Thursday, June 30, 2011

I can not agree

You know, every so often I see an episode of wrestling that I just do not understand what people are thinking?
This week's WWE NXT  was one of those times.

Canada gets the show on Thursday nights as a replay on Score.  This week was an elimination and Conor O'Brian was tossed.   People, why?  I voted for him, everyone I talked to voted for him so what the hell is the problem here?   Why was he eliminated?  I want a recount!

Then, just as the show ended, they brought back one of the guys from a past season.  With like one show left to the current season.  What are the production staff smoking?  Seriously? You traded out O'Brian for that guy are you frealed in the head?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In the mirrorSelf

It's a common fact that we see the traits in others that we have within ourselves.   This was also today's DailyOm  lesson.
I've mentioned before that I subscribe to the daily newsletters from there.   Every once and awhile, something in their letters really sticks in my mind.  Today was one of those days.

We see in others, pieces of ourselves reflected back at us.  Even when we do not know it.  The idea that like attracts like, is more then just a phrase, it's a bone deep knowledge.

So what am I seeing when I am attracting certain people positive or negative into my life?
What are the lessons that we need to learn that we're not understanding when we attract the same type of person over and over again?

I'm going to leave this post as a series of questions tonight and just go with the flow of it.

Lots of hugs to all my Spudguns, hope everyone had a great day at work.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Morning News

The Postal strike is over.  Yay!   That means the Canadian mail servers will be back to work today, and I can finally get that stack of bills. 

There really isn't any other news from me at this hour of the day.   I did finally get to see last week's Impact-TNA, late last night.   The only real thing I have to say is when I heard A.J. Styles talking about bringing back the 6 sided ring, I nearly cried.  In a good way.
Something tells me this will be one ppv that I will be buying on DVD when it comes available down the line. 

Getting ready to go to mom's to watch the replay of last night's WWE Raw. 

Love to my Spudguns, have a great day at work.

Monday, June 27, 2011

So I saw the A-Team

When I say this film is never available for rent I am not joking.  The rental shelf of this movie, and I do mean shelf (my Blockbuster has 11 copies and they're always out) is empty all the time.  I finally lucked out and snagged one that was being returned.

Now, if you're old and remember 80's tv shows like me, or just a collector of DVDs or anything - again like me-  you would most likely have crept silently towards this viewing wondering just how badly they were going to bastardize one of the best shows from your youth.
I was happily shocked to find out this update was fabulous!

And it had Brian Bloom!  Bonus marks for having one of the best soap opera stars of the 80's-90's {yes I know he's done a million things since but I only watched him on As the World Turns}

When I rented this I had one thing on my mind, who would be playing the character of Murdock?   Always a fabulous character.  The water cooler days of grade school when the show first aired - which would equal recess on the swings- when we would all be like "did you see A-Team last night?"  And we are talking the early days of vhs/beta machines so many times someone would spoil it for you if your parents taped it for you cause it conflicted with something.   We would say "Did you see the A-Team last night? Totally, have to see what Murdock did...."  It might as well have been called The Adventures of Murdock and three other guys. 

So how would they handle the Dwight Schultz character in the remake?  It seemed, seamlessly.  Sharlto Copley played it little less then crazy but the lines they built for him were scene stealers.

And my point on this is, I think a sequel should not be ruled out.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday night end of June

We've got another Eclipse later in the week. not sure if it's a Solar or Lunar, will have to check into things.
Can't remember if I mentioned on this blog what the next book for book club is or not?   It's Persuasion by Jane Austen.   The choice was made last week, when things were still looking bright for book club.  So that will be August's selection.

I did take a few photos yesterday, only I did not like them and deleted them, so no new photos at the moment. 

but I'm still digging on this one from earlier in the week.

Book Dork Is In Season 2 Episode 4

Book club was today.  It went as expected, with 4 of the 5 ladies canceling and one not even bothering to get a hold of me, just not showing up.
To say I am frustrated with the whole book club idea is an understatement. 

I should have known things were going to go south when I got to Starbucks and their esspresso machine was not working. 

I know, I normally do these Book Dork posts with alot of satire and go for the jokes, but I'm just not feeling it today.  I just went with the BDII tag because it's a book related issue.

P.S.  it's a Sunday afternoon and still waiting to see last Thursday night's Impact-TNA episode to be posted on Spike site.   It sucks not having cable.   And mom only has basic cable. {Global, ABC, NBC, CBS, Score, CBCNews} which I think I mentioned few days ago.

