Monday, October 25, 2010

This is a difficult task

Trying not to gossip.
Stop laughing.  I'm serious.  I noticed something a few weeks ago when at mom's. My family are not just loud mouths they're big mouths too. 
Not just my family,  my whole neighbourhood, at the center of which is my mother's church group.  You breath the wrong way and it's all over the neighbourhood in ten seconds flat. And since we're all Newfie, something could happen here in Thunder Bay at 4 o'clock and by 4:30 (6 o'clock in Newfoundland) you've gotten three phone calls from Gander to discuss the issue.   Worse with Facebook and Twitter.

So I'm trying to break the cycle.  Which given my job as a critic and my lovingly-cuddle worthy poisonous wit, is making it really difficult.

My blog is my outlet, my connection to the world.  So cutting out as much gossip as I can.   Be ready for alot of photos of coffee mugs.