Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Oct 29th

We all know that one negative comment can flip us into a freak out, we know it shouldn't but sometimes it does.
How about the negative people in our lives?

I was out for a bit this afternoon, and bumped into someone I've known for years.  They filled me in on their latest successes, but the second they asked me how everything was going, they started to fiddle with the nearest store display.  This is the second time in three months I've bumped into them and they've done that.
The person that was with them was the cheerleader in this case, saying "oh my god! That's a huge deal." and I've never met the person that was with them. 

So why is it, the people in our lives who are suppose to be happy for our successes never are but expect us to be throwing them parties for theirs?