I do have an idea, for a food club.  It might work.... everyone loves a free meal right?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekend Round Up

I feel the need to come in here and mention to my Spudguns, that I did do two short posts this week on the wrestling blog.  And earlier in the week a post on the cooking blog. 

I just realized too, that I need to get some new photos. Maybe I'll spend some time doing that today? Now, I'm off to skim Queen of the Damned, as I have book club tomorrow and that was the selected book. And it's been 20 years since I first read it.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday night June 24th

Been a long day. Very long day.
Just got back from mom's.  Had watched the season finale of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  {I do not have cable, and mother only has basic - Global, ABC, NBC, CBS, Score and CBCNews-}  Now dealing with a sinus headache. I think there will be more stormy weather.

Okay, so let me take you on part of the weirdness that was today.  I was chatting with one of the chicks who works at the grocery about the movie Ginger Snaps.  One of those random things - hi how's your day? What you up to? I just saw this movie blah blah blah- You know, the usual, when one of the new guys who was waiting for the chick to cash out so he could go on shift, leaned over, said he'd seen that movie  and sort of snickered and made a comment; asking how come we women make such a deal out of it. It's just cramps, they can't be that bad?
Let's just say, if this had been a wrestling match, the guy would have been verbally delivered about three Styles Clashes and two CradleShocks for his comment by the chick working the check out, myself and the lady standing in line behind me.

For the men out there reading this, here's a run down of what it feels like... take the worst headache you've ever had and times it by ten, add to it the worst case of constipation you've ever had and times it by ten, add to it the worst charley-horse you've ever had and times it by ten, add to that the worst case of diarrhea, now imagine Freddy Krueger is clawing his way out of your stomach.  All this is happening at once, in about an inch and a half of space between your hips and shooting up into your back and down into your thighs.

There is a reason in the movie Ginger Snaps, the line "Just and Cramps don't go together"   is a classic line. Cause it's true.  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Checking in before bed

Alrighty then.

Spent the day drinking way too much coffee, working on the first round of grammar/spelling edits of my novel.  Made it to page 4 when I found a plot-hole.  Well, actually, I was reading it out loud as I was at mother's watching Bold and the Beautiful  and she looked at me all confused and pointed out the plot-hole.  CRAP!!!!
So I sat there thinking about the damned thing for about an hour, then went to the grocery and thought about it some more, bought the ingredients for a cheesecake went back to mom's made the cake and figured out how to fill in the plot-hole.
Had many more cups of coffee, made it then to page 15 of the grammar edits, then watched the replay of WWE's NXT.  
And now, I'm typing this up before bed, as I have to go very early in the morning to take mom to another appointment.

This is how into my plot-hole I was; while I was at the grocery thinking about my novel wandering in circles trying to figure out what to grab for dinner, Lemon-Zest Stock Boy was talking away at me and I didn't even realize it.  I was that in my own little world.  Then when I realized, it was too late to chat, one of his co-workers slid up to him flirting like there was no tomorrow.  
Isn't that a total kicker?

But I feel great about things for the first time in months! 

Damn! I'm cute when I'm happy! Even without make-up.

The End Yes

I've come to a conclusion and made an executive decision all by myself; yes myself.
My novel is indeed finished.  WELL, apart from the grammar and spelling edits. 

I sat here again, last night with the novel open on the computer screen, the little cursor button flashing at me like a wild monkey and asked myself the biggest question I could...  what story am I trying to tell?   And you know, I've told the story I want to tell, that I need to tell.   You know what else, alot  might not like it.  I know that last "editor" I had hated every stitch of it, but it wasn't her story.

Will something new pop up in the polish of it?  Might. But, I think I finally found my peace with the piece.

I think that is what drove me so crazy the last while.  I was looking at it from the point of view that I wanted to sell it.  Yes it would be lovely if when time comes it sells and I can pay off my credit card forever.  But, I've got this really crazy dream that somewhere down the line, hopefully before I'm 103, that I get a spark in someone because of my work.  That someone somewhere is sitting down in their kitchen or basement or on their front steps, saying to the most important of their friends/lovers/co-workers  hey I read this awesome book by some Canadian and you totally need to read it.  Or even better, that someone somewhere lists it as something that got them through a rough issue or that they saw themselves in one of the characters.

Okay, so now on to the next phase of the book.   The edits of grammar and spelling.  And after the last time with that "editor"  I think I'll try to get as much done myself as possible. And no spellcheck is useless as there is alot of Canadian slang and terms in it that I know are spelled right but the instant checker reads as wrong because it's an American. I look something up in the Oxford Canadian Dictionary of Current English  and when I type it, the little read underline pops up or it tries to auto correct getting the word completely wrong and yeah.

