticed if it landed in his hair?   I know Mr. Sabin is going to kill me for this one. I hear him firing up the chainsaw now, getting ready to use my intestines for hair gel.