Friday, October 29, 2010

Hallowe'en Countdown Day 29 (repost)

Originally posted on my Alucards Rose blog

Grown men fainted at the Sundance showing of this film. What? seriously?
I don't know, maybe because I have seen hundreds of vampire movies over the years, or maybe because I am female and have seen the craziness pregnant women and new mommies get to, but other then the animal slaughter (What did the PETA people think of this film?) there wasn't much to faint over. Nothing actually.
Oh did I mention it's Canadian? Yes people, we Canadians have a strange lust for vampire movies and morgue humour.

Plot: Madeline has had 2 miscarriages in the past, and is doing everything different this pregnancy. Everything seems to be going good on this one till her and her husband get in a car accident. He dies, and Madeline is told the baby will be still born. Set to carry it to term anyway, she hopes the doctors are wrong. The baby is indeed still born, or so everyone thinks at first. Taking baby Grace home, Madeline begins to live her life now as a single mom thinking her worst problem is her Mother -inLaw. The two women battle it out for the baby, only to find Grace is needing something thicker then formula.

Gabrielle Rose ( the aunt in Lost Boys 2 the Tribe) manages to make you hate her through most of the film then find yourself cheering for her at the end.
I did not like the animal stuff, but it was a slick move on the film makers part to add the vegan theme. This movie will hold up for decades to come and belongs on the same shelf as Rosemary's Baby and Omen. Brilliant!