To quote the movie Interview with the Vampire - There's life in the old lady yet!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22nd 2011

I woke up to the sound of pouring rain.  Feeling great.  No aches, no pains, no headaches etc.  Thinking, what a beautiful day for a vampire. Vampire anything actually, a vampire movie, a vampire book, a cartoon about a sparky little girl who dresses up to save the playground as a vampire.  {okay so I watched an episode of Mona The Vampire this morning }  And thought to myself,  this is a great day to get back to my novel. This is the day to get back to my novel.   And sat down at the computer to write.
That was at 8:00 am, it's now 9:19am.  I just sat here staring at the work page, wondering if my characters need a total overhaul?  Wondering if I should switch my bad guy with my good guy?  Wondering this wondering that and not feeling it.

So not the day to get back to my novel.  My poor novel that is eating me up inside because I have not written anything on it in close to a year. 
In fact, other then the few scraps of attempts online to do some short stories on the blogs, I haven't written anything in almost a year. 
I am fearing I'm tapped out.  I see myself typing on these many blogs I have, but none of it's any good. Honest, yes, good no.

Wanna hear something funny... I can picture in my mind the novel's cover. I can see every detail of what the cover will look like, but yet I can not imagine the novel itself.  How's that for crazy for you?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Could you eat that?

I used screen capture for this post 

I was just watching Top Chef Canada, and thinking "eewwww!" 

I'm the first to admit, I am not by any stretch of imagination; an adventurous eater.  But compared to my family, I am the most adventurous eater of the lot of us. 
Seafood not withstanding.    {I have worked with basic seafood before I became a vegetarian. I used to work with cod -salted, cod tongues, cod cheeks- with capelin, with scallops.}  I have never worked with muscles or oysters or clams.  
Which means, I have never worked with the Geoduck.   Which is a species of clam.   And it looks... well, like a penis in a clam shell.

This was the mystery ingredient this week on TCC.   And when they had a close up of the chef working with it, blanching it, slicing off the outer membrane, slicing off the tip then chopping it up; all I can say is eeeeewwwwwww!  There was green inky stuff all over the chef and his work space.  Which actually seemed more like a squid.

I had one more screen shot but it was just too suggestive.  Check out the episode of Top Chef Canada (episode 11) if you do not believe me.  Hats off to the chef who actually had to work with it, and to the chef who picked the ingredient for him to begin with.

You both have more guts then I do. 

Tuesday Go here

Consider this a blog and run, as I am on my way out and have just a moment at the computer.
Just saw the film  Bitter Feast.  Wrote a few sentences about it on the cooking blog   here
Blog with you later my Spudguns.

Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20th

It's a Monday.   And here I am still waiting to see last Thursday's Impact-TNA episode.  Why am I waiting?  Because the Spike site has not yet added it.  And since iTunes Canada no longer carries it, I must wait and wait and wait and wait for Spike to post it. 

this sucks.

You know, I've said before about getting old, I really do not mind the wrinkles as much as some people do, but god damn it! Why am I getting break outs?  I swear I've had more acne in the last while then I ever did when I was a teenager.  It's like my skin can not make up it's mind what it's wanting to do.

this sucks.

Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice.  Change of the seasons, and considered a form of New Year. 

I watched a documentary on religion.  I'm more confused then I was three hours ago....

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Okay my Spudguns.  Remember few days ago I told you all I was interviewed.   Well, it's up.  Looks like it has been posted for a few days, and I just found out now.  You can read it here.

When you can't stop thinking about it

I was once told by someone that all I was good for was watching tv. 

I'll let you digest that for a minute. 

Why they said it, I will never know.  Looking back on the years I was friends with them I wonder why they said so many of the hurtful things they did, and why I put up with it.

When I first started blogging over 8 years ago, I thought about what I was good at.   What I could talk about.  Books, movies, television were on the top of the list.  I became an online critic and reviewer.  Ironic isn't it?  

Fast forward to few days ago.  I'd gotten a message on Facebook from someone I hadn't seen since high school 20 years ago.  Someone who told me they didn't like me, they liked the fact I lived in the city and they lived in the outskirts of town and that is why they hung around me.  
I noticed a pattern here.  It's taken me 20 years to notice it but I noticed a pattern here.   You know how when you end up in a bad relationship, over and over again, it's usually a case of you pick the wrong mate... well yeah, seems I can not pick the right best friends either. 
The so-called best friends I've had over the years, all had the same personality traits.  {ironically they've all been high school drop outs who were teen moms that couldn't understand why I would want to leave the city when there is a "perfectly good nursing program at the college once you get your upgrading"}
Nor could they ever understand why I wanted to be a writer. 

