Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 12th - Good evening

I will tell you right off to please go to the wrestling blog  for your WWE Raw highlights and a little post about who I think should be doing commentary for Raw, and no I do not think it should be that Bore-Spore Alex Riley.

And I spent my afternoon sitting in the doctor's office waiting to get the results from my MRI from few weeks ago.  Guess what my Spudguns... I have a herniated disc.  Yay me.  What else can I possibly do to my spine?  So this means,  I have 3 crushed vertebra, a chipped vertebra and now a herniated disc.  I'm not going to have a spine left soon. I'll be jelly.  And you know what a herniated disc equals.... it equals loosing height.  Brilliant! Lovely! Like I wasn't short enough as it was.  I'll no longer be 5foot7 anymore, I'll now be 5foot6Point8point2 or some nonsense.  And the crunching noise.... I have to just live with it. No idea what is causing my spine to sound like a bowl of rice krisps.