Friday, October 15, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Oct 14th 2010

I still have not seen last week's Reaction, as it's still not up on the Spike website.

We open with the results of the "They"  and it's just Bishoff and that old goatlick. I think if they had taken my suggestion and gone with JCW or Freddy Krueger it would have been better. I mean imagine all the nightmare like stuff they could have done with a storyline like that... to music too. (anyone else feel like listening to ICP's Let's Go All The Way?)

You put the belt on that piece of crud?
I want the belt on A.J. Styles damn it!
Wow Dixie said sh*t on air.  Nice.

Are we watching wrestling or gang wars?  Angle's skull looked like it was crushed in when he got sent into the wall.  It's these episodes where script bleeds into real that I have a hard time swallowing.

Finally, a match... Abyss vs Samoa Joe
Abyss took a swing at Joe but missed, Joe coming right back at him with a series of slugs, backing Abyss into the corner. Abyss surprised him with a high knee to the jaw, then sent Joe into the corner himself. Abyss charged at him, but Joe moved out of the way, giving Abyss a kick to the skull rocking him. Joe then with a few boots to the neck and face of Abyss before bouncing off the ropes with yet another kick to the face of Abyss.  Abyss fell to the mat and Joe delivered a senton  backsplash. Joe followed it up with another series of punches but Abyss fought out of it with a simple choke slam. Abyss then got out of the ring to grab a chair, which gave Joe enough time to get a running start for a suicide dive.  Abyss then picked up the timekeepers bell and slapped Joe with it.  This was thrown out as a dq.
Oh Samoa Joe has a bloody towel... could we be seeing yet another old storyline about to be repeated...

Why the frealing hoofers are we seeing Hardy doing his impression of Raven?  If we're going to do the Raven thing, can't Raven just do the Raven thing?

Pope vs Fortune.  Um yeah that's little more then a handi capper don't you think?   Douglas Williams took the start point, with a collar tie up on Pope.  Pope ended up in the corner, Williams going for a punch but was blocked, Pope delivering one himself. He fought Williams out of the corner and into the middle of the ring where Williams turned it around with a high knee. Williams then with an upper cut before going off the ropes with a shoulder block sending Pope to the mat. Pope back to his feet and delivered a flying cross body to Williams then a series of elbows to the skull of Williams. Pope went for a cover but did not even get a one count.  Kaz tagged in to be greeted by a large overhead body drop.  Pope then followed up with an inverted atomic drop, then went off the ropes with a flying forearm knocking Kaz over. A.J. Styles tagged in.  Styles walked right into a kick to the gut and a hard chop, letting Pope set him up for his smooth slide. Pope then got attacked outside the ring by Matt Morgan the evil druid and Flair. They rolled him back into the ring, letting Styles go for a cover but Styles wasn't ready. Robert Roode then tagged in with a kick to Pope's side. Roode then planted Pope facefirst into the top turnbuckle, continuing to deliver chops. Pope fought out with a few forearms but was taken to his knees by one high placed knee from Roode. James Storm tagged in for a double team suplex on him. Storm then with one solid opened palm to the face of Pope. Kaz tagged back in, setting Pope up for a springboard drop kick. Kaz went for a cover but only got a two count. Kaz then sent Pope into the corner, but Pope turned it around slapping each member of Fortune with forearms knocking most of them off the apron. Kaz broke it up with a rake to the eyes. Styles was going for a cheat shot springboard, but Pope moved. Styles then went for his paylay but missed and got Kaz instead. Pope went for a roll up on Kaz but only got a two count. BMI came in with a double team move giving Kaz a chance to get the cover for a win.

Last match Mr. Anderson vs RVD.  Main event equals half on Impact half on Reaction. 

So at the time of this posting, I am still waiting for Reaction from last week (the Oct 7th 2010 episode) to be posted on the Spike website.
Where the hell were the MMG?  You aired a pointless skit with the Shore and did not even have a promo for MMG.