Thursday, October 28, 2010

Scroll Keeper says hi

Mom called, she needed to get out to the grocery to pick up stuff for fishcakes, as my sister wanted to come over for dinner.  Mom insisted I could not do a good enough job myself picking the "right kind". Though I have no idea why, as she just uses frozen cod.  It comes in a green box here.  Not even like I would need to go to the meat department or anything, just the frozen foods.

I got a coffee  and one of the old Starbucks employee's who came in to chat it up with one of the girls working there now,  stopped to chat.  First thing out of his mouth was "So what's going on now with you and Scroll Keeper now that King Dork is out of the picture?"

"Nothing that I'm aware of. Why?"

He shrugged made a face as he tasted his coffee saying that the new girl can't mix to save her life and just grunted.  Everyone seems to think Scroll Keeper is a direction I should be heading, even the ones who just a bit ago was pushing me towards King Dork.  People, make up your minds okay.

"He has my email if he wants."

"He's too shy."  Starbucks Dude said as he turned his attention back to the girl he was there to flirt with.  I giggled at that idea.  Too shy my ass. People keep pointing out to me what a screwball Scroll Keeper is. 

I headed over to where mom was, they did not have any cod. We had to head over to the actual fish counter and ask the butcher. My sister better frealing love her dinner tonight, cause I ended up having to dig through the ice bucket cause mom was too short,  to find the right kind of fish for her fishcakes. For anyone not familiar with the ice bucket, or if it's called something else where you live,  it's the opened freezer in front of the fish counter in the far end of the deli. Ours happens to be close to three feet deep.  I was up to my elbows in Halibut, Sole, and Pickerel.   The sleeves of my jacket stink. Remember, I am a vegetarian so to me this was just gross work. 

As we were checking out, we bumped into one of my cousins.  She chatted for a moment, then as we were leaving the building, she turned back and asked "if Scroll Keeper was single?"   I know I glared at her.  My cousin just got divorced, which is a soap opera all it's own.

"Not too sure. Why?" I was still glaring. 

She shrugged "Thought I'd ask." then she was in her car and we were on our way to mom's.