Monday, October 4, 2010

Lights out in the Library (part 3)

Part one can be found here and part two here 

"Hello." Lyell said as they took another step into the room. "Whoa." both boys jumped out of the way as another shelf started to fall. "Sorry to disturb you but, butthead here lost his bag. Just seeing if he left it here."

"Yeah, it's over there on Hermia's desk. You think you two could give me a hand. I'm having a hell of a time tonight." Riggs said as he started to remove the contents of the fallen shelves and placing them on his desk. "I have no idea what I did, but I broke it." The two boys crossed the length of the room to help Riggs with the book shelves. Galvin looking around not seeing Hermia anywhere. "You're looking for my wife..." Galvin tried to hide the wince at hearing Riggs call her that. "She had a project of her own to do. She's down the hall." the large man gestured to the open door.  That explained the light Galvin had seen coming from the other room.

"So, how did you two meet?" Lyell asked as Riggs opened up a tool box that was sitting on a folding chair near the far wall on their right. Lyell was sort of trying to prove a point to his brother knowing that Galvin was setting himself up for big pain.

"Here actually. We both got assigned here. Been married now for 6 months." he said mindlessly as he fretted for a screwdriver and a package of screws from the tool box.

"You married her to get your visa?" Galvin asked sniffing, holding one end of a shelf in place waiting for Riggs to hand him a screwdriver.  Riggs only raised an eyebrow at him as he continued on with the task at hand. Lyell let out a deep breath puffing out his cheeks knowing his brother was heading down the wrong path. But he also knew it was too late, Galvin had set his mind to it now, and he'd be damned if he didn't follow through on his plan.

"That's what she seems to think. But honestly..." he gave the younger man a smirk "it's none of your business."

"Sounds like a party." Hermia said gliding into the room, sidestepping fallen items and the rest of the mess. She held another large leather bound volume in arms as well as a shopping bag.  The scent of rose oil and lavender clung to her now as she placed both the bag and book on her desk.

"You get your project finished?" Riggs asked nodded at her.  She nodded back leaning on the edge of the desk. "You might as well go home doll, I've got at lest another two hours of work head of me." the large man scratched at his chest.

"Have you even had anything for supper?" she asked her husband as she turned picking up her purse. "Huh, cell phone is dead again. I swear there is something with this place that just eats battery power."

"Not yet."  Riggs replied

"You have to stop doing that. One of these nights the Professor is going to call me saying you fainted or worse from not eating." she shook her head at him. "I'll go get you something."   She smiled at Lyell as she left the room. A noise escaped Riggs' throat as he saw the gesture. Hermia was back within a moment. "Elevator is not working. I need the keys for the stairway doors." she said waiting for the large man to hand her the keyring from his desk drawer.
Part 4 soon