Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Raw May 3rd 2010

We open with Batista whining. And thank god for Sheamus! He came out looking fabulous, I have got to get me a Sheamus ...er um ... tee-shirt Then the Miz came to the ring. Miz was suppose to have a match against Batista but bailed, saying his jaw is messed up... Really? whoa with all that talking no wonder your jaw hurts bud.

Batista vs Daniel Bryan. This is a Beat the Clock match. Batista started with a kick to the midsection of Bryan, going for his Batista-bomb, but Bryan countered by sliding down his back for a roll up, and drop toe hold into an ankle lock. Batista kicked out though then rolled out of the ring. Getting back into the ring, Batista picked up Bryan and shoved him into the corner with a series of shoulder blocks. He then stepped on Bryan's neck, but Bryan got a sleeper hold on Batista. Batista countered with a running kick, only got a two count. He whipped Bryan into the corner twice before Bryan got a kick to the face and a front sleeper hold. Batista tossed him out of the ring slamming him back first into the ring. Rolled him back into the ring with a clothesline that flipped Bryan in a full circle. And still only got a two count. Bryan fought back with a series of forearms to the jaw of Batista, and a kick to the skull. Batista answered with a kick of his own, going for a cover but only a near fall. Bryan started to work on the shoulder and then locked on a armbar submission, but Batista used the rope to brake the hold. Batista kicked him in the knee knocking him down then used a spear setting up for the Batista-bomb for the win. 5 minutes and 6 seconds on the clock as the time to beat.

Ted DiBiase vs John Morrison. DiBiase started with a kick to the gut of Morrison and a hard forearm to the back. Morrison down on the mat. DiBiase went for a clothesline but Morrison used a baseball slide to fake him out, then his scissors kick sending DiBiase down to the mat. DiBiase got to the ropes, but Morrison knocked him out of the ring. Morrison followed with a spring board triple rolling suicide dive (say that five times fast) both men down outside the ring. Morrison got back in the ring, DiBiase let himself be counted out. Morrison grabbed the microphone and demanded a restart. DiBiase was walking away but Morrison added the bid that if Morrison looses the restarted match, he will be the Personal Assistant (the Virgil) for DiBiase. The match restarted and DiBiase had Morrison down in the middle of the mat in a leg scissors submission. Morrison battled out with a few back elbows, but DiBiase caught him with a knee to the stomach flipping Morrison over. Only got a two count. DiBiase then got him up on the ropes in a modified suplex then went for another cover only a near fall. DiBiase continued to have control of the match for the next few minutes with hard right hands to Morrison. Morrison managed to get the match back in his favour with one of his kicks to the jaw. Both men down. Back to their feet and Morrison came at him with a few short clotheslines, going to the second rope for a moonsault only DiBiase knocked the legs out from under Morrison sending him crashing to the mat. DiBiase then went for his finisher, but Morrison countered with a back roll but walked right into a scoop slam from DiBiase. Only a two count. Morrison with a few punches, but turned around and got a short clothesline, still only a near fall. DiBiase went for dreamstreet again, but Morrison used the ropes to his advantage rolling DiBiase up in a modified acid-drop for the win.

Jon Cena vs Wade Barrett. They started with a collar tie up, which Cena turned into a quick side headlock take down. Back up to their feet and Cena still has a head lock on him which he held on to for the next few minutes before taking the legs out from under Barrett. Back to a side headlock on Barrett, then Cena used an under arm slide to lock on a full nelson. It looked like Barrett had countered but he ended up being taken down to the mat once again with a shoulder roll. Cena got a two count. Cena got him up on his shoulders for his finisher but tossed him out of the ring ontop of Jericho who had been standing out side. Cena was then thrown into the announce booth face first. Back in the ring, Barrett was pounding on Cena with fist after fist before sending Cena from one corner to the other. He followed this with a clothesline but only got the two count. He then put Cena into a submission hold, but Cena managed to power out. Cena went off the ropes only to get a shoulder block taking him down. Barrett followed up with a backbreaker on Cena. He continued to work on the lower back of Cena, but Cena managed to once again turn it around and slapped his SFU on for a tap out win. Cena is the time to beat at 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
Sheamus came down and punted him.

Divas match .... Maryse vs Nikki Bella... I don't care. Maryse won with her DDT.

Zakk Ryder vs Mark Henry. Ryder went for a single leg take down but was swatted away easily. Henry then slammed a hard fist into the upper back of Ryder following it with a couple of body slams. Ryder then took out the left leg of Henry with a drop kick. He used his roughryder but only got a two count. Henry picked him up shoving him into the corner before delivering a headbutt. Henry sent him off the ropes into a clothesline. Ryder then tried a simple punch but was stopped mid move as Henry once again used a slam on him for the win.

The Hart Dynasty vs William Regal/Vladimair Kozlov. Kidd and Regal started it off, with a collar tie up. Regal quickly got it in his favour with a punch and a flip, never once letting go of Kidd's arm. He then tossed Kidd into the corner, but Kidd fought back with a back elbow and a stiff kick. Kozlov ripped Kidd down from the top rope sending him to the floor. Back in the ring, and Regal was working on the now injured arm of Kidd with a series of knees to the shoulder grinding the shoulder to the mat. Kozlov tagged in going right for the arm of Kidd with a hard boot. Kozlov used a series of headbutts to keep Kidd from reaching his corner. Kozlov then picked up Kidd in a hammerlock chickenwing, tossing him overhead. Regal tagged back in, stomping on Kidd. He got Kidd in another chickenwing move, before Kidd rolled out. Smith tagged in with a large shoulder block to Regal. Regal came back with a heavy boot to the stomach of Smith. Smith managed to slap on the sharpshooter for the win.