So on this lovely damp, chilled, thunder stormed Sunday morning;  I can think about nothing else but why I attracted this sort of person to me over and over again during my life.  And why I can see it now but couldn't before? 
The only answer I can come up with is that my self esteem was so low it made cracks in the sidewalk jealous. 

And now... my self esteem is much higher. It's around the lower rope just above the ring apron. And it's fabulous. ppppsssttt...  you want to know what else... girls who watch alot of tv and write about it get noticed by hot men in tights. {well Sir I still have an addiction!}

Friday, June 17, 2011

the 6 of Cups

The tarot of the 6 of Cups can be considered a double mirror card. 
It's meaning can be that from the past or that of the future which makes it confusing at times.

This one pictured is from the Robin Wood deck.

Meaning= childhood, home, memories, innocence, youthful idealism, things that have happened long ago, a hero, renewal, and something soon to appear.

Cups are connected to emotions, and usually with dreams or water.

For me, this card has been popping up like rabbits for the last while, and I've been scratching my head as to why.  Mystery seems to be solved, as someone I've not heard from in 20 years(!) just Facebooked me out of the blue.  {not in a good way either}

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Canada in the News

So I was at mom's as usual, and wanted to see if there was anything new on CBCNews about the postal strike or the Air Canada strike.   But do you think I learned anything.... no.  And you know why it took over half the day to get any real news on these things, because the top story was the riots in Vancouver last night because the americans won the Stanley Cup.

Let me understand this, we a normally sane peaceful country, had a riot because our hockey team lost?  I wish I could say this was a hoax or gimmick but unfortunately it's true.
A group of something like 1,800 (that was one of the numbers they announced as a rough number) drunk asswipes, decided to injure people, break and enter the stores that lined the main street outside of the hockey arena, and destroy the cars that were parked in the area  just because Canada lost the game.
People around the world are fighting for their lives, for their freedom and this is what a select group of asswipes decide to do?
And with this being the age of the social media, you can find many of these morons having spread their photos all over the net seemingly proud of the fact they were breaking the law.  Yeah, that's smart isn't it?

Somewhere around 2pm there was a small break in the riot act to let the rest of Canada know that the strike at Air Canada is over. 
This is the one time in my life I'm embarrassed to be Canadian.

Ever feel like a total misfit?

I've been having a crisis of self the last few months.  Which, if you've been reading this at all with any regularity, you have come to figure out.

So I walked away from book reviews, walked away from writing (a life ) walked away from wrestling reviews, and have been just trying to find something else I love.  I'm still trying.

Anyways, I was asked earlier this week to do an interview on book reviews.  As in, I was being interviewed.  And this morning the main publisher that I've been doing reviews for, sent me a request. I said I'd do this one last book for them. I said I'd do it because I think the biography sounds too much like my own life and am hoping it will spark an answer.

While typing this, I received an email from someone about my cooking blog.   My poor cooking blog that hasn't seen the light of day in a long while. 

These things should make me feel good.  They do not.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Two things.   A) My left wrist seems to have a strange lump/bruise that has come out of nowhere.  It wasn't there this morning, and no I did not fall. 
B) My right ankle is swollen and no I did not hurt it lately.
Are these my injuries or my soulmate's pain I'm feeling?   For those of you new to the game, I believe in a lot of stuff, one being soulmates and thus the weirdness that is ghostpains from the other person.

And food wise,   I made deviled eggs today.  Easy I know, but I've never thought to try to make them before.  And the reason I've never thought to try to make them before is that my mother used to make them when I was a kid and used to tell us she'd only make them for x-mas or New Years because they were a "special all day thing".    
I learned she used to tell us this because she did not want to have to make them more then once a year.  Huh.... I feel cheated.

Anyone else feeling the affects of the eclipse and full moon today?  It was just too quiet today when I went to the grocery store, like eerie quiet.  The kind of quiet you see in a horror film right before the big disaster/monster/psycho killer  happens. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14th

Some of you might remember that I got my hands on a copy of the book "As Always Julia"   which is the letters between Julia Child and Avis DeVoto. 
It's sparked a bit of something though I am not sure yet how to put it into a practical element.  I will though, just give me time.

