Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Oct 7th 2010

I had wanted to wait til after seeing Reaction but, it's still not posted on the official Spike website, so I will have to split this up into two posts. 

We open with Abyss dragging Dixie around as if she were a pet.  Then Bishoff, Sting, Pope and Nash take to the ring.  We are directed to the screen for video footage of Hogan having back surgery. Okay, I have to say... why? Why do we need to see a real operation? 
Then we go into a Knock Out's match for the rights to own the Beautiful People title/music. Tazz was making a dig at that which is just what I was thinking. Love and Sky won the rights.
Ric Flair vs Mick Foley in a last man standing match, looser kisses the winner's ass.  All I have to say to this one was, thank god Fortune and EV2 came out before we needed to see that.  What is it about old guys in the business wanting to drop their drawers on air? Foley won the match, but only after much blood and thumbtacks.   Now, I was asked why do I still watch if I don't like the blood and violence?  Oh I have no issue with blood at all, (I'm an old movie creature feature fan and a girl, I deal with blood all the time no issues with blood) I just think you need to stop raping Shakespeare and come up with some new feuds and storylines.
Eric Young/Orlando Jordan vs Ink Inc.  I'm loving Eric Young as the nerdy screwball. I'm just waiting for him to come out in glasses and a sweater vest.  But dude, what's up with the wonderwoman bird on your tights? Young/Jordan won sort of.
Okay who the hell are these two morons who came out .... the Shore... and why are they on my screen? The crowd booed them the whole time and I see why.  Please go away and never come back.  I have to say, as someone who does not have cable or follow gossip columns, I had no clue who they were suppose to be, had to call back up and ask my sister, which means that anyone over the age of 28 won't get the joke.
And the battle royal which is what everyone tuned in for.  Too bad it got cut in half and the rest is on Reaction, of which I have not seen yet as it's not available on iTunes Canada, and I have to wait for the Spike website to post it.  Which is going to make doing reviews now a pain in the arse.
The half of the battle royal that was on Impact went like this....

Number in the battle
  1. Mr. Anderson
  2. Kurt Angle
  3. Jeff Hardy
  4. A.J. Styles
  5. Douglas Williams
  6. Sabu
  7. Max Buck
  8. Chris Sabin
  9. Tommy Dreamer
  10. Jay Lethal
  11. Jeff Jarrett
  12. Pope
  13. Robert Roode
  14. Sting
  15. Jeremy Buck
  16. Raven
  17. Kaz
  18. Stevie Richards
  19. Abyss
  20. Nash
  21. Matt Morgan 
  22. Samoa Joe
  23. James Storm
  24. Alex Shelley
  25. Rhino
Sabin came out to a chant of MotorCity,  and did anyone else notice the ICP's HatchetMan logo on Sabu's tights?
No one was eliminated until Abyss got to the ring.  Then eliminations went like this...
  1. Douglas Williams was tossed by Abyss
  2. Sabu was tossed by Abyss
  3. Jay Lethal was tossed by Abyss
  4. Stevie Richards was tossed by Abyss
  5. Chris Sabin was tossed by Abyss
  6. Raven was tossed by Abyss
  7. Sting was tossed by Abyss
  8. Nash was tossed by Abyss
  9. Matt Morgan was tossed by Abyss
  10. Jeremy Buck was tossed by Abyss
  11. Max Buck was tossed by Abyss
  12. Kaz was tossed by Abyss
  13. Rhino was tossed by Abyss
  14. Jeff Jarrett was tossed by Abyss
  15. Pope was tossed by Abyss
All the eliminations on Impact happened by Abyss.   I'll have the rest of this as soon as Reaction is available to me.