Monday, October 18, 2010

TNA Reaction for Oct 14th 2010

           Only 4 days late, but who's counting... oh wait the fans are who watch it on the Spike website. 
                  (yes, I have my snotty-bitch hat on right now, do not take it personal my Spudguns)

We open with the RVD vs Mr. Anderson match that was started on the tail end of that night's Impact. Hardy came out and used RVD as a weapon on the shoulder of Mr. Anderson.  Either that was the real deal or Anderson has become a better actor.

Cut to camera two, we see Pope talking about how the dren bucket is overflowing now that the take over has happened. 

Cut to camera three, Jeff Jarrett saying no one is going to judge him for what he's doing... MEMO: the fans are judging you, in case you haven't been reading the comments on the internet... as a storyline this is boring, and if it's semi-real life then it's in poor taste doing it as a storyline.

Cut to camera four, A.J. Styles and the rest of Fortune talking about how they joined up with the douchbags... I mean Immortals...

Cut to camera five, RVD talking about how he feels on the betrayal by Hardy.  I keep my circle to a minimum of just the people who read this blog

Cut to camera six, Mr. Anderson's reaction (all puns intended) to getting his arm mangled.

And then there was a "coming up next" for Jay Lethal saying after the commercial, but the show ended without the Jay Lethal segment... EDITING CREW  did you freal up?

This week's episode of Reaction gets a D-