Friday, October 15, 2010

The Magpies were singing

I need to start having my vidcam powered up more, cause I missed the Magpies singing this morning.
You think I am joking, I'm not. 

Magpies, like Parrots can (and Hyenas) can mimic sounds of other animals/birds and humans.  At first, I thought it was just someone walking past the building this morning whistling but it continued on for about five minutes.  When I went to see who was hanging around outside my kitchen window, there was no one, but the sound continued.  I looked over to the covering we have over the front door of the building which about a foot from my window and there was a row of magpies, I'd say close to seven of them, all making the whistling sound.  It was an actual song though they were doing. 
Like elevator music version of Hit Me Baby One More Time  So why did I not get this on tape you are wondering,  I moved the curtains and opened the window a bit more then it was and they flew away.