Monday, October 18, 2010

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 18 (repost)

 Originally posted on my old vampire blog Alucard's Rose

Plot: a priest is infected with a virus while in a secret lab. He is pronounced dead, but somehow survives. Returning home, he's viewed as a Saint and starts to "heal" the members of the neighbourhood. One of them is his long time friend. He ends up moving in with his friend's family and starting an affair with the wife. Soon murder, manipulation and a deadly thirst become his nightly routine.

I was very interested in this film as it created alot of talk in the horror sites/groups I have been part of. I have to say first off, this is a subtitled film, and it seems to not have a firm grasp on it's own genre. With out right laugh out loud scenes, buckets of blood, and heavy dialog it's not your typical vampire film.
You're brought on a journey between a vampire who is depressed about his nature and a woman who sees no other way to be. The tone is dark and disturbing in the same vein that Interview with the Vampire was, keeping you in mind of Louis and Claudia.
It did pull from some folklore with the crossing of vampire with ghosts but plays more like an episode of Twin Peaks. And running nearly 2 and a half hours it is a bit long to sit through.
If you're looking for an action film, you will not find it here.