Saturday, October 30, 2010

Can't sleep

What is it about certain people that makes us want to rush in?

It's no secret that I am into Astrology.  I've had my charts done more then once over the years, but what I can not understand is that according to half the charts, I am in a relationship now.  Half the readings I've had done in the last ten years have said this.  That I am in a relationship. 
The other half has been telling me nothing solid will appear for awhile. 

I actually had one reading done over the summer that stated I was in the middle of a divorce.  Odd don't you think?

I have been wanting to learn Vedic Astrology for the last year and been unable to figure it out.  The few books that have come into my path have been beyond confusing, and the websites only give up so much information. 

Seems I'm screwed.

So how could I be both in a relationship/going through a breakup AND be nowhere near a long term/marriage like relationship at the same time?

The charts are cast by my birthdate only.  That has not changed. Even with time zones, I was born in the same city I live in now.  So how could two different lives be what I am suppose to be living?

This is what I think about at 3:00 am when I can not sleep.