Friday, October 22, 2010

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 22

Shock'em Dead.

Here we have what seems like just another 1980's/1990's (honestly not sure on the timeframe for this one) rock n roll story. Martin Angel is a guitar player who just wants to be part of the band, and would do anything to get it. So he sells his soul to the Devil to become the greatest rock star alive, becoming Angel Martin to everyone. Only one thing, he has to take other people's souls to stay alive, draining their life from them. Makes him a psy-vamp. Needing the energy from others to keep up his own.

It mixes the typical "devil made me do it" with voodoo on top of the vampire/demon element.
This was one of Traci Lords's first non-porn roles, as the band's manager, the object of Martin's lust. 

hey, it's an old heavy- metal-great -for -Hallowe'en-night-partys- film.