Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday morning- ugh

I'm up! Have been for about an hour.  Called mom and woke her up. 
Having coffee trying to actually get my system to move.   Mom has another follow up doctor's this morning and of course it's pouring rain out and we have to grab a 9am bus to get to the other end of town for the appointment.

This makes me not happy.  This will be a travel mug coffee day I feel it.

This is also Sex and the City day... the second movie SATC2 was released on DVD this morning.  Yay! So I have my Hallowe'en all planned... chocolate, gin martini or merlot, book club that I am sure no one will show up to yet again, more chocolate, getting my hands on SATC2, more drinking coupled with more chocolate and maybe ramen noodles cause I won't be able to afford real food with all that.  But that's Sunday,  and now is only Tuesday and I have under an hour to wake up....

Why is it when you have no where to go and nothing to do, no one ever calls or emails or anything, the second you have an appointment you're flooded with messages? 
It's just me I'm cursed right?