Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Ideal Situation

I mentioned in WWCD2  about an old post on my old blog, where I talked about my ideal of how I'd like to meet the perfect guy.  For anyone who read that you got a small taste of my writing style, and a look into my overly romantic side.

I got into the topic of fantasies with a friend of mine earlier.  Not sexual per-say but ones that we've had more then once.  Right like I'd share a sexual fantasy with you lot.    For those of you who have been reading me for awhile, you know how boring I am.  Overly romantic and very sappy of a woman.
My favourite fantasy (romantic but not sexual)  or ideal situation might be more suited to call it,  is the idea that I mean something to a guy.

It's the thing I cling to when I'm needing an ego boost, or just feeling drenny about my writing talent.  It's pretty simple actually.  

I keep seeing a guy, the guy, sitting in front of his laptop reading me.  Yeah, boring I know.  It's the idea that the ONE is out there and that he finds some comfort in me. I don't know if you want to class it as a vision or just a fantasy but ..... The laptop, silver and has a small sticker on the side. Something that he was given from a sibling; maybe Ninja Turtles or Spiderman or Batman. A cup of herbal tea beside him, also in a comic mug that someone gave him (I have a thing for Batman so I imagine it to be the Joker) . Stripped pajama bottoms and a grey faded tee- as all men look sexy in grey (Grey was my Grandfather's favourite colour, so I connect grey with men alot) I imagine him sitting there, tired from a long day at work and just feeling like the world is taking too much a toll on him.  He should be working on some project but he can't wrap his mind around it so he floats around the internet. He finds me. I make him laugh. I make him feel something other then bored and disgusted by what he's been exposed to lately. Something sparks in him and he knows that I'm the ONE. My blog quickly becomes his favourite part of the day/week, until he finally gets the guts to contact me.... I make him melt. I'm the warmth he's been missing in his life, the balance.

So there you have it, my favourite fantasy.  I know he's out there.  And it's time he spoke up.