Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's been a salmon day all week

SALMON DAY - The experience of spending an entire day swimming upstream only to get screwed  and die.

That was one of the top office slang a decade ago.  Not sure if it is or not now?  What's brought that up, well few things, just finished reading "Save the Assistants"  in which there were slang, not as much office slang as one might hope, but there was.  Nothing that even resembled anything I remember from few years back.  And it's been a fruitless week.  But I'm keeping my hopes on for the weekend turning things around a bit.

Anyways, mom has more doctors appointments today. I swear if I'm not sitting in the doctors for myself lately, I'm sitting there waiting for mom.  The doctor's waiting rooms are the equivalent of office cubicles for me. Good thing my main job is book reviews and books normally fit in my purse.

Speaking of which, on one of the fan group website networking thingies for bookworms, (I know they call themselves bookies but that always makes me think of horse races or casinos) ....for bookworms, and the topic this week is bad books and reviews.  I did not realize that my "job"  was so coveted.  No, I haven't made it to the level of getting actual pay for my reviews; that is another level of freelance all together usually once you are picked up by a newspaper or magazine;  but I do get the books for free from the press agents and publishers.  Most of the ones I've been seeing who do reviews pay for the books themselves and don't get anything.  Just like my wrestling commentaries/reviews.  I do not work for any of the wrestling companies, I am not even a volunteer just a fan