Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday October 9th 2010

I actually sat down to do a completely different blog post about two hours ago, and just before I hit the publish button changed my mind. 
So, here I am this morning, feeling like death warmed over with ketchup, unable to make heads or tails of anything as if I were looking at the world through a mud covered window without any window cleaner.

So then my Spudguns, let's talk about newsletters. 

Um why Ardeth do you want to talk about newsletters?

Well my dear Spudgun, you might remember few months ago me telling you that my aunt had asked me to start doing newsletters for her business.  I had tried out a few, and even did a mock up one for this blog, (of which I sent out the first serious issue this morning being issue 2)
I can see both the downside and the upswing to having a newsletter if you have a lot of information to get out.  I do sort of wish I had been smart enough to have done one in the past for my original wrestling blog. But that was a million years ago and now is now.
Something I hope to get a better handle on in the coming months as my book reviews get finished and the author interviews being.

I do have a newsletter now for the book club as it's only a twice a month blog.