Thursday, May 20, 2010


I posted few months back on the old blog, about communication.  How men and women communicate or miscommunicate as the case maybe.

I've admitted that I communicate with my art.   When I have a crush on a man, he becomes the center of my work.  Wither it's a drawing, poem, or the lead character in my novels. 
I have based almost all my leading men on one man for the last 5 years. 

For those of you new to my workings,  I have a language all my own.   I am Canadian, so there is alot of Canadian slang involved,  I am also a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  Sex and the City,  Farscape, Black Adder, Bottom, The Young Ones,   Jane Austen novels and wrestling.   All that works it's way into my daily speech.  

Which by now, you have witnessed on this blog. 

I also study Tarots.  I collect them too. At this point I have 22 decks.  All different, and always looking for more.  For anyone who is not familiar with Tarot, every deck is designed different.  You could have five decks by one artist and still have five different views of the cards.
Tarot is believed to hold the key to the soul.   I like this idea.    Part of my spiritual path is based on Tarots, and what the meanings are.  Or more rightly, what the meanings are to me at any given point in my life. 
As I said, no Tarot deck is the same. Nor is any situation or Tarot reader. 

Lately, the 4 of Cups has been popping up in my readings.   She is a card of longing.  Of not seeing the forest for the trees.   I have no idea what it's trying to tell me.  I'm stumped. 
This was happening for a long time this past winter with the Tower card too.  The Tower is about endings.  But if you are in a negative state of mind to begin with, the Tower could seem more daunting then it should.  I have actually seen people have panic attacks because the Tower card turned up in their reading.   I am only now, months after the issue  understanding why the Tower was so steady with it's appearance in my readings. 
At the time, I was too focused on what I thought it was trying to tell me and missed the real meaning.

See, another form of miscommunication.