Monday, October 25, 2010

Voters game on

It's voting day here today.  Which I would normally be voting, but I can't find my voter's card.  No idea what I did with it but I would bet you a Timmy's dozen crullers that it's buried under a stack of books or files in my living room. 

Yes yes I am the most unorganized person around. Deal with it.

I am not even sure there is anyone for me to vote for this year. Normally I vote for the Pot Party.  Yes, I believe that it should be legalized.  But it seems our local rep was arrested for having... wait for it... pot plants on his property.  

Dude! are you kidding me.... the rest of the city reps are claiming they had no idea.  Seriously, the guy is head of the make it legal party and you are claiming you had no idea?  Yes I know great start to not gossiping I'm doing so well aren't I... I think a scooby-snack is in order