Monday, October 25, 2010

TNA Reaction for Oct 21st 2010

We open with Hardy flat out saying "f*ck you" to the company and the fans.  Like that's a shocker Eh? Moving into the rest of Fortune backing that up. 

Cut to camera 2 Bishoff addressing the fans.  In black and white. Nice! This went into a recap of the last year as far as Bishoff's crew coming into the company. 

Cut to camera 1 again, and we have Beer Money Inc giving their thoughts on the take over. 

Cut to camera 3, Abyss giving his take on the whole LSD trip... sorry I mean the instructions for his part in the take over.  

Cut to camera 4, Jeff Jarrett talking about how this is the best thing for the company and the industry.  Yet a billion fans are complaining with the storyline.

Cut to camera 5, Hardy talking about being the coolest... you know what I think of that crap so moving on...

Fade up from break and we have a recap from this last summer with the whole EV2 crap.  Yeah I'm still not impressed.

Cut to camera 6, Kazarian talking about the summer story.  Kaz needs to ton down the gestures, was he reading from a teleprompter?  

Cut to camera... oh hell I couldn't keep up.  Hardy... oh blah blah blah shut up.  At lest swing the camera back to James Storm, he's at lest nice to look at. 

I loved loved loved the black and white.  I thought that made it feel little more rock n roll and less reality tv.  Made me think of the movie/mocumentary Hard Core Logo which is always a plus.  
As far as tech goes,  there was some digital issues at times, made people look like their faces were melting off,  but if there is a way to fix it please try. 
And you really should remove Dixie's name from the credits if you want the fans to buy it more solidly. Just saying. 

This episode of Reaction got a C+