Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 20

Lost Boys 3:The Thirst
Plot: It's 20 years since Edgar and Allan Frog first slayed the vampires that plagued their home town. Edgar had to slay his best friend, and Allan was also bitten. It's been a few years since Edgar helped the cousins of Sam and Micheal slay the surfer vamps. He's broke, alone and desperate. Famed teen fiction writer Gwen Lieber has hired Edgar to help find her kidnapped brother who was taken by a group of vampire ravers. The ravers are controlled by a vampire dj who's feeding them a drug made from his own blood.  Edgar along with a female comic book collector and a reality tv star whom is working for Lieber, sets out to find the missing boy and destroy all vampires. Soon the hunter becomes the hunted.

Plot points were filled out in this offering, with flashback scenes from the first movie; of the three boys in the comic book store.  I found this to be the perfect thread that tied part 3 to the original.
With more dialog, no real love story, a plot twist and less fight scenes it plays more as a stand alone piece then you would have expected.
Filled with one liners that can only be considered deadpan funny because Feldman is the one delivering them, his character's habit of grunting the rest of the time, adds a flavour of lightness that keeps on par with the original; even in it's darkest moments.  One of the best one liners would have to be "If we don't kill Peter right now there is going to be a thousand emo-goth vampires out there."

The vampire make-up in Thirst removed itself from the first film (which looked more like the Buffy vampire make up)  and took it's cue from the 30 Days of Night films. This gave the vampires a subterranean look.
It poked great amounts of fun at the entire Twilight genre and Stephine Meyers as well; with all the characters dismissing the idea that vampires are anything but sparkly (which I've been saying for the last four years {vampires do not sparkle}). 

As a third installment in the Lost Boys series, it out shines the second offering Lost Boys 2:The Tribe by leaps and bounds.  In fact, there is only two small mentions of any of the things that happened in part two.
This one was based on the comic book series that was spawned from the original film, which focused on the Frog Brothers.  There seems to be a small set up for what might possibly be part 4 which would actually take us away from the vampire theme.

Corey Feldman does one of the main songs on this film's soundtrack.