Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Freak in the Freakdom : Episode 1

This is a small taste of my Hunter S. Thompson style that I like to do.  Little more grittier then my Sex and the City style.  I tend not to censor my language when I go into Hunter mode. 
I posted this originally back in Nov 2009 on my blog Another Freak in the Freakdom.

10 to 1 the Rabbits are Easy

Yes man, the stew pot has been stirred and may even boil over.
What's that you say? Little Jimmy has gone missing? Well now don't worry too much he might show up later in a ditch.

The devil made me do it and the zombies are eating my brain. Isn't that the cop out catch phrase of the decade? Or are the rat bastards and junkies still itching for a fix?

It was reported yesterday, that Jamie Noble has retired from the business. Can't say I blame him given the state of the game as of late.

Too many injuries because of too many bad matches.

Not just him thou, Edge has been out for months with what might be a career ender-life changer of an injury. The world is a demon waiting to suck our bones dry. And the fans want more blood don't they?
Hell man, they always do. More blood, more guts, more empty eye-socketed men with barbed wire bats and tables filled with glass. But why?
Why have the loyal fans become flesh eating monsters?

Because society is a rotten meat market that's why.
For the sake of a hookline, so many wrestlers over the years have faked injuries on tv only to come back a week later "fully recovered", that the brainwashed masses that still believe John Cena can wrestle expect their heroes to be superman. The pain tolerance of the masses have heightened and they want more.

Well, I say then let them get in the damned ring. Let the corndogs get off their asses and work an 8 day week under the conditions they demand of their heroes. Let's see how quickly they realize it's not just entertainment.

Let the fearful little bunnies hop to it, if a frogsplash is really so easy then let's see the damned lot of them try walking the top turnbuckle.
I guarantee they will be shivering in the corner like roadkill.