Thursday, October 21, 2010

No not sorry

I blew off Meditation class last week cause of the weather.  I'm blowing off class tonight cause it's too damned cold.  It's officially Fall here.  Has been for the last two weeks, and I just do not want to be out running around town (in this case having to walk 40 minutes to the center)

You know how sometimes you get into a funk or a mood for no reason.  Yeah, having one of those. Only this time I do not think it's mine.  oh no, she's on her it's spiritual soulmate dren again
If you've been reading me for awhile now, you know I believe in alot of stuff, the top being soulmates.  I have mentioned at some point in my blogging career (might have been this blog might have been my old one)  that you can feel what your soulmate does.  Injuries, emotions etc.  (it's been proven by medical and science teams over the years. just look at the whole twins and even spouses who have sympathy pregnancy pains)  So, I've been dragging myself around the neighbourhood this last week feeling 1) betrayed 2) lost 3) lifelessly tired    for no reason.  None at all. 
I am putting it up there with my ghostpains - those skull crushing headaches I get every so often that I have no reason for that shoot down into my neck that are only ever on the right side-  that I believe I pick up from whomever my soulmate is .... (though it would seem whomever he is he's slipped into the darkness as you know how I've said when the right side of your body itches your true love is thinking of you; well the last three weeks nothing. But that's another post for another time)
Where was I... right  feeling like... well numb actually.  Disconnected from the world as if on tranquilizers. 

So, haven't returned any emails, or visited any blogs, blew off a few meetings, and No I'm not sorry. Normally, these things would have me in a panic sending fruit baskets (well okay can't afford fruit baskets but you get the idea) cause I hate breaking any kind of promise.  I feel like the biggest piece of dren if I so much as say I'm going to call someone and don't do so right within the next 12 hours.
This week, I just do not care. 
If I am being radar girl for whatever my soulmate is going through (and this is driving me nuts wish he'd just cross into my life already; specially given the itchy factor for so long he must know me or be a reader of this bloggy-blog) I hope his life picks up soon. 
And on the off chance this isn't soulmate related, then dude I'm screwed.