This is the second book that I am aware of - there might be more-  that was published because a movie talked about a fictional version of it.   {Julie/Julia}
The other, was "Love Letters of Great Men"  which was talked about in the first Sex and the City Movie.

Not much going on around here, wish there was more, but it's summer, the heat is unbearable, everyone and their dog's grandmother are traveling - but me of course-

As far as Astrology goes,  yesterday Saturn turned direct after 6 months of going in retrograde, there is a Full Moon tomorrow as well as an Eclipse.   Expect to feel some craziness in the next 48hours or so. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday morning June 12th

I think that the electronics of the world have decided to slowly kill me by not working.

If you read my rant that was the last post you know that I'm having troubles with availability of seeing Impact, but the stupid little entertainment issues do not stop there; nope not at all.

I've been a fan of Lipstick Jungle since the book came out few years ago.  Loved the tv show that it was turned into.   Been trying to get my hands on a copy of the second season of the show now for over a year.  
I ordered a copy and had to wait 4 months for it to come in.   It did, last week.  Only, out of 13 episodes only one plays.  The rest had a bunch of digital problems.   So I returned it and ordered a second copy.   Which came in yesterday.
Yes, I know, four months wait for the first copy and only 5 days wait on the second, odd in itself.
So I sat down last night to watch the new copy... and the same thing happened.  In the same spots.  And yes, this is the second copy as I brought the first one in and watched the guy put it into a bin to be sent back to the distributor. 
So, now, just waiting for the mall to open to return this copy.  Damn it. I'm just not meant to have a copy of this all there is to it.

Sidenote... yesterday when I got off the bus, I had to go past the grocery to get home, and some dude was waving madly at me from a BBQ pit in front of the store.  When I got close enough I saw it was Lemon-Zest Stock Boy.   He was outside the building doing hot dogs.  I still can not figure this dude out.  Is he just overly wired?  I keep thinking, no one is this hyper all the time, no one is really this friendly 24/7  at some point he's got to pull a Jekyll and Hyde.

Friday, June 10, 2011

What you do that for?

I went to check iTunes Canada for the latest episode of TNA-Impact, and it's not there.  As in, the whole frealing page is gone!  What the freal?   Dude, are you serious?   iTunes Canada has removed TNA-Impact from their available shows.  Upset, you frealing bet I'm upset. Not happy, very very very not happy. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Night 9th June

I had a fabulous idea this morning when I got up.   A post over on the wrestling blog on theme songs.
Right? Yes b'y.  Was fabulous. 
Cousin told me to check out one of the big wrestling online mags little while ago. 
Guess what?  Well Spudguns and Spuddy,  the big online wrestling mag did something similar.  Today.
Damn it!  They couldn't have waited till tomorrow even?  They had to land it on today, and run right over me.  Dude, I know the competition is tough, but I'm not really competition now am I?  No sir, just a girl with a bit of an addiction for X-Division men.

Oh, and I killed my mother's sofa.   I didn't mean to.   I was watching this week's WWE NXT which airs in Canada on Thursday nights on the Score,  and well my right side started to itch (Mr. Scratchy -soulmate strikes again).  I sort of mis-calculated how much coffee was still in my mug, and half of it sloshed over the edge, on me, and my mother's SUEDE sofa. 
Yeah, think I'll be banished to the floor during visits from now on.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Three days later

I wish I had something of importance to talk about.  But I don't.   Not that that really is any different as of late then my other posts.

I just posted a brief excuse  um... explanation as to why I have not gotten into the cooking challenges that I've been saying I want to do,  over on my year project blog.  If you know, you want to read up on that at all. Might give you a laugh for the day. That's the drama free zone.  Which is holding its own fairly well.  I admit, there are a few items on there that really should have been on the cooking blog but I've been bad with the attending of the cooking blog.   I'll have to spend a week on it soon to make up for it, you know let it know I still love it.  I just realized, the cooking blog is like 2years now.   Damn time flies Eh?

Okay, and I have to admit something else too,  I really did not want to post anything that would push the last post down the blog because I really liked the idea of having the screen captures of Mr. Shelley be the first thing you saw when you hit the blog.  I mean man, you can not tell me you all did not enjoy that? It's like a standard you my lovely Spudguns have come to expect from my blogs; MMG stuff.  And with the fact that we won't have any screen captures of Mr. Sabin for god knows how long, I really did not want to loose that last post in the shuffle.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

1/2 a Tag Team

I used screen capture for this post

I know I should have posted my thoughts on this topic before it was aired.   Robert Roode out for a while, which means Beer Money can't team at the moment. 
I also knew Chris Sabin got injured about a month ago on the show, did not know it was as bad as it was announced this week. (June 2nd 2011 episode)
Damn!  Hope it's something that heals without leaving future complications for you. Dude!

