Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Oct 5th-Morning

I am sitting here this morning feeling like death warmed over, need to have a few cups of coffee and get ready to go with mom to the hospital.  She goes in for pre-surgery this morning.

I'm slightly pissed off at other family members too right now.  My uncle, who owns the bar, well he owns a hunting lodge too, he went out to fix something and was alone, on a ladder.  He fell from the roof where he was repairing something.  The roof!
This is my mom's older brother.  No one called to tell us. You know how we found out, my sister's boyfriend came to fix their computer that's how we found out.  My aunt never thought to call either my mother or my aunt or their brothers for that matter (big family. Grandma had 8 kids- two of my uncles died years ago but the rest are alive) Uncle is doing okay, but it could have easily gone badly and no one called to let us know he was hurt.

and wrestlers wonder why I write what I write about ladder matches.