Monday, October 4, 2010

Am I allowed to tell you I told you so

Now, you all know about the O.I. Type 1 by now unless you are new to the blog... in that case Osteogenesis Imperfecta is brittle bones.  It's genetic.  I have it, sister has it, mother has it.   Mother has been doing her best the last few years to trace where in the family it started.  We know it is planted firmly on Grandma's side.  Best we've been able to connect it has been to some crib deaths in my mom's generation and Grandma's.   There were so many miscarriages and still borns throughout the family that it could have popped up a number of times and simply been misdiagnosed, as O.I. (depending on the Type and there are 8 types) has many "side effects" that do get mis-read as other illnesses.

My cousin Robin has had to take her daughter in on a bunch of different times to the fracture clinic. The kid has had something like 7 breaks in under 5 years. 

I have been telling my cousins for years to get checked for the O.I.  and no one has listened to me.  Dude, do that damned math. You're aunt and cousins have it, your kids are breaking on a high scale that average humans don't see in a lifetime let alone the first 10 years of their life.  Do you think that just maybe you've got the bad gene and have passed it on... just a shot in the dark but...

Why my Spudguns am I writing this post you are thinking.  Well, because when I talk no one pays me mind, when I write it -and I know they read me- people listen. 
And by chance if the youngest one has it then ... you're in for a hell of a few next years dear.