So my thought was, let Alex Shelley come in as replacement.  Then I thought, if I post that and it ends up that Roode's injury is not a real one, I'll look even more stupid then usual.

So, today I was catching up with the show, and sure enough, Mr. Shelley came out to say pretty much what I've been thinking.

So he'll be teaming with James Storm.  And he called it GunMoney.  
Um... Spuddy, wouldn't that actually be BeerGun?  I mean, if you're MotorCityMachine Guns!  and Mr. Storm is the Beer part of Beer Money... wouldn't that make you two BeerGun?


Not even noon yet

We've hit +21c already. It's going to be a scorcher today. 
Two days ago, we had wind storms that knocked people over.  Then, lightening storms, no rain not much thunder but straight up lightening; that started a fire at our paper mill.  The smoke and ash was heavy for most of Thursday night.
Now today, the heat. The humidex the other day had hit close to +30c.  I've said before, I'm no good with heat, I'm designed for damp dark foggy areas.  Which, we normally are.
And it's not even noon here yet.  I do not want to think what the middle of the day will be like.  Praying for rain tell you that much.
And all because there was a tornado that came up from the States. 

You're thinking, what has this got to do with anything?  Well Spudguns, we're going to see a ton more of these extreme weather moments for the rest of the year mostly because of the shifting planets.  I've been paying extra attention to the astrology pages that I subscribe to, and for once, they are all saying the same thing and it's not the typical bulldren stuff either. 
Jupiter just shifted into Taurus, where it will stay till this time next year.

I didn't mean to get too heavy on you for your lunch break. But I thought it was a good conversational topic... no?

Close to midnight

And something is creeping towards the door.... oh that would be my brains.  Yeah, they're doing that mushy-fall out the ear onto the floor- thing again. Cause, yeah.

If you've been reading my year project blog then you know that I got my hands on a copy of the "carb lovers diet"  yesterday.  Went through the book with mom.  Oh joy-oh bliss.  And yes that was painful in itself.
This is what I discovered, I might have wasted $30.  Yeah, I think so.  I suppose I shouldn't be that negative right off the bat but you were not the one sitting there with my mom for two hours listening to her say "no I won't eat that we're going to have to use blah blah instead" 
So I was suppose to start the thing today.  Got off to a bad beginning I must say.  You're suppose to keep a food diary of everything you eat.

Well, Spudguns, as you can imagine the first day was a full on day of stuff, mostly coffee.  As I went through my list of what went into my mouth today, I couldn't help but think back to Mr. Shelley's half of the Spike official blog back last fall.  (Taking the Torch Nov 11 2010)

And all I could think was, this is going to drive me over the edge; having to write down every frealing thing that goes into my mouth for the next few weeks.  Insane!  New respect for Mr. Shelley for having done that Spike blog post. Seriously, I literally went around the house today with a pen and paper in one hand and my coffee/spoon/snack in the other.
And let me tell you, I can think of some things that I would much rather have had stuffed into my mouth today then what I did... sorry did I type that out loud... oh well.

The big excitement for the day actually was helping Ninja pick out her scrubs for work.  She had to buy a few new pairs for work and had decided to go with patterned ones instead of solid colours. It was like a mini fashion show. 

Ended the night with the latest episode of Jamie Oliver Food Revolution.  Yes it's finally back on the air.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh my god, the microwave

So I've been watching Top Chef Canada and now watching Top Chef Masters. 

First point, Damn it!  Todd was voted out of the kitchen. Bastards!   I was really hoping to see the Newfie make it to the end of the TCCanada first season. 

And one of the things I've noticed on TC in general is the microwave challenge always tosses the chefs over the ring apron.  You know what, it would me too.  Not being able to use anything but a microwave to make a full meal. 
I have to say, we grew up with a mix of proper cooking and microwaved food.  But it was something I got away from when I moved out on my own a billion years ago.  Mother still manages to use the microwave at lest once a day when she cooks. 

I do own a microwave. It's broken and is now the proud mantle for my kitchen alter.   Which I would never have had to begin with if I hadn't been in the car accident.
Little difficult to cook when you've got two broken arms don't you think.  Then one day the damned thing exploded while I was making popcorn.  Never bothered to replace it.